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🌐 Traders! We're thrilled to announce that Gamma Swap is now officially LIVE on #DeriProtocol @arbitrum !

Get ready for a game-changing experience in the world of #DeFi. 🎉🎉🧵💙🧡


#GammaSwap $BTC #hedge #volatility #Options #Gamma $ETH #Arbitrum
❓What’s Gamma Swap?

Gamma Swap is a financial instrument where buyers (who take the long side) can obtain Gamma exposure of an underlying asset, while sellers (who take the short side) can earn funding fees for providing that exposure. Longing Gamma Swap has the following PnL👇
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Have you heard of @ipor_io, a new protocol bringing Interest Rate Swaps (#IRS) on-chain?

Let's explore the $450T IRS market and the opportunities for #hedging, #arbitrage, and #speculation!

What are Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)?

Simply put, it allows two parties to exchange the cash flows of one party’s fixed-rate loan for the other party’s floating-rate loan.
@ipor_io brings IRS on-chain through its three innovative products: IPOR Index, IPOR AMM, and Asset Management.
The IPOR Index reflects benchmark interest rates in DeFi and is freely available for integration into smart contracts.
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"The most important number in #finance", the London Interbank Offered Rate (#LIBOR), died a shameful death at the age of 52.

The interest rate benchmark underpinned more than $300 trillion in financial contracts before being marred in a scandal that lasted ~ a decade.

A short🧵 Image
2/ The scandal came into the limelight in 2008 but there is evidence that collusion between banks was going on since 2003.

🤥 “We know that we’re not posting, um, an honest” rate, a Barclays employee told a New York Fed official in April 2018.

How was it done?
3/ #Barclays was a key player.

Barclays would submit its #LIBOR estimate, claiming that it was lower than what other banks actually charged it.

A lower rate indicated a smaller risk of default & is considered a sign that a bank is in better shape than another bank. Image
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Hepimizin çok sevdiği bu giflerin nerden çıktığını merak ediyor muyuz?
Bu gifler #wallstreetbets 'ten çıktı....
Peki ne bu #wallstreetbets ? Ve @Superalgos ile alakası ne?
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Finansal Korunma... #Hedging

Sizler nasıl #Hedge yapıyorsunuz ? Nasıl bir koruma sağlıyorsunuz ? Bu konuda @casarettof hocamın kitabından aldığım notlardan bir kısmını paylaşacağım.

Bu konuda özellikle daha bilgili kişilerin yorumlarını ve önerilerini duymak isterim.
Özellikle Türkiye gibi yüksek enflasyonun ve kurun oynak olduğu ülkelerde #hedge doğru zamanlama ile yapılırsa gerçekten de kapsamlı bir finansal koruma sağlayabilir. Hedge tanımına girmeden konuya dalıyorum direkt..
Kar elde edildiği sürece her şey yolundaymış gibi algılanır ve sürekli böyle süreceği düşünülür. Ama bir gün Ayı piyasalarının geleceği ne kadar barizse, Dolar kurunun da 2016'dan 2020'ye geldiği süreçte artacağına dair bazı işaretler vardı.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/22/2020-2…

Why The Stock Market Doesn’t Make Any Sense…

#SFI #StockMarket
Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force: Nextstrain

#coronavirus #COVID19 #strain
PSERS can't choose between Vanguard funds and hedge funds…

#pension #Hedge #StockMarket #funds
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A SLC Agrícola (#SLCE3) fez hoje sua #Apimec em SP e trouxe ótimas notícias.
Na área financeira, suas práticas de hedge de câmbio e commodities são impecáveis: vende NDF para data futura de comercialização do físico, na medida em que compra insumos e forma seu custo de produção.
2. Assim, garante a margem operacional e reduz a volatilidade dos fluxos de caixa.

Em função de perguntas que fizemos a empresa, a SLC acaba de divulgar Fato Relevante, dando ainda mais transparência às suas práticas de #hedge (veja…).
3. A empresa aproveitou os juros baixos em Reais para emitir um CRA, reduzindo o custo, alongando suas dívidas e deixando-as totalmente em Reais.
Desta forma, perde um “hedge natural” do ponto de vista do caixa de uma safra, (...)
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And just as monetary policy in the U.S. considers the weakest links in the global economic chain, we expect the #ECB to stay on a path of easy policy as they set out to accommodate the weakest links in the #Eurozone. Image
Hence, we like owning #assets with a low, or declining, cost-of-capital (r), as per the Gordon Growth Model, which given the posture of global central #banks, is the case in much of the world today… Image
…relative to a stable #growth trajectory (g), such as in the U.S. and in some emerging #markets. Image
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In this environment, we think #bonds are back: #income wins under market conditions in which uncertainty is higher, volatility is higher, but the central banks are responsive to those conditions.
Autopilot is the future of autonomous driving, not of central banking: the #Fed has proven that it will respond to changing economic conditions and the draining of #financial liquidity.
The #Fed’s balance sheet and policy rates are now going to influence the risk-free rate, which should again serve as a #hedge against risk, unlike in 2018: building stable, good income-producing portfolios should be a winning approach in 2019.
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The rate #market has now effectively priced in a #Fedpause in 2019, as seen by the one-third probability of a hike in March. We are looking to the Fed for clarity around this point when they meet this month. Image
Much is made of the yield curve inversion as harbinger of recession – and it’s been true on occasion – but forward curves already indicated an inversion for much of the year: we think the curve shape has more to do with the #Fed trajectory, when they will pause, and UST supply. Image
Duration is becoming an effective #hedge again! Image
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Financial #markets continue to show signs of stress, suggesting the Fed is right to consider a #Fedpause, as we saw last week.
Since risk free rates are now nearer the neutral rate after a year of adjustment, duration has again become an effective #hedge for risky assets. While today’s moves were outsized, they come on the back of a flip in the YTD #correlation between risk free and risky yields in Nov. Image
2018 has been marked by the lowest stock-bond #correlation since 2013. We think that may change in 2019, as a data-dependent #Fed and now appropriately priced real rates cause correlations (and portfolio returns) to look more like 2014 than 2018. Image
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