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1/ An honest thread on my #COP27 experience to date with 4 days left!!!
2/ This is a dystopian COP. The fragile trust between developed and developing further erodes as does the trust of citizens to their governments.
3/ Developed countries have sickeningly show that they do not care about the poor and marginalised citizens of the developing world as they challenge equity whilst speaking of urgency and vulnerability in the same breath. I am so disappointed.
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Today isn't only #EnergyDay but also #CivilSocietyDay at #COP27.
Today, thousands of people are still in jail for daring to speak out for human rights, democracy & envr. integrity.
Today we remind leaders - once again - that there is no #ClimateJustice without #HumanRights.
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Since #COP27 started, civil society observers have never felt so popular: innumerable local staff members have been taking pictures & videos of us, our phone & laptop screens. Some observers have been stopped at the entrance, not for an autograph but to get their bags checked!
And while this constant level of control is unacceptable for a @UN meeting, they offer only a mild insight into the struggle our sisters & brothers go through every day, when basic #HumanRights like the freedom of speech,
press & peaceful assembly are not upheld.
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During COP27, we urge the Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all those held simply for peacefully exercising their human rights, implementing criteria set by local NGOs for these releases: fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and urgency. 1/4
One of these prisoners is Alaa Abd El-Fattah, who is now on a water strike since the beginning of COP27.
A system that doesn't address the needs for climate justice and securing human rights is a system that has failed everyone – we need to keep both in mind. 2/4
Human rights and climate movements are stronger when we stand in solidarity together. Then we can also successfully push those in power to live up to significantly increased adaptation finance and immediately, drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 3/4
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Attempt to disrupt the press conference for #AlaaAbdelfattah at #COP27

“Egyptian ‘citizens’ attempted to derail & disturb the press conference giving us all a small sense of the regime of fears & silencing in the country right now” @amnesty’s @AgnesCallamard #FreeAlaa #SaveAlaa Image
Photo🖕via journalist @mmsabry who writes:

“First he tried to give a speech and smear Alaa and Sanaa and then he began yelling and whatnot so security took him out”
The man who tried to disrupt the press conference for #AlaaAbdelfattah was Egyptian MP, Amr Darwish

This footage by journalist @NChulani, shows part of the exchange between him & activist @sana2 at #Cop27 
#SharmElSheikh #FreeThemAll
#FreeAlaa #SaveAlaa
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Alaa's letter written to his mother today:
"You know the story, but it’s important that I tell it again. This journey, I’ve walked it while mostly looking behind me, because I could see nothing in front of me except extinction .. the abyss. #FreeAlaa
Gradually, with each step, each delay, something reached me .. from a visit, from a letter, from a book, an image, from the book, from news of the campaign and news of Khaled. Things changed and I started looking towards the future, a future for us as a family.
If one wished for death then a hunger strike would not be a struggle. If one were only holding onto life out of instinct then what’s the point of a strike? If you’re postponing death only out of shame at your mother’s tears then you’re decreasing the chances of victory ..
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🔴Today the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights is discussing #Cop27 and human rights in #Egypt.
📣@RPearshouse, @sana2 and @FreeRamyShaath are here to highlight the need for a free civil society in order to ensure meaningful climate action.
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@RPearshouse @sana2 @FreeRamyShaath First, @sana2, takes the floor.

Sana is an activist & sister of jailed human rights defender Alaa Abd-El Fattah who has been on a hunger strike for more than 200 days.

#FreeAlaa #SaveAlaa
@RPearshouse @sana2 @FreeRamyShaath Sanaa looks at Egypt's climate efforts, stating climate targets are NOT consistent with the Paris Agreement.

"The conversation at the parliament today can only happen because we're not in Egypt. Every egyptian that will come to COP will be vetted and will likely not speak out"
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This is a long thread relaying what Laila pieced together from what @Alaa said when she visited him in Tora Prison today:
Sun Sept 12, (the day before the last court hearing), when Laila had brought his provisions and expected a letter, he had written expressing anger
expressing anger that he continues to be deprived of reading. The prison authorities refused to take the letter to give to her.
Tuesday 13th – after his outburst in court the day before – Laila went to the Prison to ask for a letter. One of the officers sat with him
(he may have been the Deputy Warden) & asked him what he wanted. Alaa replied that he:
1.Wants to be moved from Tora High Security Prison II , firstly because there is hostility between him & the administration – specifically the National Security officer,
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مؤلم جدًا ما يحصل مع عائلة علاء عبد الفتاح.. كل هذا القهر والذل من سلطة متغطرسة لا تتمتع بأي انسانية من اجل ماذا؟ الا يكتب علاء؟ الا يعبّر عن افكاره؟
نظام يخاف من ناشط، ومن عائلته المنتظرة على الرصيف قبالة السجن، هو نظام بائس.
ما ساقوله فيه الكثير من الانانية ونية الانتقام، لكنني آمل وبكل صدق ان يتدخّل عبد الفتاح السيسي عسكريًا في ليبيا. اريده ان يغرق في الوحل الليبي والا يخرج من هذه المغامرة سليمًا. صحيح ان السيسي اجبن من ان يقوم بذلك، لكن يمكن دائمًا التعويل على بلاهته.
كل الحب لعائلة علاء، وللجنود المصريين "الغلابة" الذين يتعلّق مصيرهم برئيس الصدفة المتربّع على عرش مصر.

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At the official opening ceremony of the @2019IGF in #Berlin, @antonioguterres asks for a global political commitment to enhance dignity and rights & calls on the ability to work together across nations, disciplines and political divides. In the era of walls.

#IGF2019 Image
@2019IGF @antonioguterres 30 years after the fall of the #Berlin Wall @antonioguterres
warns of the building of virtual walls that separate people, just as physical walls.

Angela Merkel mentioned that at the same time the web was developed as a hope for freedom & a borderless global community.

#IGF2019 Image
@2019IGF @antonioguterres "The most important value of the internet is freedom."

Angela Merkel talking about meeting real people and drink beer in Berlin!

Enjoy #IGF2019 with @MuKashef Image
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