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So if the UAE hired people and knocked of the Bayraktar in 2021 why are Putin and MBz so desperate to get the real thing?…
Meet the “Reach”. UAE’s attempt at to knock off Turkish drones.
Bayraktar supports Ukraine. UAE supports Wagner. Putin eventually had to go Iran to buy drones unless of course UAE sells knock off Bayraktars to Putin. #Byzantine…
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Turkey's leaders are taking a break from enabling #Russia against #NATO and ethnic cleansing Syria’s #Kurds to launch absurd claims and empty threats against Greek islands. We take a look at the painful history of Turkish rule on one of them: a thread on #Chios from #theHELC 1/10
The history of the Greeks in Chios goes back more than 3,000 years reaching to #Minoan and #Mycenaean times. Chios is the most likely birthplace of #Homer and had its own coins and democratic parliament by 600 BC. Its famous wine was exported from the Black Sea to #Egypt 2/10
The islanders sided with Athens and then #Alexander the Great against Persia and continued to prosper under first the #Roman and then the Eastern Roman (#Byzantine) Empire. The famous #mosaics of Nea Moni monastery are considered a masterpiece of Byzantine art 3/10
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The Hagia Sophia should immediately be classed as a vulnerable cultural heritage! Every week we get reports detailing acts of vandalism that are destroying the site. Today @vaziyetcomtr reports that visitors are scraping off bits of the monument's walls to take home as souvenirs.
@vaziyetcomtr This is simply infuriating! Why can't authorities provide the Hagia Sophia with the care it deserves now that it is a mosque? In the past few months there've been reports of damage caused to the monument's Imperial Gate & an Ottoman-era water tank.
How much longer do we have to wait for damage to be caused to the Hagia Sophia's one of a kind #Byzantine mosaics?
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What do we teach when we teach "Medieval Europe"?
Do we teach Europe to set up Historical #Comparison?
OR to teach a Global (or, Alex West @siwaratrikalpa's much more coherent Hemispheric) #MiddleAges?
Here's how I see the two options...
(obvs others, I'm a Byzantinist after all)
My students discuss CWickham's intro in
Medieval Europe (2016; Review: I like the book)
CW argues for "Medieval Europe" as artificial category with value in setting up historical #comparison.
There's a cleverness to that.
But here's my problem, as explained to my students...
There is no comparison.
Practically speaking.
To do a comparison, you don't need to just find a region with some big similar stats (geog, pop, resources), you need to find something similarly studied, with comparable bibliographies.
MAYBE, in not too long, "Medieval China"?
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Fascinating thread. American made UAE operated F16s hit launchers. Lots of Allah references, but it comes down to tech.
Not science fiction. These are Zulfiqar (the two bladed sword) missiles heading into one of the most modern cities on earth. Specifically to damage the perception of Abu Dhabi as a safe business and investment center. Intercepted by Patriot batteries.
The Zulfiqar missile is an Iranian solid fuel rocket based on the Fateh-110 SRBM family. Has GPS guided brain only 185 mile range. The missile launchers in the UAE video were hit in al-Jawf governate... 870 miles southwest of Abu Dhabi.…
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The most exciting restoration/conservation project currently taking place in #Istanbul is doubtlessly that of the long-neglected Bukoleon Palace, an ancient #Byzantine structure built on the shores of the Marmara Sea in the 5th century. ImageImage
The restoration work is being carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (@IbbMiras) and is set to conclude by the end of this year. The Bukoleon Palace will be converted into an open-air museum. ImageImage
There have been many exciting finds since conservation works began. A 1600 year old fountain (dubbed the oldest fountain in #Istanbul) and thousands of pieces of pottery are among the recent discoveries. @mhrpolat ImageImage
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Preliminary distribution map of helmets in my upcoming paper and new typology:

(Note: Not all are late Roman helmets, merely related examples for discussion.)

#Classicstwitter #Medievaltwitter #Medieval #Roman #twitterstorians #Byzantine #Archaeology…
Breakdown by type of Roman-manufactured helmets:…
Breakdown by datation of ridge helmets:…
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Bziza, a village in Koura district north #Lebanon 🇱🇧
It stands over a former village that was destroyed by earthquakes.

Locals refer the naming to Azizos (Beth Azizo) Canaanite God of the morning stars while other references say that is of Phoenician origin or the stolen village
The Roman temple of Bziza is a well-preserved first century AD building dedicated to Azizos.
The tetrastyle prostyle building has two doors that connect the pronaos to a square cella.The ancient temple functioned as an aedes, the dwelling place of the deity.

#Lebanon 🇱🇧
The temple of Bziza was converted into a Church known as the Lady of the Pillars and underwent architectural modification during two phases the Early #Byzantine period and later in the Middle Ages.

#Lebanon 🇱🇧
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Thread: New England, Crimea. How Anglo-Saxon migration transformed Byzantium and created the first English colony.
955 years ago today, William of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson’s army at Hastings and became the King of England. William’s regime was slow to eliminate Anglo-Saxon influence in England, but Anglo-Saxon uprisings in the north of the country drew his wrath.
Over the winter of 1069-1070 William prosecuted the “Harrying of the North,” killing his way through Northumbria. Records from the Domesday Book estimate 75% of the population fled or was killed. The last Æthling, Edgar, submitted to William in 1074, making his rule uncontested.
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THREAD: Basil’s Campaigns in Bulgaria (Part Two) #Byzantine #medieval #bulgaria #varangian Image
In 1001 Basil marched his army from Constantinople to Preslav and Pliska, quickly taking the much weakened cities. Basil then took the city of Silistra on the Danube, beating back Bulgar counterattacks. With the north secure, Basil marched to Komotini in Thrace to winter. Image
In 1002, Basil continued the campaign by attacking key forts around Thessaloniki and recaptured Larissa. Once the area was secured, Basil moved back north to the Danube and besieged the castle of Vidin.
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THREAD: Basil II’s Campaigns in Bulgaria (Part One)
#Byzantine #medieval #Bulgaria #varangian #warfare Image
Before we can talk about Basil’s conquest of Bulgaria, we need to provide some context and examine the Basileus first campaign and the failures that would shape his reign.
Basil’s dream had always been to succeed where no Basileus had before and conquer Bulgaria, but Basil’s early reign was marred by the rebellion of Bardas Skleros in Anatolia from 976-979. Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria took advantage of this unrest. Image
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Mighty Sovereigns Of Ottoman Throne : Sultan Murad I

By Ekrem Buğra Ekinci

👆🏻 widely used illustration painted by court painter Konstantin Kapıdağlı in the early 19th century shows Sultan Murad I , the 3rd ruler of Ottoman beylik that turned into an empire .

👆🏻👉🏻📸 Credits : Büşra Öztürk - Daily Sabah
While his predecessor , Osman & Orhan ghazis , had gathered a nation & created a state , Sultan Murad I improved his lands , making a prosperous country from it for all citizens .
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THREAD: Basil’s Second Syrian Campaign #Byzantine #varangian #medieval #history
After Basil’s first campaign in Syria, he appointed Damian Dalassenos as the new Doux of Antioch. Basil returned to Europe and prepared for war with Bulgaria.
Dalassenos pursued an aggressive policy against the Fatimids. Manjutakin once again besieged Aleppo, but fled when Dalassenos brought his army to relieve the city. In 997, Dalassenos raided around Tripoli and captured the fortress of Al-Laqbah.
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THREAD: Basil’s first campaign in the East #byzantine #roman #medieval #varangian #viking
After Basil defeated Phokas’s rebellion in 989 he returned his attention to his eternal foe: Bulgaria. However, trouble was brewing in Syria.
In 992, Manjutakin, the Fatimid governor of Damascus broke his truce with the Byzantine Empire. Manjutakin invaded the Hamdanid Emirate, a Byzantine protectorate, and defeated the doux of Antioch’s army. Manjutakin then raided Antioch’s suburbs and besieged Aleppo.
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THREAD: Origins of the Varangian Guard (1/12) Image
Although Rus and Norse mercenaries had been fighting in the service of the Byzantine Empire as early as 874, the typical date used as the founding of an official “Varangian Guard” comes from the reign of Basil ll. Basil’s early reign was marked by rebellion. 2/12 Image
In 987, the general Bardas Phokas led a rebellion and captured most of Byzantine Anatolia. At the end of the year his army set into a siege of Abydos, a city on the Dardanelles. If Abydos fell, Phokas’s army could cut off access to the Aegean and besiege Constantinople. (3/12) Image
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Today I learned two things: that there is an art museum in Bloomington, Indiana, with a nice collection on-line, and that there is Bloomington :-)

So, here we go 🧵
Pictures and info © 2021 The Trustees of Indiana University @IUCollects
A set of jewelry from ancient #Mesopotamia, 2700-2300 BCE, Sumer #Iraq
The necklace with (the seemingly) very large lapis lazuli beads is particularly impressive. It also consists of hematite and gold beads.
In addition five gold spiral hair(?) rings.… Image
Very sweet carnelian bust of a child #Roman 2nd C BCE - 2nd C CE…
There is no curator's comment here, but such children's faces were very common in the Roman world and depicted cupid / Eros. They were worn for good luck, set in rings and pendants. Image
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#Tolkien & Art MEGA THREAD alert!
Ever get that feeling where a picture reminds you of a fave #LOTR character? Well, if you've follow me you'll know its a little obsession of mine. So tonight, hitch a ride on the eagle that is Pictures that Should Have Been Tolkienian (Gandalf?)
A Silent Watcher guards the entrance to Cirith Ungol.
No sorry, that single head is a no-no. Actually this is Resistance, or The Black Idol (1903) by Orphic cubist and symbolist František Kupka. Based on the Colossi of Memnon, but with a Bram Stoker vibe #Dracula #Tolkien
The Black Riders kick back post-Weathertop. No, sorry, this is the Dance of Death by Michael Wolgemut (c. 1493) Featured in Hartman Schedel's Nuremburg Chronicle, this charming little #woodcut conjures the horrors of the Black Death. complete with Satanic snakes #art #Tolkien
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(1/3) This incredibly detailed gold #Byzantine wedding ring is our #ArtefactOfTheDay.

Produced c. 7th century CE, the bezel depicts the bride and groom being crowned by the haloed figures of Jesus and Mary. Beneath them is the word: "Harmony".

#Classics #Christian #History #Art
(2/3) Remarkably, the exterior of the ring is also heavily inscribed with seven scenes from Jesus's life in chronological order, from the Annunciation to the Resurrection.

A personalised wish by the married couple is also featured: “Lord, help thy servants, Peter and Theodote".
(3/3) The edges of the bezel also feature a verse from the #Gospel of John (14:27) that asks God to grant the newlyweds peace.

The ring testifies not only to the intimacy of the couple, but of their steadfast devotion to #God on a small, personal level.

#Religion #Gold #Church
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1/ A great summary! After having peer reviewed many papers in the past, I can't leave this uncommented. There is just too much truth in it. But also many things missing. @markdhumphries…
2/ "only one of Einstein’s 300 or so published papers was ever peer-reviewed, which so disgusted him that he never submitted a paper to that journal again."

He was not alone. Nature rejected Kary Mullis PCR paper (Nobel Price awared).

And what about
3/ Peer Review is nothing more than "please have a look". It's a basic check, not a quality endorsment. Most papers I received were Chinese low quality papers pushing into high-end journals like Phys. Rev. B or Phys. Rev. Letters. I rejected (or redirected elswhere) most of them.
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1/n Do you know what Janissaries are?

They were the main reason for the fall of Constantinople. They were elite forces of #Ottoman Empire comprised of young Christian boys which were captured by #Turkish Army from Christian states.

2/n This means Islamic #Sultan destroyed Christians rule and ended the #Byzantine Empire which lasted nearly 1,500 years by the help of Christian boys.

They were the same forces which conquered and turned the #HagiaSophia into a mosque.
3/n The Janissaries were elite fighters that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops, personal bodyguards and the first modern standing army in Europe. The number grew from 20,000 in 1575, to 49,000 (1591), dropped to a low of 17,000 (1648), then rebounded to 135,000 in 1826
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#My_Twitter_Rule 20/1
Our youth in a rush to create following on digital platforms. It is good start, but do they know what next. Having big following is just tool, unless one knew what to do with it, interest will die down after a while. Please read & learn who we (Muslims) are?
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/2
But read what? How to build #knowledge. #Information & Knowledge are two different things. Use Authentic sources, Introspection, Deliberation & Exchanges brings #Wisdom to the discourse.
Starting point is always #Quran! Read once translation & commentary....
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/3
Quran is a biggest gift of Allah, a guide, a constitution & a Hidaya. THAWAB is not its primary purpose!
Prophet SAW biography. He is a leader, head of state, a commander, peace maker, Mercy to mankind, role model (husband, father neighbor an orphan himself)
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#Corbin was not a thinker whose influences and interests were easily compartmentalised but rather his #Protestantism, #existentialism interest in #mysticism #RussianOrthodoxPhilosophy all came together in his study of #IranianIslam 1/
With respect to #phenomenology and #existentialism from Germany as well as #Hegelianism these were mediated by Alexander Koyré and Alexandre Kojève (1902-1968) both Russian exiles trained in Germany and teaching at #EPHE 2/ Image
From Kojève he first came to understand the #phenomenology of #EdmundHusserl (1859-1938) who also taught #Heidegger as well as #KarlJaspers (1883-1969) who taught at #Heidelberg before being blacklisted by the Nazis 3/ ImageImage
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Around 3000 BCE in eastern #Europe, a Proto-Balto-Slavic #language started to diverge from #ProtoIndoEuropean.

The #Slavic branch of the #IndoEuropean #languages began about 2,000 years later when Proto-Slavic deviated from Proto-Balto-Slavic.

[Image:…] Source: The Indo-European L...
As the #Slavic-speaking area expanded during the first millennium CE (striped area on map), Proto-Slavic transitioned to Common Slavic. The #language underwent minor changes that occurred mostly uniformly across eastern #Europe, thereby maintaining mutual intelligibility. A map of eastern Europe sho...
Around the year 1000 CE #CommonSlavic began to split into the South, West, and East branches to which all modern #Slavic #languages belong.

Roughly 315m people speak a Slavic #language, mostly in Eastern #Europe (including the #Balkan peninsula), #CentralAsia, and #Siberia. A map of Europe highlightin...
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1/ Here’s a unique coin I love to show my students @UniofOxford. A fascinating window into the early history of #Islam in #Iran. Minted in Sistan, ca. 691-2. One side portrays the #Sasanian king of kings; the other has the Islamic profession of faith (the shahada) but in Pahlavi!
2/ Pahlavi (otherwise known as #Zoroastrian Middle #Persian) was the language of the #Sassanian kings and the #Zoroastrian clergy. It remained a prestige language in #Iran even after the Islamic conquest
3/ What makes the coin so unique is that it translates the shahada into an essentially #Zoroastrian idiom: “yazd-ēw bē ōy any yazd nēst mahmat paygāmbar ī yazd” (There is one God, without any other, #Muhammad is the #Prophet of God)
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