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A tweet reminded me today.

A lot of the focus on #Brexit is about trade & economics.

What we forget in that is that all #Brexits lead to hard-#Brexit once our rights are gone and #Brexit high-command / the #Tory ultra-right can do exactly as they please - with you.

2/2 How long before *your* job is transitioned to a 0-hours contract? Or fancy an 80-hour week? Instant dismissal by text?

Also, there are some #Tories just gagging to re-criminalise a few things. Like being #LGBTQ. Or not pulling your forelock sufficiently deferentially.
PS: Vague promises to adopt things into UK law are subject to this 👇 warning from that bloke who gave you the #NHS:
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1) Norway+ - where does it get us?
Lot of attacks tonight on #PeoplesVote supporters for not getting behind Norway+ (or Common Market 2.0 as it's been rebranded)
But really, that rebrand tells you everything that is wrong with Norway+
It's spin - sleight of hand
2) The very name of Common Market 2.0, like "Norway for Now", is an intention to pull the wool over the eyes of Leavers (and occasionally Remainers)

It's an attempt to treat Brexit as a tickbox exercise - the most technical of technical #Brexits. But lets fast forward 1 year
3) It's March 2020, the drama of the last few weeks is long behind us, and we're finalising the details on Norway+
But Leavers hate it, and will despise it as soon as the first ruling on new regulations comes through from the EU (via the EFTA court)
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1) @NickBoles @SKinnock kinnock Please, let Norway+ go

Uttermost respect to anyone trying to soften #Brexit & help the country, but Norway+ isn't the answer & please, we need you fighting for Remain. As I see it there's 5 key problems with Norway+ as a concept

@NickBoles @SKinnock 2) it's not available - Norway+ has never been seriously discussed with the EU27 & EEA countries, its not an off the shelf solution & may not even be possible. Its not a unicorn like other "mythical better #Brexits" but neither is it fully formed. It still requires negotiation
@NickBoles @SKinnock 3) it's too heavily based on spin & marketing - I'm sorry to say but Norway+, Norway for Now, Common Market 2.0 - all three names have been applied to try to make it more appealing to various factions. This gives the impression that its champions are not being straightforward
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1) Some excellent ideas being developed here by @RichardElwes and @sjwrenlewis

Will just add a few thoughts on the #Brexit trap for either party

There are no good #Brexits economically but neither are there politically, for either party
@RichardElwes @sjwrenlewis 2) (sorry, 2 "either"s there....)
As with Richard, this is not about my beliefs but public perception
Soft Brexit = Betrayal/Vassal state portrayal from Leavers, instant political cost

Hard Brexit = economic cost, which obviously leads to political cost in short order
@RichardElwes @sjwrenlewis 3) the public are fickle, and even if for example lucrative Free Trade Deals were out there the leaver vote is as likely to be more protectionist in nature.
Many leavers may see Free trade as "everyone else buying our stuff, with no downside on our industry in return"
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