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HEPATITIS AGUDA INFANTIL de origen desconocido

¿Realmente la está causando el #Adenovirus F41? 🧐

Hay algunos puntos a considerar. Va mi opinión al respecto🧵👇🏼


Hace un mes (15Abr22) nos enteramos de que Reino Unido 🇬🇧 estaba reportando un incremento inusual en los casos de #hepatitis de origen desconocido en pacientes pediátricos, especialmente en l@s más jóvenes

Después otros países empezaron a reportar lo mismo (tot: 169 casos)

La presentación clínica, es decir, la manera en la que el personal médico identifica la enfermedad👩🏻‍⚕️, es una #HepatitisAguda (el surgimiento rápido de inflamación en el hígado) con una elevación muy pronunciada 📈 en los niveles de proteínas provenientes de ese órgano¹

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A *brutal* snapshot of #COVID19
in cancer patients
⚠️75 of 416 patients died
*⃣ 61.3% of these deaths were due to
COVID-related complications… #scicomm #snrtg #openscience #immunology #oncology #immunocompromised
Please 💉get vaccinated💉
to protect yourself
AND the immunocompromised
from Sars-Cov-2.
The immunocompromised, immunosuppressed, and immunodeficient are taking a beating from this virus.
A f-cking beating.
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🦠#COVID19 infection
*⃣ and reinfection *⃣
in a young⚠️immunocompromised ⚠️boy
fighting rare cancer
A 4⃣5⃣0⃣ battle for survival - he died… #bioinformatics #openscience #snrtg #scicomm #immunology #raredisease Image
Immunocompromised patients,
- like kids fighting cancer,
are depending on *you* for protection.
Please💉get vaccinated💉
I meant to write a '450 DAY' battle for survival.
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New #Ebolavirus research shows how 2 powerful antibodies can neutralize #Ebola—and Sudan virus

“Finding antibodies with this breadth is important because we don’t know which virus in the genus of ebolaviruses is going to break out next."

To save lives, doctors need broad-spectrum therapies that neutralize as many Ebolavirus species as possible.

This @CellPressNews study shows 2 potent antibodies that can neutralize the well-known Ebola virus and Sudan virus (also responsible for large, deadly outbreaks. Graphical abstract showing ...
The team used #CryoEM to get a clear view of these two antibodies in complex with the #Ebolavirus glycoprotein.

1 antibody, called 1C11, neutralizes the virus by binding with a site on the fusion machinery the virus would normally use to enter and infect host cells. Image
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Thank you to our Keynote Speakers from COAST-to-COAST for their insightful presentations & to the 8,752 participants who attended @MedNewsWeek Conference in February 2022. It was a pleasure learning from everyone.
I would also like to thank our great team that helped to make this event possible.
@etahmed @CParkMD @drysilay @LVento @lexyv717 @MedNewsWeek @evolusean_
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(1) A lot of Immunologists are (justifiably) obsessed with T cell exhaustion.

Very few discuss memory inflation 📈 despite its relevance to #vaccines and #aging

#Immunology #TCELL

Diagram and background info mainly from
(2) Inflation: induction of memory [CD8+] T cells that increase in frequency over time to >10% of the entire T cell pool in blood and higher abundance in peripheral tissues (e.g. liver and lung)
(3) First reported (to my knowledge) in a mouse model of CMV (MCMV)

Recall (by contrast) how chronic LCMV (clone 13) induces T cell exhaustion
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Preguntas y respuestas con #InmunoUnicornio 🦄💫

Pregunta: ¿Nos podrías explicar que está pasando con la #vacuna para menores de 5 años? ¿Qué ue diferencia tiene un niño 4 años 11 meses y uno de 5 años que no acaban por sacar la vacuna?

Respuesta 🧵👇🏼


Lo que sucede es lo siguiente:

En los #EnsayosClínicos 📑 (y en #ciencia en general) se deben controlar las condiciones de la intervención lo más posible para asegurar que los resultados observados 👁 sean atribuibles a dicha intervención y no a factores externos

En este caso, la intervención es la aplicación de la #vacuna 💉

Y dos de las condiciones principales a controlar son la dosis del antígeno (la molécula contra la cual se van a formar los #anticuerpos) y la edad de las personas que participan en el estudio


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Enamorarse hace que las células del sistema inmunitario se comporten diferente 💘🧬

Un grupo interdisciplinario de investigación en Estados Unidos reportó que algunos genes aumentan su expresión y otros la disminuyen cuando hay un enamoramiento 😍

Les cuento🧵👇🏼

Primero un pequeño recordatorio sobre la expresión génica:

Los seres vivos guardamos la información para construir todas nuestras proteínas en nuestro material genético, el #ADN🧬. El cual está dividido en secciones llamadas genes


#GeneExpression #Biology
Para que la información de un #gen se traduzca en la producción de una proteína es necesario que primero se transcriban las instrucciones en una molécula de #RNA mensajero (#mRNA) que la célula pueda leer

A la producción de ese mRNA le llamamos expresión génica

Ahora sí..

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🧵12 scientific Twitter accounts you should go follow for the latest updates on #GutMicrobiome-host interaction research: 🦠👩‍🔬🧪⬇️

#aging #immune #nutrition #probiotics #brain #SciComm
1/12. @bykriscampbell - Kristina Campbell, MSc, is a #SciComm extraordinaire. Her tweets give excellent summaries of cutting edge #GutMicrobiome-host publications primarily #FMT #probiotics and #Disease
2/12. @john_damianosMD - Dr. John Damianos tweets about all things #Microbes and #Medicine. We're talking #Probiotics, #IBD, and more, from the prospective of a clinician.
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Excelentes noticias 🥳

Un equipo de investigación encontró que las células T de memoria generadas con las #VacunasCovid19 son capaces de reconocer a las variantes del #SARSCoV2 desde #Alpha hasta #Omicron*

Les cuento qué significa esto 🧵👇🏼


Las #vacunas hacen que nuestro sistema inmunitario produzca dos tipos de células, los linfocitos B y T

Los linfocitos B (o células B) son los encargados de producir los #anticuerpos


Los linfocitos T (o #células T) interactuan ya sea con otras células del sistema inmunitario (ejemplo, #macrófagos) para potenciar su respuesta a la infección, o con las células infectadas para eliminarlas

A los primeros se les conoce como CD4+ y a los segundos como CD8+

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It has recently been suggested that vaccine boosters might “desensitize” an immune system to SARS-CoV-2, á la allergy shots.

That’s not how allergy shots work — I know because I prescribe them a lot.

I will elaborate for anyone interested. Let’s begin:

Say a person is allergic to ragweed. This means when they breathe in ragweed pollen, their body develops an immune reaction ➡️ allergy symptoms.

The ragweed pollen is an otherwise BENIGN object, i.e. it hasn’t directly caused damage to the body. The person’s immune response has. A non-allergic person could inhale the same pollen and have ZERO symptoms.

(I’ll explain why the point about damage is important later)

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⭐️FIVE Little Allergy/Immunology Lessons from 5 Big Days on Consults ⭐️ @mghaifellows @MGHAllergy. #Urticaria #Angioedema #vaccine reactions eosinophilia and #drugallergy /1
ONE-To treat acute urticaria (hives), antihistamines should be nonsedating and scheduled (not diphenhydramine PRN). Allegra/fexofenadine and Zyrtec/cetirizine have large therapeutic windows and are used safely at 4+ times the daily allergic rhinitis dose/2
TWO-Angioedema in an adult without skin itching/hives/rash—check if they on an ACE inhibitor! Although ~10% get it w/in 30d, many happen after years of uneventfully being on it /3…
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Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1
So before continuing, I will try to...
- keep everything here in this thread
- share what I snippets I can
- add a number to keep tweets in some order
- respond where possible (but am also engaging in the conference spaces)
- link to papers when I can /2
Now a bunch of # in case relevant to these folks: #MedTwitter #Science #anzbms #biology #pharmatwitter #ortho #rheum #immunology
#arthritis #pathology #physicaltherapy
#pt #MSKRad #OccupationalTherapy

Anyone is most welcome to add relevant tags :D /3
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It's time! #CareersInImmuno at 10AM PST | 1 PM EST | 6PM GMT with @_Jon_Silver_ @forgedonyx @ATrotmanGrant and @JonathanWosen have your questions ready about #AltCareers in #immunology #BIIW21 #CareerDevelopment. A flyer of the Careers in Immunology panel with the headshot
We've got some brilliant panelists with experience stretching across entrepreneurship, science communication, biotechnology, business and more!
@forgedonyx - Dr Danielle Twum's work in a biotech involves talking to lots of people from CEOs, clients, study directors - sharing and explaining science and the potential of her company's technology
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#Immunology is wild and I think we have made it justice! Our latest work is now published and I would love everyone who loves Immunobiology to read it. This is perhaps my favorite paper of my career so far. 🧵…
First of all congrats to my team @RyanDHeimroth @EliCas1975 @OBenedicenti and collaborators @chris_amemiya and Pilar Muñoz. This project was true pleasure of discovery, the biology was there, waiting to be unveiled
Every paper builds upon previous work and knowledge. I called that the bible of each of my papers. In this case our Bible was a paper from 1931, by Jordan and Speidel J of Morphology. This paper is amazing and gave us many hints for our work. Mostly that lungfish have
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Starting #UnsungHeroesImmuno. Did you know about Onesimus and his knowledge of variolation? 1/
#UnsungHeroesImmuno What about Dr. William Augustus Hinton and his work with syphilis? 2/
#UnsungHeroesImmuno We also have Drs. Louis Tompkins Wright and Jane Cook Wright, a father-daughter pair that changed the field of oncology. 3/
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Get ready for #ImmunoDiversity! Let us know anything you learned from this event! We're so excited and ready to build up this thread! #BIIW21 1/
Do we think #Immunology/#STEM stacks up as a welcoming and inclusive field? The general consensus is that #DEI in society is the same in #STEM, but at least we are having conversations around it even if action is slow 2/
Oh, don't forget to follow: @robclayrivers and @danne_phd as they discuss this important topic. 3/
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Mark Davis now. He's talking about celiac (severe gluten intolerance/sensitivity). He found that gluten-specific CD4+ T cells were directly associated with the response. (1/6) #fatigue #celiac #autoimmunity
Interestingly, they're mentioning elevated KIR+ CD8+ cells in autoimmunity. KIR is typically thought of as a marker for NKCs, & associated with their maturation (me saying this, not M Davis). Intriguing, then, that KIR+ CD8+ cells are associated w/autoimmunity... (2/6) #fatigue
...when decreased function of NKCs is associated with ME/CFS. Moreover, perforin (a compound created by NKCs and often a way of measuring their functionality) (3/6) #MECFS #immunology #fatigue
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Ian Lipkin, now: Lipkin is summarizing a number of different efforts associated with his research group. He is the first person at this conference that has mentioned how previous coronaviral outbreaks (SARS/MERS) have led to ME/CFS-like syndromes. (1/7) #LongCOVID #MEcfs #GWI
Talking about work at Centers, with shout-outs to each center as well as the nonprofits that have been involved, including our own @MEActNet. (Looking forward to sharing stuff re: this project soon!) (2/7) #MEcfs @Columbia_CII
Overall aims for the Collaborative Research Centers, funded by @NIH. (3/7) #fatigue #MEcfs
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A brief summary of science literacy in the US, with extensive citation credits to @ENirenberg , @ShawnOtto , and @neiltyson : Why its so important, why the US still has issues with this, and what you can do. #medtwitter #Immunology #VaccinesWork #tweetiatrician #pediatria
The explosion of misinformation, disinformation, and anti-medical establishment sentiment goes way back, even back to the invention of the concept of vaccination. One source reports this maybe goes back to at least the time of US President John Adams…
If you ever wanted to make a scientist upset, tell him/ her that science has political power. Why? Because if you were a child, poor, and could get a scholarship to school, your science experiment was on a level playing field with the rich expat child who conducted an experiment.
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It’s exciting to finally share and discuss our study on additive cytotoxicity, a crowd-based killing mechanism of cytotoxic T cells (CTL) to target cancer!
Highlights in the thread, free access @NatureComms here:…
#immunology #microscopy
Initially, we aimed to study modulators of CTL serial killing capacity. But live-cell imaging of various mouse and human model systems, incl. OT1 CTL targeting OVA-expressing cancer cells surprisingly showed, that CTL are pretty bad killers and most contacts were non-lethal. 2/
We doubted our ability to culture cytotoxic T cells.... but in co-cultures with fibroblast-like cells, the same OT1 CTLs proved to be efficient serial killers. 3/
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Inspired by @philipcball's question, here is a 🧵of some of the most beautiful #biology experiments (in my opinion)

Disclaimer: Not in order and no details (links provided)
1-Messelson-Stahl discovery of semi-conservative DNA replication (Okay that's obvious but bear with me)

Year: 1958

Side-note: notice how humble the paper title is.

Paper ➡️…

Summaries ➡️

Viruses replicate by way of their nucleic acids (not proteins)

DNA is the origin of hereditary material

Year: 1952

Paper ➡️…

Summary ➡️
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#Immunology General concepts:
1. A virus rampantly spreading will tend to mutate, and
2. 'natural selection' principles select the most transmissible strains that'll predominate.
3. Under a vaccinated population environment, the selection is towards a vaccine resistant strains!
The predominate strain will then be more transmissible, and develop vaccine resistance properties.
@pfizer and other vaccine scientists need to continue to sequence and test for the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 against transmissibility and vaccine resistance properties
Staying ahead of this is vital.
Our ability to preempt such vaccine resistant viral strain emergence by modifying the mRNA coded in our current vaccine is crucial if we hope to avoid another more severe pandemic.
@EricTopol @PeterHotez @CDCgov…
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