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He was a normal 13 year old kid. Studied in one of the good schools in town. Fortunately it wasclose enough to home.

So close that not only did he go to and return by cycle, he used to go home for lunch and make it back in time too.

But one day, fate had something terrible in
store for him.

He was struck by a speeding vehicle and suffered a head injury.

He was unconscious for approx 3 weeks and it was touch and go.

By God’s grace, he made it though and recovered from the accident.

He was back in school and over the course of next few months
was able to get back into the swing of things without losing an academic year.

The school was accommodating in terms of time allocated to him for the exams so he was able to complete his studies without any issues.

But trouble came as he was approaching his SSC 10th standard
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Curious about turning your @NotionHQ enthusiasm into a profitable venture? 💰

Check out these 7 proven ways to monetize your skills and build a thriving Notion-based business!

#notiontemplates #notion
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Eg: @TheVeller

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Hi🙋🏼‍♀️! Welkom op m’n profiel. Zoals in mijn #bio te lezen is ben ik een #draadjesmaker en #debunk ik graag. In deze levende #draad 🧵 mijn verzamelde werken 🤓#nerdalert. Dit wordt aangevuld met meer post van Fenna 😉 zodra ik weer iets schrijf. Image
Uitleg over ons #immuunsysteem en #vaccins met het oog op de #zomergolf van #SARSCoV2 waar we nu mee te maken hebben.
#Debunk over Reiner Füllmich en de 50 advocaten met uitleg over waarom @thierrybaudet deze onzin deelt.
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Thread on #APT grps, #hacktivists, #Ransomware gangs with their ‘likely’ associations (as per TTPs and reports) that are playing a significant role in impending #Ukraine #Russian conflict. Correct me if i am wrong or missing any one. 1/
Firstly on Russian 🇷🇺side there are #GhostWriter (#Belarus Govt Backed) #CozyBear (Russian Foreign Intel aka #SVR) #UNC1151 (Minsk based) #FancyBears & #SandWorm (Russian Military Intel aka #GRU) #Turla and #Gamaredon (Russian Internal Intel #FSB Former KGB) 2/
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I'm playing with phishing infrastructure OPSEC topic, hunting gophish on shodan... and found this:
GoPhish servers hosted in Moscow, configurated with same, self-signed "PZU" certificate.
IPs are not resolving for any domain rn, but it might be backend.
#gophish #phishing 1/x
Another interesting thing is that for 2nd IP, the gophish management service is open for the world. emailAddress indicates that someone who deployed this gophish at least know popular Polish services. But take a look on the 'O' and 'OU', 'OOH'. Does this look familiar?
3/x 'OOH' was used as 'Organization' for domains registered in UNC1151 #ghostwriter phishing campaing.
This isn't indicator of course, but it's not usual organization name in SSL, as there are only 3 of them (3rd IP from screen is FP, I'm not into get censys query scheme)
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🧵Heading home after a great time at #CYBERWARCON yesterday. IMO, a good threat intel or #INFOSEC conference should mainly 1. Stimulate new thinking and grow the field 2. Facilitate genuine networking 3. Be fun! This conference is definitely all three.
I’m in awe of @JohnHultquist and Amy’s ability to basically will this thing into existence year after year with only a small volunteer force to help them. Thank you to them, the rockstar review board of John, @ridt, @olgs7, @t_gidwani for producing an outstanding agenda…
…and to everyone else who helped put the conference on! My gratitude to the various sponsors that also made this conference possible. Congrats to all on another fantastic year.
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@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel etzt gehts wieder los...

harte und weiche wissenschaften... trallalla... #OMG #dögs #soziologiWie?…
@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel kommst mir mal erzählen von deinem manuskript?

an einem dienstag? @WikiDienstag? welchem? welche zeit?
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Congratulations to the teams behind #Stillwater, #LongWayUp, #Ghostwriter, #Helpsters, #HelpstersHelpYou, and #HereWeAre for their total 25 nominations at the #DaytimeEmmyAwards
A huge congrats to the team behind #Stillwater for their four nominations, including Outstanding Preschool Children’s animated series for the #DaytimeEmmyAwards. Stillwater lays in a field with the kids looking up.
Kudos to the team behind #LongWayUp for their three nominations, including Outstanding Travel, Adventure, and Nature program for the #DaytimeEmmyAwards. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman sit on motorcycles in a de
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Das #Baerbock-Buch wurde vermutlich über weite Strecken von #Ghostwriter Michael Ebmeyer geschrieben, dem sie hinten etwas verschwurbelt dankt:
Ebmeyer, so Baerbock, habe in "langen persönlichen Gesprächen im Winter ... Dinge aus mir herausgekitzelt ..., die mir erst dadurch bewusst wurden".

(Und offenbar hat er das Ganze dann noch mit ein paar Plagiaten gewürzt und abgerundet.)
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*NEW REPORT*: Today our Information Operations analysis, Cyber Espionage, and Mandiant Research teams released a new report on the #Ghostwriter influence campaign. We highlight two important updates in our understanding of this activity:…
First, we note the expansion of Ghostwriter targeting and TTPs, detailing a number of incidents in which the legitimate social media accounts of Polish politicians were compromised and used to publish fabrications seemingly intended to undermine domestic Polish politics.
This domestic Polish focus, primarily targeting members of parties in the ruling United Right political coalition, is a notable expansion of focus beyond the typical anti-NATO narratives - which we still also continue to see - that we documented in our original 2020 public report
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Thread by @JessicaMeigs (THANK YOU THANK YOU!)

➡️ Hey #entrepreneurs, #TwitterMarketing, and ANYONE who is #selfemployed

‼️EVERYONE should know this information that's being buried in the news cycle:

‼️The PRO Act, or HR 842‼️👎

The voting date is scheduled for 03/08! (aka THIS Monday!)

🚨Remember the heavily OPPOSED smack-down that #California imposed on millions of #independentcontractors?

That they are ‼️STILL‼️ fighting? The law that says you cannot even do #Rideshare unless @uber, @lyft, @Grubhub
... EMPLOY you as an official employee of the company. 😱

Even IF they could afford to do that (and these companies have ALREADY said they CANNOT,) you could not:

🔸set your own schedule
🔸where you want to work
🔸or any other #sidehustle - GONE

Not sure if you’re in this 📦?
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Some kid friendly Apple TV+ content announcements have just been unveiled:

#Ghostwriter Season 2 debuts on October 9th followed by the return of (personal fave) #Helpsters on October 16th guests inc Danny Trejo, Norah Jones & Terry Crews

Some new series are also debuting... ImageImage
“Doug Unplugs” from Dreamworks animation based on Dan Yaccarino’s book series about a young robot who downloads information each day about the human experience and goes on adventures with best friend Emma.

Debuting November 13 Image
Lastly “Stillwater” is based on the Scholastic book series “Zen Shorts” by Jon J Muth and centres around siblings Karl, Addy, Michael and Stillwater, a wise panda, as their next-door neighbour. Trippy!

Debuting Dec 4th Image
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