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This thread goes in detail about how I use inverse FVGs

Personally, I think this is the best possible model one can have with ICT, and you can have a very high win rate with it

Read carefully💎#ICT
Before I start, I just want to say I use inverses with ES, NQ, YM, Oil, Gold, and EUR/USD everyday in my livestreams and can confidently say they work well on all of them
The other thing, join my discord before you forget and lmk if you have any questions, I do free live streams once every week or two. If you are interested I have a free 7 day trial for my patreon where I live stream EVERY day and call and teach live. DM me
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Each session has specific characteristics and signatures in price that occur intraday👁️

🔸Asia- Small range/consolidation (avoid trading this)

🔸London- False breakout characteristic

🔸New York- Continuation of London

🔸London example

Look for Turtle Soup scenarios and continuation on the basis of HTF order flow. HOD and LOD is whats formed in the London session most of the time Image
🔸New York example

We're looking for NY session to continue in the direction of whatever the HTF draw is on the Weekly/Daily chart

We want look for a retracment back into London range followed by expansion. In this example we dont get that but nonetheless we see continuation ✅ Image
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This is a fantastic ICT thread that goes over internal liquidity and how to use it to participate in higher probability setups 💎

Read carefully #ICT
To start off, to recap, there are two types of liquidity, external and internal.

External are liquidity points outside the range, and it’s all subjective to the time frame you look at
This means, if you are on a weekly timeframe and are looking at lower time frames, an example of external liquidity would be something like the weekly high and low.

Internal liquidity would be like the daily high or low or anything in between the external liquidity like this: Image
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A simple way to understanding Order Flow in the markets.. #ICT

*Thread* (1/5) Image
Bullish Order flow

You're telling my price is randomly respecting these imbalances? 💀 (2/5) Image
Bearish Order flow

Notice the willingness to go lower, now ask yourself "why" and your answer would be "liquidity" (3/5) Image
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Silver Bullet ICT Setup Time :

- The London Open : 3:00 AM → 4:00 AM✅
- The AM session : 10:00 AM → 11:00 AM✅
- The PM Session : 2:00 PM → 3:00PM✅

New York local time (EST)

ICT Silver Bullet Time Based Trading - @I_Am_The_ICT

#ICT… Image
Follow @fx4_living, Like, Retweet, Bookmark Image
Are you using ICT Silver bullet in your trading journey?
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The Top Down Model 💎 #ICT


*if you're new to ict pls check last page* Image

Look at the charts and see this model EVERY DAY

Take a look at your favorite furus charts, 9/10 times they have this drawn out for you

Now compare YOUR charts and notice how your winners were setup like this

Example: #1 $ES

15m (HTF) FVG - 1m (LTF) entry ImageImageImage
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1/ This Is @I_Am_The_ICT Pd Array Maxrix
Understanding this will supercharge your ability to build a model that works for you

You want the Entry to be at the extreme but the stop losses to be near the middle of the matrix
Outline for building a model
#Ict 1/6… Image
2/. Pick 1 or 2 Pd arrays for the Setup
Choose a chart time Frame you will look for this and a 2nd for entry

Pick a Specific timeframe for entry Example -"after the IT-MSS on a 3min I drop down to a 1min for a Fvg or MB entry" #trading
3/ Now It is Important you choose a specific window of time you expect to see this happen
Example: 8:30-900am
Remember that it is TIME & PRICE.

Decide on a PD array for Stop loss
The closer to 50% the less risk
Deeper discount will equal more risk in most cases
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6x (H4) candles into one daily candle (D1) can be useful, using Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) data from each candle.

Retweet and Bookmark 📚

A thread 🧵: Image
The 6x H4 candle into 1x Daily Candle is a powerful concept. It condenses six 4-hour candles into one daily candle, providing a good perspective of the intraday market movements.
The daily candle's range holds valuable information about market sentiment and potential breakouts.
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Do you ever wonder why some PD arrays get ignored, and your stop gets run? Here is exactly how to identify when that is likely to happen!
#ICT #Thread 🧵 Image
Example #1

This FVG is obviously ignored.
No Market Structure Shift.
So why was this ignored?
(Answer below 👇) Image
Answer #1

The reason is, sell side liquidity was swept.
After sell side liquidity has been swept, any bearish PD arrays can be ignored because won't reject price anymore. Image
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A simplified visualization for ICT’s concepts..

These are flashcards for newer #ICT traders. Make sure to bookmark this post or save it to your device

Very simple to read, goal is to introduce the concepts at an easier to read level :) Image
Fair Value Gap Image
Inversion Gap Image
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This thread will be explain WHAT Low Resistance Liquidity (LRLR) is and HOW I use it to predict the way price moves

Low resistance liquidity, is like a trend line, but forget anything you ever learned about a trendline, trust me. We do not use it like a trendline. We are not buying the breakout.
Here is an example, what low resistance liquidity is, is when a bunch of highs get created and each consecutive high is lower and lower. Image
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this mini thread will go over the key basics to understanding where the market is likely to go (1/3)

Key components to DOL

- Equal Highs (eqh)
- Support Levels
- Resistance levels

[ $ES 1H] Image
First off, for anyone new to ICT / SMC
the DOL is simply HTF highs & lows,

The first thing you should be asking your self before trading is "Where is the market drawing to"

take this for example 👇

Price takes the low & as you would expect, price began to reverse. (2/3) ImageImage
Not always will price go from A - B

Usually a short term swing low / high or EQH / EQH will be created in the process

if you automatically assume your bullish after SSL gets taken you're most likely going to lose a trade ImageImage
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Here are the 6 Daily #ICT Index Templates in an easy format to refer to throughout the day💎

I recommend you save this and print it out! Image
Here is my thread on them with examples ⬇️

HTF PD Arrays= 4h, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
LTF PD Arrays= 1h and below
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All in one place so you don’t have to scroll through my twitter:)

This will accelerate your learning if you are a ICT student💎
Thread on when not to take an FVG 💎
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Learning How to Analyze the Indexes in 3D Will Greatly Improved Your Accuracy And Bias Within the Market. TRUST ME.

Warning: ⚠️This thread is Pretty Advanced even for Veteran ICT Traders

Anyways, Here’s How👇💎#ICT
Analyzing indexes in 3D is not something that came to me for a while. It’s better if you have a few different monitors to do this, but 1 is fine as long as you can scroll through quick enough.

You must be quick, and you must have a decent memory in order for this to work.
Analyzing in 3D requires ES, NQ, and YM. If you want to go a step further, use DXY or the US10, 20, or 30 year bond.

I personally don’t feel as these are required. I have done very good analysis without the use of DXY. Only use DXY if you really aren’t sure about ES/NQ.
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This is my signature model that is the main reasoning behind my 100% win rate my last 11 trades💎

Go backtest this in the charts #ICT Image
This will be the highest probability with equal lows or high formed during market hours as the draw
Example Image
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The #1 reason why traders struggle is they don’t know when to hold or when to take profit

I’ve learnt a simple trick called the Power of 3 #ICT , to make the process effortless Image
The market works in 3 phases

1.) Accumulation 📊

2.) Manipulation 😵‍💫

3.) Distribution 📈📉

Lets look on a higher timeframe to see which one the market is in

Here on the chart we can see the market is trading within a range

These normally happen after a big move

We are accumulating for the next stage

If we see the market in this type of consolidation we want to scalp targeting the opposite side of the range 🎯 Image
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"Between 10 o'clock & 11 o'clock in the morning, NY local time



🧵 1/x
It's never gonna be a day
even on a shit show day like on Friday


sell-side or buy side"
"I know as long as I get to my charts by 10 o'clock and I can stay there until 11 o'clock
I can take something out
even on days that have the shortened holiday schedule

🧵 3/x
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This is all you need to be successful in this stock market when trading

Save these. #ICT #ICTModels ImageImageImage
I suggest printing these out and putting them on your desk or something. It’s nice to see them side by side with the framework you are looking for live time
Model 1 just played out live time after this tweet:)

Told you this is all you need ImageImage
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"between 3 to 415pm, more precisely between 315 to 345. If you know where you are looking for for liquidity to end the day, swing or imbalance, price will offer an entry towards it before close"

Now lets look at some examples 👇

Thursday, January 12th - ES - short - last hour setup - ✅
obvious dol, displacement, bos, fvg, vib
Tuesday, January 17th - ES - short - last hour setup - ✅
mss, vib, fvg
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. @StateBank_Pak has released disaggregated #trade data for #Pakistan, for the first half of FY23. Some analysis on main trends in 🧵👇👇
1) #Pakistan's #exports have declined in H1 FY23 relative to H1 FY22 by 4%. The fall is driven by goods #exports that fell by 5.8%. in million USD
2) By #destination, the largest #export contractions are observed to the USA, China, the UK and the UAE.
#Pakistan Image
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‼️ ICT Price Delivery (Fiyat Teslimatı) ‼️

Fiyat şu şekilde teslim edilir:

Genişletme -> Sipariş bloğu
Düzeltme -> Likidite boşluğu / Fvg
Ters çevirme -> Likidite havuzu
Konsolidasyon -> Denge / %50

#ICT #Price #Algorithm

Örnek grafik --> Image
Fiyat şuan hangi hareketi yaptı?
Sıradaki hareket ne?

Size bir tüyo:
Tüm hareketlerin her birine kafanızda bir kodlama yapıp bu kodları kombinleyerek kendinize bir model oluşturabilirsiniz.

Örnek: 2-4-1-3 (boğa) / 3-1-4-2(ayı) 🤪👊

----> ImageImageImageImage
Kütüphaneme kaydettiğim farklı görselleri harmanlayarak hazırladım. Traderların isimlerini hatırlamıyorum. Bilen varsa yorum bırakabilir daha fazla kaynağa ulaşabiliriz.

İçerik devamı için desteklerseniz sevinirim 🖤🥷
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⏳London Killzone⏳

- Günün high veya low oluşma ihtimali yüksektir.
- Genellikle gidilecek yönün tersine manipüle hareket yapar. Buna Judas swing'de denir.
-Asia'da sert hareketler olursa London işlem alınmaz.
- Haftanın High veya Low'u Salı veya Çarşamba oluşur.

Devam--> Image
Örnek grafik:

- Yatay geçen Asia range sonrası 00:00 algoritmanın açılması ile London killzone vaktinde fiyat manipüle yapıp hareketine devam ediyor.
- Newyork killzone'de ote bölgesinden tekrar giriş şansı tanıyor.

---> Image
@DenizhanOzay notları:

-Londra 02.30-03.00 arası judas swing'tir.
-Fiyat 02.30 öncesi likiditeye saldırmamış ise 02.30 ila 03.00 arası harekete geçer. En dip/tepe fiyat 03.00 veya 03.30 arası oluşur. En yüksek ihtimalli tradeler her zaman 03.00-03.30 aralığında çıkar.
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