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Get ready to turn a small investment into a big payout!💰 In this thread🧵, I will share simple insider tips for maximizing your earnings in the crypto market with a low budget.

Let’s dive in👇
Are you looking to break into the world of cryptocurrency with limited funds?
Don't let a small budget stop you from reaping big rewards! The crypto market is filled with opportunities for growth, and with the right strategy, you can maximize your chances of making substantial profits.
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New peer-reviewed article by me, Timo Muhonen, @MinervaPiha, @jhrant & Jasse Tiilikkala about historical bear skull tree sites has been published in SKAS, the publication of the Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland! It's in Finnish, so I will summarise it in this🧵1/16
The importance of #bear in Finnish folklore is highlighted in the bear-hunt ritual. It included a feast with the removal of flesh and cleansing of the skull, which was ceremoniously nailed on a pine tree. 19th-C visitor accounts and folk poems describe several of these trees. 2/
Some folklorists have linked the trees with bear rituals and ancient beliefs of Finno-Ugric peoples. However, there are several issues that we address in our article. We did a survey of 10 sites that can be linked to skull trees based on place names and historical records. 3/16
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[1/9] "Don't Trust, Verify"
–Ein Spruch, der derzeit die Runde macht, nachdem Unsummen von Milliarden durch #FTX und #SBF veruntreut wurden–

5 Begrifflichkeiten, die du jetzt unbedingt verstehen musst, um Exchanges besser einschätzen zu können!
[2/9] 👉 "#Merkle #Tree"

• Ist ein binärer #Hash-Baum, also eine Datenstruktur in der #Kryptografie, bei der jeder Blattknoten ein Hash-Wert eines Datenblocks darstellt
• Nachträgliche Änderungen wirken sich auf die "Wurzel" aus
• Effizientes Mittel der #Datenüberprüfung My User ID: Satoshi My BTC ...Merkle Root da8fc, Merkle B...
[3/9] 👉 "#Proof of #Reserves"

• Der Beweis durch einen unabhängigen Prüfer, dass der #Exchange tatsächlich ALLE #Assets (Einlagen und Salden) besitzt, die er vorgibt zu haben
• Während des #PoR wird der "anonymisierte #Snapshot" der Salden zu einem Merkle Baum zusammengesetzt Proof of Reserves Source: h...
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The #EthereumMerge made everyone an expert on the subject of the different consensus mechanisms.👑

But the discussion revolves more around proof of work (#PoS) and proof of stake (#PoW).🚀

Shining light on others like proof of burn (#PoB) and proof of activity (#PoA):⚡
A consensus mechanism is the set of rules under which the #blockchain operates.✨

These rules dictate who gets to mine new crypto and the conditions for it.💎

1. Proof of activity (#PoA):💸

Proof of activity is the hybrid of #PoW and #PoS.💰

This consensus mechanism is used by @EspersCoin and @decredproject.

In #PoA, the first step is mining the blockchain in a traditional PoW way.👇
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For five symbols at the maximum stake, the yellow dice pays up to 1,500 coins, the red dice up to 1,000 coins, the green dice up to 800 #coins, the purple dice up to 500 coins, and the turquoise dice up to 300 coins.…
Free Spins are given by The Golden Dragon. The golden dragon serves as the game's scatter icon. Only appearing on the first, third, and fifth reels, this emblem can pay out up to 500 coins for at least three symbols.…
The free spins feature, during which players can choose one of three payouts, is also activated by hitting three golden dragons. 5 free spins with 3 wild symbols on each reel, 10 free spins with 2 wild symbols.…
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There are several jewels to locate, and sapphires and topaz can earn you up to 1,000 coins, while emeralds can earn you up to 1,750 #coins and rubies can earn you up to 2,000 coins. You'll get 3,000 coins.

If you can catch one of the robbers.
The male has a beard and looks like Ethan Hawke, but be wary of the lovely woman since she can make you forget why you're there in the first place – to capture her and grab the money!…
Bounty Hunters that complete a mission successfully may receive the Wild Blue Diamond Bonus, which may be used in two ways. When the Diamonds form a winning line on their own, it can pay out instant wins of up to 5,000 coins.
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For presenting Achilles' helmet after defeating him, as well as 8,000 #coins for assisting in the defeat of the Armada. You will be rewarded 10,000 coins for assisting Helen of Troy reach safety, while the safe.…
Passage of Paris is worth up to 20,000 coins. Protecting the Sacred Temple of the Gods from the Spartans will earn you 12 Free Spins, which will be triggered when three Temple Symbols appear on the reels.…
Stack Wilds will be rewarded during the Free Spins, and the same number of Free Spins can be retriggered during the bonus by the presence of more Temple Symbols. The deadly Trojan Horse can go Wild in this Troy-themed game.…
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10 Predictions For Blockchain, Crypto Assets, DeFi, And NFTs For 2022 onwards! @ValereumPLC @FrontierFinance
1. Bitcoin price reaches $100,000 USD & the crypto asset market grows in breadth and depth
2. Ethereum undergoes upgrade & remains the dominant smart contract platform
3. #Crypto investments become more sustainable
Issuers of #ETPs, #crypto #exchanges, mining companies, & financial institutions are interested in offering #green products & services to their customers
4. #Web3 infrastructure paves the way for the decentralization of the internet
5. #NFTs and #blockchain-based gaming become a source of income
It remains exciting to wait for the dawn of the multi-chain world. Once value transfers are seamless across different crypto-universes, this could spur a new wave of adoption, and the NFT and blockchain-based gaming
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I'm sure this time next year. There will be more of If you've bought so and so. You would have made so and so.....Where is the next Alpha? This has been my thought lately.

When you find it, share it with your friends and close circle. One thing I have learned about this space
is if you work together as a team. You tend to lean on each other shoulders. With that, the gaps can easily be filled. And trust me, a lot will be achieved.

So many Alpha #Airdrops, #Coins and #Project(s) have done extensively well. Those who got in early...
tends to go home big. Why? They spend less to buy more. It's that simple.

Risk-taking is another thing crypto rewards people for. Nonetheless, not all risks are worth taking.

Reason why it's good to learn the fundamentals and the basics. Before putting your funds into any
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New coin: Roman silver denarius of Trajan minted around 107-108 AD, celebrating the victorious culmination of his Dacian Wars. The near mint state denarius depicts a Roman trophaeum; a victory trophy in the form of a tree stump decorated with captured enemy armour and weaponry.
The trophaeum began as an improvised victory trophy quickly erected on the battlefield but soon became a widely recognised symbol of military victory, recreated in marble and incorporated into triumphal monuments; seen for example on the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli, Libya.
Most trophaea consisted of a simple tree stump decorated and anthropomorphised with enemy arms; usually a cuirass and helmet, with shields either side. Enemy captives are often shown sat beneath the trophy in defeat, perhaps imitating an authentic post-battle tradition of display
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New coin: Roman silver antoninianus "double denarius" of the emperor Pupienus, who ruled jointly with fellow ex-senator Balbinus for just 3 months in 238 AD. The clasped hands on the reverse intend to convince Romans of the harmony between their co-emperors... #numismatics Image
Pupienus is shown around the age of 70, wearing a radiate crown as is usual on antoniani portraits. In April 238 the senate chose to elevate two of their own, Pupienus and Balbinus, in revolt against the thuggish ruler Maximinus Thrax, a move that would anger the Praetorians... Image
The reverse shows the emperors’ clasped hands and proclaims their CARITAS MVTVA – “mutual charity/goodwill”. Other reverses in the same series also assure Romans of their co-rulers’ mutual love (amor), faith (fides) and pietas (duty/devotion). Image
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Loonies weren't going to be loonies?!
The #loonie was introduced in 1987 but #Canada has had $1 coins since 1935. They were usually minted in small numbers and were mostly collector's items, not in wide circulation.

#nspoli #cbpoli #novascotia #capebreton #CB #NS @CanadianMint Image
The loonie was going to show a Voyager and indigenous person in a canoe as most $1 coins had since 1935 but the engraving device was lost on its way from Manitoba to Ottawa in 1986. The loonie image was designed to prevent anyone making fake coins with the missing device.
#nspoli Image
$1 coins were 80% silver in 1935 and were often called silver dollars. In 1987 the loonie was 91.5% nickel but today it's multi-ply brass plated steel. No more silver dollars!

#nspoli #cbpoli #novascotia #capebreton #CB #NS #minerals #coins @CanadianMint ImageImage
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Emily Farr in the main project office is on her 2nd career -- for many years she trained workspaces for inclusion as a social worker. #sdss2019 #coins
The goal is to set an inclusive example with our leadership to set the tone and the environment. #sdss2019 #coins
Why are we doing this?
Our demographic survey says that we should.
#COINS #sdss2019
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