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[À LA UNE À 21H]
"Nous n'oublierons aucun visage, aucun nom", a assuré Emmanuel Macron, alors que la barre des 100.000 morts du #COVID19 a été franchie en France depuis le début de l'épidémie #AFP 1/5 Image
[À LA UNE À 21H]
Le Parlement a adopté une loi contre les violences sexuelles sur les mineurs, ouvrant une "étape historique" dans ce combat en fixant notamment le seuil de consentement à 15 ans, et 18 ans en cas d'inceste #AFP 2/5 Image
[À LA UNE À 21H]
Le gouvernement américain de Joe Biden a annoncé une série de sanctions financières sévères contre la Russie et l'expulsion de dix diplomates russes, qui risquent de compliquer sa proposition de sommet avec Vladimir Poutine #AFP 3/5 Image
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Schleicher has Oyler reiterate this point. Then she is dismissed.

A third witness is now being brought in.
The third witness of the day is Donald Williams, who has a place about a block away from Cup Foods. Williams has worked in private security for several years, from being bouncer to providing security for celebrities.
Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank is questioning Williams about martial arts background and experience working alongside MPD officers both when officers respond to an incident and when they work security while off-duty.
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Un segundo condado en #Georgia ha encontrado una tarjeta de memoria con miles de votos que no se habían cargado en el sistema utilizado en el estado.
La mayoría de los votos fueron para el presidente Donald #Trump, dice The Daily Wire... y agrega....👇…
Gabriel Sterling en la Oficina del Secretario de Estado describe lo que sucedió en el Condado de #Fayette: Había votos que habían sido escaneados y estaban en una tarjeta de memoria, pero el problema era que no habían sido cargados".
11Alive News informó: "Dijo que era más fácil de descubrir que el tema en el condado de Floyd, porque fueron capaces de ver que el número de personas que se registraron en el archivo de votación temprana en #Fayette que fue mayor que el número de personas que había para votar...”
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Hace días que leo, a raíz del asesinato de George #Floyd, afirmaciones que niegan la existencia de un componente #racista en este y otros hechos
No podemos comprender los hechos ni la reacción si aislamos el hecho del #racismo y la desigualdad
(ilustración @madebycarol2 )
Se trata de un "igualismo" que centra todo en la maldad del ser humano y habla de violencia sin raza (lo que me recuerda mucho eso e que la violencia no tiene género)
Por supuesto, estos hechos tienen un componente de maldad, pero se dirigen a esa y no a otra víctima por #racismo
Para ilustrar estas posturas, he visto referencias al homicidio de 1 policía por 1 persona de raza negra o al del pequeño Gabriel, cuya madre una vez más ha dado una lección de dignidad.
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⚡️Tarde o temprano iba a pasar y pasó hoy.

Este es el jefe del sindicato de la policía de NY.

Seguro sus palabras reflejan el sentir de muchos policías en todo el país.


"Yo no soy Derek Chauvin (el policía que sometió a #Floyd). El mató a alguien, nosotros no."
"Todos están tratando de avergonzarnos. Los legisladores, la prensa. De que nos sintamos mal por nuestra profesión"

"Ya basta de tratarnos como animales y matones. Hay que respetarnos"

"Nos han dejado fuera de la conversación y nos han denigrado. Es asqueroso"
(Hemos tenido) "375 millones de interacciones abrumadoramente positivas"

"Nadie habla de todos los oficiales de policía que fueron muertos la semana pasada en Estados Unidos. Y fueron varios"
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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1/The history of protests for racial equality is intertwined with global history from post-WWII decolonization and civil rights to national self-determination and black power. Then and now, these are global movements, not simply local or national.…
2/ In 1930s, US black newspapers covered anti colonial struggles in Ethiopia. In 1940s: India. They had correspondents in Berlin, London, Delhi.
3/ The great sociologist Horace Cayton reported from Chicago, where he was working on the landmark book, Black Metropolis, that he heard “India discussed in poolrooms on South State Street...”
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As a historian of social movements in the U.S., I am hard pressed to think of any time in the past when we have had two straight weeks of large-scale protests in hundreds of places, from suburbs to big cities. The breadth and scale of #Floyd protests is staggering.
We have had some huge one-day demonstrations, e.g. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (1963); antinuclear march in NYC (1982), and Women's March (2017). We have widespread, simultaneous protests, such as in the days following MLK, Jr.'s assassination (1968).
But the two together--very unusual.
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#Facebook said it disrupted efforts by banned white nationalist groups to organize members to take up arms and target racial injustice marches like the demos protesting the death of George #Floyd
There is little sign that mass demos in the United States sparked by the death of George #Floyd will decrease over the weekend, especially as new images of police brutality emerge
The words BLACK LIVES MATTER were painted in yellow along the street leading to the White House as the mayor of the US capital renamed the area -- the epicenter of recent anti-racism protests -- as "Black Lives Matter Plaza"
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NEW episode of KHN's 'What The Health?': Protest And The Pandemic. Host @jrovner is joined by panelists @JoanneKenen, @AliceOllstein and @maryagnescarey to discuss the latest news in health care and health policy! #WTHealth…
On this episode... Image
Although public health officials are warning about the dangers of a resurgence of #COVID19 caused by the mass gatherings to protest #Floyd’s death, many experts are noting that #racism and violence are public health issues, too. Here's a quote from @AliceOllstein. #WTHealth
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#BREAKING Time has come to hold police accountable: Sharpton at Floyd memorial
Some 50,000 people demonstrated at a Black Lives Matter rally in Austria, one of a wave of global anti-racism protests sparked by the death of African American George #Floyd during his arrest
#UPDATE At the Minneapolis memorial service, mourners observed 8:46 min of silence - the length of time that police white officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on George #Floyd 's neck, including for 2:53 after he became unresponsive
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US civil rights activist Al Sharpton was to lead a memorial service for George Floyd, the African-American man whose harrowing videotaped death while being arrested has unleashed sweeping nationwide protests for racial justice
#BREAKING Memorial service for George #Floyd begins in Minneapolis
#BREAKING #Floyd killed by 'pandemic of racism and discrimination' : attorney
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When the charge of third degree murder and the alternative charge of manslaughter were laid against #Chauvin, the @ACLU criticised the 3rd degree murder charge as being “legally defective.” #GeorgeFloyd
@ACLU highlighted: "Third Degree Murder applies only when the acts of the defendant were committed without regard to their effect on any particular person, and not when the actions were directed to a specific person." #GeorgeFloyd
@ACLU said since 1896 to present, Minnesota courts have repeatedly ruled that to support a charge of 3rd deg murder, the offender’s actions need to be ‘eminently dangerous to more than one person.’ #GeorgeFloyd
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Dies sind die letzten Worte von George #Floyd, einem 46-jährigen Mann, der starb während ein Polizist ihn auf den Boden drückte und fast 9 Minuten lang auf seinem Nacken kniete, bis er erstickte (Thread)

Es ist mein Gesicht, Mann
Ich hab nichts Schlimmes gemacht, Mann
Bitte, ich kann nicht atmen
Bitte, Mann
Bitte, irgendjemand
Bitte, Mann
Ich kann nicht atmen
Ich kann nicht atmen
Mann, ich kann nicht atmen, mein Gesicht
Stehen Sie auf
Ich kann nicht atmen
Bitte, ein Knie auf meinem Nacken
Ich kann nicht atmen, Scheiße
Ich werde
Ich kann mich nicht bewegen
Ich kann nicht
Mein Knie
Mein Nacken
Ich kann nicht mehr
Ich kann nicht mehr
Ich habe Platzangst
Mein Bauch tut weh
Mein Nacken tut weh
Alles tut weh
Ein Schluck Wasser oder so was
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🇺🇲 El club @MNUFC, tal como lo dice el nombre, queda ubicado en la región dónde la policía asesino a #georgesfloyd. Muchos de sus jugadores, con el respaldo del club, se manifestaron y hasta contaron sus vivencias de discriminacion y #racismo.

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ImageImage
El club compartió la carta de su mediocampista @JacoriHayes:

"Este es un ciclo vicioso. Una persona negra es asesinada a manos de un policía. Se produce indignación nacional. Un par de semanas después, todo vuelve a ser como era hasta que otra persona negra es asesinada." Image
El defensor @ikeopara también se manifestó en sus redes:

"Puedes elegir ser ciego ante las injusticias, los sistemas rotos y los privilegios o elegir educarte y superar prejuicios" Image
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Just watched the Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, Melvin Carter, eloquently describe the situation our country is faced with after the murder of Mr. George #Floyd.
Righteous indignation against police brutality but wholesale condemnation of rioting and destruction of communities by force of violence.
I am confident those responsible for Mr. Floyd’s murder will be brought to justice through the Rule of Law.

However, it is now time to bring the Rule of Law to bear on the rioters and agitators who are destroying communities and corrupting the tragedy of Mr. Floyd’s murder.
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📜Dear Company Leaders - You might be shocked by #Floyd & the subsequent protests you saw in the US this week. I guarantee you not one of your Black employees is. So if you’re moved, angry, or concerned...good. USE THAT. Channel those emotions to propel you to action. A word.../1
Over the past few days, I’ve seen a flurry of corporate activity like tweets and donations to public causes. These external-facing displays of solidarity are great. Please keep them up. Please also know that they’re not sufficient for uplifting your Black employees./2
Racism isn’t just “out there” in police departments or rural Georgia. It’s hard wired into your organizational structures, team dynamics and individual employee experiences. How do I know? Because this is America./3
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Thread: After covering civil unrest from US embassies in other countries, it has been sad to see past 72 hours. In trying to make sense of it all, here are things that I would have likely covered in a cable on #riots2020 #GeorgeFloydMurder
2 -The murder of #georgefloyd appears to be a Mohammad Bouazizi-type trigger that has affected the majority of the country and unleashed pent up anger from a significant portion of the populous.
3- It would be a mistake to discount those on streets to a small segment, grouping, or insignificant. The size, scale, & daring nature in almost ever major city highlight the level of anger. Also important to note it is taking place during pandemic-quarantine in most cities.
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1/MN US Atty, FBI are investigating federal civil rights violation of #GeorgeFloyd. Some ask why no arrest yet. The answer - the statute is bad. It requires such overwhelming evidence as to make it almost impossible to prove, despite compelling video evidence.
2/ Statute, 18 USC 242, makes it a crime to deprive someone of constitutional rights under color of law. Elements are 1) victim lived in US, 2) def acted under color of law, such as police authority, 3) def’s conduct deprived victim of constitutional right, 4) def acted willfully
3/ Here, elements 1 and 2 are easily met, but 3 is a challenge, and 4 can be virtually impossible.
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