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Nansen's Entity Billboard shows you the top crypto entities🔥

1/ Top 10 entities (Ethereum) by 7-day/weekly users:

Tether 194,032
USDC 141,919
OpenSea 123,455
Uniswap 117,191
Coinbase 47,471
Gnosis Safe 45,793
Hop Protocol 38,106
Binance 35,040
Arbitrum 34,016
0x 33,304
2/ Let's dive into each sector 🤓

#DeFi Top 10 entities by users:

- Uniswap 117,191
- MakerDAO 24,751
- Chainlink 23,833
- SushiSwap 17,932
- StrongBlock 13,894
- Curve 8,707
- WBTC 8,317
- Aave 8,007
- DeFi Swap 4,854
- Lido 4,802
3/ #NFT Top 10 entities by users:

- OpenSea 123,336
- X2Y2 11,730
- LooksRare 10,761
- Gem 8,549
- BAYC 8,010
- Gala Games 4,800
- Foundation 4,364
- Decentraland 4,000
- Immutable X 3,922
- Sorare 3,165
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Thank you for the feedback, dear Yousuf. If you read the article carefully, you will see this is specific & data driven. A short thread to explain. 👇👇👇
Figure 2 in the article is built from a careful analysis combining micro-level *data* from all listed firms in Pakistan, & effective rates of protection (calculated based on FBR data on import duties and the latest input output *data* from IFPRI. It conveys the key message. 👇
Figure 3 comes from a careful econometric analysis we did w/@StefaniaLovo in which we recover markups from the data, and estimated systematic effects of changes in #import duties on these markups. It conveys the key message. 👇
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1/ Could the #LME #nickel fiasco happen to the #Comex #gold and #silver market?

On my recent Twitter Spaces with @PalisadesRadio I mentioned that we may have a problem with current and future availability of gold and silver bars from the expanded refiner list.

Please retweet!
2/ Back in 2020, the #CME expanded the list of approved refineries whose bars are eligible for good delivery to the Comex. This was due to overwhelming demand for physical product and to maintain an orderly market.…
3/ 51 #LBMA approved gold refineries had been added to the eligible brand list for the COMEX 100 (GC 100) gold futures contract. Of the 51 refiner brands, the top countries represented are 12 refineries from China and 7 from Russia.
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🦅 Hoy vamos a destripar una de las #altcoin que preveo más sólidas en el futuro y que, de la mano de su red y EXCHANGE, va a marcar buena parte del futuro Web 3.0.

❤️ Deja tu RT y tu LIKE que nos vamos de caza juntos 👇🏼

🕸 Es una red basada en la EVM (compatible con la red y funcionalidad de #Ethereum) que trabaja en paralelo a

👀 La red Cronos ha sido diseñada para que se pueda desarrollar la nueva web 3.0 sobre ella. Y ya sabemos hacia donde va todo…

1. Permite Smart Contracts: Se pueden construir dApps más rápidas.
2. Compatibilidad: #CRONOS soporta cualquier dApp compatible con EVM
3. Interoperabilidad: La red está construida para que se pueda desarrollar todo el ecosistema DeFi
4. Fees medias
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1.#DESARROLLADORES: Son los creadores y encargados de aportar la tecnología necesaria a las criptomonedas (Blockchain). Tienen toda un perspectiva mas amplia para saber que problema o necesidad hay en el mercado.
2.#INVERSORES: Son los que aportan liquidez a los proyectos buscando tener un beneficio por ayudar a financiar dichos proyectos. Dependiendo la importancia de ese inversor en el mercado tendrá cierta información.
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1⃣What do DRAGONS love even more than having coins?🪙
🎓Learning how to earn more!

Become an expert dragonite with this beginner tutorial MEGA-thread!

Follow along: ⚠️⚠️

#AlphaUI #Tutorial

1/5 - @QuickswapDEX 's Alpha UI - Fast Walkthrough
2⃣How to Connect Your #DeFi Wallet to @QuickswapDEX

Follow along: ⚠️⚠️

#AlphaUI #Tutorial
3⃣How to #Exchange #Crypto on @QuickswapDEX

Follow along: ⚠️⚠️

#AlphaUI #Tutorial
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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#Microsoft and #Exchange starting off 2022 with a 💣as of 00:00UTC with freezing transport of all emails flowing through it On-Prem due to failure converting the new date... 🤦‍♂️. Solution is to disable the AntiMalware Scanning temporarily via Disable-Antimalwarescanning.ps1. 1/x
This is very bad because of the time this is happening and how many people are off for the holidays. Essentially any server that has this issue will defer all mail until this is rectified. H/T to @miketheitguy for the solution: 2/x
This is also confirmed from Microsoft here:…. It works for 2016 and I am sure 2019 also. Once the script is run and the transport service restarted, all deferred emails will reprocess and be sent immediately provided you have no other problems. 3/x
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[Thread] Le sujet du jour sera : Comment entrer et sortir ses euros dans le monde de la #Crypto

Dans ce thread, nous allons principalement aborder les virements SEPA pour les dépôts/retraits.

Mettez vous à l'aise devant la cheminée et enlevez vos chaussettes, let's go ⬇️ Image
Le constat

Aujourd'hui, sur la majorité des exchanges, on voit comment acheter/déposer de la #crypto et tout est fait pour que ce soit simple.

En revanche, il est plus difficile de trouver comment retirer sa #cryptomonnaie pour transformer en euros vers son compte #bancaire. Image
Nous allons surtout voir les dépôts via virement #SEPA car ceux via CB coûtent cher en terme de frais.

Perso, aucun intérêt de déposer des € avec 1 et 5% de frais.

Mais que ce soit par #CB ou #virement, vos € arriveront de la même façon sur le compte de votre exchange. Image
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1. A recap on #China electricity shortage, National Development and Reform Commission (#NDRC) that’s at the center of news, and what’s next.
2. Like any sudden shortage, it’s demand, supply, low slack and sudden shock. Due to low price of Coal in 2020 right after Covid, and government's push to reduce overcapacity and carbon emissions, coal inventory was low. China electricity is 70%+ coal power.
3. This September 3rd Moody’s report on coal sector was a 2 weeks early to be noticed. They mention 10 largest producers – all SOEs – accounted for nearly 53% of China's coal production in 2020, while three regions represented 70% of total production…
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Viajar con #Cryptos?
les traigo uno de los dos proyectos que me parecen interesantes para seguir. Uno ya lo mencione hace un tiempo #travala #AVA pero hoy les traigo su token es #LOC
La industria de viajes está revolucionando es un mercado de viajes basado en #blockchain. Al eliminar los intermediarios y las comisiones, los usuarios pueden ahorrar hasta un 60% en las tarifas de reserva.
Se puede elejir entre una variedad de métodos de pago, como tarjetas de crédito, #criptomonedas populares y #tokens LOC locales para evitar tarifas de pago.
como por ej: #Electroneum (#ETN), #Bitcoin (#BTC), #Ethereum (#ETH), #USDCoin (#USDC) y #Litecoin (#LTC).
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Why it is important to equip day-care centres and #schools with mobile #air #filters: #Aerosol researchers launch position paper!

The scandal about the still insufficient equipment of day-care centres and #schools with #mobile #air #filters suggests that…
decision-makers in the ministries and administrations have still not understood how infections with the #coronavirus occur. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (#DFG, German Research Foundation) is now countering this
with an information paper that explains the correlations in simple terms.
It clearly states that it is ⚠️#negligent to rely solely on window ventilation in educational institutions.⚠️
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The following is an analysis of indicators that present facts that the bull market is still going from charts and data. I worked very hard on this for you guys, take some time to go through it. If you enjoyed this, please like and retweet to spread the message! Follow for more ty
1. The Golden 51%-49% Ratio shows a pullback. If the indicator's correct then my thesis that we're still in the bull market stands until the start of Oct. This indicator will be invalid if the thesis is wrong. This indicator has not failed. Yet. Indicators work until they don't. Image
2. Bitcoin search has not topped 2017 yet. My conclusion is that covid lockdowns have now made it hard for people to communicate (those not in the loop online and only watching Netflix, naruto, gaming, working at home etc) Normal gossip will take the frenzy up a notch for normies Image
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@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict -#Roosevelt: "#OperationPaperclip will allow you,#AdolfHitler,to #work for us".

-#Hitler: "I accept & I promise to #retire"(and looks at the other two).

-#Churchill: "I agree".

-#JosefStalin: "I have to accept because #America has almost completed the #atomicBomb".

@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict Since #Roosevelt died,da #agreement now expanded:

-#AdolfHitler: "I want to #share my #money with all of you".

-#Truman: "Hanging u wouldn't #change what's already been #done".

-#Churchill: "We need u to stop #Communist #imperialism".

-#Stalin: "#Fake #suicide!"

@michaeljohns From #YouTube's "The HitlersThat Stalin Caught"(which actually included a #HitlerDouble Hitler murdered together w The #Goebbels Family):

Two of #Hitler's nephews were captured,in #Russia,by #Stalin,who killed one & didn't #exchange the other one...(cont bellow)

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The crypto boom is taking off like crazy! Everybody now wants to own digital money. People are using Exchanges/P2P to buy them. However, exchanges are currently the most popular choice for many! So it's high time we talk about them & understand "How they Work" in this 🧵 #thread! Image
Table of Contents: 📝
▪️What's an #exchange & how it works?
▪️Who are #MarketMakers & why we need them?
▪️What's #liquidity & why it matters?
▪️Types of Exchanges:
- Centralized Exchanges #CEX
- Decentralized Exchanges #DEX

#Retweet if you like the content! Let's get started! 🚀
What's an #Exchange?
It's just a platform that matches #buyers & #sellers. They say what price, they are willing to buy/sell any particular asset, the exchange matches these 2 orders & the trade happens. The price at which the trade got executed becomes the "Last Traded Price".
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ICYMI, last week @LinkedIn said it suspended new user registration in China while it works to comply with local laws. Previously, Chinese media had loudly objected to LinkedIn’s parent company, #Microsoft, accusing Beijing of being behind a massive email server hack. A thread:
In a statement Tuesday, LinkedIn said the pause was temporary: “We’re a global platform with an obligation to respect the laws that apply to us, including adhering to Chinese government regulations.” No specific articles of legislation were mentioned.…
The Microsoft-owned company with roughly 740 million members worldwide has been a rare success story in China, where many global social media platforms are inaccessible without VPNs.…
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Langer Thread zur #Exchange Lücke - in dem ich unter anderem auch betroffene Behörden aus D nennen werde.

Am 02.03.2021 informiert Microsoft in einem Blogpost, dass es einen Zero Day Exploit (Pre-Auth RCE) gibt, welcher aktiv ausgenutzt wird.…
Microsoft stellt Untersuchungsscripts und einen Emergency Patch bereit, welcher sich in der höchsten CU Version anwenden lässt.
Tatsächlich ist die Lücke Microsoft schon länger bekannt (vgl. die aus meiner Sicht beste Timeline dazu:…).
Das @BSI_Bund informiert entschieden, stuft die Sicherheitslücke ebenfalls als kritisch ein.…
Seit über einer Woche sind in ganz Deutschland Incident Response Teams und Forensiker dabei die Vorfälle in Unternehmen und Behörden zu untersuchen.
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Warnung vor zweiter Angriffswelle auf Microѕoft-#Exchange

"In Österreich standen am Mittwoch immer noch 1.900 Exchange-Server sperrangelweit offen. Gefahr geht weniger von den ursprünglichen, staatlichen Akteuren, sondern..." 1/4

von @harkank…
" von den „technischen Dienstleistern“ der Verschlüsselungserpresser aus." 2/4
"Diese Grafik zeigt, welche Microsoft-Services mit den #Exchange-Servern zusammenspielen." 3/4
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Cyber-#Armageddon... bei den #Microsoft #Exchange on-prem Versionen 2013, 2016 und 2019...

Die #Cloud Versionen sind nicht anfällig und daher sicher vor diesem Atompilz... 😏

(Ja und für diese Leutz auch der extra Hinweis gleich vorweg: Mit anderer Software ebenfalls. Orrrrrrr)
Das Risiko erfolgreicher Angriffe besteht insbesondere für alle aus dem Internet erreichbaren Exchange-Server. Also zB im Falle einer Erreichbarkeit via Outlook Web Access #OWA

Verbindung sollte ausschließlich mittels #VPN erfolgen...
Es geht um:

Hier die Warnung des @BSI_Bund @certbund.

Ja genau, in Stufe 4 / rot!… Image
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🙂 Hey - have you heard of @RevolutApp Business before?

🌐 Great international transfer and 🏦 foreign #exchange rates, and various tools to manage your #business.


#banking #fintech #revolut #growth #startups
1/10 Hey - have you heard of Revolut Business before? Instant and
One place to manage all things business
Get more from your business account with powerful tools that give you total control over your finances.

Accept payments
online at great rates
Receive card payments from around the world with low fees and next-day settlement.

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Si tienes #curiosidad por el mundo #cripto, pero no sabes cómo comenzar, entonces este #hilo es para ti. Nunca dejes de estudiar y leer, pero no tengas miedo de hacer! Al final de este hilo, tendrás una #billetera o #wallet en tu celular donde podrás guardar tus #monedas $nano
El primer paso es descargar una #billetera o #wallet. Es un programa que permite almacenar las #monedas #digitales. Hay muchas billeteras, algunas manejan varias monedas y tienen acceso a diversos servicios financieros, pero mantengamos el hilo básico. Instala p.e. @NatriumIO
Luego de instalar y antes de utilizar, es muy importante que guardes en un sitio seguro las palabras o #semillas que te aparecen allí, ya que es la única manera de recuperar tu billetera si llegas a perder el acceso a tu celular.
La #seguridad siempre es primero!
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House Committee on Energy and Commerce: Testimony of Tim Kendall…
“My path in technology started at Facebook where I was the first Director of Monetization.”
1/4 #viability #revenue
“I thought my job was to figure out the business model for the company, and presumably one that sought to balance the needs of its stakeholders—its users, its advertisers, and its employees.”
2/4 #exchange #platforms
“Instead, we sought to mine as much human attention as possible and turn into historically unprecedented profits.”
3/4 #profits #distribution
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THREAD: Ahead of @realDonaldTrump speech on #healthcare, it's worth looking at how @JoeBiden's plan likely will undermine the existing system of employer health coverage.

Details in my report available here -- or follow/RT this thread... 1/…
Regarding employer coverage, @JoeBiden's health plan contains two key features. First, it would allow individuals who have an offer of employer coverage to go to the Exchanges and receive subsidies -- right now, they can't do that in most cases... 2/
Second, @JoeBiden wants to increase #Exchange subsidies. He would allow individuals with incomes over 400% of poverty (about $100K for a family of four) to qualify for them (they can't now). But he also wants to expand the existing subsidies for those under 400% of poverty... 3/
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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