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The sun has set here in #SharmElSheikh but there's still no #COP27 deal, 24 hours after talks were supposed to end.

However we may be close, as there appears to be a breakthrough on #LossAndDamage. All eyes on 🇺🇸 to see if they'll accept it.
I'm hearing there's been a shift from the Americans in the last hours here at #COP27.

They are ready to agree to creating a fund to help poor countries deal with the consequences of climate change - but only if it doesn't tie compensation to a determination of liability.
This #LossAndDamage u-turn is a big step by 🇺🇸and would not have been possible without the 🇪🇺's surprise reversal to its opposition on Thursday.

It may be that the Americans feel backed into a corner by the Europeans here - Biden doesn't want to be the villain who killed #COP27
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1/4. Tonight in #SharmElSheikh the COP, CMP and CMA closing plenaries took place for issues that have been finalised thus far at #COP27. Image
2/4. During the plenary #AntiguaAndBarbuda for @AOSISChair took the floor to say that the agenda item on #LossAndDamage has not received just treatment: “We are disheartened with the way the agenda item on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage has been conducted." Image
3/4. #Colombia for @AilacCC added that, “the capacity of individual states to respond to the level of the crisis is not feasible without international support" and said they looked forward to a text on funding for #LossAndDamage and a historic outcome at #COP27. Image
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1/29. It’s day eleven of #COP27 and it was a busy day in #SharmElSheikh with press conferences by @CANIntl and the G77 and China, the #PeoplesPlenary, a @COP27P event on Cultural Heritage, an HoD meeting on the cover decision and #LossAndDamage side events throughout the day. 🧵
2/29.#LossAndDamage side events kicked of this morning with an event on Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD): “Losing the Irreplaceable: #LossAndDamage, #Culture & Heritage” at the #ResilienceHub.
3/29. During the event, @nusrat_naushin highlighted that in areas where intense saltwater intrusion is happening Non-Economic #LossAndDamage is taking place: “#Women and small children are bearing the brunt. People are losing their hair, women are having gynaecological issues.”
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1/21.📜 It’s day ten of #COP27 and here is your #LossAndDamage focused thread for today. Today was a massive day for the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and continues to see crucial developments in the negotiations on #LossAndDamage finance.🧵 Image
2/21. This afternoon an informal consultation on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage followed an informal informal with Parties only during which Parties huddled in breakout groups to work on outstanding issues yet to be resolved in the text.
3/21. At the start of the informal consultation- which was open to observers - breakout groups reported back on progress and proposed changes to the text. Parties also added some additional aspects to the text.
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1/20.📜It’s day nine and the second day of the second week of #COP27 and here is our #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today we have seen a #PayUp4LossAndDamage action and negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵 Image
2/20.This morning, @anuahsa, The #Maldives Minister of Environment, #ClimateChange & Technology, spoke to youths at the @CYPavilion to stress the need for a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage including an operating entity under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC. Image
3/20. “We do need a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage. But first and foremost, we need to establish a dedicated funding facility under the @UNFCCC system, where all parties have equal equitable access, and predictable access, to #LossAndDamage finance.” @anuahsa Image
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1/26. It is our pleasure to introduce the #NewGeneration, a group of young negotiators from vulnerable developing countries who are at #COP27. The work to support them is led by @Rininreallife with @MoreCamilla for @IIED and @HeidiMareeWhite for @LossAndDamage.🧵
2/26. Adama Sonia Fatimata Bandé (@adama_sonia) is an environmental lawyer specialising in environmental and social safeguarding from #Burkina Faso where she works on rural electrification projects and is a #ClimateChange researcher.
3/26. Based in Ouagadougou Adama is following #LossAndDamage for Burkina Faso at #COP27 and is supported by @Irish_Aid through @IIED.
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1/12. 📜It’s week two of #COP27 and things are heating up! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some new language on #LossAndDamage finance that we are going to start using to support developing countries and would encourage others to do the same. Image
2/12.We've been following the discussions on “matters relating to funding arrangements responding to #LossAndDamage associated with the adverse impacts of #ClimateChange, including a focus on addressing #LossAndDamage” which we are calling funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.
3/12. At #COP26 in #Glasgow, the G77 and China called for the establishment of the Glasgow #LossAndDamage Finance Facility. In support of this demand, civil society has been calling for a #LossAndDamageFinance facility ever since.

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Starkes Signal an die Klimakonferenz! Trotz Energiekrise beschließt die EU mehr Ambition beim Klimaschutz. In der Nacht hat die EU sich auf rechtsverbindliche höhere Verpflichtungen zur Speicherung von Treibhausgasen bei der Landnutzung geeinigt #LULUCF Ein Thread.
Die neue #LULUCF Verordnung regelt die Einspeicherung von CO2 im Boden und Wäldern. Gestern Nacht haben sich die Verhandlungsteams von Europaparlament, EU-Mitgliedsstaaten und EU-Kommission im #Trilog geeinigt, bis 2030 310 Millionen Tonnen CO2 in Böden und Wäldern zu binden.
Damit wird überall in Europa die Waldnutzung natürlicher, mehr Humus wird auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen im Boden bleiben und Moore werden nasser bleiben. Damit nützt Klimaschutz auch naturnäherer Landwirtschaft und dem Naturschutz!
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Attempt to disrupt the press conference for #AlaaAbdelfattah at #COP27

“Egyptian ‘citizens’ attempted to derail & disturb the press conference giving us all a small sense of the regime of fears & silencing in the country right now” @amnesty’s @AgnesCallamard #FreeAlaa #SaveAlaa Image
Photo🖕via journalist @mmsabry who writes:

“First he tried to give a speech and smear Alaa and Sanaa and then he began yelling and whatnot so security took him out”
The man who tried to disrupt the press conference for #AlaaAbdelfattah was Egyptian MP, Amr Darwish

This footage by journalist @NChulani, shows part of the exchange between him & activist @sana2 at #Cop27 
#SharmElSheikh #FreeThemAll
#FreeAlaa #SaveAlaa
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So BoJo will be talking from #SharmElSheikh on saving the planet about right NOW (livestream linked), and Rishi only gets to address #COP27 this afternoon? How does this even work?…
...oh, good Lord, it's a pre-emptive strike, is it? As "the Shdow of Glasgow", he's already referenced the much put-upon @AlokSharma_RDG. Now essentially giving The Speech expected from, er, Rishi, with a dash of King Charles.
#SharmElSheikh #COP27… sidesweep at @trussliz on fracking...
#SharmElSheikh #COP27
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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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We’re excited to announce that @Ledger_Works ‘Eco Connect’ is now live on the @Hedera mainnet - enabling us to address the most critical issues with offsets in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) today 🌍 #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation
Ledger Works’ Eco Connect will benefit the #Hedera ecosystem by providing an API and explorer (Eco Explore) to make Guardian assets discoverable and searchable. They will serve as the foundational layer of the carbon offset marketplaces on the network.
Through this, digital environmental assets generated by the Guardian (e.g. @TymlezBV, @dovuofficial, @civicledger) are now discoverable to Regenerative Finance (#ReFi) markets and any stakeholders interested in auditing credits, emissions, and other ecological assets on Hedera.
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Earlier this month, the SIF began a program of close engagement with @verrastandards & @goldstandard, the standard-setting NGOs that verify & register the majority of the world’s voluntary carbon offsets, including carbon reduction & removal credits 🧵 #TogetherForImplementation
As we approach #COP27, it's clear we have a lot of work to do building on #COP26 milestones. In partnership with government institution's, we must create & adopt new innovative tools to accelerate climate action. This is where regenerative (#ReFi) and #Web3 can play a key role.
In two detailed policy commentaries, one with 24 other climate-forward teams in the #ReFi community, we submitted a strong case for tokenization & dMRV driven traceability of carbon credits in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) - focussing on Verra & Gold Standard's registries.
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“Alaa has spent the last 10 years – a quarter of his life – in prison, for words he has written,” a letter reads, signed by 15 Nobel laureates on Wednesday.
“As Nobel laureates, we believe in the world-changing power of words – and the need to defend them if we are to build a more sustainable, genuinely fairer future.”
The letter demanded governments, companies, and environmental groups to pressure the #EgyptianRegime to free political prisoners before #COP 27, which starts next week in #SharmElSheikh.
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