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On the anniversary of the Jan. 6 #CapitolInsurrection, I’m reminded: This IS who we are. We are a nation of #WhiteSupremacy. As a counter to the US “this isn’t who we are” narratives related to #RacialInjustice, #StateViolence & prejudice, I’ve pieced together the following post.
The following are excerpts from my Jan. 2021 op-ed in @Truthout: “If @POTUS Wants to Confront White Supremacy, He Must Also End the #WarOnTerror.’”
"Solving the problem of #WhiteSupremacy is seen as a simple matter of removing those who embody it."
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Number 6 for 2020-election disinformation on Twitter.
Many of these accounts are still active today and contributed or participated in the #CapitolInsurrection
Hey look: CD Media & BlazeTV where the Economic Warroom's election disinformation report came from. ✔
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#Monday #July19th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 6️⃣2️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea

Meet #FratPack Member #BenParis
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1/Gaetz, Moody spread election conspiracy. FDLE spends 706 hrs proving it false
Moody called for investigation saying DeSantis also urged her to after reading a WAPO story that Bloomberg wanted to help former felons get their voting rights back in Florida.…
2/On the eve of the uprising, the Rule of Law Defense Fund sent out robocalls urging supporters of Trump to join what was, by this point, an escalating movement to overturn the election by force.…
3/As scrutiny of those messages intensified following the insurrection, Moody’s office scrubbed references to the Rule of Law Defense Fund from her online biography. Her website still promoted the board appointment on Friday, according to @TB_Times. By Mon morning, it was gone.
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Whataboutism, platitudes and lies. That's all you get from Republicans. In every hearing on Trump, from the Russia investigation to today's Jan.6 oversight hearing. The GOP is irredeemable.
@OversightDems @GOPoversight #January6 #CapitolInsurrection #MAGATerrorists
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. GOP Rep. Paul Gosar should be in jail for inciting the January 6th insurrection. Instead, he's participating in the House Oversight Hearing, where he's pushing propaganda downplaying the attack from the very Capitol attacked by his terrorists.
Oh here we go again. We're living in GOP Groundhog Day hell. Rep. Jody Hice denies Trump incited the riot b/c he said the word "peaceful." Hice has the gall to say "truth matters" as he literally lies—accusing the media & Democrats of pushing "a false narrative" about January 6🤯
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Matt has now gone with the 'Let's just piss people off' distraction.

It's a typical Stoney/Trumpian strategy. Gaetz just isn't very wise about the topics he selects for it. #CapitolInsurrection #MattGaetzDidSomethingWrong Image
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Bing-bong-bing-bing-bong 🤣
The#GroyperChildren are not happy that their little Nazi #KKKaucus is a dead in the swamp water before it even starts. America 1st is NOT inevitable, it's a never-go. #GetOverItNazi
H/T @bamafox1
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USAF 09-0625 MC-12W Liberty BNCR61 4/15/21 ISR mission over Baghdad, Iraq, LIVE

Something's up in Baghdad. Normally 09-0625 flies missions near Ramadi, NW of Baghdad, and at Syrian border. Image
Tom Barrack's (Chair of Trump's inaugural cmte) N284CC 4/11-4/12/21 LA-Paris 4/13/21 Paris-Nice (~20m)-Beirut 4/14/21 Beirut-Pisa

Probably stopped in Pisa to see his friend Flavio Briatore

ICYMI: Barrack and Manafort had vacation with Briatore Aug 2016
Alexander Mashkevich's M-AAAL 4/14/21 West Palm Beach-Punta Cana

M-AAAL's second visit to WPB in five weeks

"Trump, Russia & a Shadowy Business Partnership. Bayrock/Sater/Arif/Mashkevich/Trump"…
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.@ChuckGrassley is really gonna do Antifa whataboutism in the hearing on the #CapitolInsurrection when Antifa has never killed anyone, not one member of law enforcement. And does Antifa show up in Biden hats? Because the insurrectionists clearly were Trump supporters. Stop it! ImageImage
.@ChuckGrassley needs to read up on the former president’s favorites, The Proud Boys. Read how THEY said how they were going to “go incognito.”Think Jan 6th was the first time they did that, Chuck? Now think about the violence around the US again, that “popped up” during Trump. ImageImage
As resources are not limitless, you respond to threats based on proportionality and rationally. This is a target-rich environment, @ChuckGrassley. Stop wasting LE’s @FBI’s time! Image
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In anticipation of trump's #CPAC2021 speech, these analyses from @BrandeisNow are a view into the #codedlanguage he uses to speak directly to those he has targeted messages for. His base feels as though they have their own secret signals to communicate. /1
Trump's use of literary devices like non sequitur & dog whistles allow him to wiggle away from responsibility because he encodes his messages in the garb of #plausibledeniability I have broken out some definitions as well b/c well, I had to learn them.… /2
Definitions: non sequitur, political dog whistle, plausible deniability, and perlocutionary effect.
#codedlanguage #nonsequitur #dogwhistle #plausibledeniability #perlocutionaryeffect #literarydevices /3
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Here's a balanced approach to the #CPAC2021 stage.
1. Intentional? Probably, maybe, likely but not necessarily provable to insist ALL attendees/participants were aware.
2. It remains, despite the symbol being directly pointed out to organizers.

Biggest Takeaway: It Remains /1
One can argue that with the knowledge & understanding of #NeoNazi #NeoFascist groups entering more mainstream spaces that the failure to identify the shape is curious, but speculative. The #OdalRune #OthalaRune has been visible during during many #WhiteNationalist rallies. /2
Many outlets have covered the #NSM88's Nov2016 rebranding from the more widely recognized #Swastika to the #OthalaRune #OdalRune… /3
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The #OthalaRune #OdalRune was not an accident, oversight, unintentional design. It wasn't an oopsie daisy how'd this white power symbol get here. This was a celebration of a plan to rebrand the swastika and make it to mainstream politics. Don't ignore those who want you to #NSM88
On the day of the unite the rally, Fuentes wrote on Facebook that "a tidal wave of white identity is coming." #WhitePowerParty emboldened, embraced, endorsed by the #GWPP #GQP…
Curiously enough the next #NSM88 #HateRally will be in Gossar's backyard.

Wonder when that was decided? #GossarNSM88 #WhitePowerParty #QPAC2021
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#BrooksBrothersRiot 2.0
Stone also said federal authorities should seize all Nevada ballots, federal agents & GOP state officials should “physically” block voting, that Trump should nationalize police forces, and that Trump should order widespread arrests…
InfoWars chat #AlexJones? What were the #Insurrectionists thinking? What YOU told them to!
"Using the Insurrection Act, Stone suggested that Trump arrest the Clintons, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Mark Zuckerberg & Tim Cook, among others."…
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Yesterday’s #Acquittal of Fmr. President Trump (by senators representing barely 1/3 of the country) underscores the urgent need to repair American democracy, beginning with swift passage of the landmark #ForThePeopleAct (a/k/a #HR1 and #S1)…
#HR1 includes the most ambitious expansion of voting access for eligible voters since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Automatic + same day voter registration. Restoration of voting rights to the formerly incarcerated. Expanded early + mail voting. A commitment to restore the #VRA
Never forget that the #CapitolInsurrection was spurred by lies about “voter fraud” that have driven increasingly brazen #VoterSuppression efforts, primarily targeting Black and brown Americans. Trump harnessed these lies to try an overturn the election, but he didn’t invent them.
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Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/12-2/13/21 Republic-Willow Run Airport near Detroit (~40m)-Conroe, TX
Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP 2/13/21 LA-Lufkin (~15m)-Conroe

What/who is in Conroe? N329PK has been there at least once before
Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/13/21 Returned to Republic after ~15h 15m landing in Conroe, TX

Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP is still in Conroe.
This is the first time I've seen Lindell's plane in Conroe, Hannity's been once b4.
Oops... Forgot the screenshot from the above tweet😊

Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/13/21 Returned to Republic after ~15h 15m landing in Conroe, TX

Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP is still in Conroe.

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#Thread: Smoking Gun for Impeachment: Proof Trump’s Call to March on Capitol was a Crime #ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachmentTrial2 #CapitolInsurrection…
Here is the smoking gun...

Trump’s GOP defenders say that Trump merely called for a march to the Capitol, a legal act of protest.

Except for this: it wasn’t legal. And Trump and his team knew it.…
During Wednesday’s trial, Rep. @StaceyPlaskett laid out the evidence our team first broke in @ConsortiumNews & on the @Thom_Hartmann Program: The sponsors of the Jan 6 rally at the Ellipse promised, in writing, there would be no march on the Capitol.
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New, updated thread on the Proud Boys (#CapitolCapons) and associates involved in that "peaceful protest" at the Capitol on January 6th. I'll probably do this a few times as I learn more and to organize. This is to help other #SeditionHunters.

Joseph (Joe) Randall Biggs
Ormond Beach, Florida
b. 1984

Celebrated an early 37th birthday helping to lead a failed insurrection.

#DoxxYourBoys ImageImageImage
"Rufio Panman"

Ethan Michael Nordean
Auburn, Washington
b. 1990

One of the more infamous Proud Boys.

#DoxxYourBoys ImageImageImage
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OK so flag thread... amongst the usual suspects of US flags, Gadsden (Don't Tread On Me) flags, TRUMP flags there were Thin Blue Line flags OK not surprising, but hang on what's that green tree on a white background flag...? Well... #CapitolInsurrection #CapitolRiots #CapitolHill
That is the Washington Cruisers flag, or the Appeal to Heaven flag used by the nascent US Navy during the Revolutionary War. Is the person flying it trying to say this is a revolution. #CapitolInsurrection #CapitolRiots #CapitolHill
OK what's next... well as @LalehKhalili observed, we have non-Islamic Republic, Iranian flags (there are many iterations) denoting resistance/moarchist affiliation...
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