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LIVE: media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "#COVID19, driven by BA.4 and BA.5 in many places, cases are on the rise in 110 countries, causing overall global cases to increase by 20% and deaths have risen in 3 of the 6 WHO regions even as the global figure remains relatively stable"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This pandemic is changing but it’s not over. Our ability to track the #COVID19 virus is under threat as reporting and genomic sequences are declining meaning it is becoming harder to track Omicron and analyse future emerging variants"-@DrTedros
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 & other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Globally, the number of reported #COVID19 cases and deaths continues to decline. This is clearly a very encouraging trend – increasing vaccination rates are saving lives – but WHO continues to urge caution. There is not enough testing, and not enough vaccination"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "On average, about 3/4 of #healthworkers and people aged over 60 globally have been vaccinated. But these rates are much lower in low-income countries. Almost 18 months since the first vaccine was administered, 68 countries have still not achieved 40% coverage"-@DrTedros
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LIVE: Second Plenary meeting at #WHA75…
"Yesterday, I made my remarks on the theme of health for peace and peace for health, which Member States will discuss in the general debate. I want to start today by looking back, to where we have been over the past five years"-@DrTedros #WHA75
@DrTedros "You elected me 5 short years ago, with an ambitious agenda for universal health coverage; health emergencies; women's, children's and adolescents' health; the health impacts of climate and environmental change; and a transformed WHO"-@DrTedros #WHA75
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LIVE: Opening of the 75th World Health Assembly with @DrTedros. #WHA75…
"It’s good to see you. It’s been a while. For more than two years, technology has allowed us to continue meeting, and to continue our work together. But there is no substitute for meeting face-to-face"-@DrTedros #WHA75
"The #COVID19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. Our world has endured great suffering – and endures it still. I know how difficult the last two years have been for you and the people we serve together"-@DrTedros #WHA75
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Over the last week, #COVID19 cases have risen in four out of the six WHO regions. Due to testing and sequencing reducing in many countries, it is increasingly difficult to know where the virus is and how it’s mutating"-@DrTedros
"The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has announced, through their state media, their first outbreak of #COVID19, with more than 1.4 million suspected cases since late April"-@DrTedros
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LIVE: @DrTedros' address at the High-Level International Donors’ Conference for #Ukraine…
"It’s often said that the 1st casualty of war is truth. The same saying could apply to health. The disruption of health services across #Ukraine has been catastrophic, compounded by displacement & millions of people remain trapped in conflict areas, unable to move"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This puts services and infrastructure, and the health of millions of people, at severe risk. The resilience of any health system is defined not by its buildings, but its people – those who deliver care even in the most extreme circumstances"-@DrTedros
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LIVE: Media briefing on #Ukraine, #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "The global increase in #COVID19 cases continues, driven by large outbreaks in Asia and a fresh wave in Europe. Several countries are now seeing their highest death rates since the beginning of the pandemic"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This reflects the speed with which Omicron spreads, and the heightened risk of death for those who are not vaccinated, especially older people"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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LIVE: @DrTedros briefs the @UN Security Council on the health crisis in #Ukraine…
@DrTedros @UN "The war in #Ukraine is having devastating consequences for the health of Ukraine’s people; consequences that will reverberate for years or decades to come"-@DrTedros Image
@DrTedros @UN "There is severe disruption to health services and access to basic commodities, as a result of widespread destruction of infrastructure, including health facilities"-@DrTedros #Ukraine
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.@DrTedros, @UNFPA’s @Atayeshe and @unicefchief Catherine Russell call for an immediate cessation of all attacks on health care in #Ukraine 👇
The horrific attacks on healthcare in #Ukraine are killing and causing serious injuries to patients and health workers, destroying vital health infrastructure and forcing thousands to forgo accessing health services despite catastrophic needs.
To attack the most vulnerable – babies, children, pregnant women, and those already suffering from illness and disease, and #healthworkers risking their own lives to save lives – is an act of unconscionable cruelty. #Ukraine
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The number of 👥 in need in Burkina Faso, Northern Cameroon,Chad,Mali,Niger, and North-Eastern Nigeria 📈 from 24M in 2018 to over 30M in 2022 due to the combined effect of:
🚨 increasingly violent conflicts
🚨 deep poverty
🚨 climate change
🚨 unprecedented food insecurity Image
@OMSNiger @WHONigeria @OMS_Burkina @whocmr @omsmali @OMS_Afrique @unis_sahel @UN_UNOWAS Only less than half of the 2021 humanitarian appeal for the Sahel was funded.

Despite this, WHO and partners continued to work in the Sahel region to prevent the humanitarian situation from getting worse.

#SahelNow Image
In 2021 despite security and funding challenges WHO helped over 300,000 people in #BurkinaFaso🇧🇫 with

✅ emergency supplies to treat cholera
#COVID19 trauma, and severe acute malnutrition treatment
✅ medicines to manage chronic conditions

#WHOImpact Image
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@DrTedros "This week marks 1 year since #COVAX made its 1st delivery in Africa, to 🇬🇭. Unfortunately, 💉 nationalism & manufacturers prioritizing high-income countries in the 1st half of last year severely limited the number of 💉 COVAX was able to supply in the 1st half of 2021"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "As a result, 83% of the population of Africa is yet to receive a single dose. This is not only a moral failure, it is also an epidemiological failure, which is creating the ideal conditions for new variants to emerge"-@DrTedros #PortsToArms
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From Wed, 23rd Feb, you can:
1. Get a 2nd #Pfizer jab 21 days after a 1st jab (previously = 42 days)
2. Get a Pfizer booster (3rd jab) 3 mnths after a 2nd jab (previously = 6 months) or choose 2 have a #JnJ booster after 2 #Pfizer shots (boosters = only for 18+)
2. From TOMORROW, Mon, 21st Feb, people of 18+ who received 1 #JnJ jab can:
- Choose to have a #Pfizer booster (instead of a 2nd #JnJ shot [booster] after 1 JnJ shot), in other words, you'll be able to "mix and match"
3. What should you do if a site has only 1 brand of #COVID19 vaccine available?

1. You should go with the same jab that you got 4 vaccination as a booster (or look for a different site)
2. Homologous boosting (booster = same as your other doses) = preferred
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It's the Int. Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Over 2⃣0⃣0⃣ MILLION women & girls alive today have suffered FGM. FGM has no health benefits & can cause life-long suffering.

Let's #EndFGM!

Women & girls living with female genital mutilation face serious threats to their health & well-being.
These include:
🔴 infections
🔴 bleeding
🔴 psychological trauma
🔴 chronic health conditions that can occur throughout life
🔴 death

Let's #EndFGM

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is internationally recognized as a #HumanRights violation of girls and women.

WHO is opposed to all types of FGM. It should never be performed.

Let's #EndFGM

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@DrTedros "Past Sunday marked World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day. Neglected tropical diseases affect the poorest & most marginalized communities, & the #COVID19 pandemic has made things worse, badly disrupting services to prevent, detect & treat them"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Nevertheless, with support from WHO and our partners, five countries eliminated a neglected tropical disease last year: Gambia and Myanmar eliminated trachoma; Côte d’Ivoire and Togo eliminated human African trypanosomiasis, and Malawi eliminated lymphatic filariasis"-@DrTedros
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@DrTedros "The volcanic eruption near #Tonga & tsunami require an urgent response. With telecommunications down, WHO is on the ground helping coordinate the response by channelling information between @UN agencies, humanitarian partners & the government"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @UN "Information on the degree of destruction is still being gathered but WHO will do all it can to support the people and government of #Tonga"-@DrTedros

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@DrTedros "Last week, more than 15 million new cases of #COVID19 were reported to WHO from around the world – by far the most cases reported in a single week – and we know this is an underestimate"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This huge spike in infections is being driven by the Omicron variant, which is rapidly replacing Delta in almost all countries"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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JUST IN [Thread] 1. Early findings from 2 SA studies suggest #Omicron has a much higher rate of asymptomatic "carriage" (#COVID19 without symptoms) than previous variants and this is likely an important reason why the variant spreads so fast.
2. Which studies are findings based on?
1. Ubuntu: A sub-Saharan #Africa study that measures the effectiveness of #Moderna's #COVID19 jab in #HIV+ people (all initial sites in SA)
2. A sub-study of #Sisonke, conducted among SA #HealthWorkers, that measures #JnJ's effectiveness
3. Neither of the studies = designed 2 look @ asymptomatic infections specifically, rather 2 measure breakthrough infections, immunogenicity + effectiveness of jabs in HIV+ and other groups, but they do give useful info on how #Omicron's spread differs from other variants.
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In 2021, in addition to the 🌐 #COVID19 response, WHO supported health needs of communities experiencing humanitarian crises due to conflict, climate change, & economic & political insecurity in:
🔸Northern Ethiopia
🔸& more
WHO calls on countries to protect and preserve the health and the #HumanRights of the vulnerable in all humanitarian settings across the 🌎🌍🌏 in the New Year, and to allow safe access to care to achieve #HealthForAll.
WHO condemns any acts of violence against health care that interferes with or prohibits access to health services, especially in times of the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic. #HealthWorkers everywhere should be able to provide health care in a safe & protected environment.

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JUST IN [Thread]:
1. @HealthZA disagrees with the US government's CDC's decision to recommend #mRNA jabs above #JnJ (because of rare side effects) - we'll continue using JnJ
2. The US = abundance of jabs (100 mil + ready for use), so they can afford 2 be choosy.
2. How safe is #JnJ?
1. @MRCza analysed safety data from the #Sisonke study (which uses #JnJ)
2. Serious side effects were rare and occurred in only 129 out of about 500 000 #HealthWorkers in the study
3. What does #Sisonke data tell us about mild #JnJ side effects?
1. The commonest side effects = headache, body aches, pain @ injection site, fever
2. Most side effects = occurred within 48 hours of vaccination
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What is happening with #COVID19 vaccine boosters + when will SA start?


Nicholas Crisp, @heatlhza:
1. #Pfizer boosters = given 6 mnths after the 2nd dose (that's what Sahpra approved)
2. 1st person = qualify on 28 Dec, @healthza = on that day/shortly thereafter
2. Nicholas Crisp:
1. People who got vaccinated 1st will get boosters 1st because of the 6 month period that need to lapse after the 2nd dose
2. So if you're 50 and went for your Pfizer vaxx before someone who is 60, you will get your booster before the 60 year old person
3. Will SA shorten the 6 month period for a #Pfizer booster after the 2nd dose like some other countries?
1. Sahpra has approved 6 months (not shorter)
2. But Sahpra is looking into data for shorter periods, will announce decision when there's clarity
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🆕 Global Competency Standards for #HealthWorkers will provide quality, culturally sensitive care to migrants and refugees, a 🔑 step towards achieving #HealthForAll, including for people on the move.

#HealthForAll requires:
✅ health systems to include migrants and refugees
#HealthWorkers able to provide people-centred, culturally sensitive care that is respectful of a person’s cultural, religious, and linguistic needs

Culturally sensitive care builds trust. It means #Healthworkers are trained to understand the needs of migrants and refugees.

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[Thread]: Explanation:

Why will the price of #PCR #COVID19 tests in SA's private sector GO DOWN from R850/test to R500?

An agreement was reached between the Competition Commission and 2 major private labs, Ampath (Du Buisson Kramer Swart Bouwer Incorporated) + @LancetLab_ZA.
2. What are #PCR #COVID19 tests?

They're the gold standard of #COVID19 testing and are also called molecular tests. PCR tests detect genetic material of #SARSCoV2 (the COVID virus) using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). More:
3. So #PCR tests are those tests for which a #HealthWorkers take a long swab and insert it into the back of your throat (oropharyngeal swab). These are the tests that you require for international traveling.
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LIVE with @DrTedros at the Partnership for African Vaccine Manufacturing - From Aspiration To Action event ⬇️


@DrTedros "When we last spoke in April, #COVID19 vaccines had already been rolling out around the world for 4 months. Since then, some countries have managed to vaccinate the majority of their populations, and are well on their way to widespread coverage with boosters"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "But back in April, most of the 🌍’s countries, including most African countries, did not have anywhere near enough vaccines to cover all #healthworkers, or all at-risk groups, never mind the rest of their populations. That remains the case"-@DrTedros
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