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Everybody wants to sell options, but no one knows where we can learn everything for free?

Here i'm sharing 5 youtube channels where you can learn everything about Option trading from complete scratch to advance levels including strategies, concepts and adjustments.

A Thread­čĹç
1- @tastyliveshow
Tasty trade is a financial media company that offers educational content on options trading, futures trading, and other financial topics.
But here i'm sharing a playlist where @TraderMikeyB have covered everything from basic to advance.ÔÇŽ
2- Project Finance

If you want to learn option concepts in depth, it's a must watch channel
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Have you heard of @ipor_io, a new protocol bringing Interest Rate Swaps (#IRS) on-chain?

Let's explore the $450T IRS market and the opportunities for #hedging, #arbitrage, and #speculation!

What are Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)?

Simply put, it allows two parties to exchange the cash flows of one partyÔÇÖs fixed-rate loan for the other partyÔÇÖs floating-rate loan.
@ipor_io brings IRS on-chain through its three innovative products: IPOR Index, IPOR AMM, and Asset Management.
The IPOR Index reflects benchmark interest rates in DeFi and is freely available for integration into smart contracts.
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1/­čžÁ My $Luna Journey & Why I am Upset/Disappointed
Many are mad at/disappointed in #DoKwon #Terra_Luna #LFG , #influencers etc. I am NOT. I am upset w/Myself bc I know better. This isn't my first rodeo.
2/ Some may feel a couple of my comments to be a little harsh but I hope you see the balance in my assessment should you read the entire thing. I will address 5 Red Flags I ignored & Humbly give some suggestions for the future based on what I've learned from others & myself
1) How this could've even realistically worked w/the US Gov
2)Echo-chamber in the community
3) Over-leveraging strategies/Number go up
4) Do's actions/comments
5) The community's reactions to Do's behavior/comments & the unwavering idol worship
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Tail hedging alpha: If you want to structure almost a win, win tail hedging bet. Look for assets that are exhibiting higher relative momentum and place put ratio trades(short ATM, 2x long tails. in the backend of the curve) (1/n).
90 - 120 dte(seems the sweet spot, manage 30 - 60 days In.)
I have also noticed that equities that exhibit higher relative momentum not only breach the Implied move but often have much flatter put skew(thus causing the tails to be relatively cheaper.)(2/n)
If a black swan happens which causes markets to suffer severely, the correlation for slightly positive/noncorrelated assets goes near 1.) which will likely cause your tail hedge to print money(and more money relatively speaking since skew was cheaper.)(3/n)
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1. Better headline: "Will Common Prosperity Make Japan Great Again?" MJGA!­čśé We have deep expertise and top indexes on Japanese equity, particularly currency hedging. Below is the list of some under appreciated things of Japanese equity.
2. Underappreciated: If US fiscal/monetary response to the pandemic is large, Japan's is even a larger share of GDP. Lay person language: money money money for the economy.
3. Our colleague reviewed how Warren Buffet's Japanese investment last September has turned out. Following Mr. Buffet, global investors have been putting money there quietly for a while.ÔÇŽ
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Finansal Korunma... #Hedging

Sizler nas─▒l #Hedge yap─▒yorsunuz ? Nas─▒l bir koruma sa─čl─▒yorsunuz ? Bu konuda @casarettof hocam─▒n kitab─▒ndan ald─▒─č─▒m notlardan bir k─▒sm─▒n─▒ payla┼čaca─č─▒m.

Bu konuda ├Âzellikle daha bilgili ki┼čilerin yorumlar─▒n─▒ ve ├Ânerilerini duymak isterim.
├ľzellikle T├╝rkiye gibi y├╝ksek enflasyonun ve kurun oynak oldu─ču ├╝lkelerde #hedge do─čru zamanlama ile yap─▒l─▒rsa ger├žekten de kapsaml─▒ bir finansal koruma sa─člayabilir. Hedge tan─▒m─▒na girmeden konuya dal─▒yorum direkt..
Kar elde edildi─či s├╝rece her ┼čey yolundaym─▒┼č gibi alg─▒lan─▒r ve s├╝rekli b├Âyle s├╝rece─či d├╝┼č├╝n├╝l├╝r. Ama bir g├╝n Ay─▒ piyasalar─▒n─▒n gelece─či ne kadar barizse, Dolar kurunun da 2016'dan 2020'ye geldi─či s├╝re├žte artaca─č─▒na dair baz─▒ i┼čaretler vard─▒.
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What is the difference between financial econometrics, econometrics and quantitative finance?
@GARP_Risk @CQFInstitute @SOActuaries
Financial Econometrics basically utilizes Financial Market Data to build mathematical and statistical financial models and later analyze the statistical significance and make predictions.
It is generally used by risk managers and economists to predict(forecast) and study the return market characteristics. GARCH models and other Time Series Models are used to study the pattern of Return Volatility Clusters, Tail Dependence Events, Covariances,
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Due to the huge uncertainties facing ChinaÔÇÖs economy, the target #GDP growth in 2020 and the macroeconomic #policypackage being designed have become the focus of our concern.ÔÇŽ
A scientific scheme requires the comprehensive innovation of macro-management theory.
CF40 member Liu Yuanchuan suggested that ChinaÔÇÖs #expansionary policy package need accomplish the goals of pandemic control, pandemic relief, resumption of work, offsetting downward pressure, ensuring the stability as well as goal attainment.
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#Options vs #Futures

Although both are #derivatives, Futures and Options are entirely different in terms of their potential #risk and #return , #leverage and how they work.

How different are futures and options?
#Rights vs #Obligations

In #Futures Trading, both the buyer & the seller are #obligated to settle the contracts on or before expiry ie cover shorts or longs or rollover to next contract, regardless of how the underlying asset price moves.
With #Options the buyer has the #Right, but not the #Obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) on underlying asset. The option seller is #passive and must comply with whatever the option buyer does.
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With #growth around the world slowing (in some cases naturally) from its blistering pace in 2018, and a large degree of #policy tightening already behind us, the pace of central bank tightening from here on out should moderate. Image
Policy rates are very nearly at neutral and @USTreasury yields have gone through a year of adjustment, suggesting that investors can once again use #duration as a #hedging tool in portfolios. Image
Recent fears around over-tightening by the #Fed drove risky spreads wider, yet as the Fed has shifted its tone, spreads have become a more attractive addition to #portfolios. Image
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