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In another shocking, anti-Constitutional & lawless ruling, the half-Trump Supreme Court majority finds Americans don’t have the basic rights against false conviction or extralegal execution we have all come to take for granted.…
The gravity of this ruling cannot be overstated. The #1stAmendment says Congress shall make no law abridging the right to seek redress, but Thomas ignores this & cites a law he claims denies courts the authority to intervene in miscarriages of justice.
The #6thAmendment guarantees the right to be properly defended by competent counsel, but Thomas ignores this & essentially argues with zero foundation in law that there is simply no need to correct such an injustice.
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This is a message to white people in the US: Conservatives have worked since the early 1970s for this moment of overturning #RoeVsWade. Because they're white and Christian, their danger was not taken seriously. And here we are. #SCOTUS
Liberal, affluent, white cis women thought as long as #RoeVWade survived, they could ignore whatever the Christians were saying all along. In the U.S., white and Christian is considered the default, a norm, not scary, not brown or Muslim or pathologized.…
They remained wilfully ignorant to the fact that Roe v. Wade died for many Black and women of colour and poor women in the South, where one after another clinics that provide abortions were being shuttered. #RoeVWade #SCOTUS
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In my January 10, 2021 essay about #January6, I wrote about the audacious innocence afforded to white womanhood.

It is the most popular FEMINIST GIANT essay.…
And now, more than a year later: “Women put 'friendly face' on Jan. 6 attack, extremism research argues in new study.”

WHITE women. Say it.… h/t @rerutled
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Two new documents posted to our #January6 resource page by @rohini_kurup and @katherinepomps

Court order requiring John Eastman to turn over documents to the Committee, and Navarro and Scavino Contempt Report

Both found here:…
For those catching up - the #Jan6 Committee wants emails sent or received by Eastman between 3 Nov 2020 and 20 Jan 2021 - Eastman had claimed privilege over some, and the court has ruled against him.
The big takeaway from this court order though, of course, is the judge ruling that Trump’s actions “more likely than not constitute attempts to obstruct an official proceeding.”

(Starts on Page 31, “i. Obstruction of an official proceeding.”)

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Who unlocked the magnetic doors on the east side of the Capitol on January 6? When George Tenney first tried to open them, both were locked. Then after he pointed at the doors and said something, the left door opened. #SmokeyInsider #GreenSidesPack #ScruffyBouncer #January6
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Update: Stewart Rhodes, of Granbury, Texas, & 10 others have been the first to be charged with seditious conspiracy over the January 6th Capitol riot over a year ago.…
The federal grand jury indicted 11 suspects of seditious conspiracy yesterday. Nine of them were already previously charged for other offenses over January 6 riot. DOJ accuses Rhodes of executing plan to stop the transfer of power from Trump to Biden.…
The full #January6 sedition indictment against Rhodes & others can be read here. The DOJ outlines it accusations on what Rhodes allegedly did before and during the riot to warrant the conspiracy charge, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.…
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Velma Anne Ruth promoting "Defeat The Mandate DC" in Washington DC @CapitolPolice @January6thCmte
January 23 at the National Mall 11:30am

Velma is a known operative of Mike Flynn according to @EverettStern1

@clayberg @visionsurreal @davetroy
The "Defeat The Mandate DC" Map sure looks familiar, doesn't it?
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If the female insurrectionists were footsoldiers of the white supremacist patriarchy who had misread proximity to the power of white men as their own power… #January6th
Then Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are their golden calves.… #January6th
The insurrectionists within the Capital and without were not revolutionaries.

They were not fighting a tyrannical state.

They were fighting to extend the tyranny of white supremacy, which has seen its fruition in Donald J. Trump. #January6th
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Is it possible to be even more angry about the events of 1/6 one year later? Yes; I know I am. Garlands’ presser yesterday gave me some comfort that the planners eventually will face justice, but after a nights sleep I’m still agitated that Trump walks free & plans to run in ‘24.
The GOP with its 1% backers & propaganda lie machine have morphed into the enemy within. Republican lawmakers have turned their backs on democracy putting their selfish greed ahead of the needs of the people they supposedly serve.
These politicians are calloused & evil; corporate backers are their first & often times their sole priority (see
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#Onthisday, it’s Christmas in #Armenia. Even more interesting, this was once Christmas Day around the world. It is well-known that the exact birth date of Jesus was not historically recorded. Until the 4th century CE, it was largely celebrated on #January6.
Roman Emperor Constantine moved the date to December 25, in 336 CE, apparently because he wanted to weaken an established Roman pagan celebration – the feast of the winter solstice.
But for Eastern Europe, including Armenia, December 25 had no special meaning. Armenia was also a proudly Christian country by Constantine’s time. They saw no need to shift the date. And so Christmas Day remains January 6.
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Part 2 of Assessing Domestic Extremism A Year After #January6 "Where Has Online Extremism Moved Over The Past Year?"…
Some takeaways in online DOMEX over last year. 1 - Telegram new home for many extremist collectives 2 - Gab substitute for FB/Twitter, 3 - smaller platform worry about is GETTR (Threats violence)
Preferences for extremists on social media mirror rest of society to a degree. Younger generation quicker adapt to newer, more advanced tech platforms. Older generation extremists want something like Facebook.
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If they were not white, from any other country, or certainly if they were Muslim, the women who stormed the U.S. Capitol on #Jan6, and those who are QAn*n supporters, would be called fanatics, thus is the privilege of whiteness. I wrote this on Jan10, 2021…
Even when they join an insurrection, even as they pummel their way through the doors that held back the mob braying for violence white women are still remembered for the best versions of themselves. Women who joined ISIS were never afforded such an audacious innocence. #Jan6 Text: When U.S. media have taken deep dives into QAnon, it i
White womanhood is privilege sweetened with an innocence and fragility that white women--liberal or conservative, Trump-voting or not--are adept at weaponizing.… #January6
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- #January6

- Damning Trump letter leaked as 91% of backers still think Biden stole vote

- #January6

- Fewer than half of all Republicans who responded to a new poll have said the 6 January attack on the US Capitol was not “very or extremely violent”.

- #January6

- About four in 10 said the attack carried out by supporters of Donald Trump was very violent or extremely violent, and three in 10 Republicans said the attack was not violent at all.

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Reporters still processing #January6 terrorist attack; open up about trauma, PTSD, flashbacks

-It was worse than it looked on TV
-Some Capitol Police are still out with injuries
-We didn't realize how bad it was at time
-Series of small miracles prevented even worse disaster
🔥Frum: Trumpism Is Becoming Fascism. Those minimizing January 6 justify violence to overthrow democracy. We used to say "This is not normal." Truth is, THIS IS NOW NORMAL. Citizen involvement is the solution. Not just voting, but not accepting lies as legitimate in politics.🎯💥
@davidfrum @brianstelter This stmt of Frum's is key: Don't accept lies as legitimate. Lies are the heart of Trumpism. They must not only be debunked as pieces of disinformation. GOP lies must be viewed as illegitimate political strategy. That's where pro-democracy media must do its part against fascism.
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Important new report from @JasonLeopold + @ZoeTillman on #January6 documents obtained via FOIA:

Top Justice Department Officials Were Told There Were “No Credible Threats” Hours Before The Capitol Riot…
Incredible letter from two dozen Arizona lawmakers to DOJ and FBI pointing to evidence "Arizona Representatives Mark Finchem, Anthony Kern, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs encouraged, facilitated, participated and possibly helped plan this anti-democratic insurrection on January 6"
@nycsouthpaw appearance in these docs-
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A court if law has ordered me not to post anything on social media that would “embarrass” Alex Jones.

Might this unconstitutional content-based prior restraint injunction against me also infringe on Twitter’s 1st Amendment/ protections/privileges?

#legaltwitter? 👇
Question simplified:

Can the court of impose terms of service (“TOS”) on a private corporation that has its own TOS?


1)Twitter’s terms TOS do not incl the vague, unconstitutional bars on my #FreeSpeech imposed by the court.

2) Corporations’ protections seem to apply.
Another Question:

Does alerting the public that Alex Jones has unconstitutionally infringed on my #FreeSpeech by having non-considered orders entered in secrecy & under seal “embarrass” him?
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Any other dad in Travis county whose employee plead guilty to #january6 charges, who was posted on the Internet in this pose, who promoted drugs & alcohol on broadcasts would be under supervised visitation & ordered to substance and/or alcohol abuse treatment. Not #AlexJones.
*pled. Also, any Dad whose wife facing 2nd DUI charge, this time BAC <.15, any Dad facing Federal charges, any Dad regularly talking about being killed or arrested, any Dad not paying child support, any dad doing this OTHER THAN #AlexJones would’ve been stopped by a court of law
& any dad found liable for defaming the memory of murdered school kids, whose settled other defamation cases is impeached, as is his perjury a crime. Course of conduct matters towards character. #SandyHook cases will likely be further delayed by more frivolous/vexatious appeals
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The Proud Americans Patriot Network (PAPN) presents as a mundane conservative nonprofit with 501c4 registration. But its digital history ties it to the the Three Percenters movement and unlawful militias online. From @jaredlholt 🧵👇:…
At first glance, the PAPN seems like any other conservative advocacy organization centered on religious freedom, private property rights, and #2A. They solicit financial sponsorship, have a scholarship essay contest, and endorse local candidates.
However, a closer look at the group turned up clear links to the Three Percenter anti-government movement and found supporters attempting to recruit militia supporters nationwide. At one point, the group was selling several items with Three Percenter logos.
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“You guys don’t seem to have a problem when we’re kicking the sh-t out of Black people…But when we’re kicking the sh-t out of white people, uh-oh, that’s an issue?” Michael Fanone, a cop almost beaten to death on #Jan6, to GOP members of Congress.…
“This is not America...They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots,” one of the white woman who joined the #Jan6 insurrection, actually said that day…
#January6th was white people vs white people and too many white people don’t want to do anything about it because it will demand a reckoning with whiteness.
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Whataboutism, platitudes and lies. That's all you get from Republicans. In every hearing on Trump, from the Russia investigation to today's Jan.6 oversight hearing. The GOP is irredeemable.
@OversightDems @GOPoversight #January6 #CapitolInsurrection #MAGATerrorists
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. GOP Rep. Paul Gosar should be in jail for inciting the January 6th insurrection. Instead, he's participating in the House Oversight Hearing, where he's pushing propaganda downplaying the attack from the very Capitol attacked by his terrorists.
Oh here we go again. We're living in GOP Groundhog Day hell. Rep. Jody Hice denies Trump incited the riot b/c he said the word "peaceful." Hice has the gall to say "truth matters" as he literally lies—accusing the media & Democrats of pushing "a false narrative" about January 6🤯
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