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SEC passes meaningless proxy voting rule… while ignoring Broadridge admission of tossing out votes to keep proxy count balanced b4 company sees: “Step 5:…a cap is put in place equal to total bank/broker position identified on record keeper’s file... 1/6
... This cap limits how many shares… [are]…applied to the official tabulation results.”… 2/6
Ignoring Feb 2021 letter from @SenToomey & @PatrickMcHenry on Proxy Plumbing. "Concerns about over-voting & verification of proxy votes have not been fully addressed. SEC should move forward to ensure integrity of proxy voting process." 3/6 [Opens PDF]…
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#FTR: For the millionth time, the Supreme Court has NO ROLE in impeachment in the House.

The courts CANNOT block impeachment, as the Framers intended.
#FFS: He really, really, REALLY needs to read the Constitution...

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#FACTCHECK: Rep. Conaway demanded Schiff cite the whistleblower's right to "absolute anonymity."

Schiff simply cited the IC whistleblower statute.

It's the whistleblower's choice whether to reveal their identity. Testifying would violate their anonymity.
#FTR: Don't take Schiff's word for it. Don't take my word for it.

Simply read the statute.

It's black and white.

It's the Whistleblower's choice alone whether to waive their right to anonymity.

Republicans are lying when they claim otherwise.

#PS: If you're wondering about Pelosi's "Dear Colleague" letter that Conaway mentions, know this...

He totally misrepresented it.
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#HUGE: Democrat Andy Beshear is the APPARENT WINNER of KY Governor race!

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is one of the worst governors in the country.

Trump, McConnell, and Rand Paul ALL put their weight behind him last night.

And Bevin STILL lost in a state that Trump won by 30%!
#FTR: Just last night, Trump made clear what a potential loss in Kentucky would mean for him and the Republican party.

He'll soon claim the opposite.

DON'T let him forget it...

#PASTBLAST: My FIRST thread on Gov. Matt Bevin, who I've tracked since...

I may have misspelled his name back then, but it quickly became clear that he was ACTIVELY working against the interests of the people of KY in every way imaginable.

Good riddance!
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#WOW: Hillary DIDN'T say the "Russians" were grooming Tulsi Gabbard.

She said "REPUBLICANS" were grooming her for a 3rd party run.

"Mr. Merrill said late Friday evening that Mrs. Clinton’s initial “grooming” claim had referred to Republicans, not Russia, as initially reported."
#FTR: The article has been updated...but the reporter has NOT corrected her tweet.

Shortly after tweeting out the incorrect article, she retweeted the suggestion that Tulsi's primary challenger for her congress is not a serious opponent.

She's not even trying to hide her bias.
#PS: Hillary never even said Tulsi's name.

You should listen to the interview starting ~43 mins in.

The questions are about Republicans, who she refers to as "they."

She even says "they" and adds "and the Russians"...JUST before the misreported quote.…
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#FTR: This news was announced on a Friday night to bury they can continue to allege criminality without evidence.
#REMEMBER: As many as 130 OFFICIALS were questioned by Trump's State Dept. in their newest probe of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Numerous investigations and wasted tax dollars later...once again, NO DELIBERATE mishandling of classified information was found.…
#FFS: And sadly, the media is playing right into Trump and the GOP's hands.

It was not covered on ANY of the 5 major Sunday shows...despite the fact that Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned on 4 of them.

And...Sec. of State Pompeo even appeared on one.

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#TRUTHBOMB: Let's be clear.

Ken Vogel and the NYTimes ABSOLUTELY bought everything Giuliani and then-compromised Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko were peddling.

Two weeks ago, Ken Vogel claimed there was "more to the story," only to admit there wasn't any evidence, two days later.
#FTR: I have *NOT* favored a single democratic primary candidate in any of my tweets.

But the facts are clear...Ken Vogel and the NYTimes first reported the Biden-Ukraine "conspiracy," as if it were true.

I called out Vogel respectfully a few weeks ago.

#PS: I do NOT agree with the Biden Campaign's every move.

I called out their tone-deaf decision to tell networks not to book Giuliani.

But, despite most reporters' auto-defense of other reporters when criticized, the Biden Campaign is RIGHT in this case.
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#FACTCHECK: Republicans are pushing the FALSE narrative that the FBI didn't warn the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016.

That's a LIE.

The FBI briefed Trump and his campaign in August 2016, once he became the Republican nominee, after Lewandowsi was fired.
#FLAG: After Gaetz and Lewandowski tried to push the LIE that the FBI didn't brief the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016...

Jim Jordan tried to hammer it home.

This is a false narrative that the GOP, Barr, and Trump have all tried to push repeatedly.
#REMEMBER: Both Trump and Clinton were warned directly by the FBI in August 2016 that Russia could try to infiltrate or spy on their campaigns.

Trump has lied repeatedly that he wasn't warned by the FBI...and Republicans have continued to push the lie.

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#FTR: Trump is suggesting that Puerto Rico is a burden on the United States...because it finds itself in the path of another storm.

It's also worth noting that Dorian will likely side-swipe Puerto Rico, and directly hit Florida...which he interestingly doesn't see as a burden.
#FACTCHECK: Yet again, Trump claims Puerto Rico has received over $90 Billion in disaster aid.

That's a LIE.

That's the estimated total they'll need to fully recover.

Congress has allocated $42.5 Billion.

ONLY $14 Billion has actually been distributed.…
#PREVIOUSLY: Trump has a long history opposing disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

Then taking credit when he had to give in...

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This is horrifying. Our elections in 2020 are in greater danger than they already have been.

I'm at a loss for words.
#FTR: A little over a week ago, Coats appointed a dedicated Elections Threats Intelligence Executive.

I fear his quick push out the door was either a result of that decision...or...Coats quickly announced the new role b/c he saw the writing on the wall.

#FLAG: In his resignation letter, DNI Coats noted his appointment of an Elections Security Executive "to support a whole-of-government effort to address threats against our elections.”

His efforts to secure our elections clearly appear to be connected with his expedited removal.
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This person claimed that 5 of the 14 investigations that spun-off from Mueller were shut down by Barr.

Some took their claim as fact, b/c they didn't preface it as speculation, nor pose it as a question.

I was blocked for kindly and repeatedly asking for clarity and/or sources.
#FTR: Not trying to be petty by putting this person on blast. My point is the following...

There is SO much mis/disinformation out there.

It's fine to opine, theorize, and speculate...I do! But I always provide context or preface, and provide sources on which I based them on...
#FTR: If someone asks you if your tweet is speculation or for sources, don't take it personally!

We should all verify or question information and assertions we encounter.

We SHOULD challenge each other to explain further if we're not 100% certain. We'll all be better for it.
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#FTR: Sheryl Gay Stolberg is HELL-BENT on taking Biden down.

I don't really understand why. But even if any of her "reporting" presents some valid points, we must keep her clear bias in mind.

Unfortunately, the @NYTimes bills her as a correspondent...not an opinion columnist...
@nytimes #FLAG: Oh, and for the record, I don't criticize journalists easily. Feel free to search my Twitter history.

In the meantime, remember some of Sheryl's recent reporting on Biden...and it's timing...
@nytimes #FTR: I've said it before, I'll say it again...I do NOT have a favored primary candidate yet.

I just won't stand for the primaries to be influenced by biased reporting...or for the nominee to emerge damaged, based on "scandals" that were blown out of proportion.

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I'll go first. I'm 100% okay with the DNC/Clinton Campaign hiring FusionGPS — who contracted Steele, a former-MI6 agent who specializes in Russia, to conduct opposition research on Trump.

Dems simply continued a research effort initiated by conservatives during the GOP Primary.
#FTR: This is part of a Trump/Republican counter-narrative that they keep trying to make happen...

#MORE: Check out the QT below for a thread dismantling this preposterous Trump/Republican counter-narrative...

Let's put it to bed, once and for all!
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He's so, so, so dumb...

He knows that NASA is going back to the Moon, as a part of their long-term goal of sending astronauts to Mars.

But he thinks talking about it is a bad PR move, I guess, because it doesn't sound "big"? And to Trump, it's all about size and superlatives.
#FTR: NASA is being clear. They're calling it the "Moon To Mars" program.

They must remaster human spaceflight, practice for extended stays (b/c going to Mars is a long trip/stay), placing tech in the Moon's orbit to "pick up" on the way to Mars, etc...…

Let's laugh at other sh!t he says. He was referring to the MISSION to Mars (which includes the Moon).

It's called the "Moon to Mars" program. The new Moon missions are essential to the missions to Mars.
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#FACTCHECK: The Disaster Relief bill was held up for months because Trump REFUSED to sign it if it included aid for PUERTO RICO.

It finally passed both houses, despite several attempts by loyal Republicans in Congress to block it.

Now Trump is trying to take credit for it...
#PREVIOUSLY: On June 3rd, the House passed the disaster relief bill.

58 loyal House Republicans voted against it.

#PREVIOUSLY: There were THREE other attempts to pass the Disaster Relief Bill in the House prior to the Memorial Day recess.

Each time, ONE HOUSE REPUBLICAN blocked the $19.1B package, out of loyalty for Trump.

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Gotta call this out.


The NYT tweeted that Barr said spying occurred on the Trump campaign...without any qualification, context, using "claimed' instead of said, nor a follow up correction.

And so this tweet lives on, misinforming the public.
The Washington Post did a better job...they provided context, conveyed the gravity of such an assertion, and used "thinks" instead of presenting the claim as a fact.

However, no follow up was issued when Barr clarified his claim.

And this tweet lives on.
#WATCH: Barr was ultimately forced to clarify.

First, he said that he meant "unauthorized surveillance" not "spying."


"I AM NOT SAYING IMPROPER SURVEILLANCE OCCURED. I am saying that I am concerned about it and am looking into it. That's all."
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He told Cohen to give FALSE testimony about building a Trump Tower Moscow, aka the Moscow Project.

There's a reason Mueller had Cohen plead guilty to THIS crime.

It's #WitnessTampering + #Obstruction.…
#WATCH: Barr said a President suborning perjury would be #Obstruction.

Q: "A president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction. Is that right?"

Barr: "Yes."

Q: "...a president...convincing a witness to change testimony would be obstruction...?"

Barr: "Yes."
#REDFLAG: Mueller's Office takes the rare step of PUSHING BACK on Buzzfeed News' reporting.

They seem to dispute the "description" and "characterization" of corroborating documents and testimony in the article.

But not necessarily the central premise...

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1/ Trump stands by the Saudi Crown Prince MBS who MURDERED Jamal Khashoggi, his perceived POLITICAL ENEMY, and a U.S. Resident.

And now, Trump smeared Khashoggi as an "enemy of state," without evidence.…
2/ Trump has been looking into handing over U.S. Resident Fetullah Gulen — Turkish Autocrat Erdogan's perceived POLITICAL ENEMY, who he calls a "terrorist" — to Turkey to prosecute (and likely kill) w/o evidence... appease Turkey and cover for MBS.…
3/ In July, Trump thought it was an 'incredible offer" to hand over U.S. Resident and former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul — Autocrat Vladamir Putin's perceived POLITICAL ENEMY — to Russia for interrogation and potential prosecution, without evidence.…
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Miami Dade #FloridaRecount hand count update:
Senate race ✅Done
Net gain for Bill Nelson = 181 votes.
(Rick Scott -167, Nelson- 348)
Ag Commish race count is set to start at 2pm
Attorneys tell me they have seen some “interesting artwork” on the ballots. Stay tuned..
@WPLGLocal10 Image
This is Richard Rosenthal, an attorney repping Bill Nelson in the Miami Dade handcount... talks about some of what he is seeing on the ballots⏩
@WPLGLocal10 #FloridaRecount
.... apparently on one of the “overvote” ballots.. someone wrote in Oprah for Florida Senate ...
#FloridaRecount @WPLGLocal10
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#FTR: Nixon WH Counsel, John Dean, is pretty much universally considered a hero in the Watergate scandal.

While he wasn't an angel, his cooperation ultimately led to Nixon's impeachment and resignation.

Hmm, I wonder why Trump would call him a "RAT" and view him negatively...?
#FLAG: Trump invokes McCarthyism, while hurling unfounded accusations at Democrats and the Special Counsel.

He claims he demands transparency, while his White House lies at every turn.

When he says "many lives have been ruined," he's setting up pardons.
#FLAG: Trump and the Right Wing often say "No Collusion...except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats."

It's a repeated counter-narrative about the FusionGPS commissioned #SteeleDossier, claiming it's collusion.

It's been debunked. But truth isn't truth.
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We all saw this coming when Trump bragged about his multi-hundred billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis, shortly after taking office.

I hate to say it, but the U.S. has sadly been complicit in what has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
In May, Trump signs a "tremendous" $110B arms deal with Saudi Arabia. #YEMEN…
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#FLAG: I don't want to read too far into it, but for the jury in the Manafort trial to be asking for the definition of "reasonable doubt," after one day of deliberation, is concerning, at least for me...
#TBH: I hate to say this, but I've been skeptical of this jury from the beginning.

How are there 12 individuals in the Alexandria, Virginia area (just outside of D.C.) who had never heard of Paul Manafort?

Either they are particularly ignorant individuals, or someone's lying...
#FTR: If Justice is not served at the conclusion of this trial...

No one is more to blame than Judge Ellis.
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#TRUTHBOMB: You've heard it a million times.

"There was No Collusion except with the Democrats and Russia!"

It's an often-repeated right-wing counter-narrative pointing to the FusionGPS commissioned #SteeleDossier.

Here's why they're full of it and how to counter it.

#FLAG: Trump defenders say if it's illegal to get "opposition research" from a foreign national...

...then the Democrats are guilty of it, because they commissioned Christopher Steele, a former British spy and UK national, to gather intel that became the #SteeleDossier.

#FLAG: Let's look at the specific law...

52 USC 30121 - It's illegal to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution (opposition research) or donation of money or other thing of value from a foreign national in connection with an election.

But the fact is. STEELE WAS PAID.

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#FTR: That's exactly what #TPP did.

But, of course, Trump pulled us out, instead of renegotiating from within.
#REMEMBER: In January, Trump essentially admitted pulling out of #TPP was a mistake...

China's influence has only grown ever since.

#FTR: Trump has relentlessly attacked our ally Justin Trudeau personally for Canada's trade policy in regards to Dairy.

But of course, that issue was resolved in the #TPP.

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