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🔥PPI in liver-related outcome in @Cirrhosis by @nadimmahmud

🏥Comp cirrhosis, VOCAL cohort, IPTW adjst

👉PPI exposure:
⏫Severe infection (SBP), decomp
💀Mortality (⏬prior BGIT ; ⏫ liver-related💀)

✅Use PPI when indicated

#LiverTwitter @EASLnews @serperm @KaplanDeLiver
🔥NITs for CSPH in #HCV post-SRV by @GeorgSemmler #ILC2022

n=324 HCV, HVPG>6mmHg + paired LSM/Plt
CSPH resolved 25%

✅LSM>25kPa: CSPH
✅LSM<12k + Plt>150: exclude CSPH
✅3-yr decomp risk: 0% vs 9.6% (CSPH)

#LiverTwitter @SaSi_Lens @jaumebosch9 @MattiasMandorf1 Image
🔥 Important study!
⭐️Carvedilol + Simvastatin in sys inflammation by Dr Edilmar A Tapias #ILC2022 👏

n=82 cirrhosis with HRV
RCT, 1:1, CV + Sv vs CV
🎯HVPG, inflammation at 1m

⭐️Carvedilol reduce IL-6 AND HVPG
⭐️Simva enhance response

#LiverTwitter @anna_baiges @EASLnews
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At the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO launched 🆕 guidelines on #HIV for prevention, treatment, monitoring & service delivery, including important updates & recommendations since 2016.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
WHO released its first guidelines on hepatitis C virus (#HCV) self-testing, highlighting key recommendations for countries to eliminate HCV as a public health problem by 2030.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
During the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO highlighted its 🆕 guideline on screening & treatment of #CervicalCancer to help countries make progress faster & more equitably.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
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A (HAPPY) THREAD: The #Montréal city council today passed a motion to call on the #GOC to decriminalize possession of drugs for personal use. We @HIVlegal applaud this initiative and congratulate all who fiercely advocated for it. We are proud to stand among you. #drugpolicy 1/7
Today’s motion joins the growing call for #decriminalization in municipalities across Canada, including #Toronto, #Vancouver, and others. Cities now recognize the many harms of #criminalization, which marginalizes people who use drugs and pushes them away from #harmreduction. 2/7
Removing the threat of criminal law will allow people who use drugs to do so more safely. Lives will be saved. #canpoli #Montréal 3/7
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Study with amazing results: the risk of #LiverCancer after SVR is lower in #HIV/#HCV-coinfected patients than in #HCV-monoinfected ones. It is a cohort study and, despite potential biases were addressed in depth, they cannot be completely ruled out (1)
Since this is the only study design to analyze this issue, replication of this finding from other cohorts would be very welcome. If so, a number of speculations on the role of specific features inherent to HIV infection (ART, inflammation, epigenetic changes, etc) come up (2).
In the ANRS CIRVIR and ANRS HEPAVIH Study a trend to lower incidence of #LiverCancer was also observed, but without reaching the level of statistical significance (and 3).…
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Thanks @UTMBFamilyMed for inviting me to present Grand Rounds today! I'm going to share a few pearls for other interested folks in #FamilyMedicine, #TwitteRx, & beyond.

A long but extremely visual🧵🧵🧵
To understand the "opioid crisis", you have to accept that the first wave was driven by excessive prescribing. BUT you also have to accept that reactionary supply reduction interventions drove a totally preventable second wave of deaths due to heroin.
In order to help the people who are actually dying today, you must recognize that deaths to Rx opioids accounted for fewer than ⅓ of all opioid overdose deaths, and that proportion is shrinking every year.
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The new year begins and I usher into a scientific journey where I shall be challenging myself with scientific quest and reviewing a scientific article/blog/interview/technique or facts on a daily basis. (or at least try😉) #365DaysOfScience
Let the journey begin.
The most cited article (over 300,000 times) is the @jbiolchem paper for a technique to estimate protein concentration in a solution. The paper is "Protein measurement with the folin phenol reagent".
Image: @nature Image
Yes, the classic Lowry's method was published in May 1951. This is a colourimetric assay which gives an estimation of the amount of protein based on a standard curve obtained from a protein of known concentration (usually BSA).
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Very proud: @Christoefur11 got his first (and well-deserved!) first-author paper published today! Yes, we are still doing some #HCV research! Found four host genes determining #virus replication efficiency in #Huh7 cells!

Read more below… 1/4…
In a nutshell: THAP7 can increase replication (#replicon & #infection) more than 10x in low passage Huh7! Fine balance between NR0B2 (= SHP) and FXR important for optimal #bileacid and #cholesterol #metabolism: HCV down by 2 log when too much NR0B2 around!
Fun fact: this paper is an important piece of @Christoefur11’s PhD thesis, but it also (finally!!) concludes the PhD thesis of his PI @MarcoBinderHD 😅! On the hunt for HCV host factors 2003-2007 in Volker Lohmann's lab– basic data for current paper were done back then!
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Liver stiffness at the time of sustained virological response predicts clinical outcome in #HIV\#HCV coinfected patients treated with DAA. LS <14 kPa at this time-point is associated with very low risk of subsequent decompendation and #livercancer…
The incidence of #livercancer in #HIV\#HCV coinfected patients treated with DAA and LS<14 kPa at the time of SVR is much lower than 1.5 cases/100 person-years, the figure which makes screening cost-effective. Thus, surveillance may be stopped if LS is below to 14kPa at this time.
These data come from the @hepavir @GEHEP_ 011 @riscomunica RIS-HEP 13 study published in advance in Clinical Infectious Diseases Image
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1/2 Being a #virologist @DKFZ, I just HAVE to retweet this one. Yes, folks, #viruses do cause #cancer also in humans! Check out my #teaching slide in the next tweet! #HPV #HBV #HCV #EBV #HTLV #CancerResearch #infectiousdiseases #virology
@DKFZ 2/2 Merkel cell #carcinoma is a hideous #disease, but luckily very rare (though almost always associated w/ McPyV on the northern hemisphere). Even much, much more common #cancers are associated with #virus #infections (or #bacteria like H.pylori)! #HPV #HBV #HCV #EBV #HTLV Image
3/2 😅 Sorry, let me add one more remark: of course not ALL the shown #cancer cases are associated with #infections, but a significant fraction of the indicated cancer types are (e.g. #HPV in 99% of #CervicalCancer, aprx. 75% #HBV or #HCV in #livercancer!)
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#easl guidelines for #HCV therapy available at… Image
Surprising recommendations for #HCV genotype 3. G/P 8 weeks for all non cirrhotic patients, irrespective RAS, HCV-RNA and fibrosis is difficult to understand, considering the results of ENDURANCE-3 trial (SVR 89% if F3, 88% if VL>=6MU and 75% with A30K)…
Conversely, SOF/VEL is not recommended in GT3 with cirrhosis, in spite of the fact that SVR was 91% in the Spanish study (PS-035 at this meeting) in the overall population and 96% in those with prior expericiece…
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