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This is an invitation for disabled graduate students and disabled tenure-track professors and disabled full professors and all people in teaching positions, who are disabled, to teach the course

The course requires that you teach books by us.

We do not teach books by nondisabled people in LITERATURE BY DISABLED PEOPLE.

We do not recognize nor honor the nondisabled experts. We do not care about their writing.

The course is for our writing.
I'm updating my site so front page shows the syllabus.

It is not "my syllabus." It is our syllabus.

It is a starting point. It will change because you will change it and that is great.

It cannot be plagiarized because I did not write it. I put our codes together.
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1/ In the Iliad, Homer often refers to the uniqueness of the capabilities of the armies of Achilles and Ajax, where they are described as dense formations of elite soldiers, who use brilliant tactical battles under the guidance of highly trained warlords.
#Homer #Iliad #Troy
2/ " ...howbeit thereto could he no more avail, for with shields were they fenced in on every side, as they stood around Patroclus, and before them they held their spears. For Ajax ranged to and fro among them and straitly charged every man; ➡️
➡️ Thus mighty Ajax charged them, not one, he bade them, should give ground backward from the corpse, nor yet fight in front of the rest of the Achaeans as one pre-eminent above them all; but stand firm close beside the corpse and do battle hand to hand. ➡️
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Good day Saurabh.
Would you kindly confirm this?
Much appreciated.

11:35 CET 31 OCT 2022

Perp: Illuminati actor / influencer Saurabh Raj Jain(??)
I just heard a tinnitus while communicating telepathically with SRJ and heard a highpitched tinnitus in my left wear and felt a resultant slight loss of hearing and dullness plus weakness and debility.

I had just left a comment and given the link to my Instagram page about
20 minutes.

I am writing this as I am about to leave my apartment.

---END--- Image
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𝗣𝗼𝗿 𝗾𝘂𝗲 𝗮 𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗮 𝗲́ 𝘁𝗮̃𝗼 𝗜𝗠𝗣𝗢𝗥𝗧𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗘? 📚

Vamos voltar algumas centenas de milhares de anos atrás.

Houve uma aldeia.

Nasceu um cachorro. Depois que cresceu, foi em busca de comida. Comeu alguns vegetais selvagens...

🧵 Image
@gustavoramos @PauloDemchuk @alan_schramm @38bitcoinheiro @R0nih @rpandolfato @RedpillOliver - Um dia, houve um incêndio na floresta 🔥

- O cachorro fugiu. Depois que o fogo acalmou, o cachorro voltou.

Os vegetais foram cozidos no incêndio florestal 🧵
@gustavoramos @PauloDemchuk @alan_schramm @38bitcoinheiro @R0nih @rpandolfato @RedpillOliver Achou-os mais saborosos e nutritivos e continuou a comê-los. Poucos dias depois, alguns deles continham altas bactérias. O cachorro comeu e morreu lentamente.

Meses depois, apareceu outro cachorro. Depois que cresceu, foi em busca de comida. Comeu alguns vegetais selvagens 🧵
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Turkey's leaders are taking a break from enabling #Russia against #NATO and ethnic cleansing Syria’s #Kurds to launch absurd claims and empty threats against Greek islands. We take a look at the painful history of Turkish rule on one of them: a thread on #Chios from #theHELC 1/10
The history of the Greeks in Chios goes back more than 3,000 years reaching to #Minoan and #Mycenaean times. Chios is the most likely birthplace of #Homer and had its own coins and democratic parliament by 600 BC. Its famous wine was exported from the Black Sea to #Egypt 2/10
The islanders sided with Athens and then #Alexander the Great against Persia and continued to prosper under first the #Roman and then the Eastern Roman (#Byzantine) Empire. The famous #mosaics of Nea Moni monastery are considered a masterpiece of Byzantine art 3/10
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Existeix un molt mal costum en arqueologia protohistòrica, dels #Pirineus cap a baix: quan no tenim prou dades arqueològiques (cosa que no és pas infreqüent) rellegim la #Ilíada. El dia que deixem de fer això, farem millor la nostra feina.


#protohistòria #protohistory Image
Generacions de protohistoriadors han viscut obnubilats per la devoció malaltissa (i molt masculina i testosterònica, també convé dir-ho...) que sentien vers la imatge dels herois aqueus i troians foten-se castanyes a cor que vols a peus de les muralles d’#Ilion,
(...) Image
i han desenvolupat la seva recerca, moltes vegades, aplicant als jaciments arqueològics una mirada a través d’aquest prisma.

En realitat, d’aquest problema no se’ls pot culpar del tot a ells, ja que historiogràficament enfonsa les seves arrels en circumstàncies diverses,
(...) Image
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In the deepest recesses of my memory are images of illustrated classics that have stayed with me and still give me a thrill. One such image is of a raft-wrecked and exhausted Odysseus who is desperately trying to make his way to land but is confounded by the vengeful Poseidon
who brews vicious storms and mighty waves. The artist in that comic book captured it so well. I just saw that image again after decades & it evoked so many memories. Years later as I revisit the The Odyssey through a late 19th century translation and read the following:
I am reminded of the feeling of awe that it first inspired:

"So for two nights and two days he was wandering in the swell of the sea, and much his heart boded of death ... but when he was within earshot of the shore, and heard now the thunder of the sea against the reefs ..
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Our first flagship seminar of 2018-19 features @nmacsweeney speaking on Fragmentation theory and Classical texts. Keep an eye out for #ACEFlagship to follow the fun!
Archaeology deals with fragments through examining things at the level of the assemblage. An assemblage approach can also be useful for looking at fragmentary classical texts.
A chocolate orange is now making it's way around the room... 🤔
@nmacsweeney takes us into theories of fragmentation!
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1/24 As a special Bank Holiday treat, we bring you the story of the Iliad… of #Homer!
2/24 This is a tale of the wrath of Achilles, the great Greek warrior, who was angry at Agamemnon for stealing his girl, Briseis, and withdrew from battle to spite him.
3/24 The poem also tells the story of the whole Greek army – Homer gives us a lengthy catalogue of the contingent of ships which brought the Greek warriors to Troy
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