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@bhwords Dr. Beverley Hunt presenting on #COVID19 and #thrombosis. She wants to chronologically review the battles we have fought! #ASH22 1/n
@bhwords This story (clinical presentation) -- a reminder of the patients from the front lines in the beginning and what some docs went through! #COVID19 #ASH22 2/n Image
@bhwords #COVID19 is the 'perfect suit for VTE' ... inflammation, sticky blood, vessel wall changes. The amazingly high levels of fibrinogen (14g/L! (normal is 2-4g/L)) D-dimers reported on a log scale because of the significant increase. #ASH22 3/n
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🔥We will have a 1 year, and one of its kind Thrombosis Fellowship training program @ccfvascmed starting July 1, 2023. Our highly-acclaimed expert in thrombosis Dr. Marcelo Gomes is the PD. Applicants should be qualified in Vascular Medicine 🫀, hematology 🩸 or IM.
Training will be given by vascular internists, hematologist, cardiologists, clinical pathologists in thrombosis. Real mentorship & protected time for thrombosis research will also be given by @nih_nhlbi funded investigators . Thank you to @InariMedical for sponsorship !
This is a joint venture between @CleClinicHVTI @CCLRI #CleClinicCancer. Formal application available soon. Please DM me if interested. Please retweet. Our staff:….
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1a) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on a very challenging topic: managing #ICH in a patient taking anti-FXa #DOACs! Your expert authors are both #neurointensivists: Richard Choi, DO @rkchoi @christianacare and Casey Albin, MD @caseyalbin @EmoryNeuroCrit ImageImage
1b) #Physicians #Nurses #Pharmacists #physicianassociate #NPs earn 0.5h CE/#CME from @academiccme for following this 🧵 Image
2) This program is supported by an educational grant from AstraZeneca and is intended for #HCPs. Accreditation statement and faculty disclosures at Prior (& future) programs in this space, available for 🆓CE/#CME credit, at….
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🧐”Antiphospholipid antibodies and vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 infection with and without venous or arterial thrombosis: A pilot case-control study”.
…”Patients with both APLa and vitamin D deficiency had significantly more thrombosis compared to patients who were antibody positive without vitamin D deficiency (100% vs 47.4%; p = 0.01).”👀
…”Conclusions: Thrombosis in COVID-19 was associated with concomitant APLa and vitamin D deficiency. Future studies in COVID-19 should assess the role of vitamin D in reducing thrombosis.”👀. #covid #thrombosis #vitaminD
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1) Welcome to an #accredited #tweetorial on a unique emerging (in Ph3 now) option for specifically reversing the #antiplatelet effects of #ticagrelor: it's #bentracimab. Expert faculty is antithrombotic agent reversal guru @md_pollack of @UMMCnews, working to create #AHealthierMS
2) This program is intended for #healthcare professionals and is supported by an educational grant from PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals. Faculty disclosures are listed at, and prior programs are available for 🆓CE/#CME credit at
3) It is an unfortunate fact of life that one cannot prescribe #anticoagulant or #antiplatelet (together, #antithrombotic) therapy without increasing a patient's #bleedingrisk. That is why it should be an individualized risk:benefit decision, ideally . . .
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Deaths WITH #Covid19 age 0-19 yrs as of Jan 21 2022:


Reported/accepted #vaccine adverse events age 5-17 yrs (#Pfizer Comirnaty authorized Nov 19, 2021) as of Jan 14 2022 (56 days)


(w/ 291 categorized as serious in 12-17 yr old group)

Prior to intro. of user fees in 1994, #HealthCanada was solely funded by tax dollars - therefore accountable to the public. By 2018, approx. 50% of #HealthCanada’s budget came from #Pharma. Quietly announced in Oct 2017 was intention to increase to 90%.
On May 27, 2021, Dr. Patrick Phillips was asked if the data in Canada's adverse event system can be trusted. He replied "absolutely not" & suggested #VAERS may be more reliable. However, "HHS’s own studies indicate that VAERS may be understating vaccine injuries by OVER 99%."
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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_CE. #Emergencymedicine #thrombosis researcher @md_pollack will be discussing safe, effective management of selected patients with venous thromboembolism (#VTE) from the #emergencydepartment.
It used to be SOOO much more complicated, but since we entered the era of the #DOACs, #lifeisgood! #Physicians #nurses #pharamcists all work together to make it happen, and all can earn CE/#CME here! @AlexSpyropoul @ScottKaatz @RenatoDLopes1 @GenoMerli @aakonc @vic_tapson
1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on the safe and effective management of acute venous #thromboembolism (#VTE) directly from the #emergencydepartment. This program is accredited for 0.50 credits for #physicians #nurses #pharmacists by @academiccme! I am @md_pollack. Image
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#CarotidArteryDisease #CAD

#CAD causes ~ 10-20% of #strokes
Atherosclerosis occurs most frequently at carotid #bifurcation, an area of low vessel-wall shear stress and oscillatory/turbulent blood flow

Welcome to this mini review!
Endothelial dysfunction
Inflammatory response to Lp retention in arterial wall
Accelerated accumulation of Lp in subendothelial matrix
VSCM migrate/proliferate to fibroblast-like cells👉 production of EC matrix…
Stroke Mechanisms
#artery_to_artery embolization: retinal (amaurosis fugax) or cerebral circulation
#thrombosis in situ
#Flow reduction in high grade stenosis: #watershed infarcts, repetitive and brief TIAs (ie limb shaking)…
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Govt of Canada marketing delivered to my home.

"The #vaccinations are safe."

"Up to and including July 16, 2021, a total of 152 deaths were reported after the administration of a vaccine."

Adverse events of special interest as of July 16 2021: 1,675👇…
#Autoimmune diseases:

Guillain-Barré Syndrome: 48
Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelets): 61

#Cardiovascular system:
Cardiac arrest:20
Cardiac failure: 13
Heart attack: 52
#Myocarditis / #Pericarditis: 211…
Adverse reactions continued.

#Circulatory system:

Deep vein #thrombosis: 134
Pulmonary #embolism: 202
#Thrombosis (blood clot): 126
Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (blood clot w/ low #platelets): 67


Acute kidney injury: 19
Liver injury: 9

See all👇
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#CMGsays: Join here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on optimal management of diabetic and other high-risk patients with stable CAD, particularly those with previous PCI, to reduce the risk of MI or stroke. Expert faculty is the incomparable @CMichaelGibson
And you’ll learn how these data should impact your practice: Image
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1/ Welcome to the first part of a #Tweetorial series on #VenousDisease.

🩸To begin how about we talk about the main player in the game- C.L.O.T. (and why you should care about it)

#Cardiotwitter #Irad #fellows #fellowtwitter #medthread #clot #medtwitter #clottwitter
3/ All clots ARE NOT born equally! There is a difference! Image
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Some Phramacokinetics, Geno- & Reprotoxicity highlights, Moderna's report to EMA, mostly animal studies…
P. 47: "Low levels of #mRNA could be detected in all examined tissues except the #kidney, this included heart, lung, testis & also ..
2./ #brain tissues, indicating mRNA/LNP platform crossed the blood/brain barrier..liver is a common target organ of LNPs.."
P. 49: ".. coagulation changes included increase in fibrinogen, activated partial thromboplastin time .".
(generic image) 
P. 50, Genotoxicity: "significant
3./ increases in micronucleated erythrocytes were reported in both sexes" (Note: chance of genetic chromosomal damage to red blood cells)

P. 51, ReproToxicity: "The mRNA-1273-related non-adverse effects were limited to an increase in the number of foetuses with common skeletal
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While #EuroPCR is in full swing, here is a special #ACC21 #tweetorial brought to you by @ANazmiCalik focusing on what you need to remember about the results of the main #interventionalcardiology trials 📈📉📊 released at the conference! #CardioTwitter

1/9 #ACC21 #Tweetorial @ANazmiCalik
#ADAPTABLE: Aspirin Dosing: A Patient-Centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-term Effectiveness

Take 🏠:
-if the patient isn't on Aspirin, START w/ 81mg
-if the patient is on 81 mg Aspirin, STAY
-if the patient is on 325mg, MAY STAY
2/9 #ACC21 #Tweetorial @ANazmiCalik
#LAAOS III: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Study III

Take home 🏠 message:
Among patients with AF undergoing cardiac surgery, surgical LAA occlusion reduces ischemic stroke by 33%, compared to no occlusion.
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Thanks to the @CEPIvaccines @WHO @EuWHOEurope #Covax and others, 24,000 doses of #AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in 🇲🇪 last week, and this is just fantastic! But as in other European countries, there is a lot of hesitancy and fear related to this vaccine. 👇🏻 (🧵)
The ministry of health @MinZdravlja made the #AstraZeneca vaccine available to all 65+ old citizens, and this is great news as they are the most vulnerable group that was not eligible for @sputnikvaccine and #Sinopharm vaccines given in previous weeks to people 70+ 👇🏻
The main fear from what I understand is related to the inconsistent recommendations about the appropriate target groups and recent reports of #thrombotic events recorded in several EU countries now. Let’s address the issues one by one 👇🏻
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Aberrant #glycosylation of anti-Spike antibodies promotes #thrombosis as observed in severely ill #COVID19 patients. Very interesting work from our collaborators in the UK:…. A few thoughts on why this could be important. 1/4
Severely ill patients make IgG with aberrant glycosylation. We previously showed that this (over)activates lung macrophages, which in turn activates endothelium, which in turn activates platelets. But this paper shows that the antibodies (over)activate platelets directly! 2/4
Interestingly, anti-Spike IgG with “normal” glycosylation (mild COVID-19 patients) has no effect. Only IgG with the combination of low fucose AND high galactose (severely ill patients) promotes thrombosis. In contrast, (over)activation of macrophages only requires low fucose. 3/4
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Long 🧵 on vaccines and blood clots (from somebody who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about, preventing & treating blood clots). #COVID19 #COVID19vaccine #hemetwitter #thrombosis 1/n
Yesterday @GovCanHealth, @MHRAgovuk, @EMA_News and my profession's organization @ThrombosisCan made clear statements that risks posed by AZ vaccine are far outweighed by its benefits. Does that square with media reports? Should we really get the first shot available to us? 2/n
I love my job as a blood and blood clot specialist. (LOVE IT!) So much of it focuses on talking to people about risks & how to stay safe DESPITE those risks. A lot of common medical procedures, drugs & life experiences [aging, pregnancy] increase your blood clot risk. BUT... 3/n
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Meet Dr Chantal Attard @Chantal_Attard, the researcher from @MCRI_for_kids who is transforming the lives of children living with complex heart disease!

A thread 👇

#blood #stroke #bleeding #haematology
@AcademicChatter #thrombosis #meettheresearcher #hematology #cardiology Image
The coagulation system prevents the body from bleeding after injury, but what you might not know is this system continuously develops with age. This means children & adults have different risks of blood clotting + bleeding. This alters how they react to blood-thinning medications
“How can we protect our most vulnerable children?” This is the research aspiration that Chantal pursues in her daily life.
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Meet Prof Vera Ignjatovic @IgnitingScience, the medical researcher - and former olympian - from @MCRI_for_kids that is changing the face of pediatric blood disorder research.

A thread 👇

@AcademicChatter #haematology #thrombosis #thrombolysis #medicalresearch #olympian Image
Blood clots are useful – they help us stop bleeding when we have an injury. However, the formation of blood clots within our blood stream (thrombosis) can have disastrous consequences – including death.
Children in hospital are much more likely to have thrombosis occur than healthy children. Childhood thrombosis has been described as the “new epidemic” in hospitals; venous thromboses in children = a 3% mortality rate, & survivors may experience long-term side effects.
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What's in a name?
Why @WHO's formal name for the new #coronavirus #disease matters:…

#COVID19 #Covid_19
1. Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer more frequently.

2. Try not to touch your face... 🙈

3. Cough into your shirt or arm.

4. Stay home when you are sick.


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