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Don’t fall into same trap as MOH and quote absolute nos ONLY
Epidemiology101 calculates RATES.
S’gor has SECOND highest incidence rate
S’gor has THIRD highest prevalence rate in the country.
Despite her VERY HIGH workload, Case Fatality Rate is the 4th LOWEST in the country ImageImage
S’gor should be TARGET for INTENSIVE Vaccine Rollout!
Yet S’gor has the LOWEST VACCINE COVERAGE in the country!
JKJAV has FAILED to address BASIC yet PIVOTAL vaccine rollout issues
Is it any wonder that the front-liners in S’gor in public & private healthcare are VERY FURIOUS! Image
Absolute TRAVESTY of vaccine access, equity & distributive justice
We’ve had enough of sweet talk!
Roll up your sleeves, get down to REAL Vaccine Actions & guarantee deliverables.
@Khairykj JKJAV MUST deliver vaccines to priority FRONTLINERS & STATES
STOP playing politics!
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To kick off #NewYear2021, I'll be sharing 21 stories & images of Frontliners from history. From world wars to past pandemics, these are the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly to keep others safe during troubling times.

This thread is dedicated to all the #Frontliners of 2020.
#1) During WWI, a stretcher-bearer’s job was not only dangerous, but strenuous. It could take 10 hours to travel 400 meters across the mud of a blasted battlefield. The most decorated rank-and-file British soldier during the conflict was Private W. H. Coltman: a stretcher-bearer.
#2) Mary Jane Seacole was a British-Jamaican nurse who set up a "British Hotel" behind the lines during the Crimean War (1853-1856) for wounded soldiers. Seacole did not have formal qualifications, but relied on her skill and experience as a healer and a doctress from Jamaica.
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[1/9] In honour of the animals that contribute to medical advancement, here’s a story of how four scientists and a donkey made a discovery in the 19th c that has helped to save thousands of lives on the operating table! #histmed #oldoptheatre #animalsinmedicine #frontliners
[2/9]Naturalist and intrepid explorer Charles Waterton was invited by colleague Sir Joseph Banks, surgeon Benjamin Brodie and veterinarian William Sewell to test the effects of the poison curare (wourali, back then).
[3/9] They injected a donkey with enough curare that she collapsed after ten minutes, then performed an emergency tracheotomy using a pair of bellows to keep the animal alive. After about four hours of pumping, the animal recovered enough to rise and walk around the room.
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Just added a pamphlet version for printing & sharing on the streets #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #USAonFire #HongKongProtests #frontliners…
Detailed account of the May 27-28 Battle of the Third Precinct in #Minneapolis, with analysis of the crowd's "compositional" character, in comparison with recent uprisings like #HK & in dialogue with our article on #frontliners there. #FloydRebellion…
Translated battle plans from #HongKong illustrating how the #frontliner role works alongside peaceful protestors, ballistics squad, flag bearers & "firefighters" -- check it out friends in the #chazseattle, #FloydUprising, #BlackLivesMatter ImageImageImage
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The talk about #COVID has been so morbid
News aplenty
More than often the exception about COVID has become the rule :(
Even world agencies r trapped in this eg back-tracking by WHO
I am gonna take a more optimistic view of this invisible enemy @DrDzul…
Immunology tells us infxn generate protective antibodies (ab)
In #COVID 50% dev ab by day 7 of infxn
Good protection dep on levels of neutralising ab
IgM & IgG ab rapid test will pick up guys who r ready for the job market to jumpstart the economy- they are immune inshallah! ImageImage
Research shows #COVID is dead on culture after 8days
This has implications for a positive test when the patient is clinically well
PCR is highly sensitive & has picked up viral fragments & thus positive.
This is actually a false positive result @DrDzul…
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We are expecting 2 further plane loads of PPE, masks, ventilators, sanitizers etc. Please pray that others have not hijacked our procurements like happened to Canada and France. Our efforts will not cease until our #Frontliners are fully protected with PPE to safely work. ImageImageImage
Apart from these synergy at #DemiNegara each team has been tirelessly working to complement @KKMPutrajaya IMARET has shared the following images as part of their efforts of #viralkindness @theedgemalaysia @DrAdhamBaba @KKMPutrajaya @DrDzul ImageImageImageImage
Golden Rules to guide us:
1. Always preserve the purity of intentions (Bukhari)
2. If you save one life, it is as if you have saved all mankind (Quran 5:32)
3. The best amongst you is he who is best to mankind (Hadith)
4. First Do No Harm @DrAdhamBaba @DrDzul ImageImageImageImage
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@RoxanaDaneshjou @StanfordPeds @StanfordEMED @MTYK079 @A_E_Urdaneta @DrEricWeiss @holly_cw @KASchertzer @michelle_feltes @MitaraiTsuyoshi @VivetaLobo @LalehG_MD @MikeGisondi #COVID19Update: durability of immunity:
Dr. Maldonado's answer: "we don't know"

Serologic test may help elucidate this question via IgM and IgG tests. Does it correlate with neutralizing antibodies?

So for now... we do not know. promising studies to come out by end of next week
@RoxanaDaneshjou @StanfordPeds @StanfordEMED @MTYK079 @A_E_Urdaneta @DrEricWeiss @holly_cw @KASchertzer @michelle_feltes @MitaraiTsuyoshi @VivetaLobo @LalehG_MD @MikeGisondi If you test #COVID19 positive, how soon can I re-integrate and be with my family?
Most people can come back to work at 14 days if symptoms are gone.
May come back at 7days WITH MASK if fever is gone and symptoms are improving.
Other options: test +/test -.
--Dr. Bonnie Maldonado
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Dr. Bonnie Maldonado (@StanfordPeds) shares #COVID19 updates at the @StanfordEMED Town Hall.
🦠immunity is not durable once infected
🦠animals get coronas, and do NOT infect humans. However, human coronavirus on animal furs can spread the virus.

#PerspectiveNOTPanic #EMConf
Nasal swabs is a better test. A lot more virus in the nose than other parts of the body, which may explain droplet precaution.

#COVID19 #perspectiveNOTpanic #GetUsPPE #safetyfirst
Shedding may occur up to 48 hours before symptomatic. Asymptomatic may have lower viral load, and may not be as infectious, BUT STILL DO SHED AND ARE INFECTIOUS.

By 14 days, most people stop shedding.

#StayAtHome #COVID19 #ShelterInPlace #perspectiveNOTpanic
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Project #KhaanaChahiye ?
Day 4/1st April : 4700 hot meals distributed to those in need

Western E Highway -1500
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Masjid Bunder -2200

Thank u partners, volunteers & supporters @LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND @thebohrikitchen

#MumbaiFightsCorona ImageImageImageImage
Project #KhaanaChahiye ?

Day 5/2nd April : 4560 hot meals distributed to those in need thanks to our brave team on the ground ❤️

Western E Highway -1360
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Mumbai Central -2200

@LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND

#MumbaiFightsCorona #COVID19Pandemic ImageImageImageImage
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Updates No.2
Since Selangor is worst affected by #COVID2019, the Pusat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD), Klinik Kesihatan (KK) & Emergency Dept (ED) Screening Centres, are overwhelmed and working overtime to triage the large numbers of cases
Team IMARET-FASHION VALET have completed their needs assessment & addressing their specific requests.
Yesterday (21/3/2020) we distributed portable air conditioners and industrial fans to:
1. KK Sungai Buloh
2. KK Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
3. ED Tengku Ampuan Rahimah
4. PKD & KK Klang
Can you imagine the heat, sweat, discomfort & inconvenience trapped in space suits/masks/goggles, visors/gloves 4 many hours as part of their Personal Protection Equipment #PPEshortage @AmirudinShari
@DrDzul @ProfAdeeba @KKMPutrajaya @501Awani @nazrikh @FIMAweb @codebluenews
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#mobilizeminds #coronavirus
👉Watch this @APTA_Transit webinar for public transportation industry leaders on: Transit’s Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
📽️ // more material here:… #wearetransport

👉👉👉 Please share your measures as PT operator to stop the spread of corona

The @APTA_Transit A Guide for Public Transportation Pandemic Planning and Response includes additional information on potential measures:… #coronavirus #wearetransport
cont'd: Beijing plans to experiment with a “subway by appointment” system to prevent crowding amid the coronavirus outbreak #coronavirus #wearetransport…
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