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📌Crisis Actors / Disney... #Disney
📌Do you remember that guy who lost his legs in Boston Marathon.* above with Micheal Eisner the Disney Exec Crisis Actor? Ya that was a lie... He is a Veteran not a runner in Boston🙄 #Boston *Wonder if that was a test to #lockdown #ShelterInPlace Things that make me hmmmm
This woman is in deep...
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Governors across the nation have eased harsh restrictions related to the #CCPVirus or are planning to start soon.

Here’s the current #Lockdown situation with each state and #WashingtonDC. (Thread👇)…
Alabama | Reopening started April 30 as @GovernorKayIvey loosened her #StayAtHome.

“As of this week, we no longer believe our hospitals will see an overwhelming amount of ICU patients who need ventilators, as we once believed, and that is sure good news.”
Alaska | @GovDunleavy allowed some sectors of the #Economy to begin reopening on April 24.

“Alaskans must be able to visit their doctors, pay rent, and buy food for their families.”
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As an ER doc in Michigan seeing @realdonaldtrump encourage protestors in our capital, I'm deeply concerned about the impact it will have on my patients. With hundreds gathering in close quarters, the potential spread of #coronavirus puts my community at risk. Here’s how: (1/14)
Over 300 people were there & it's estimated that 5-10% of the population are infected. If just 30 were infected (with an R0 of 2.5 and a 5 day incubation), those 30 people could result in nearly 11,000 newly infected Michiganders in 1 month - all thanks to these protests. (2/14)
The protesters donning TRUMP signs & MAGA hats say they were there to fight @GovWhitmer’s #StayHomeStaySafe order & extension of emergency powers. Well, gathering in the way they did is exactly how to ensure we'll be living under *stricter* #shelterinplace in coming weeks. (3/14)
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I vote we bury the word "safe" leaving it with 2020.
I've had a lifetime fill of the word.
Funny how the concept is wielded in such a fascistic manner and applied so arbitrarily.

We must do or not do this and that to stay safe from Covid.

I got a lecture on public health from someone smoking a 🤬 cigarette. 😒 Can't make this shit up.

Need I continue??
Anyone else ever get hassled for being outside by another person... OUT ... SIDE?
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Today at #CovidTownHall: @JonnaMazet! #Epidemiologist & executive director of @OneHealthUCD at #1 vet school @ucdavisvetmed. On board of directors for @GlobalVirome, served on #USAIDPredict to find emerging viruses before they spread to humans. 1/3…
More from @JonnaMazet:
@TEDMED talk “What If We Could Immunize the World Against Pandemics?"
@KnowableMag (4.16.20)…
@KCBSRadio (4.6.20)…
@OneHealthUCD #COVID19 Town Hall (4.9.20)
For those who can't attend today's #CovidTownHall at 3:30pm PDT with @JonnaMazet, you can access all recorded meetings ~24hr after here:…,
including those with @phylogenomics, @DrABrashear, @JamesEKHildreth, @sociovirology, & Brad Pollock 3/3
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As an ER doctor in a rural hospital, I have serious concerns over @realdonaldtrump’s "plan" to #OpenAmericaUpAgain. While the framework seems logical, the entire plan depends, in Dr. Birx’s words, on “the persistence of high level testing.” Here’s my concern: (1/9)
There's a real danger in opening too soon. "Hot spots" still haven’t defined the true number of cases due to a lack of testing -- and not testing asymptomatic people. In my area, we are nowhere near a peak and could create a hot spot that could overwhelm my hospital. (2/9)
In rural hospitals like mine, we run with limited resources of staffing on a regular basis. Just a handful of critically ill #COVID19 patients above our baseline could stretch our one nighttime respiratory therapist too thin and jeopardize patient care. (3/9)
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Thread: Something happened in my home state of Michigan today that made me sad. I wasn't going to comment initially, but then I went to Facebook & saw people I grew up w, who know my husband and I are physicians and call us for medical advice, were defending these actions.
I was flabbergasted that there are educated people who still don't understand the importance of #SocialDistancing in this #COVID19 global pandemic. Here is what happened in Michigan. I will try and respond to some of the inaccurate info still out there.…
MYTH: #SocialDistancing is the govts way of overreaching and taking away civil liberties
FACT: Govts didn't enforce #ShelterInPlace bc they want to take away rights. There is no political gain for shutting down a state. The gain is saving lives by slowing spread of the virus.
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I live in a predominately white neighborhood on the North Side, and I think it's important y'all see what "closed" parks and beaches look like up here as compared to the South and West Sides #COVID19 #ShelterInPlace #StayHome
Today (a holiday with relatively cold/dreary weather) I saw people strolling, jogging, walking their dogs, even picnicking #COVID19 #ShelterInPlace #StayHome
Folks were playing frisbee, baseball, basketball, soccer, generally living their best lives #COVID19 #ShelterInPlace #StayHome
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - with support from @UCSDHealth CEO Patty Maysent and @UofCAHealth EVP @carrie_byington, now sharing daily #COVID19 insights: 21 COVID patients in our hospitals, with 5 on vents - reflecting trend since federal emergency declaration on March 13
2/ Now 1209 #COVID patients in @SanDiegoCounty with 228 hospitalizations and 89 patients requiring intensive care - shout out to our colleagues @ScrippsHealth @sharphealthcare @KPSanDiego and elsewhere #HealthcareHeroes…
3/ We are still on the upswing, but it could be much worse - credit to our elected officials who were early to mandate #ShelterInPlace, and all of our @SanDiegoCounty neighbors for #PhysicalDistancing to #FlattenTheCurveTogether…
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Dr. Bonnie Maldonado (@StanfordPeds) shares #COVID19 updates at the @StanfordEMED Town Hall.
🦠immunity is not durable once infected
🦠animals get coronas, and do NOT infect humans. However, human coronavirus on animal furs can spread the virus.

#PerspectiveNOTPanic #EMConf
Nasal swabs is a better test. A lot more virus in the nose than other parts of the body, which may explain droplet precaution.

#COVID19 #perspectiveNOTpanic #GetUsPPE #safetyfirst
Shedding may occur up to 48 hours before symptomatic. Asymptomatic may have lower viral load, and may not be as infectious, BUT STILL DO SHED AND ARE INFECTIOUS.

By 14 days, most people stop shedding.

#StayAtHome #COVID19 #ShelterInPlace #perspectiveNOTpanic
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Check out #Japan #korea #taiwan test ready Asin countries have managed to keep the lockdown measures low, ie restaurants are still open 🙊🤷🏽‍♂️

They managed to keep the death toll low, as low as #flu rates

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Runs & walks with my 🐶 have ⬆️ big time due to #ShelterInPlace & #physicaldistancing. Audiobooks have provided a MUCH needed escape from all things #COVID19.

Willow and I have a list of a few recs from recent listens—and revisits!

Y’all ready?
Read this in years ago but revisited the “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” on audio. Selma Blair’s narration is sublime—so good!

Bored at home? Try 2+ years in a dank annex with 7 grown-ass people. And fear.

Yet Anne STILL had quick wit and jokes. Perspective anyone?
Okay—so disclaimer: I’m a HUGE JT fan so jumped at the short autobiographical “Break Shot.” Narrated by who? JT!


(Me fainting with joy) But awake now & can say that I LOVED it. I had no idea his dad was a doctor. What a story—so eye-opening!

And he plays music!
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Follow along here as I'll be live tweeting tonight's #coronavirus town hall meeting with @GovKemp #gapol
Updates and context will also appear in our running blog on @ajc from @TamarHallerman and @bluestein. #coronavirus #gapol…
Appreciate the ASL interpreter appearing in the corner of tonight's #coronavirus town hall. #gapol
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It has grieved me to see the current day suffering of my Asian-American friends during the #Coronavirusoutbreak. The first thing I thought of was @the18yearplan's clarifying essay on #ThreePillarsofWhiteSupremacy. It explains it perfectly. 1/
Andrea @the18yearplan is in this Twitter-TeachIn, so all can refer to her thread for more. I'll reflect on one central point that rises to the surface for me... 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
"Whiteness," as political construct, was created to determine who ordained to rule. White supremacy believes white people were created to rule and steward everything. Everyone else is cast as a threat or a commodity to white stewardship. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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Time to go deep. Almost EVERY Black woman I know is single (except for a few). Literally. #Covid19 has highlighted the reality of our social location in a painful way. #ShelterInPlace order has had a particularly isolating impact on Black women. #evangelicals4justice #racism 1/
Many, many of us are not sheltered with family or friends. We are sheltered alone. I've found a particularly heightened level of anxiety among single Black women, because of the level of vulnerability. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
This is abt racism b/c it traces to the breaking of Black families through slavery, jim crow and poverty. Literal hierarchy of desirability moves Black men (especially evangelical) to marry non-Black women far more often. 3/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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Debates around how to respond to the plague in early Islamic Syria mirror those of today. The great scholar and historian al-Ṭabarī (d. 928) wrote of the Plague of Emmaus (Arabic: عمواس, ʻAmwās), which struck Syria in 639 during the Islamic conquest, killing 25,000. #coronavirus
The historian Ibn 'Asākir was so moved by descriptions of the suffering of the people of 'Amwās that he added a poem of lamentation and martyrdom to his great history of Damascus.
The Prophet Muhammad was believed by many to have essentially prescribed #SocialDistancing and #ShelterInPlace, prohibiting flight from a plague-stricken community. Yet as always in Islam, different legal arguments arose, justified by references to different Prophetic traditions.
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Many of us are going to have trouble coping in one way or another during this pandemic.

Further along in the thread, I’ll list some strategies that are useful for getting through a #ShelterInPlace order that’ll soon be coming to a city or town near you.

Or should be!
Are you feeling...

🔹out of sorts
🔹stressed and/or anxious

These feelings are SO understandable.

There have been MAJOR disruptions to our lives including job losses, having to work at home, scrambling for child care, kids at home and other losses.
If you have preexisting mental health issues, this period of time may be even more challenging.

Be sure to stay in touch with your health care team. Many clinics and even private practitioners are switching to Telehealth as I type.

Continuity of medications is important! 💕💕
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Since people are lying like dogs about the @DanPatrick segment on #TuckerCarlson, a summary: His point is that now that we have been immersed in the logic of wise practices, we should soon allow the option to reclaim our lives. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
He wants to be able to get back to work, practicing all the proper precautions we have now been drilled on. If people wish to #ShelterInPlace, fine. But forcing it on the country will destroy countless lives. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
If dishonest scare tactics are one form of leadership (the #DallasCounty @JudgeClayJ 430K dead in Texas by June threat), then this is surely an alternative view worthy of discussion. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
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Um... California? 🤷‍♂️ Yoo hoo!

I really don't think you're 'getting' this #SocialDistancing thing. And @NorthBayNews...
You need to be more responsible and help people to understand! 🙄…
The only "Coronavirus escape" is to #StayAtHome ‼️

"It was welcome relief for the Rohnert Park family. They have spent most of three days indoors as the global coronavirus pandemic escalated.."

Most of 3 days? Here in Italy we have been shuttered inside our homes for 3 weeks!
And it's working! The number of deaths in Italy, which reached almost 800 in one day this weekend, are going down! 👏👏

But you have to #StayAtHome ‼️

This is the only way to Flatten the Curve.
#ShelterInPlace = #StayAtHome.
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Wuhan sacrificed to buy us time. Italy sacrificed to buy us time. Now 100s of millions of Americans are sacrificing their liberty, livelihoods, and wellbeing—which for some will ultimately mean sacrificing their lives—to buy us time. What are our leaders doing with this time?
Where is the plan to manufacture and distribute the #PPE protective gear our health-care workers need to safely stay at the bedside and care for the thousands who are about to be desperately ill?
Where is the plan to manufacture and distribute the #ventilators that will save lives?
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#WatchCA in 4 Qdrops
• Q drop # 3418
• Q drop # 2621
• Q drop # 1368
• Q drop # 1197
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I think of myself as a rational person. I'm a professor. I live & work in a place where everyone values data, science, evidence. So Im struggling to understand the federal government's slow response to #COVID19. Seems so irrational. Theories please? Genuinely want to understand.
One theory is incompetence at the top. Maybe that's part of it. But shouldn't Trump by now be absolutely scared to death, and therefore ready to listen to those with expertise and competence in his government? (Is that too rational?)
A second theory focuses on trade offs -- taking faster , more aggressive actions in defense of our health now (i.e. #ShelterInPlace, using Defense Production Act ) would produce even greater negative economic consequences. Data in support of this explanation, however, are thin.
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Why should we have a nationwide #ShelterInPlace?

#COVID19 is in every state, spreading in asymptomatic people quickly.

Gentle suggestions like "avoid the gym" aren't enough. It is time for our leaders to tell hard truths. (Thread 1/x)
Doctors in China stopped the spread by testing to find the sick, isolating, and modeling the spread. They found there are 5 undetected cases for every 1 detected - and they were actually testing at a large scale. We are not. (2/x)…
We are not doing enough testing, period. We are dangerously and absurdly behind. The @WHO says the key parts of their pandemic play book are test, test, and test. Without testing, we are trying to fight a beast with a blindfold on. (3/x)
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Buckle up people. This is a tale of poor EHR #UX, possible institutional malfeasance, missed opportunity, broad #COVID19 disease spread, and mild personal inconvenience.
Tl;dr: I am going into self-quarantine b/c it turns out that I gave Stanford $$$ to give my kid #COVID19 1/
Act one: some definitions

Isolation means separating people who have a communicable disease (like #COVID19) from those who do not. 2/
Quarantine separates/restricts movement of well-appearing persons who may have been exposed to see if they become ill or who have disease w/o symptoms. Self-quarantine is when you quarantine yourself. You can also be quarantined by public health order. Don’t make them do that. 3/
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