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Explaining the @RepMattGaetz Interrogation on US-Trained African Coup Leaders

A thread 🪡

@RepMattGaetz recently had an excellent performance in Congress, where he interviewed the head of US Africa Command, General Langley, about the string of coups led by US-trained military leaders:

@RepMattGaetz did a very good job, but, I don't know if he understands the larger international relations story here, or if he considers it inconvenient to his narrative, which is the noble goal of getting US troops out of Africa:

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A 🧵 for ramadan #Gambia

The month of Ramadan is a beautiful experience designed to be a healthy spiritual, mental, and physical reset. It can also be a great opportunity to jumpstart healthy food choices with 30 days being a solid amount of time to build or lose habits.
Our bodies are way more resilient than we think with going without food. A transient window of hunger or thirst shouldn’t be a justification to clog our bodies with food.

Cherish time spent with family at the dinner table, talk to each other, get to know the new layers of……
Some good pointers to follow

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! A glass of water before and after meals. Aim for 8 to 10 glasses between iftar and suhoor. (The color of your urine will always take you to court. We all know what not drinking enough water looks like)
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#SAT Analytics✨

Indian Cough Syrup Scandal- A 🧵

In July last year, over 20 children with kidney failure were hospitalized in the pediatric emergency unit of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in #Gambia.

Later, almost everyone passed away.

1/13 Image
Doctors, who typically see one or two instances like this each year, were perplexed.

The #Gambian health ministry authorities believed the issue was contaminated water as it was the rainy season. Nonetheless, several specialists thought the children had been poisoned.

2/13 Image
Three months later, global health experts linked the deaths of more than 70 #Gambian children from Acute Kidney Injury to cough syrups manufactured in #India that were contaminated with ethylene glycol (EG) and diethylene glycol (DEG).

3/13 Image
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Since the beginning of December, the number of weekly reported deaths from #COVID19 has been increasing. In total, in the past eight weeks, more than 170,000 people have died of COVID-19. That’s just reported deaths; the actual number of deaths is much higher"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Almost exactly 3 years on from declaring a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, our highest level of alert, this week the Emergency Committee on #COVID19 will meet to discuss whether the current situation still constitutes a global emergency"-@DrTedros
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1. #China has been involved in illegal fishing in #EEZ of over 80 countries with over 10 million hrs of fishing.

This is a mega report and tweet thread on #Chinese illegal fishing in world's oceans and its impacts.

Read/download the complete report:…
2. The #Chinese fleet is often found guilty of #overfishing,
killing protected species,
falsifying licenses and docs,
seizing territories &
producing tons of sea #waste.

Read/download the complete report:…

3. IUU: #China has been consistently ranked num. 1 on various parameters of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) rankings.

According to the IUU rankings report 2021, over 60% of its vessels are involved in IUU fishing worldwide.

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Children’s Death in #Gambia by Indian Syrup| The story, right from the beginning, was filled with inconsistencies, loopholes and inherent biases. In this thread, we will tell you how a well-planned hitjob was executed to dent Indian Pharma’s image. 1/n Gambia Indian Syrup
5 October 2022| The World Health Organisation issued a warning against Indian drugs (made by Maiden Pharma), terming them as one of the reasons behind the death of more than 60 children in Gambia, Africa. 2/n
No, where the linkage between Indian drugs and children’s deaths in Gambia was factually established. What followed next what a blunt targeting of the Indian pharma industry. 3/n
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This day 3 years ago I gave a talk on the global decay and renewal of #democracy @VicParliament. Wow, it feels like a decade has happened since then, and we see major positive and negative trends:

An impressionistic (non-comprehensive) thread 🧵
In 2019 the dominant narrative was of alarming regression in democratic commitments, with a growing crop of neo-authoritarians, incl #Trump #Orban #Kascynski #Erdogan #Bolsonaro #Modi, and seeming ascendance of #Putin #Xi, spurring explosion of research…
Obviously one of the biggest things to happen since 2019 is #COVID19
- The research tells us that functioning democracies showed resilience, while those already in trouble, and 'hybrid' systems and 'harder' authoritarian states, were hit hardest
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#JustIn | CDSCO and State Drug Controller #Haryana have stopped all the manufacturing activities of M/s. Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited at #Sonepat on 11.10.2022 on grounds of deficiencies found in local inspection. | @BShajan reports
The #HealthMinistry has formed a four member panel to look into the details shared by #WHO on 66 children's deaths in #Gambia. | @BShajan reports
The committee will, after examining and analysing, adverse event reports, causal relationship and all related details shared by #WHO, suitably advise and recommend #DCGI about further course of action. | @BShajan reports
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "WHO is continuing to support the government of 🇺🇬 to respond to #Ebola outbreak in 4 districts. So far:
-63 confirmed & probable cases have been reported, incl. 29 deaths
-10 👩‍⚕️ have been infected & 4 have died
-4 people have recovered & are receiving follow-up care"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "WHO has released $2 million from Contingency Fund for Emergencies and we are working with our partners to support the @MinofHealthUG to strengthen the response by sending additional specialists, supplies, and resources"-@DrTedros #Ebola #Uganda
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1. Let’s face facts: In 20 years (and almost $2billion spent), the International Criminal Court has never sustained the atrocity conviction of ANY state official (even lowly) ANYWHERE.Only 5 African rebels.🧵 Thread on #ICC’s 20th anniversary(1 July) & our "#Ukraine moment"⬇️1/15 Image
2.But the #ICC, which embodies the int’l community’s (uneven) commitment to end impunity, has had a massive impact on global #accountability through its Statute and the norms it promotes, its pressure, its preliminary exams and its protective umbrella. Image
3.Example- The African Union’s vital role in the trial of ex-Chad dictator #HissèneHabré was intended to ward off more ICC cases against African leaders, by showing Africa could handle its own… Image
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Opening session of the 4th OIC Conference on Mediation "Experiences and Prospects" hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the OIC in Jeddah on 5-6 June 2022…
Secretary-General, Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha: #Mediation is of great importance to #OIC, as the 4th session of the #Mediation Conference is being held at a critical juncture, and at a time when the world is in dire need of mediation, dialogue & negotiations to resolve conflicts. Image
Secretary-General: 60% of the conflicts in the world occur in the #OIC Zone, so OIC Member States have a strong commitment to resolving the outstanding conflicts in a peaceful and lasting manner. ImageImageImageImage
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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#Bundesregierung plant Regelung, um #Kettenduldungen zu beenden: das sogenannte Chancen-#Aufenthaltsrecht.

Vier Bundesländer haben Vorgriffsregelungen erlassen, #NRW blockiert.

Hier wird weiter abgeschoben. Im THREAD Beispiele der letzten Wochen. [1/x]…
Januar 2022: Die sechsjährige Anisha wird nachts mit ihren Eltern nach #Bangladesch abgeschoben. Die Familie lebte seit 2016 in #NRW.

#Schwerte #Unna [2/x]…

Februar 2022: 24-jähriger Mann wird in #Ausländerbehörde #Wuppertal festgenommen und in #Abschiebungshaft gebracht. Er lebt seit 7 Jahren in #NRW. Deutlicher Protest stoppte die geplante #Abschiebung nach #Gambia vorläufig. [3/x]…
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The public hearing on the #Rohingya #genocide case at the Int’l Court of Justice (#TheGambia v. #Myanmar) resumes today. We’ll hear today from The Gambia on why the case should proceed. Begins momentarily: 1:30pm The Hague/ 7:30am ET / 7pm MYA. Watch via:…
Needless to say @NUGMyanmar should be represnting #Myanmar at the court & not the junta, but we stand w The #Gambia & more importantly #Rohingya people everywhere in seeking to justice. Defeating the junta at the ICJ will be a massive step toward justice. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
The Gambia’s state agent set the stage, clarifying its interest in responding to the #Rohingya #genocide & the considerable support for the case. Now hearing from Gambia counsel Paul Reichler on the coup & the importance & effectiveness of the provisional measures.
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‼️ En #España hay más de 3.600 niñas en riesgo de sufrir mutilación genital femenina (#MGF)
Hoy, 6 de febrero, se conmemora el Día Internacional de #ToleranciaCero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina
Abro🧶con más datos
➡️En #España viven casi 70.000 mujeres procedentes de países donde se practica la mutilación genital femenina
➡️De ellas, más de 15.000 son menores de 14 años y 3.600 están en riesgo de ser mutiladas cuando viajan con sus familias de vacaciones a sus lugares de origen
➡️Según datos de @FundacionWassu y @DelGobVG estas niñas proceden principalmente de zonas del África subsahariana: #Nigeria, #Senegal, #Gambia, #Guinea y #Ghana
➡️En #Europa la cifra ronda las 500.000 niñas, según datos de @parlamentoUE y de varias oenegés expertas en la materia
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1/ In one corner of the #COP26 forest, we launched a joint statement committing signatories to end international public #fossilfuelfinance by the Dec 2022 and to prioritise $ for the #cleanenergytransition.…
2/ This should shift $24bn that has been going into international public support and subsidy for fossil fuels into clean energy. Critically, this will leverage and redirect many $billions more in private finance, delivering clean power to markets around the world...
3/ It's an #inclusive agenda. It’s not just rich nations, but also emerging economies - signalling they want cheap clean power, and to create jobs & investment and avoid #strandedassets. #Gabon #Zambia #Gambia #SouthSudan #Ethiopia #Fiji #MarshallIslands #SriLanka #ElSalvador...
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Judge Furuqui of US DC District Court has ordered @Facebook to release content that related to #Myanmar govt dangerous speech targeting #Rohingya minorities. Judicial order at the @asilorg #ILIB link 1/
@Facebook @asilorg 28 USC §1782 allows requests of statements or documents for proceedings in for/int'l tribunals, subject to Stored Comms Act (SCA). SCA relies heavily on who is a "user" under the 1986 US Congress understanding of comms tech 2/
@Facebook @asilorg Gambia v. FB decision notes that SCA is not an internet privacy statute, but instead focused on comp networks instead (citing @OrinKerr's 2004 User's Guide to SCA from @GWLawReview). Gambia tries to argue that #Myanmar govt is not a "user" under SCA 3/
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Hello beautiful souls! My calendar says it's Sunday (though my to-do list suggests otherwise) so here I am, bringing you #EyalaReads, your weekly reading recommendations about #WomensRights, #Feminism & #Africa... From my bookmarks to yours.
I loved @Afrowomanist's thoughts on what self-care means for #feminist activists! Don't miss out. It warms my heart to see an essay on @AfriFeminists that is inspired by a @blkwomenradical webinar. Different platforms, same conversations.💜 #EyalaReads
"If you don’t intend your feminism to be transformative, then please at least spare us this dehumanising agony." It took me a while to read this piece @fungaijustbeing because I was shouting "yes!!" every two lines. Read it, share it. #EyalaReads
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Today is 150 days since the first reported #COVID19 case in #Gambia on 18 March, so provides a good opportunity to look back at what the #data can tell us about the outbreak so far and which indicators to monitor closely for signs of an improving situation 1/10 Image
There have been two distinct phases 1) the imported cases and localised clusters phase, and 2) the current community transmission phase beginning in mid-July. Since then we have seen a steady increase in the number of cases reported each day 2/10 Image
n.b. it is difficult to be certain of the true picture at any time due to limited testing, but lower positivity rates (which we’ll come to) before mid-July and less reported pressure on the health system tend to support this analysis of the timing of the phases in #Gambia 3/10
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Sunday morning ritual: catching up with my bookmarks section and sharing recommended reads about #WomensRights #Feminism & #Africa with you all. This is turning out to be great training about how to multitask and focus through chaos. Who knew? Anyway, it's time for #EyalaReads!
With every day that passes, we realize how expansive, harmful and complex the impact of #COVID19 on #WomensRights is. Sobering and infuriating. Like with this analysis of @chenaichair about online violence against women. @webfoundation
Online violence against women and girls was already so brutal, especially for #feminist activists - as @OuyaVivianne of @FeministsKE explains in @AfriFeminists. I'm worried about us, sisters. Let's check on each other.
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Born in 1742 to a sarahuli family that lived In Wuli, Fenda was described as a free woman of material substance and a considerable slave trader who lived in Kaur. She migrated to Georgia USA in May 1772 in search of a better life.
Her father worked at a British owned factory around the coast like Wulitenda, Bansang tenda and Nianija. Where her mother worked as a maid for white traders. The numerous Mulatto women traders who operated up river must have inspired Fenda into trading.
Although she wasn’t mixed, she nonthless belonged to the singnara class because of her wealth and European husband named James Lawrence who was the employer of her parents in Kaur. James being away most of the time, Fenda ran the business in Nianimaro and Kaur.
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The #Maldives has announced its intention to intervene in the #Gambia v #Myanmar case at the #ICJ concerning alleged acts of genocide against the #Rohingya. While many will undoubtedly welcome this move, I'm skeptical about the value of such an action.… 1/8
#Maldives will presumably seek to intervene as a non-party pursuant to Article 63 of the #ICJ Statute, and it has every right to do so as a party to the #GenocideConvention. Assuming Maldives complies with Article 82 of the ICJ Rules, the request will presumably be granted. 2/8
In principle, intervention under Article 63 is limited to how the intervenor believes specific provisions of the treaty in question (ie, the #GenocideConvention) should be constructed—not to other issues in the case. Nonetheless, that likely gives Maldives a wide berth here. 3/8
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