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K-562. It was the first human cell line I ever tried to grow in culture, during training @MayoClinic. It was also the first immortalized myeloid leukemia #cellline, published @BloodJournal way back in 1975. What does the K stand for? #HematologyTweetstory 37 is on cell lines./1
K-562s were derived from a the pleural effusion of a 53 year-old woman with #CML in blast crisis, so they have Ph+/BCR-ABL. She'd been treated with busulfan for 3 years & pipobroman for a year (limited & crummy Rx options back then), and died 9 days after cell collection./2
The K in K-562 is for “Knoxville”, where the University of Tennessee & precursors have resided since 1794. The 562? Maybe a vial name. Only Argentinian-born Drs. Carmen & Bismarck Lozzio @UTKnoxville knew; they isolated the cells & published in 1975:… /3
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Media Sensation on Rectal Cancers vanishing with Immuno drug Dostarlimab without Surgery/Radiatn/Chemo
Its a signal getting brighter but 1 among many wins of #CancerResearch that needs unlimited Public support & resources/ facilitation from Govt/Charities ImageImageImage
It's neither the 1st nor will it be the last spectacular win of cancer research against one of the several hundred forms or subtypes of human cancers

100+ y ago, early-stage Breast/ Thyroid/ Kidney/ Oral/ Stomach & other cancers then considered fatal were cured by surgery alone
80+ y ago, skin cancers, early-stage cervix, oral and larynx cancers were magically cured by Radiotherapy/Radium alone

50+ y ago, cure rates for childhood cancers, Leukemia, Lymphoma skyrocketed with chemotherapy

40+ y ago, incurable germ cell tumors cured by platinum chemo
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Papa aapko kabhi mujhpar gussa nahi aaya ke aisa baar baar mujhe Bombay leke aana padta hai ? Yamuna was diagnosed with #CML when she was 4. The 9th grader today is an avid reader & full of a sparkling kind of energy . We’ve seen her year after year coming for follow up to Tata.
Her father has been so diligent never missing an appointment No matter what it took Leave of absence from his job included After all these years he says she posed this question to him - perhaps understanding only now completely what it means to manage her treatment & keep her
healthy . Papa, don’t you ever get upset because you have to bring me to Bombay again and again like this ?
Never ever have I been angry or upset with her and I never will be. I will do everything to make sure she studies hard and makes her life .
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Does #gut #microbiota interact with #microglia in the #aging #brain? Are microglia metabolically affected (#mitochondria)? Does #diet take part? any #translational data?
Our paper made it last week in @NatureNeuro
so it's about time for a 🧵!… Image
1. Microglia from aged and young-adult #male & #female mice, under SPF or #germ_free conditions were profiled by bulk #RNAseq. We identified a gene-set, which depended on the housing condition regardless of #age & regulate central processes in microglia. "Microglial GF signature" Image
2. Utilizing #WGCNA, we found major differences between microglia of SPF and GF mice in the aged groups. But do we see any functional difference on a cellular level? Image
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Meet Dr Yazad Irani, @Yaz_Sci, at @sahmriAU, the researcher paving the way to better outcomes in chronic myeloid #leukemia - by helping predict patient responses to #cancer therapy

A thread 👇

@AcademicChatter #chemotherapy #medicalresearch #precisionmedicine #CML #immunology Image
Our blood is composed of red blood cells, in charge of carrying oxygen; and white blood cells, whose main function is to help the immune response to fight infections and diseases.
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a blood cancer in which a subpopulation of white blood cells, known as granulocytes, grow out of control. Although new treatments have resulted in good patient outcomes for 80% of patients, the remaining 20% of patients do not respond to therapy.
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#HematologyTweetstory 9: the “Philadelphia” chromosome! Whole books have been written about this saga; we’ll focus on some of the most interesting highlights. A shout-out to @LuskinMarlise – former @PennMedicine fellow & now @DanaFarber colleague - for suggesting this topic. /1
The key discovery in a "nutshell" (karyo=nut in Greek): in 1959, David Hungerford (1927-1993) and Peter Carey Nowell (1928-2016) @Penn found a peculiar-looking tiny chromosome in cells from 7 patients w/ a disease then called “chronic granulocytic leukemia", now known as #CML./2
Nowell, a Philadelphia native, had graduated from @Penn in 1952 and then returned to join the faculty in 1956 after doing radiobiology research while in the US Navy. He started working on leukemia, not really sure where his research was going, then had a happy accident./3
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