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1/25) #Nocode'a başlamak ve hayatımı değiştirmek için attığım adımları duyanlar neredeyse katıldığım her etkinlikte öncelikle buna değinmemi istiyorlar. Kariyerinde değişiklik yapmak, yeni bir pazara girmek veya işini geliştirmek isteyenler için belki bir kıvılcım olur. 👇
2-25) 12 yıl boyunca aklında hırdavattan başka şey olmayan ben, 16 kişilik ekiple hizmet verdiğimiz bölgenin hâkim firmasıyken @Kodsuzweb'i kurmaya karar verdim. 2016 yılında birkaç müşterimiz iflas etti bir de kötü niyetli bir firmaya denk geldik; o yılın tüm eforu çöpe gitmişti
3/25) @meta Facebook'da gezinirken @Webrazzi'nin bir gönderisi önüme düştü. Paylaşılan haberleri okumaya başlamıştım ve birgün bir tanesi fazlasıyla dikkatimi çekti.

"Artık uygulama yaratmak için kod bilmenize gerek yok" anlamına gelen bir makaleydi.
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Confused with @bubble's Responsive Engine?

🚨I spent the last week hunting down resources and applying them to learn them efficiently!

Here's the list 👇🧵


Start with @mneary0's Youtube Video. This HAS TO BE your starting point! :)

He puts down all the basics that you need to know!


Done with basics? Time for some mini-applications.

Head to @bubble's Youtube playlist! Just quickly browse through it.

Remember! It's about getting used to flex and not learning it in one go! Take your time. Take a break :)

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Many people asked me this, so here's a 🧵 with some funding-raised startups initially built with @bubble.

Please add links if you know more!

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Las 4 estrategias que he llevado a la realidad con #nocode y me han servido para crecer negocios y ganar dinero 😬

#1. Un popup que ha captado más de 1000 leads con un 10% de compras = 4.500€. Whaaaat? 😲

Construimos un popup con @typeform y te digo un TIP, bueno dos... 😊
@typeform 1️⃣ Después de construir el chat, ve a compartir y elige lanzar en popup a pantalla completa, esto mejora la conversión porque el usuario no tiene ruido como en otros tipos de popups.

2️⃣ En avanzado puedes elegir, que el popup se lance cuando el usuario intenta salir de la web
@typeform #2. Hicimos un +4000% de comparticiones de la newsletter y 100 nuevos seguidores en Twitter solo por esta acción. ¡Atent@! 👂

Creamos un secreto... si los secretos nos mueven, somos personas curiosas y un poco marujones. Si no como iba a ser Telecinco una de las TV más vistas 😅
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Ever wondered what it takes to build an intelligent Q/A assistant? 🤔

@OpenAI #gpt3 and a few hours is all you need!

🤯 Yes, you heard it right!

🕹 Built a #javascript wizard using @streamlit to answer all your queries like a human expert!

A thread 🧵

#nlproc #AI #lowcode
@OpenAI @streamlit Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on @StackOverflow for resolving code-related queries!

🪄 Javascript wizard gives you precise answers to all your #JS related questions by leveraging #gpt3's latest code-davinci model that understands your queries just like humans!
@OpenAI @streamlit @StackOverflow I have made the application code #OpenSource so you can just clone the repo and build #gpt3 powered #AI applications for your usecase!

👨‍💻 GitHub Repo -…

#NLP #lowcode #nlproc
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How to make your weekend productive? 🤔

🕹 Build an end-to-end neural search engine in #Python using @JinaAI_

🤯 Yes, you heard it right!

@JinaAI_'s DocArray library and a few hours is all you need to build a complete search solution!

A thread 🧵

#nlproc #OpenSource #AI
@JinaAI_ Neural search lets you improve search relevance by understanding the intent and going beyond the conventional keyword-based search!

Some common applications are:

👉 Q/A chatbots
👉 Voice assistants like #alexa #siri
👉 Recommendation system by @netflix
Check out this blog to build a semantic search engine for textual data.

It will walk you through the steps to build your first neural search application in no time!

#python #artificialintelligence #nlproc #OpenSource #datascience #lowcode…
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Here are 3 things to learn before becoming a Pro visual developer:

1. Design principles
2. Database basics
3. Software logic

... a 🧵
Design principles 💄

To stand out in this jungle of software, you’ll need to make your apps easy and functional. To do that, you’ll need a great UX and UI.

Start here 👉

Also, learn @figma (it’s probably the easiest tool for product designs)
Database basics 🗄

To create any kind of app you’ll need dynamic data.

To have dynamic data, you need database knowledge.

🚨 Learn about Relational database before getting into @bubble!
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Twitter has a total of 396.5 million users 🤯

But most people are missing out on the platform's insanely powerful global reach

Here are 15 tools to help you get extra-ordinary mileage out of your time spent on the platform:

[including some hidden gems 💎]
Tool: Shoutout

Quick intro: Shoutout makes it incredibly easy to tap into your existing social proof on Twitter and turn it into a beautiful "Wall of Love". Capture, curate, and publish a wall in less than 3 minutes.

Learn more: @shoutoutso_ [creator @5harath] Image
Tool: Poet

Quick intro: Capture and share Twitter posts as beautiful images.

Learn more: @CallumMckeefery [creator of Poet] Image
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Geçen yıl @komunitecomtr’ye üye olup dijital üreticiler arasına adım attım. Doktorum yani bambaşka bir yerden geliyorum🤗 Üreticiler tatlı ve destekleyici ama adeta aralarında başka bir dil konuşuyorlar😂Bu floodda mini-sözlüğümü paylaşıyorum🥳 (gülmeyelim arkadaşlar)
@Notion Sayısız sevdalısı olan bir not alma/organizasyon uygulaması ama aslında çok daha fazlası, bir defter gibi aslında ama herşeye şekillendirilebilir. @BarisOzcan ‘ın da favorilerinden detayını ondan dinleyin. #notiontwt
Dijital ürününüzü @NotionHQ üzerinden hazırlayabilirsiniz, veya sadece Notion şablonu filan oluşturup, böyle böyle yolunuzu bulabilirsiniz. Twitter’da tatlı bir toplulukları var, hep siyah beyaz resimleri var😂Yıllardır ücretli evernote kullanan ben de Notion’a transfer oldum🤩
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"You can only IMPROVE, what you can MEASURE."

5 CRUCIAL Startup Metrics 🚀

1. Retention by @joe_portsmouth
2. Growth Rate @sama
3. Conversion by @GrowthTactics
4. CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) by @dunkhippo33
5. LTV (Lifetime Value) by @10kdiver

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As an operator, one thing I've found massively helpful in my output is having a bias towards action.

But what exactly is BTA? And how do you cultivate it? 🤔

I've written an article on exactly this. 👇

Bias towards action contains four steps: Image


Are *you* the one that needs to do the action?

For every request you say yes to, you're saying no to something else. Is that trade-off worth it?

Below are two questions you can ask yourself if you're a manager or IC: Image


👉 Is this the best thing you can do with your time *right now?*

Look at your company's goals, areas of responsibility, or action tracker for helpful hints when evaluating.

Here's a breakdown of what your role might be if you're a manager or IC: Image
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I was a WANTrepreneur until I discovered #NoCode. I learned @Bubble + built a custom software (in 2 months) that went on to be valued at 7 figures & accepted into AngelPad.

Here are my top 7 lessons learned: 👇
@bubble 1) Your startup idea doesn't have to be crazy unique. In fact, competing in a saturated market is typically wise because saturation = pain validation. Just put a clever spin or enhancement or niche on YOUR product, and you're halfway there.
@bubble 2) Don't have an adspend budget? Look for cheap growth hacks. We used slybroadcast (ringless voicemail) to bring in 100s of inbound leads.
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Writing @NotionHQ certification exam?

These 3 threads will help you 👇🏻

#notiontwt #nocode
@NotionHQ #1

In this thread
@AtulACleaver shared questions he got in his exam and important topics you need to cover while preparing for the test

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Are you ready to level-up you no-code skills?

Here are 10 tools you should be using in 2022 ↓🧵
1. Xano @nocodebackend

Build a Powerful, Scalable and Secure Backend for your App using No Code

Xano gives you a scalable server, a flexible database, and a No-Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.
2. Bildr @bildrHQ

Bildr empowers you to build web apps, launch SaaS products and create useful and beautiful software in the world, with or without code.

The full stack is handled so you can focus on building with all the powers of a seasoned developer at hand.
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Automation != Test Execution

Automation is a wide spectrum of possibilities :)

#automation #execution
Testing != Test Cases

Testing is a much wider concept than just creating Test Cases.
No Bugs != Quality

Quality is a multi-dimensional concept.

Of course, Bugs threaten Quality but there are a lot of factors that affect the overall quality.
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We made $100 on gumroad selling
Notion templates.

Here's what we learnt 👇

#NoCode #notiontwt
1) Distribution is everything

It doesn't matter how much hours you spend making your product.

If you don't get people to see it,
you won't get sales.
2) Be Platform Independent

Twitter is great for creators.But it doesn't mean you should stick to it.

Post about your products on Facebook groups, discord, reddit and see what performs best.

You will be surprised about the results!
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20 FREE tools for Everyone.

🚨 You Didn't Know They Exsit🚨

#NoCode #Jobs #buildinpublic #web3 #tools #startups

THREAD 🧵↓ Image
1: Never Install

👉Allow you to run desktop apps on browser. 🤯
2: Photopea

👉Online alternative to photoshop🤯
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You don't need to be a designer to create beautiful apps or websites in @bubble.

I've put together a collection of resources that can help you elevate your app. No design skills necessary!

A thread:

Figma Community has a wealth of design resources that are shared freely by the community. You can find UI templates, illustrations, mockup files, and more! I've used it a few times, especially for the iPhone and laptop mockups.

If you need illustrations, you can find a collection of free, open-source illustrations in Open Doodles.
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I get asked this question a ton:

"I want to learn @bubble. Where do I start?"

I always suggest starting with as much free content as possible, because there's so much out there.

So here are 10 FREE resources you can use to get started: #buildwithbubble #nocode
1. Bubble's YouTube channel (@bubble)

If it's your very first time opening Bubble, you should start here. What better way to learn about how a platform works than from the folks who built it
2. Coaching No-Code Apps (@CoachingNoCode)…

This channel helped me solve a lot of issues in Bubble, and I suspect it helped a ton of other builders given how popular it is. They have a mix of short and long-form content for a variety of features
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Notion is a beast.

But 99% of people are still unaware of the full potential of @NotionHQ.

Here are the best free 30 Notion tools 🧵 👇
Use Dynamic Visualisations (Graphs & Charts)

1. Notion Charts:
2. Notion2Charts:
3. Vizydrop:
4. Customblocks:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
5. Chart Nerd:
6. NoChart:

BONUS! Notion Metrics:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
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How I built a cat facial recognition app that got 72K users within 4 months of release

🧵 Image
Working at a venture studio I was assigned an AI project, technology to see if your cat was happy or not. My mission was to turn it into a multimillion dollar company.

Step 1: Discovery - figure out who this is for

Cat owners?
Pet pharma?
Pet insurance?
Step 2: Discovery - run experiments

I infiltrated cat communities on Twitter, FB, IG, Reddit to find options for problems to solve

Problem 1: End of life decisions - pet owner: I don’t know if it’s time to let go.

It's a heartbreaking decision. Pets are family 🐱🐶
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#NoCode #buildinpublic

Many people think that free #OpenSource software is only for #Linux.

But I use a lot of #FOSS software on my @Microsoft #Windows desktop that I'd be lost without!

These are some of my faves!

25+ FOSS Tools to Improve Your Windows Experience 🧵 👇
7-Zip (@7zip)

Great archiver supporting


Unpacking only:
Audacity (@getaudacity)

If you need to perform some audio editing, Audacity is a huge help. I often use it when fixing audio for a video or converting a recording for use in a phone system menu.

Tons of features & useful tools!
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We just rolled out ToolJet 1.0 🚀
We are also live on ProductHunt, really appreciated it if you can take a few minutes to review ToolJet -
Thanks, everyone for making this happen in such a short time!

#opensource #producthunt #lowcode #nocode #devtool
What's new:
+ Started with 7 integrations and now we have 20+ datasource integrations
+ Started with 15 widgets and now there are 35+ UI widgets
+ Responsive canvas
+ Redesigned the application builder and dashboard for better usability
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#buildinpublic #automation #startups

At the request of @alistairswilson, here is my present #OpenSource Tech Stack!

Many of these are #Nocode/#Lowcode tools that make your life a lot easier.

So grab a cup of coffee & settle into:

Top 20 Solutions in My Tech Stack
🧵 👇
1. n8n (#Automation)
What it is: Connects different systems together and automates the tasks.

How I use it: How don't I use it?! Automated emails. Hardware Endpoint. API creation. System monitor.

Twitter: @n8n_io
2. Bitwarden (#Password Safe, #Security)
What it is: Safely stores & remembers your passwords so you don't have to.

How I use it: I have over 2000 username & password pairs. This remembers the very long passwords I create!

Twitter: @Bitwarden
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