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"கல்லீரலை கவனியுங்கள்!"
என்ற அக்குபங்க்சர் மருத்துவம் மற்றும் உடல் நலம் தொடர்பான மூன்றாவது கட்டுரை மார்ச் மாத குமுதம் ஹெல்த் ஸ்பெஷல் -மின்னூல் (PDF)
#குமுதம் #Kumudam #HealthTips #கல்லீரல் #Liver #LiverHealth #KumudamHealth…
"Care Your Liver!"
Third Article on Acupuncture Medicine and Health, March 2023 Edition @ Kumudam Health Special magazine. Article By Acupuncture Specialist @TNParimalaSelvi #ஹெல்த்_டிப்ஸ் #AcupuncturistParimalaSelvi #ChennaiAcupuncture #JayanthAcupuncture
Acupuncture Treatment For #FattyLiver - Acupuncturist Parimala Selvi- The Best Acupuncture Treatment Near Me- Acupuncture Treatment in Chennai- Fertility Acupuncture Specialist- Acupuncturist Near Me- Acupuncture For Natural Fertility in Chennai #AcupunctureNearMe
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1) Thread sur les liens entre le microbiote et les infections à sars-cov 2. Il a notamment pour but de prévenir la propension à l’entretien du "mystère" autour du covid long. #longcovid #covidlong #aprèsJ20
2) Le microbiote est impacté par le virus, l’altération par l’infection à sars-cov 2 est un fait reconnu et le virus s’en prend au muqueuse, cela contribue au mécanisme de l’inflammation @h_sokol
3) Le virus provoque un état inflammatoire qui - en cascade- va raréfier les bactéries productrices de butyrate et de métabolites à portées anti-inflammatoires.
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Do Bone Marrow Haematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells (#stemcells) influence #fattyliver, Core Liver Networks, and liver cancer?

Very happy to share our findings in this (5 min read) Tweetorial🧵
More details on bioRxiv:

#livertwitter Schematic depicts a plausible and novel mechanism linking fa
2. In our previous publication in @CellSystemsCP, we used network analysis (#WGCNA) to identify the preserved liver networks (Core-Modules) between species and screened for their genetic regulators (module-eQTLs).
Infographic by Misaki Ouchida:
3. Here you can find a concise review/commentary on our previous paper on core liver networks in @CellRepMed…
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A case!
⚠️11% of patients with incidentally discovered steatosis may be at risk for advanced hepatic fibrosis!
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Joined: Mar 1, 2021.
Ht/#weight: 170cm/89.5kg
Eltroxin 50mcg
Nexprofast 40 mg - 2x/d
ISTAMET 50/1000 - 2x/d
ActaPro 100 - 3x/d
Rosuvas 10 - 1x/d
Gaviscon syrup - 2x/d
PPBS: 165-180
Grade 2 #fattyliver
GERD, Abdominal pain, tiredness, weakness.…
Mar 2,2021
Rosuvas 10 - STOPPED INR 16/day or INR 480/Month
Mar 5, 2021
B/F switched to #LCHF other two meals regular
Morning istamet 50/1000 replaced with glycomet 1g
Price diff b/w stamet & Glycomet ~ INR 22/d = INR 660/Mo

Total savings on medications: INR 1140/Mo.
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A new research study in @bmj_latest… finds the risk to die early (<70yrs) increases with irregularity & length of women’s #menstrualcycle irregularity, with premature mortality mostly due to #cardiovasculardisease. What's it mean for women with #PCOS? 1/13
PCOS affects 10% of women worldwide & irregular menstrual cycles are a common symptom. Many of the women in this study likely have PCOS. Understandably, the higher rates of premature mortality reported will be worrying to women with PCOS. But what causes period irregularity? 2/13
Increased levels of male hormones #androgens are a cause of irregular periods (see:…;…) and also impact on pancreatic beta cell function (…) causing #insulinresistance 3/13
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#Ayurvedic treatment of fatty #liver – real world evidence: A #Thread
Overweight woman, early 40’s. Routine liver tests, mild enzyme abnormalities. Advised #ultrasound liver, showed grade 2 #fattyliver. GP advised vitaminE and #weightloss, review in 3mo
Patient and husband doubtful. Hears fatty liver disease can lead to #cirrhosis. Seeks advice from #Ayurvedic practitioner nearby #home since #Herbal #DRUGS = safe. Assures complete #cure through #Ayurveda. Prescribes multiple #medicines, advises almost all foods restriction.
Lets look at medicines. #tablet APFIL. Packet mentions ‘for liver #diseases’. Which liver disease? There is #alcohol related, #hepatitis B/C, #NAFLD, primary biliary #cholangitis and more causes. Nine #herbs extract combo - clinical #evidence on safety and benefit ❌
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PLease welcome my favourite gastroenterologist Dr Lay Gan to the twitter world @theng_gan is my friend, colleague, an expert endoscopist, hepatologist and IBD specialist. An outstanding researcher with a PhD in #fattyliver
#IBD #livertwitter #NASH #NAFLD #MondaynightIBD
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1/4: GRAPH OF THE WEEK! Abnormal liver function, fatty liver #NAFLD #NASH now affects 20% of the developed world BUT WHY? For years I thought it was drugs or alcohol, so did the Three gastroenterologists who saw this lady between 1996 and 2009 Look rapid improvement on low carb
2/4 Who knew but we make liver fat not from dietary fats but sugar and starchy carbs Its called De novo lipogenesis. Guess what insulin and glucose is involved, look… The liver fat produced is called triglyceride and is more important than I used to think
3/4 So its like insulin pushes blood glucose into liver cells which turn it into triglyceride. Over time the liver fills with this fat hence #fattyliver #NAFLD also inflammation may set in #NASH My free @rcgp podcast is here only 18 mins @MartinRCGP…
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