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1.Hindutva politicians incite mobs to destroy a place of worship belonging to a minority community
2. Hindutva politicians win elections on the back of spreading hate towards same minority
3. Senior Judges rubber stamp the original actions of the Hindutva Mobs

The worlds largest democracy has today exposed the dangerous faultlines with the whole concept of democracy. Thus, when dangerous demagogues exploit fear & prejudices of the majority voters, the lives and freedoms of minority communities are easily sacrificed
As we have witnessed with Trump's America, Brexit Britain, France, Italy, Austria etc etc, once a mob is incited, the supposedly decent elements of the majority communities become powerless.
#BabriMasjid #Brexit #Trump
#MuslimBan #Prevent #hijab #schedule7 #citizenship #GE2019
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Interesting findings in this @CTPSR_Coventry research as well as moments for reflection. Despite coordinated campaigns to 'toxify' #Prevent (see pic) and concerns raised by some unions and human rights NGOs, there is not the opposition expected, but rather positive acceptance /1
👉🏽 82% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the #Prevent Duty was about all forms of #extremism
👉🏽 "Scant evidence of expressed oppositions to the duty"
👉🏽 Rather than a "chilling effect" on classrooms, 41% said the Prevent duty had led to *more open* discussions /2
👉🏽 54.5% respondents agreed or strongly agreed that #Prevent duty is a "proportionate response to a clearly identified problem"
There were multiple comments that the duty 'helped to enhance student safety' and 'provided opportunities to reinvigorate work around citizenship' /3
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This is deeply concerning. Rupert Sutton was a fellow at the Islamophobic neocon think tank @HJS_Org and director of its campus wing @student_rights. He is now the #Prevent programme manager for @lambeth_council and has been invited to speak at #IqraPrimarySchool tomorrow.
Sutton was once described by an ex-British ambassador as "an anti-Muslim bigot". A founder of @HJS_Org, Matthew Jamison described them as “a far-right, deeply anti-Muslim racist organisation … utilized as a propaganda outfit to smear other cultures, religions and ethnic groups”.
Perhaps @HJS_Org is best known for the comments of its Assoc Director @DouglasKMurray who said that “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board” and that “All immigration from Muslim countries should be stopped”
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JACK’S STORY: today we want to tell you all how a 14-year-old Derbyshire boy was labelled a #DomesticExtremist because he said in class – in a lesson on the US civil rights movement – that he is an anti-fascist and how his family was then hounded by counter-terrorism police
The evening after the class, the school told Jack’s parents it had decided to refer him to #Prevent because of the risk of “radicalisation towards terrorism”. It refused to say any more, or provide any documents for “safeguarding reasons”.
Fortunately, the case was quickly closed: there never was any risk. Common sense seemed to have prevailed. But then the parents discovered the school had falsely claimed Jack and his father had knowledge of anti-fascist “terrorist training camps and/or meetings”. Yes, really
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IMO the news today of Tories rejection of Islamophobia isn't remotely as remarkable as is the leak @PoliceChiefs admitting that State policies and practices #Prevent towards Muslims would be considered Islamophobic under same @APPGBritMuslims definition /1…
Parties might change, but the police and the CVE industry will remain. Rather than be upset w/ Tories, we need to address how institutional racism towards Muslims is dismissed among police chiefs, so much so they actively reject civil attempts to have it reconisged /2
We also need to address how isolated groups like @TellMamaUK are politically positioned to possibly have their definition of Islamophobia institutionally accepted over the voices of at least 750 groups combined /3…
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I'm not a big #tweetorial person, more a #bitesized learning guy.
But important topic + healthy peer pressure =
Let's talk about #Delirium in the ICU (#DICU)!
For the most part, this is applicable to most patients.

Q: Do you regularly assess for #DICU?
What does delirium look like?
<5% "hyperactive": EASY TO JUDGE these pts
95%: "hypoactive" or mixed: somnolent, not accepting feeds, withdrawn:
EASY TO MISS these pts

What's the big deal?
Vent time 🔼 8d
Hosp LOS 🔼 by 8d
Cognitive impairment at D/C: 50%, long term: 33%
WHAT is delirium:
😣 Altered level of consciousness (hyper/hypoactive) +
🙄 Inattention

With either:
😇 Change in cognition (who, you?, what is life?) OR
🤓 Change in perception

Easy to miss in a patient that isn't "belligerent" or "climbing out of the bed". It can be SUBTLE!
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Hypoxaemia is a potential contributing factor in peri-procedural cardiac arrest and death. RSIs involve delay of 45-90 secs between administration of drugs and laryngoscopy, during which time patient becomes apnoeic.
There are concerns that bag-mask ventilation between induction and laryngoscopy may increase aspiration risk. Previous studies to investigate this have been limited to healthy anaesthetised volunteers.
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The #Prevent program’s problematic history of chilling free expression and entrenching discrimination against BME and Muslim communities has made front page news many times but today an opportunity to reform it is passing under the radar 1/2
The House of Lords passed an amendment to the #CounterTerrorismBill requiring an independent review of #Prevent. The Government is threatening to tank it. Today MPs consider that amendment, although I’d put the chances that any of them are paying attention at negligible. 2/2
I frigging love being wrong! Devil in the details of course - analysis to come.…
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Thread. I recently tweeted about the link between #Interfaith & CVE/PVE funding, citing the excellent report by @ArunKundnani & #BenHayes.… #Prevent 1/
Yesterday I saw this article entitled "A Sobering Time For Interfaith" by Charlotte Littlewood. (Odd title as Allah s.w.t. Commanded Muslims to be sober at all times)… 2/
Right at the end of the article it says that Littlewood was involved in Countering Violent Extremism Projects. #CVE It is beyond any doubt to me that Interfaith is an attempt to normalise Muslim relationships with #zionists. 3/
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OUTRAGEOUS: Golders Green mosque set to hold an 'interfaith' event with #Zionists in London.

What about Palestine?

#FreePalestine #London
Pro-Israel press - which defends Israeli regime crimes against Palestinians, Muslim and Christian Arabs - are promoting the event with great enthusiasm.

#GoldersGreen #Zionsm #freepalestine
The #GoldersGreen mosque has a history of cooperation with anti-Palestine #Zionist groups.

Pictured is Zionist, Joseph Cohen, the founder of the Israel Advocacy Movement standing next to Mustafa Field, a Muslim interfaith activist, during a visit to the Mosque in 2017.
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Thread: The latest statistics about govt's counter-terrorism #Prevent prog are out. Lots of interesting figures but here are some that I think are very troubling: Of the 7,318 ppl (mostly young ppl) referred to Prevent, *only 5%* are actually assessed to require Channel support.
2/How professionals decide *who is a risk* and how #Prevent prog arrives at risk factors is hugely impt. Huge Qs about how accurate the assessment is. Of the 7,318 ppl referred, many young & Muslim, 82% dismissed/referred to non-radicalisn services. But stigmatised either way.
The 95% "misdiagnosis" rate in #Prevent is worrying given that it disproportionately affects young Muslim ppl. Not many ppl realise this, but the way #Prevent is implemented - and its impact - is very similar to #Stopandsearch. It's humiliating and the stigma follows you.
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The sensitive issue of how we support children at risk of #radicalisation is a thorny one. Few would disagree we should protect them from abuse and harm.…
When a teacher attempts to #radicalise over 100 children to become a 'child army' of #terrorists, we must have challenging conversations and identify long-term solutions…
If schoolgirls can be #radicalised by #Islamist extremists and enticed to a conflict zone like #Syria, we must ask ourselves how do we #prevent it happening again, what tools do we have to #safeguard the most vulnerable?…
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