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Can't wait to hear @LindseyGrahamSC, the guy who urged Georgia's Secretary of State to throw out Democratic votes, accuse #BigTech of trying to steal the election 🤣

Watch this thread for more debunking of GOP nonsense about free speech and #Section230
"I don't want the government to have the power to decide what content stays up"

No, he just wants to amend #Section230 to enable, especially, for Republican hack state AGs to sue websites for removing hate speech, misinformation, voter suppression, etc
Content moderation involves difficult trade-offs that we think are better resolved through the democratic process
- Mark Zuckerberg

Um, no, the First Amendment bars the government from making decisions about online speech

No, you can't just "leave it up to Congress"
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Here I am, awake in the early morning to watch @LindseyGrahamSC hold a hearing on "suppression and the 2020 election" a day after it was revealed that *he* was demanding Georgia's Secretary of State throw out *legal* votes. The hearing's not about Graham, though, but "big tech."
And we're off with @LindseyGrahamSC misrepresenting #Section230 (though not as badly as I expected). Followed by "think of the children!" moral panic stuff about kids using social media a lot.
Graham is all over the place. It's like a random unconnected and misleading series of grievances.
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Okay readers please send help because in this THREAD I will be semi-live tweeting today's hearing the Senate Judiciary Committee where lawmakers like Lindsey Graham will pretend to care about things like free speech and Big Tech abuses while showboating about the election
Live video for the hearing hasn't started yet, so quickly here's what to expect. Republicans will yell about specific moderation decisions, spread baseless claims of bias, and talk a lot about Hunter Biden's laptop. Democrats will mostly argue platforms don't moderate enough.
And we're off. Graham is working on a world record for the most @BadSec230Takes in one sentence. He just incorrectly stated the way Section 230 liability protections work. In fact, Section 230 *does* protect individuals from liability for, for example, retweeting Lindsey Graham
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Happy tech CEOs hearing day (again)!
As we wait for Senate Judiciary to kick things off at 10 ET, let’s look at Airbnb’s IPO filing.

There, the company cites possible changes to #Section230 as a risk factor for investors.…
For those just joining, you can watch the proceedings here:…
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Trump’s FCC nominee Nathan Simington acknowledges he played a “minor” role in drafting and preparing the Trump administration’s petition to the FCC to “clarify” #Section230.

Sen. Cruz asks if he thinks the FCC rulemaking should move forward. “Senator, I do,” Simington says.
If confirmed, Simington would thus be in a position to oversee a proceeding that he helped ask for while in the Trump administration.

Sen. Blumenthal asks if Simington would recuse himself. Simington says it’s “premature” to say but that he would consult the FCC ethics office.
Blumenthal, in his opening remarks, said Simington’s nomination — and Trump’s tweet earlier today urging a swift confirmation — raises concerns that “you have been sent to the FCC on a mission to execute” Trump’s social media executive order.
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“NO STATES HAVE CERTIFIED THEIR ELECTION RESULTS” @CNN @FoxNews @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris you are not the president-elect @jack You better get that sh*t off their profile and flag their tweets like belies example... #Section230 @POTUS
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Interesting how twitter picks and chooses.. I wonder if it is automatic with algo or through that backend tool that was released after that August hack where someone manually marks them.. let’s see
Well the comment algo just updated so it’s also the people you’re really connected to; at first it was the shills when first came out.. trying to see if the swarms are different based on twitter marking trump tweets to trigger bots 🤔
Here seems to be four different examples @POTUS in how they are tagging and marking the posts and censoring content
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2) On August 5th, instagram shut down its “Related Hashtags” feature, citing a “technical error” in its algorithm that supposedly favored Donald Trump over Joe Biden:…
3) Instagram’s decision came in response to a dubious report by “Tech Transparency Project” claiming that instagram was aiding #DonaldTrump and hurting #JoeBiden.…
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I am very happy to report that after carefully reviewing MSM broadcast and published news of the last few days there seems to be something here that is undeniable and obvious and worthy of mention. And I am not one to be overly excited and optimistic when it comes to politics.
Through the work of dedicated patriots including @TuckerCarlson and @RudyGiuliani, the #FakeNewsMedia blood-brain barrier has been traversed and breached and the #BidenCrimeFamiIy may finally have been exposed to main street American voters. This is critical and significant.
The election is in three days. And what you’re seeing could very well be dispositive. Everyone knows intuitively that the American public won’t countenance obvious voter fraud and criminality. The only thing keeping the voter in the dark was complicit media. Something’s changed.
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I wrote this long explainer, basically recapping my Tuesday thread during #FCCLive, on how "Pai's Destroying Internet Adoption, Not Just #NetNeutrality" by abandoning #TitleII for #Lifeline and other issues too.…
But what I should really say is I mostly just compiled it from the great work actually done by @dana_flo, @CarmenScurato and @FreePressLeo on #Lifeline & the #NetNeutrality remand, powered as always by the masterful work of @freepress Twitter-less research director Derek Turner.
There's even more to say on this decision, on the ridiculous lies and unfounded assertions that continue to froth out of @AjitPaiFCC and internet regulator par excellence @BrendanCarrFCC, as well as the near perfect counters from @JRosenworcel and @GeoffreyStarks. #NetNeutrality
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A few quick impressions from today’s #Section230 hearing.

The exchange between Dorsey and Gardner really illustrates how confusing social media policies (and their enforcement) are to most people.
Per Dorsey, Twitter has no general misinformation policy, but it does have specific misinfo policies on Covid and elections. They apply to world leaders, but also don’t, in that a world leaders policy protects them. Except when tweets to a domestic audience could cause harm.
Is it any wonder that normal people find this completely mind-boggling?
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Switched to spectrum for a moment, and watching @AjitPaiFCC do his actual job and talk about spectrum policy *almost* makes me forget for a second what a political operative he's become on #Section230 and (more & more) foreign policy. #FullSpectrumFuture
As @IAtheTeapot challenges the audience, I don't have the answer, but "Pai has released more spectrum than any other chairman!" sounds to me like any other inflation-based claim. #FullSpectrumFuture
That is, every new movie blockbuster sets revenue records because prices go up. And more spectrum has been released these past few years not just for policy reasons, but because new technologies can use higher bands containing much bigger swaths of spectrum. #FullSpectrumFuture
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I'm watching the @SenateCommerce hearing on #Section230 with @Twitter, @Google, & @Facebook CEOs now:… @SenatorWicker now. @Jack @finkd @sundarpichai to follow.

Reminder: public officials blocking people violates the 1st Amendment:…
Claim by @Jack: #Section230 is the most important law protecting speech online.
The First Amendment only protects Americans from government censorship.
What I'm watching: whether any CEO or Senator acknowledges
1) asymmetry of media ecosystems &
2) how that affects @Policy violations & enforcement:
3) Conservatives are "working the refs" in media & tech to get false equivalence…
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As @SenateCommerce & @commercedems prepare to kick off their hearing with Zuckerberg and @jack on #Section230, internet & speech advocates *and* people opposed to Trump's authoritarianism need to know what the GOP wants. @GauravLaroia @freepress explains.…
And @SenatorWicker is already into propping up the fake New York Post story - but let's see if he claims that what he calls the country's fourth largest newspaper was somehow silenced by not being able to post on someone else's website a/k/a Twitter. #Section230
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Typically during an #FCCLive @FCC open meeting like today's 10:30, especially one with #NetNeutrality & #TitleII on tap, I tweet (a lot) to debunk the nonsense put out there by @AjitPaiFCC, @BrendanCarrFCC, and their enablers. But today let's take a different approach.
For today's remand order vote, with the Pai FCC botching the DC Circuit's mandate to look at how the repeal and reclassification decisions also harm public safety, broadband competition, and #Lifeline support for broadband, I decided to pre-but as much as I could. #FCCLive
Let's see how quickly my talking points bingo card fills up once the meeting starts at 10:30. But at very least I'll have succeeded in filling up Pai and Carr's mentions and the #FCCLive hashtag. (It's the little things that keep us going this week.)…
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Justice Thomas jumped into the #Section230 debate to embrace GOP arguments for narrowing protections for content moderation. He might think differently in a case where the issues he raised were actually briefed by both sides—unlike this very narrow case…
Thomas often issues such statements when SCOTUS decides not to take a case—to vent his frustrations about the state of the law

But this is the first time SCOTUS has ever considered taking a case involving #Section230. The briefs here did not even address the issues Thomas raises
Justice Thomas is free to call for fuller briefing on Section 230’s meaning in, as he says, “an appropriate case,” but this is not that case. Justice Thomas had no need to express his own views, in extensive dicta, without the benefit of the briefing he acknowledges is needed.
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Sigh. #ELI5 Section 230:

#Section230 requires you to sue the right person.
Starting with a basic example: If I Tweet something false about you, Section 230 requires that you sue me, not Twitter.

This outcome makes sense. Twitter isn't the author of the false Tweet, I am.
But that's not how it works offline! (you might be thinking). We sue newspapers all the time for the defamatory articles they choose to publish! They're even liable for the articles they don't author!

You're right to be confused. At a distance, this doesn't make sense.
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Vimeo just censored our content.

We're working to find an alternate HOST to house all our videos & content. Website remains functional - though video links do not work at this time.

Additional details as they develop.

Will an attorney interested in JUSTICE please contact me? Image
New Episode Tonight!

#225 // Days Of Awe ~ Ukrainian Essence

Why have the MSM, Tech Tyrants, RTMP Hosts, ANTIFA/BLM/MS13, Governors, Mayors all been willing to excuse rape, arson, lawlessness, murder, torture & terror?

because they have something bigger to hide. Image
#225 // Days Of Awe ~ Ukrainian Essence

Update: For those who have been censored by your RTMP Host, Social Media purveyor, Search Engine - or, who's business has had it's search results de-boosted - please write the DOJ & save copies of your complaint - citing Section 230. Image
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Of all the people he's attacked, I'm the only one who actually works for Google. I understand my ties to big tech may undermine my credibility. But ATOTD, like my colleagues, my #Section230 advocacy has always been rooted in my deep commitment to free speech and the Internet.
I became a legal scholar on #Section230 before Google, TechFreedom, or any other role I've had in this industry. My passion for preserving one of the greatest innovations for worldwide human communication is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Not my paycheck.
I joined Google not because I felt strongly about defending big tech but because I knew that I wanted to make serious, meaningful impact on the way we (the users) feel about the Internet.

I knew that as a junior scholar, that impact could only be made by joining the big leagues.
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The @EnergyCommerce Communications & Technology subcommittee oversight hearing for the @FCC just started, with Chairman @USRepMikeDoyle laying out the case for for the "Trump FCC: Four Years of Lost Opportunities." #FCCOversight #DigitalDivide #subcommtech…
As @USRepMikeDoyle makes clear, the #DigitalDivide was a huge problem before the #COVID19 pandemic and economic downturn, and the piecemeal approach to solving it now is not good enough. #FCCOversight #subcommtech
Doyle: we need a better national policy, not just charity from big companies sometimes, and the Trump FCC has squandered chances and misplaced priorities while away people's rights and consumer protections. #FCCOversight #DigitalDivide #subcommtech
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Last night, sex workers in Oakland sent a clear message to @KamalaHarris on her home turf: her vote to advance the #EARNITAct was a betrayal.

The good thing is that @KamalaHarris can join @Wyden in opposing this trainwreck of a bill. #NoEarnItAct

You, reading this, can tell your reps how you feel now at
We are hearing that #EARNITAct sponsors may try to force the bill through the Senate this week. They are trying to be sneaky because this bill never was about exploited kids. It's about censorship and ending essential online freedoms. #Section230
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