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2 years ago, we observed Grindr sharing exact location data with 8 data brokers in the 'advertising' space, including MoPub, back then owned by Twitter.

Now the WSJ found that this data has actually been available for sale, via MoPub, since at least 2017:…
In 2019/2020, we examined how Grindr secretly shares data with third parties, led by the Norwegian Consumer Council, together with @thezedwards, Mnemonic and @NOYBeu.

Here's a chart showing the data flows from Grindr to third-party companies we observed:
Based on the GDPR complaints we filed, the Norwegian data protection authority started an investigation, and then fined Grind almost €7 million for sharing personal data with third-party companies without a legal basis in 2021:

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Chances are you’ve seen a #darkpattern online – a deceptive internet mechanism used to trap you into clicking, buying, or signing up for something you don’t want. I’m reintroducing a bill to prevent these with @SenatorFischer, @amyklobuchar, and @SenatorJohnThune.
So what exactly is a #darkpattern? They range from merely annoying to actively insidious. I’ll take you through it. First, ever had a confusing list of checkboxes that tried to con you into signing up for an email list? That’s one.
Or ever been ready to check out and then all of a sudden there’s a range of bogus hidden fees added? Again, a #darkpattern
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Puh, #LucaApp scheut vor nichts zurück. Krass.

Ob das im Sinne von Smudo war? Offenbar aber im Sinne von @neXenio_Berlin 😒 /915
Und wie immer war #LucaApp nicht Schuld. Klarer Fall! /916
Es kann in Baden Württemberg ab jetzt mit der @coronawarnapp eingecheckt werden 👍👍👍 /917
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. @CISPA-Experten im Interview zu den Problemen mit der #LucaApp

"Die @coronawarnapp bietet nicht nur Vorteile im Datenschutz, auch ihr Nutzen ist deutlich höher."

Damit ist quasi schon alles gesagt. /895
"Hilfreich war auch, dass viele Besucher des Klubs die @coronawarnapp installiert hatten. Sie bekamen eine Warnmeldung auf ihr Handy." /896
"Keine Zettel mit Anschrift und Telefonnummer mehr, keine #LucaApp...Laut Hotel-und Gaststättenverband (Dehoga) Schleswig-Holstein e.V. ist es den Gastronomen sogar verboten, die Daten ihrer Gäste zu erfassen."

Luca ist tot in SH... next please 😏 /897
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What is a #darkpattern and why is @ftc looking into it? This thread illustrates an example of abusive unfairness that I’m sure you’ll find familiar. This disgraceful conduct is routinely celebrated by the growth hacker and digital marketing community as best practices.
Learn more about @ftc’s #darkpatterns upcoming workshop by reading @techpolicypress right here…
#darkpatterns emerge in digital products when dashboards and split tests dominate the decisions at companies. Without incentives, privileges, and/or moral compass to question and challenge abusive design from within, #darkpatterns often expose the dark side of a business model.
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"Pour parvenir à limiter ainsi les dégâts, l'industrie mise largement sur une interface, proposée par la CNIL elle-même dans sa recommandation d'octobre dernier."

Exemple avec le site @LesEchos, vous remarquez le petit "Continuer sans accepter" en haut à droite ? 😉 1/
"Ce 31 mars est la toute dernière limite fixée par la CNIL pour se mettre en conformité avec ses règles relatives aux cookies."

Regardons les nouvelles "interfaces de consentement", la proposition de la CNIL a du succès, cf. @lefigaro 2/
"La Croix respecte vos choix", mais aimerait quand même bien que vous cliquiez sur "Accepter et fermer". 3/
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tw suicide - a design caused this: "This is an interface issue, they have slick interfaces. Confetti popping everywhere,” says Brewster referring to the [colorful] confetti @RobinhoodApp [shows] after customers make trades. “They try to gamify trading."
every single design decision matters. every time someone higher up shuts someone down for bringing up a concern, you could end up causing serious harm. maybe causing someone to take their own life. you might think it's okay to cut corners cause it's a "small project" - don't.
i can't even tag this as a "#darkpattern" because it wasn't intended to be one. i don't think the team had any bad intentions in displaying the amount. they probably thought it was a good thing to be super transparent? but they didn't think through how someone might interpret it.
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Subtle #darkpattern by @gmail that often distracts me.

Inbox shortcut on my search dashboard always showing (1). This acts as a trigger to click and check for unread mail. Often there isn't any unread mail, but now I'm in my Inbox and off track from an intended task... 😔 Image
To remove the trigger copy I can edit the name of the shortcut and delete the generic (1) notification. It's just frustrating that this isn't the default.

Going to customise my shortcut dashboard going forward. Image
Anyone have insights into how this feature works?
@HumaneTech_ @random_walker @nireyal +

Authentic- Inbox (1) saved because that's the most common page I open onto? OR
Standard text- Inbox (1) is the standard line of copy for a personal Gmail acc shortcut? [hopefully not this]
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First time I helped to install Win10:

- How many install it without a MS account? 5%? Less?

- Lots of #darkpattern 'choices' regarding personal data

- 'Tailored experiences with diagnostic data'

Digital profiling for personalization+ads based on 'diagnostic data' …seriously?
'If you have selected Full, personalization is also based on information about the websites you browse, how you use apps and features' #preselected

So, Win10 tricks users into massive digital profiling based on everything they do? This is not what an operating system should do.
And it gets even better. Ultimately, Microsoft asks users to 'let apps use' their 'advertising ID', which is a unique identifier for each person using a Win10 device.

This identifier is much better suited to link profile data across many different companies than a name.
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Round 2 of #Zuckerberg congressional testimony with House Energy + Commerce (Facebook : transparency and use of consumer data)
Chairman’s intro to session mentions that later today this committee has to tackle an opioid crisis and the restoration of Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure.
And Chairman Walden subtly mocked Zuck’s compulsive mention of ‘dorm room.’ 💯

‘I think it’s time to ask if Facebook has moved too fast, and broken too many things.’ — @repgregwalden
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