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I'm an #Egyptologist trained at @unibirmingham specializing in #Theban #tombdecoration of the 1st millennium BCE. For the past 9 years, I've shifted my focus to #Nile travel journals in late C19 and early C20. @nelcuw @ebadiary #dayofdh2020
I work with undergrad interns who help me #transcribe #primarysource material written by travelers to #Egypt including #archaeologists, #artists and the #hiddenwomen...wives, mistresses, secretaries and administrators. Our work began with the unpublished diaries of #EmmaBAndrews
We spent a couple of years to transcribe all 19 volumes into #plaintext which we then #encoded in #XML using @TEIconsortium guidelines which we use as the basis for #NamedEntityRecognition of people, places, boats...our #XSLT script returns an alphabetized index of all this info
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I'd now like to highlight some of the fantastic projects under the @newbook_project umbrella! @nelcuw @ds_uw @SvobodaDiaries @ebadiary @SimpsonCenter @UWArtSci #dayofdh2020
The Joseph Mathia #SvobodaDiaries project is the multi-media publication of available diaries remaining from a collection kept by Baghdad resident J. M. Svoboda, from 1862 to 1908. @SvobodaDiaries
#interns have recently redeveloped the project website where you can view and download the diary material @SvobodaDiaries
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We’ve offered #DH undergrad and grad internships at Newbook Digital Texts since 2011 and have collaborated with around 200 @uw students during that time. #dayofdh2020 @nelcuw @ds_uw @SimpsonCenter @SvobodaDiaries @ebadiary @UWArtSci @uwcse @UW_iSchool
I collaborate with Prof. Walter Andrews and Dr. Mary Childs, amongst others. Our projects range from #Ottoman and #Georgian poetry to C19 travel journals from #Iraq and #Egypt.  
Our work is #opensource, and interns work on all aspects of the projects, including...
#Transcribing unpublished #primarysource material such as these diaries from C19 #Iraq @SvobodaDiaries @nelcuw
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I teach introductory no-prerequisite classes in #DH to undergrad and grad students. We focus on building sustainable, well-documented digital projects #dayofdh2020 @nelcuw @ds_uw @UW_iSchool #MLIS @SimpsonCenter
We use a variety of tools in class to explore humanities datasets and build exhibits including @omeka, @OpenRefine, @VoyantTools, #GaleDigitalScholarLab, @knightlab #StoryMapJS @neatline amongst others.
A few class highlights: Summer 2019’s online survey course through @UW_iSchool introducing students to concepts/methodologies of working with, and analyzing primary source texts using digital
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Confinement oblige, l'ADEMEC propose de partager chaque jour une ressource utile dénichée par les membres du bureau 🔎⚙️📚 Déroulez ce tweet pour y trouver lectures, outils, et autres trouvailles accessibles en ligne ! L'occasion aussi de partager les vôtres ? 🤓
[Humanités numériques 💾] Pour commencer, on vous invite à consulter l’ouvrage de Pierre Mounier [@piotrr70], “Les humanités numériques” (2018), qui nous propose, de par une histoire critique des HN, une analyse des SHS aujourd'hui. À consulter en ligne :
Du même auteur, associé à @marindacos et pour une approche + institutionnelle: "Humanités numériques: état des lieux et positionnement de la recherche française dans le contexte international", 2015, ici…
Pour mieux savoir où on met les 🦶
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@emuehlbe Thanks @emuehlbe, for this invitation to revisit my 2009 state-of-the-field essay on Medieval Medicine. Gosh, what led me to write it? First of all, I had been doing synthetic bibliographical work on the topic of ♀'s medicine for 20 years at that point. 1 of my early essays ...
@emuehlbe (…) had been transformative of my thinking & gotten me hooked on the value of taking the pulse of a field/question. In that 1989 essay, I found that, contrary to common belief (and I had believed it, too), ♀'s health was *not* exclusively ♀'s business ...
@emuehlbe in the Middle Ages. Men wrote books on ♀'s medicine; men owned books on ♀'s medicine; men could be found advising on aspects of ♀ physiology & disease. On the flip side, it was *really* difficult to find evidence of ♀ as medical practitioners. It was even difficult to find
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1. Good afternoon everyone! I'm Riddhima. I'm a doctoral student @bgsu and have worked in the digital feminist space through @fempositive for just over half a decade. So excited to be presenting at #DHARTITwitterConf my first Twiter conference experience.
2. My presentation today reflects on the pedagogical potential of digital feminist activist work and knowledges. Particularly creative, multimedia work being done by individuals, collectives and non-profit orgs. #DHARTITwitterConf
3. I draw from my own experiences with digital feminist work, the work of so many wonderful activists, organizers & media producers and through developing my PhD research project with my awesome advisor @cyberdivalivesl #DHARTITwitterConf
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[Thread] I've been inspired by a couple things this week to share a piece of my current book project on the Janowska concentration camp outside of Lviv, Ukraine.

In particular, it deals with these two photos (but I will come back to them.)
First was the piece by @SarahEBond and @TheTattooedProf on the value of public outreach. Building off that, not enough of us share the results of our research at stages prior to publication...even though it can still be fascinating.…
Second, I was also inspired by the overwhelming response to @McKayMSmith's thread on the Höcker album which seems to show that many people are interested in the complex lives of #Holocaust perpetrators.…
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Students final project in my course, Topic in Digital Humanities for Computer Science, Ben Gurion University.
#dhbgu #dh @bengurionu
Starting - here!
What are the most common roles that afro-american people were assigned to in American films since the 1930s?
How many black actors/directors/produces are in the movies?
בשמת צייכנר | יעל טוביה #dhbgu @bengurionu #dh…
Which terror attacks are reported in the NY Times?
(and good visualization -- not in purpose - that shows what is NOT considered as terror attack by American experts)…
by Dan Koren | Ofir Baranes. #dhbgu @bengurionu #dh
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#OTD #OnThisDay from Himmler's Appt Book, June 8, 1941: Himmler arrived at the office this Sunday morning and had an intriguing meeting with SS-Obersturmbannführer Bender at 1145.
Bender was the Superior SS- and Police Judge on Himmler's staff. Himmler in particular was interested in a penal unit of the SS-Totenkopf Division.
This had been established as a punishment unit by Theodor Eicke the first Commander of the concentration camps to avoid incarcerating them in the camps themselves.
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1/ Thread sobre a entrada do Brasil na #OCDE (@OECD), assunto do dia hoje após a reunião Trump-Bolsonaro, sob uma ótica não puramente econômica.
2/ Ponto central: a adesão da OCDE não se limita a questões como segurança jurídica, melhoria do ambiente de negócios e liberalização comercial e financeira. A #OCDE tem instrumentos sobre desenvolvimento sustentável e direitos humanos, que também exigem alinhamento.
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[Thread] PLEASE read and consider. This is important! An academic organization, the Society for Classical Studies @scsclassics, has just censured a fantastic scholar for standing up to racist and white supremacist speech at a conference. Let's talk about this...b/c we need to.
So, first you need to watch this video (for about 5 minutes) at a session at the recent conference on the Future of Classics (44:56). This is Mary Frances Williams, an independent scholar.
Williams begins with a typical rant about "Western Civilization" which even non-classicists like myself recognize is a deeply problematic conception with overt racist connotations. She begins with "I'll probably offend all of you." Not auspicious.
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In addition to the excellent tools from the tweeted picture, there are many #webarchiving tools in development by @WebSciDL and the @LosAlamosNatLab Research Library Prototeam.

Some examples below #eResearchNZ19 #DH #eResearch
Ever wonder which archives have a capture of a given URL? What about for a specific time? Do you want to search multiple #webarchives at once?

The Memento TimeTravel service run by @LosAlamosNatLab uses the #Memento protocol for just that:

From your own machine, MemGator, by @ibnesayeed and @machawk1, also allows one to search across #webarchives using the #Memento protocol.……

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Now at #AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti on "Saint-Domingue and Disciplinary (Dis)Loyalties: Literature and History" with @Soccerpolitics, @JohnGarrigus, Julia Prest, Yvonne Fabella, and Logan Connors. Here's the theater database @soccerpolitics just mentioned:
#AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti

@Soccerpolitics starts with a broad question, "What is it that we know about Saint-Domingue? What do we still need to know?"

@JohnGarrigus comments on how much MORE there is at the AHA on Saint-Domingue / Haitian Revolution than in the 1980s.
#AHA19 #s115 #HHaiti

@JohnGarrigus - more people are recognizing the importance of Saint-Domingue, the plantation machine. (PS, Garrigus and Trevor Burnard co-wrote a book by that name comparing Saint-Domingue and Jamaica.)
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Thinking about how to explain #publichistory and #digitalhistory scholarship to colleagues on academic #tenure and promotion committees, especially those who are used to sole-authored books as the gold standard #dh #digitalhumanities 1/15
The core of the work is familiar: conceptualization, research, and writing (even if the ultimate presentation is not in the form of prose). The work is original and interpretive, just like traditional monographic scholarship. 2/15
But #publichistory’s attention to #sharedauthority means that the work is developed in cooperation with the public, a process that sometimes provokes conflict and controversy that the scholar has to manage. Sometimes great potential projects can’t come to fruition. 3/15
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We are gathering in the @UMBCLibrary Gallery for the annual @UMBCHistory Webb Lecture with Simon P. Newman discussing escaped slaves in 18th century Britain #humforum18
The Webb lecture was named in honor of Robert K. Webb #humforum18…
This new project that Prof. Newman will be presenting on today is born out of research during his current fellowship at @FolgerLibrary
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