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So many requests from #Entrepreneurs for online seminars to share survival tips for #startups in a post #COVID2019india world. Thought of sharing this to reach more people. (1/14)
I survived 2 downturns earlier - first in 2000/2001 bust followed by 9/11. The next few years were bad for #ecommerce. That's when we launched Fabmall supermarkets in 2002, later acquired by @AdityaBirlaGrp (#More supermarket), now acq. by @amazonIN (2/14)
The 2008 global financial collapse was again terrible. This was so bad that I was missing 2001. I managed to survive 2008 as well. (3/14)
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#MarketWatch $GOOGL beats Q$ earnings expectations

Alphabet posted earnings of $15.35/share vs $12.53/share, $46.08 billion in revenue vs $46.94 billion forecast.

$8.50 billion in traffic acquisition costs met expectations
#MORE Alphabet reports revenue from YouTube ads and cloud services for first time.

YouTube ads generated $15.15B in revenue in 2019, $4.72B in Q4

Cloud services brought in $8.92B in revenue in 2019, $2.61B in Q4

Google ad revenue rose to $37.93B in Q4
*Q4 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😑
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#FTR: For the millionth time, the Supreme Court has NO ROLE in impeachment in the House.

The courts CANNOT block impeachment, as the Framers intended.
#FFS: He really, really, REALLY needs to read the Constitution...

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#HUGE: The Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. asked about the withheld aid ON JULY 25th.

The SAME DAY as Trump's call w/ Zelensky.

This shatters the GOP defense that there wasn't a quid pro quo/extortion/bribe, as Ukraine didn't learn of the hold til late August.
#MORE: Laura Cooper, the Deputy Sec. of Defense who was in charge of coordinating the defensive aid to Ukraine in the Pentagon, learned of this shift in the timeline when her staff approached her after reading her publicly released deposition transcript.

#PS: Cooper says she can't be sure there aren't additional revelatory or relevant documents, as she hasn't conducted an exhaustive investigation.

Despite urging by Democrats, the Department of Defense Inspector General has REFUSED to investigate the hold.…
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#TRUTHBOMB: Let's be clear.

Ken Vogel and the NYTimes ABSOLUTELY bought everything Giuliani and then-compromised Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko were peddling.

Two weeks ago, Ken Vogel claimed there was "more to the story," only to admit there wasn't any evidence, two days later.
#FTR: I have *NOT* favored a single democratic primary candidate in any of my tweets.

But the facts are clear...Ken Vogel and the NYTimes first reported the Biden-Ukraine "conspiracy," as if it were true.

I called out Vogel respectfully a few weeks ago.

#PS: I do NOT agree with the Biden Campaign's every move.

I called out their tone-deaf decision to tell networks not to book Giuliani.

But, despite most reporters' auto-defense of other reporters when criticized, the Biden Campaign is RIGHT in this case.
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#FLAG: I hate to say it, but I fear there's a reason that Ron Johnson has decided to ONLY appear on @MeetThePress.

He's a critical witness, told directly by Sondland that there WAS a quid pro quo, tied to military aid.

For God's sake, @ChuckTodd, do your homework!

Surprise us.
@MeetThePress @chucktodd Well done, @ChuckTodd.

While it got off to a rough start, and he repeatedly hijacked your platform to spread conspiracy theories...

You did come prepared and pushed back. Thank you.

Full Interview:

@MeetThePress @chucktodd #MORE: For more on Ron Johnson, check out this thread below!

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#FACTCHECK: Republicans are pushing the FALSE narrative that the FBI didn't warn the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016.

That's a LIE.

The FBI briefed Trump and his campaign in August 2016, once he became the Republican nominee, after Lewandowsi was fired.
#FLAG: After Gaetz and Lewandowski tried to push the LIE that the FBI didn't brief the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016...

Jim Jordan tried to hammer it home.

This is a false narrative that the GOP, Barr, and Trump have all tried to push repeatedly.
#REMEMBER: Both Trump and Clinton were warned directly by the FBI in August 2016 that Russia could try to infiltrate or spy on their campaigns.

Trump has lied repeatedly that he wasn't warned by the FBI...and Republicans have continued to push the lie.

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#BREAKING Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson announces he will resign at the end of the year as he continues to battle Parkinson's
#MORE Quinnipiac 2020 National Democratic Primary:

Biden 32%
Warren 19%
Sanders 15%
Harris 7%
Buttigieg 5%
Yang 3%
O'Rourke 1%
Booker 1%
Klobuchar 1%
Gabbard 1%
Williamson 1%
Bennet 1%
Bullock 1%
de Blasio 1%
#MORE Suffolk 2020 National Democratic Primary:
Biden 32%
Warren 14%
Sanders 12%
Buttigieg 6%
Harris 6%
Yang 3%
O'Rourke 2%
Booker 2%
Castro 1%
Ryan 1%
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I'll go first. I'm 100% okay with the DNC/Clinton Campaign hiring FusionGPS — who contracted Steele, a former-MI6 agent who specializes in Russia, to conduct opposition research on Trump.

Dems simply continued a research effort initiated by conservatives during the GOP Primary.
#FTR: This is part of a Trump/Republican counter-narrative that they keep trying to make happen...

#MORE: Check out the QT below for a thread dismantling this preposterous Trump/Republican counter-narrative...

Let's put it to bed, once and for all!
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#REDFLAG: Hear me out. It's important.

We're FUNDAMENTALLY talking about Barr and Mueller in the wrong way.

According to the Special Counsel rules, in basic terms, the Attorney General MUST notify Congress if he ever disagreed, overruled, or blocked the Special Counsel.

#IMO: Barr violated DOJ rules by failing to disclose he OVERRULED Mueller.

In his first letter, Barr told Congress "there were no such instances" where he disagreed, overruled, or blocked Mueller.

But, his decision to exonerate Trump, when Mueller would not, is just that. [2/2]
#RELATED: While the Special Counsel rules mandate that Barr notifies Congress if he interferes w/ the investigation...

...those rules DON'T apply for the 14 investigations Mueller handed-off.

They could be impeded and Barr wouldn't have to tell anyone.
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Another major day at the federal courthouse in #Boston for the #CollegeCheatingScandal. Another set of 15 parents are set to appear. This time actresses Felicity Huffman and #LoriLaughlin will have their initial appearances in MA. #7News
Felicity Huffman is accused of paying the mastermind, Rick Singer, $15K for his employee to proctor her oldest daughter's SAT and correct her answers. Prosecutors say her daughter scored a 1420, which was a 400 pt. improvement from her PSAT. #7News
Lori Laughlin and her husband Massimo Giannulli are also charged w/ conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. They're accused of paying $500,000 for their 2 daughters to be designated as recruits to the USC crew team—despite the fact that they did not participate in crew. #7News
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#NEW: Rick Gates told Mueller that he and Manafort shared Trump Campaign Polling Data in 2016 w/ Konstantin Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian Intelligence.

In new unsealed court docs, it was revealed that Gates was at least one source for the revelation.…
#BREAKING: In new court filing, it was revealed that Konstantin Kilimnik...WAS IN DC FOR THE INAUGURATION.

The Manafort and Gates associate, with ties to Russian Intelligence, met with Manafort about the "Russia-Ukraine peace plan."

#REDFLAG: In court transcripts, Andrew Weissman, senior Mueller prosecutor, suggested Konstantin Kilimnik's relationship w/ Manafort & Gates...TIES DIRECTLY TO #CONSPIRACY/COLLUSION.

“This goes...very much to the heart of what the [SCO] is investigating.”
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#FLAG: I'm convinced, Rick Gates is a critical witness to #Collusion/Conspiracy.

He was involved in handing over Trump campaign polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, along w/ Manafort.

But late in the campaign when data would be most critical, Manafort wasn't around.

Gates was.
#FLAG: Not to mention, Gates worked on the Inauguration.

We know foreign money — specifically from a pro-Russia Ukrainian oligarch — made its way into the huge inaugural fund...that was admitted to in a guilty plea by Sam Patten.

I bet Gates knows more.
#MORE: Here's more on Gates also working with Manafort to share Trump Campaign polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian Intelligence.

This received remarkably less press than it should usual when it comes to Gates coverage.
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#REDALERT: Treasury Dept. to LIFT SANCTIONS on Oleg Deripaska's companies.

Treasury's OFAC has notified Congress it intends to terminate sanctions on Deripaska's companies — the oligarch close to Putin w/ ties to Manafort and the Mueller Investigation.

#REDFLAG: As predicted earlier in this thread...

Deripaska's companies only qualified for sanctions relief assessment BECAUSE Deripaska "stepped down."

But OBVIOUSLY Deripaska installed board members that reported directly to him.

So why lift sanctions?
#FLAG: The answer to that question is Treasury is being WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

They've directed Deripaska's companies to "undertake significant
restructuring and corporate governance," determine why the moles were installed, and reduce his influence.

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