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@BernieSanders @SenSanders - I love you man, I really do, but if you lived to 100 you'll be saying this same shit.

At some point you got #ActDifferently.

#FFS #StartARevolution.

PROMISE to RESTORE the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and you will win in a landslide.
You'll get "#ProChoiceRepublicans"

You'll get most Democrats who are fed up with #CorruptCareerPoliticians like Biden #Her and Pelosi.

And you'll get #AllIndependents 43% of all voters.

But you have to START NOW.

Replace @GunnelsWarren or just add me and get @TulsiGabbard
and @BetoORourke to work with me to use #Blockchain to turn your #PlatformPlanks into a #SmartContract where IT DOES NOT MATTER who holds a political position, because if they breach their agreement it automatically triggers a legal consequence and they are OUT!

Let me help you
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@DowdEdward #FFS with 80K followers and connection to #RobertMalone YOU SIR are no less guilty than the media this person refers to.

1. You claim to be an Oracle, I'm a Seer, and I have offered to share a possible future, but you are too egotistical to take 15 minutes and vet me
We, ALL OF US, should be working together, and anyone who can get past their ego is an accomplice.

People are dying and your class, the #AcademicProfessionalClass is more psychotic than the average American.

You are either AFRAID OF ME or too arrogant to humble yourself enough
to have a conversation that could change the future.

Just look at Dr. Brian Tyson and what he has accomplished and then remove your ego and emotions, petty hate toward me and ask your self what if 10,000 of the 17,000 doctors who have made 4 worthless declarations had JUST done
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#RobertMalone shared this.

Now think about the role he is currently playing to somehow present himself as the hero who will expose the corruption in our government that he himself was directly involved in for 40 years of his life.

He admits he has suffered from what is the very
definition of #MassFormationPsychosis which we can confirm in the obviously patterned behavior of hundreds of doctors. But sadly Robert exhibits the primary symptom of a #ChronicSustainedPsychoticBreakFromReality: DENIAL. He either STILL suffers and/or feigns "ignorance," as his
reason for admitting he suffers and then doing NOTHING to change his behavior.

He has filed bankruptcy to protect his Horse Ranch with 20 exotic horses.

He is working with the CIA and India to make another vaccine.

He stated, for the record, as he was getting @JoeRogan
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Exactly how many #SmokingGuns does one need #FFS.

Fauci was responsible for doing this same thing with #HIVAIDS, just watch #DallasBuyersClub And listen to #LucMontagnier before his untimely death as he explains how easy #HIVAIDS was/is to treat. Or listen to #KaryMullis before
his untimely death in August 2019.

Fauci should have been arrested for #MalfeasanceOfDuty in early 2020 for eliminating Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our 4 Phase system of health care.

And Biden should have kept his promise to restore the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and gone further by
making #HCQ and #IVM available OTC. as Republicans are about to do in TN to win the mid-terms and then they'll go nationwide to win in 2024.

We are a #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment and we ALL need to get that fact.
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Couldn't disagree more.

I used to say #NiggaPlease or #YouMyNigga like they JUST SAID TO @joerogan and if a person takes issue with that KNOWING I meant it in a positive manner JUST AS THEY DO, then they have an issue, not me. Now, if a brother -
#ABrotherFromAnotherMother asks me not to say it because HE is uncomfortable with me using HIS word - we probably aren't good friends anyway - and again that is on him for having those boundaries.

And when this brother says "Y'all," already trafficked us over here?
WTF is "Y'all
Who is he blaming for slavery? Some guy he JUST CALLED "#HisNigga!"

"Motherfucker" needs to get some mental help.

Blaming ALL white people for a crime that happened decades ago and that plenty of us #WhiteNiggas are trying our best to to support our #BlackBrothers as they
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Every last one of these innocent people are #UnconsciousControlledAssets and we all suffer from a #SustainedPsychoticEpisode for somehow imagining THEY are the way out.

They are being played like fools

Focusing on NOTHING MORE than lining their pockets and pretending to tell us
things we don't already know.

Nothing is free.

They get your personal information and then inundate you with #AppeasementData and #FeelGood stories ABOUT THEMSELVES and how they are fighting for you - SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

BLESS @RobertKennedyJr for his DECADES-LONG legal
crusade - BUT...

BUT, THINK about what I just said - decades long.

Does anyone reading this tweet think we have decades?

Because all of these people THINK we do!

THEY are ALL behaving as if this will somehow end and blow over. And it is precisely that
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Not a single reason why this couldn't have been done 2 years ago.

This is what is wrong with our "leadership." I've been telling these naysayers this the entire time and it took a week once they ACCEPTED "support and requests from citizens" to #LetUsHelp! #FFS


Notice how Pierre can't put "Dissidents" in 1 category. HE CAN'T DO IT.


Because he was trained to see us as, subhuman, as "patients" and not equals. He rationalizes in his delusional mind that 111M DISSIDENTS weren't AVAILABLE from day one. He was SCHOOLED" on this
#ClassicalPavlovianResponse for years. 2 years too late he has the fucking GALL to say that he is "finding increasing support and requests from citizens," NO @PierreKory we have been asking you to #LetUsHelp the ENTIRE FUCKING TIME. You just refused our help and ignored us.
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This is a big part of our current problem.

20-40 year olds have been purposely #DumbedDown. They are smart about many things but oblivious to others - NOT THEIR FAULT. Ours more than theirs, for not teaching them the truth.

Now speechify is teaching them to #ListenFaster READ:
Can't read or write.

#FFS if we can't see that, we are our own worst enemy.

People need to #WTFU and realize the dire straits we are in at this moment in history and idiots like @Doctor_I_am_The are #StuckOnScience and their JOB in all of this. The man is a #Brownshirt by
definition and not only CAN'T see it, but when it is brought to his attention WON'T see it.

He just goes further into the #AcademicProfessionalClass abyss that suffers from a #SustainedPsychoticBreak from realit more than anyone else - WHY - b/c he/they went in for training.
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Jan 14, 2022

Ex-BBC producer, 76, who had 800 indecent child pictures is spared jail…

I don't understand this clemency bullshit
"When he was arrested at his west London home in 2018 while wearing a dressing gown, National Crime Agency officers found the most "damning evidence" from a portable silver hard drive found in one of the pockets."

"The officers also found [three tasers and CS gas spray] belonging to Melleney."
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Hard to fathom how so many academics just fawn all over each other and grovel to a guy like @joerogan.

It's like an MMA fighter stopping halfway through R2 and just start thanking Joe and all their fans and then get knocked the fuck out for being so stupid. We're in a War...
Literally a #BiologicalWeapon has been released in the form of a Virus AND... AND a vaccine and y'all are having Parades and Galas and just tripping' all over yourselves while they systematically kill us, #FFS #LeadFollowOrGetTheFuckOutOfTheWay.

Y'all are all psychotic.
Consider for just one second that since 12/19 111M people had the good sense WITHOUT A SINGLE FUCKING DOCTOR OR ACADEMIC saying one fucking word beyond Fauci himself claiming their was #NoTreatment for the common cold. Perhaps the 50M people who watched Malone are half of the...
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Fentanyl serves the same purpose as the #ChimaeriVirus and #ChimerixVacxine which is why they bring it in like the Opioid crisis.

Criminal doctors who exposed the availability of #IVM rather than just recruit "dealers" like myself destroyed any chance of a revolutionary solution
And killed millions with their #PridefulStupidity

This just proves it @PierreKory.

If we can distribute fentanyl #FFS we COULD HAVE distributed #IVM.


But you had to have it your way and be stuck in your microsandbox of predictable outcomes.
The insanity of your refusal to hear other plans or approaches just proves the academic world is as stupid as they come. We call it book smart and street dumb.

And man you take the fucking cake.


Ignorance of your options and now my #IVM is confiscated at the post office
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This is appalling.


HALT the damn vaccines until we receive every last page of that 400,000 page - criminally edited document.

The absurdity of ANYONE who would agree to let a company HIDE IT'S PRODUCT INGREDIENTS AND SPOON FEED THEM TO US - IS COMPLICIT.

We call this throwing the dog a 🍗 and in this case the damn bone is a chicken bone that will splinter and choke us to death.

Is ANYONE on our side.

WTF are no doctors doing what I myself can do.

I can get supply and find those in need. The fact that doctors are pretending...
yes, PRETENDING they are doing ANYTHING other than cashing in WITH Fauci is the real crime here.

And @P_McCulloughMD you more than anyone else not only knows this but refused to work behind the scenes.

You won't sit at the table w/ me because just like Fauci I would expose you.
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When you attempt to vaccinate once a pandemic level has been reached you only guarantee that you will create variants and thus crate an endemic, an annual return of never-ending variants.Fauci knows this and has done this on purpose. 1/X
If he claims it was not on purpose then he is grossly incompetent and guilty of #MedicalMalpractice, #MalfeseanceOfDuty with #MaliciousIntent because he violated our #AntiTrustLaws by #ConfiscatingAndProhibiting #HCQ from the market. It is illegal to manipulate a competitive...
product, in order to force the market to use your product. Not only has he removed #HCQ but he has supported other corrupt "expert" colluding to strongly recommended against #IVM a nobel prize winning drug that is #SaferThanAspirin and 30+ years of use and recent - 2015... 1/X
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Some good things happened at school recently that have borne out my decades-long advocacy of selecting texts that meet the students’ needs, interests and abilities rather than falling back on The Canon and what we think is both Good For Them and in our comfort zone as teachers.
I share a pretty disengaged Year 10 class with my HT. We decided to teach @claire_zorn’s One Would Think the Deep this term, and it was such a great choice. When my HT read them the first couple of chapters in class, she said you could have heard the proverbial pin drop.
If you don’t know the book, it’s a multi-award-winning YA (#LoveOzYa) novel about grief and loss, masculinity and love, surfing, sex and scratching your way painfully toward adulthood.
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#bernardhoganhowe AND #CressidaDick WHO ARE NOW PUSHING ME OVER THE EDGE AFTER THE TWO LAST #newsalert #NEWSUPDATE #CressidaMustGo HAS MADE.

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At the point where the England fans started booing the German national anthem, the authorities should have stopped the game and given a win to Germany.
Or maybe Gareth Southgate should have taken the mic and told the fans either they shut the fuck up or the game is off.
Or the England players should have walked off the pitch.
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Zomaar een vraagje:

Wie kent dit bedrijf?

Want zij hebben als ik het goed lees het exclusieve recht op de levering van alle voorgenomen 400.000 testen per dag gedurende de looptijd van die #Fieldlabs gekregen van #SON.
Dit, dames en heren, is waarom ik grosso modo blij ben dat er een #EU is. Want ze doen niet veel nuttigs, maar als ze iets nuttigs doen, doen ze het ook goed.

Ik ken de Aanbestedingswet professioneel. Niet in de zorg, maar er is maar 1 Aanbestedingswet
En die werkt in beginsel voor alles en iedereen gelijk. En in tegenstelling tot de #NLse politiek is de EU grappig genoeg wel in staat om gedegen wetgeving te maken. @VNONCW begon 7mnd geleden al met plannen. Tijd is geen excuus

Dit is verboden. Best wel, heel HEEL erg verboden.
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Congratulations @MattHancock and @matthewsgould Great technical work by @NHSX to deliver @NHSCOVID19app . Here are some suggestions around the 'soft stuff' of getting massive buy in required to make it a success. Image
1) Use SMS Cell Technology to send a link to every mobile phone in the country. Start in hotspots to avoid overwhelming the system. Image
2)Urgently provide the digitally excluded a cheap but App-friendly smartphone. Internet access is a basic human right. Nobody left behind. Image
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Why is Newsweek publishing this absolute shit from Jonathan Tobin?…
I would not write an oped for Newsweek if this is the standard they have. Very sad to see what happened to a weekly I used to subscribe to and devour.
I have still given interviews to Newsweek reporters---it's not their fault what gets published in opinion---but I think that has to stop.
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A thread about the power of protest, the meaning of 3.5%, and why the corrupt Cummings/Johnson cabal must be removed from No 10… 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺 #3Point5Percent #resist #ToriesOut
Three weeks ago, I posted this humble proposal ⬇️ for a peaceful revolution to remove the crooked squatters in Downing Street… Our systems of accountability are largely failing, so we need to take action ourselves, inspired by the 3.5% rule… 🧐✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #3Point5Percent
Since then, a wide variety of reply guys & Tory apologists (as well as a handful of despair trolls) have popped up in my mentions with some typically unoriginal arguments for why the beshitted Johnson is untouchable. 🙄✊🌹🇪🇺 #3Point5Percent #JohnsonMustGo
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Important piece in @nytimes summarizing the promise and challenges ahead for #telehealth by @ReedAbelson. Privileged to join the conversation.

As I stated here, despite the promise, there’s a lot we don’t know about #telehealth. THREAD…
We need to understand how it delivers value to patients by improving outcomes, quality, and affordability of care 2/
If the right hand is #telehealth, the left hand is #valuebased payment (including #PCPCapitation) - the method of how we pay matters a lot in motivating the behaviors we need to see in our delivery system. 3/
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#FFS! 🤦🏻‍♂️😱🤬…

Not so much "Farewell #Whitehall, hello #RedSquare?"* as rank #incompetence and a disturbing disregard of #NationalSecurity...

And those who've followed closely* will be aware of the Gov't #disinformation campaign about what turns out to be THEIR fault:

*Contrary to later spin about Corbyn, the documents first surfaced in JULY 2019... in the @Telegraph:…
While I'd be concerned about monitoring of *anyone's* #personal comms devices - #HumanRights are for everyone, after all! - @1Br0wn makes the excellent point that fixing this is not just about #security, but #usability:

(+ following rules + no cover-ups)
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Establishment Psychopathy: a selection of evidence setting out some of the ways in which colonial violence & structural racism continue to privilege our “ruling class”... [thread of threads] 🧐✊🌹🇪🇺 #ColonialViolence #BritishEmpire #ReparationsNow #BlackLivesMatter Image
The magnificent #BlackLivesMatter protests are proof of structural racism around the world... This thread ⬇️ shows how the UK Establishment still benefits from slave money, and why it will ALWAYS resist a proper discussion of #history. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #Slavery #RhodesMustFall
Colonial wrongdoing was often rewarded with wealth and a peerage… Our ludicrous system means that this chap #Trenchard ⬇️ gets to make our laws in part because his grandfather liked to burn villages in #Nigeria. 😧✊🌹🇪🇺🇳🇬 #SystemChange #ToriesOut #COVID19
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