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This review focuses on the role of mitochondria in skeletal muscle myogenesis/regeneration and repair. Image
- Mitochondrial dysfunction limits muscle regeneration.
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This one found that well-trained midlife recreational cyclists are more likely to have lower levels of fat infiltration and greater muscle mass for the two main gluteal muscles, suggesting that regular exercise may help preserve muscle health during ageing. Image
- This study aimed to examine the benefits of cycling in terms of muscle health by comparing muscle health markers of two middle-aged men groups with different lifestyles:
...a group that has adopted cycling as their main recreational physical activity and a group of physically inactive subjects.
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This one suggests that a small ventricle is a key factor that contributes to low midlife cardiorespiratory fitness in women, which may explain the predisposition of some women to functional impairment, exertional breathlessness, and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Image
- In this study, in healthy women free of overt cardiovascular disease and a mean age of 51 years, ventricular size was found associated with cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiac reserve, suggesting that small ventricle is a key factor that contributes to low midlife CRF:
A strong positive relationship between ventricular size and cardiorespiratory fitness was observed.
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How accurate is the Oura Ring in estimating energy expenditure?

It can identify major changes between activities and/or intensities but is less responsive to detailed deviations within activities, this study suggests.
- This study aimed to determine the validity of Oura Ring step-count and energy expenditure against indirect calorimetry in the laboratory and a free-living setting against accelerometers and a pedometer.
- Results from the laboratory indicated that the Oura can successfully identify major changes between various activities and/or intensities with acceptable measurement error overall, but is less responsive to detailed deviations within different activities and/or intensities.
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This one provides further evidence to the notion that that muscle growth does not contribute to the increases in strength that occur after resistance training.
- Often the presence of muscle growth is used as evidence for its causal role in improving strength.
- However, the purported paradigm that muscle growth contributes to strength change became less clear with the emergence of low-load (or no external load) resistance training...
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The findings of this one suggest that BDNF responses to low-intensity endurance exercise are mediated by increased circulating platelets, and increasing exercise duration, and to a greater extent, intensity, is required to liberate free, unbound BDNF in circulation.
- Intermittent fasting and exercise provide neuroprotection from age-related cognitive decline.
- A link between these two seemingly distinct stressors is their capability to steer the brain away from exclusively glucose metabolism.
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This systematic review and meta-analysis comes to the conclusion that HIIT is likely to be more effective than moderate intensity training for improving left-ventricular ejection fraction in heart failure patients. Image
- HIIT was found likely to be more effective than moderate intensity training for improving peak VO2 and left-ventricular ejection fraction in heart failure patients.
- HIIT was found to be more effective than moderate intensity training for improving peak VO2 and left-ventricular ejection fraction in patients with heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction.
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Here, objectively-measured moderate and vigorous physical activity were found to be associated with lower risk of affective disorders, including depression and anxiety.
- A higher level of physical activity was associated with lower risk of affective disorders up to 500 min of moderate and 120 min of vigorous physical activity per week.
- At an equivalent amount of time, vigorous physical activity was associated with lower risk of affective disorders than moderate physical activity.
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Here, any intensity of physical activity was associated with a decrease in total cholesterol, with higher MVPA being associated with reduced SBP, whereas higher LIPA being associated with decreased measures of adiposity, in individuals with coronary heart disease.
- 72 participants (predominantly males) with a mean age of 64 years were recruited to this 12-month observational study.
- Participants were included if they had stable CHD and were receiving optimal medical treatment ± revascularisation.
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In 2020, 25.3% of US adults aged ≥18 years met the 2018 federal physical activity guidelines for both muscle-strengthening and aerobic physical activity.
The percentage meeting both guidelines was highest in adults living in large central metropolitan (28.0%) and large fringe metropolitan areas (27.6%)...
...followed by those living in medium and small metropolitan areas (23.4%) and lowest in those living in nonmetropolitan areas (18.1%).
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Here, co-ingestion of cluster dextrin with meat protein hydrolysate did not augment postprandial amino acid availability or myofibrillar FSR as compared to co-ingestion of glucose during recovery from a whole-body resistance exercise despite increased intramuscular signaling.
- Cluster dextrin is a branched carbohydrate produced from waxy maize starch by the cyclization of a branching enzyme.
It has been shown to increase the rate of gastric emptying compared to glucose and standard dextrin due to a lower osmotic pressure.
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Used a few items from my @misfitsmarket box to make homemade mango salsa. ImageImage
It's really delicious!! Stuck it in the fridge to cool a bit.
Currently boiling leftover fruit peels & flesh to make a delicious, refreshing Mango Cucumber Lime fruit tea / rum mixer. Image
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