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Whoa. @LIGO and ⁦@ego_virgo⁩ have released the catalog of compact binary mergers from the first two observing runs, and there are FOUR previously unreleased binary black hole mergers detected via gravitational waves!…
That’s FOUR previously unannounced #gravitationalwave detections from @LIGO and @ego_virgo. Amazing.
Visualization: LIGO/Frank Elavsky/Northwestern…
Wow, #GW170729 Is the highest mass binary black hole merger yet observed, with 51 and 34 solar-mass black holes. The final state was an 80 solar-mass black hole. Mass equivalent to five suns was converted into energy and radiated as #GravitationalWaves.…
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Besides #GravitationalWaves from pairs of black holes & neutron stars, @LIGO and @ego_virgo could detect the combined rumble of the many sources that are too far away (hence too faint) for us to distinguish individually. We call this a “stochastic background” (1/N)
This stochastic background of gravitational waves is almost like the pitter-patter of rain on a tin roof, or the drumming of popcorn: many individual short sounds adding up to a noisy whole (2/N)
As a more scientific analogy, this is also similar to the cosmic microwave background (CMB): noisy radiation produced in the early universe that reaches from all directions. Except instead of light, the stochastic background we look for is made of gravitational waves! (3/N)
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THREAD - How about a bunch of blog posts on #Space and #Astronomy? Yes, I have more than you can imagine - especially since these are really just #physics topics. Hold on - because this is going to be a bit large.
2/ Here is an answer to my fav astronomy question EVER - "What would the phases of the moon look like if the moon was a cube?"…
3/ The great thing about the cube moon question is that it really tests if students understand phases of the moon rather than just recalling factual stuff. Here is my python model of a cube and spherical moon
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When #Muslims say scientific knowledge in #Qur’an proves its Divine origin, #atheists laugh. Share this #thread with them 👇 they’ll quickly stop laughing! 😆/1
So let’s begin at the beginning shall we? The #BigBang, for starters /2
Scientists like Fred Hoyle themselves could hardly believe that all matter along with all laws emerged from nothing…/3
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One cool bit of science you can learn from the #GravitationalWaves from neutron stars is about the "equation of state" of nuclear matter 1/?
this is something that simply can't be measured directly in labs or colliders on Earth. Astronomy is the only direct way to measure it. 2/?
How fast the inspiral happens encodes how "squishy" are the neutron stars. This is called the tidal deformability. 3/?
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So I left #postdoc, and I left #adjunct and went into #industry. There are two things I wish I knew when making this transition, and I hope it may help you...
...I didn’t know what buzzwords to put on my resume to make it reflect, in #industry terms, my skills. For #STEM academics, I’ve learned that a lot of what we do includes systems engineering, and project management... this may be obvious to some of you, esp the E part of #stem, but I didn’t know this. I recommend looking up buzzwords for sys eng and project management...
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