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Rural Broadband project, #BharatNet,rolled out by @narendramodi govt,to be implemented via PPP model,will ensure,every inhabited village in 16 States will have Optical Fibre Connectivity,with overall cost at 19041 Cr

3.61 lakh villages will get broadband,OTT&Multi media Services Image
On economic front,good news is,for FY21,India saw Current Account Surplus (CAS) of 0.9% of GDP,versus Current Account Deficit (CAD) of 0.9% in FY20

Under inept #Congress,#CAD rose to 6.8% in 2013 but it has been less than 2% in last 7yrs,under @narendramodi govt,which bodes well
Just look at the kind of transformative work being done by @narendramodi &his team

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana to boost #Pisciculture,with a Rs 20000 Cr corpus &subsidy in the range of 40%-60%,is a huge boost to agri&allied services sector

#Modinomics #PMModi #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai Image
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A bit more on today's UK trade data and the impact of #Brexit...

It helps to look at #imports and #exports *separately* - the stories are quite different.

The relative weakness of UK trade with the EU is mainly on the *import* side, which is only partly Brexit related... (1/6)
A lot is also due to problems in the car sector (e.g. global shortages of parts) and the relative weakness of demand for cars, which we mainly import from the EU, compared to goods we import from the rest of the world (e.g. clothing & PPE from Asia)... (2/6)
There may also be some cases where UK imports from the EU are being replaced by imports from the rest of the world, or local production.

But if consumers were happy buying from the EU before #Brexit, new trade frictions that hinder this are not obviously a 'good thing'... (3/6)
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Just in: India’s Services exports grew by 6.44% in May 2021 to $17.85 billion, while Services imports grew just 0.3% to $10 billion, as per initial estimates, Commerce Secretary Anup Wadhawan said on Thursday. | reports @tragicosmicomic
@tragicosmicomic Services trade has consequently recorded a 15.4% higher surplus in May 2021 over May 2020, he said. - reports @tragicosmicomic
@tragicosmicomic With merchandise exports rising 67% over last year as well as 8% over the pre-pandemic month of May 2019, Mr. Wadhawan said that there is a comprehensive recovery in India’s #exports over April and May. | via @tragicosmicomic
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On May 26th @StateBank_Pak released #Pakistan's disaggregated #trade statistics for April '21. We now have 10 months of the FY21. Some analysis in #thread below. 👇👇👇
#Pakistan #exports of #goods & #services grew by 6.2%., surpassing the US$25 billion mark. (2/n) Pakistan exports of goods and services, first 10 months of F
By #destination: substantial increases of shipments to #China and the #USA. Stability with #Afghanistan, and contractions in shipments to #UAE.

[#export growth to China and USA is confirmed by mirror data analysis] (3/n) Pakistan exports by destination, in million USD. (source SBP
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#TradeDeficit in February 2021 up 4.8% to $71.1B. #Exports down 2.6% to $187.3B. #Imports down 0.7% to $258.3B (seasonally adjusted). #CensusEconData
Goods and services #deficit ($71.1B) in February 2021 was the highest on record (seasonally adjusted). #CensusEconData #ForeignTrade #TradeDeficit
#GoodsDeficit ($88.0B) in February 2021 was the highest on record (seasonally adjusted). #CensusEconData #ForeignTrade
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"Capital is back because low growth is back" @PikettyLeMonde said, stating that decreasing growth leads to increasing #inequality. If that would be true, we have a social-ecological dilemma #degrowth. I wrote my BA about it and got the #GSÖBW price for it yesterday. Thread. 1/14
Yesterday was #GlobalClimateStrike. Many studies show: The #ClimateCrisis can only be solved if economic growth rates in the North decrease rapidly. @timparrique, @g_kallis, @jasonhickel. If decreasing growth necessarily leads to increasing inequality, we have a problem. 2/14
True,since the 1980s economic growth has decreased in Germany, while income and wealth inequality have increased @CharlyBartels @MiriamRehm. But is it a correlation or causality? I argue, political decisions led to increasing inequality, not declining growth. Four arguments: 3/14
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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India's Exports (Merchandise &Services) in April-Feb FY21,are $439.64bn,down 10.14%,YoY

Imports in April-Feb FY21 are $447.44bn,down 20.83%

But in Dec'20,Jan&Feb'21,#Exports started picking up,with Feb growth at 0.67%&2.46% in Dollar &Rupee terms

Export growth in Dec was 5.37%
Exports in Feb'21 were $27.93bn,Vs $27.74bn in Feb20,up 0.67%

In Rupee terms,Exports were Rs 2.03 lakh Cr in Feb'21,up 2.46%

Imports in Feb were $40.54bn/Rs 2.95 lakh Cr,up 6.96% in Dollar terms &8.86% in Rupee terms,YoY

Trade Deficit in Feb21 was $12.88bn,Vs $10.16bn in Feb20
Interestingly,in April-Feb 2020-21,TradeDeficit is only $7.80bn,Vs deficit of $75.90bn in April-Febr 2019-20

Merchandise #TradeDeficit of $12.62bn in Feb21 is much lower Vs $14.54bn in Jan21

Lower Trade deficit in FY21,not due to slowdown alone,but due to better terms of trade
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The 17+1 flop THREAD

Yesterday’s #China-#CEEC summit was an embarrassment for #Beijing and, to a large extent, a waste of time for Europeans. Nearly a decade after this format was put in place with a lot of fanfare, it’s worth looking back and reflecting what went wrong.
There are five flawed assumptions the 16+1 format (17+1 since 2019) was based on.

1. #CEECs’ expectations that #China would be THE source of #FDI capital and a market for their #exports.
The reality:
- 🇨🇳 loans for 🇨🇳 contractors vs limited FDI;
- Growing #trade deficits.

2. Conspicuous discrepancy between the - supposedly - regional nature of the format and #China's preference for bilateral relations. The #WesternBalkans were “more equal” than others, which led to disenchantment and frustration in #EU member states in #CentralEasternEurope.
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1/6: Now we have the #Brexit deal we should reboot British #foreignpolicy. It needs both clear long-term priorities and agile tactical footwork. For starters, this thread suggests five early opportunities in 2021, which should also help rebuild key relationships.
2/6: First, consolidate a strong role on #climate leading up to the November #COP26 conference in Glasgow. Show that UK can exercise serious convening power. Work smartly with US, who under Biden & Kerry will want to run the show. Use it to mend fences with #EU & engage #China.
3/6: Second, use #G7 Presidency to link climate agenda to international health policy & sustainable open trade. Boosting collective clinical & economic response to #Covid19. Use leverage of UK financial support for #WHO and expected success of the Oxford vaccine.
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At the Growth Lab, an interdisciplinary team of researchers explores the secret of #EconomicGrowth from both an academic and applied angle. These are our most important academic papers of the past decade on #EconomicComplexity. (1/22)…
The economic complexity approach starts from the assumption that technology takes the form of tools, codes and #Knowhow. Knowhow grows by putting different bits of knowhow in different brains. (2/22)
Countries know more because individuals in them know different. Complex places have more diverse #knowhow. Complex products require more knowhow. Knowhow diffuses with people and teams of people. Once distributed, it needs tying back together by firms, cities or countries. (3/22)
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#wheat #exports: #India to export 3.5-4 million tonnes of wheat to neighbouring countries as compared to an average of 0.2Mn tonnes per annum in the past between now & March if govt sells at international prices which are below #MSP .…
If the govt absorbs the difference #India could end up exporting as much as 7Mn tonnes of #wheat . The govt needs to empty stocks at a loss after buying from #Farmers at #MSP to be able to buy more #wheat this year.
Fact is #MSP has put the nation into cyclic losses .
As yields increase it will logically not be possible for any govt to buy crops at an #MSP higher than international prices beyond a determined stock . The rest of the agricultural produce will logically have to be sold at market rates .
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Wanted to analyze #Pakistan's #export performance, benchmarking with structural and aspirational countries, along 4 dimensions - #growth, #diversification, #quality, #survival. Thread below: 👇👇👇
1/n Since the turn of the century, #Pakistan has become a more inward oriented economy, with exports/GDP falling from 16 to 10%.
2/n As a result, #Pakistan's share of world markets fell from 16USD to 12USD out of every 1000USD traded between 1990 and 2019. #Bangladesh moved from 5 to 18USD in the same period. #Vietnam from 14 to 113USD!!!
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#Iran #Teheran #Exports

According to data from the IRICA (Islamic Republic Iran Customs Administration), Iran exported to its neighbors 41,818 million tons of commodities worth $11,522 billion, which accounted for 63% of the value

(Image by the IRICA, DONT KOW WHAT IT SAYS) Image
and 64% of the weight of its total non-oil exports over 7 months. Iraq was the top destination, importing 17,683 million tons of commodities worth $4,854 billion, followed by the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) with 8.5 million tons of goods worth $2,272 billion,
Turkey with 4,794 million tons worth $1,489 billion, Afghanistan with 4,077 million tons worth $1,325 billion, and Pakistan with 1,257 million tons worth $491 million. It accounts for up to 60% of Iran 's overall exports. According to Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht,
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Evening News @InfoDiggerIndia

Evening News - #InfoSnippets - 4th September 2020

Humane side of police came to fore during COVID-19 pandemic: PM #NarendraModi

7 killed in fire accident in #TamilNadu
Major Ports to use only Indian built tug boats now onwards

Railways to operate special trains for students @Central_Railway

SC dismisses review petition filed by six states seeking postponement of #NEETJEE
EC to hold bye-elections to 64 assembly, one lok sabha seat along with Bihar Assembly Elections

#RBI issues Priority Sector Lending guidelines

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#Apar Industries is one among the best established companies in India, operating in the diverse fields of #electrical and #metallurgical #engineering.
@Raunak_Bits @Sachsharma12 @srslysaurabh @Agarwal_Ishu @Random_Gyan @drprashantmish6
Raw materials:
Crude #oil & #Steel
There are 3 segments: #Conductors, Transformer and speciality #oils & Power/Telecom #Cable. The revenue breakup is in the screenshot attached
Domestic revenues decline 52% YoY with lockdown in April, lower scale of operations in May-June; #Exports up 11% YoY. Management focus is on improving revenue generation from high value products. Long time consolidation in financial parameters
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#China is integrating with the world #economy, not decoupling from it, according to Wu Ge, as indicated by the following facts...1/7
Amid rising #trade tensions with the #US, China has turned to export more to Southeast Asian countries; meanwhile, China’s #exports of medical and virus-control supplies have also increased amid the #pandemic...2/7
Both highlight #market force in global resource allocations that cannot be manipulated by political forces. China enjoys obvious advantages over Southeast Asian countries with a complete range of well-designed & -made product #supplies, a fact that many statistics can prove...3/7
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1. Some 🇬🇧 politicians assert that the #China-#UK #GoldenEra relationship is a failure citing the UK (goods) trade deficit with #China in 2019. On that basis, they call for a “reset” of the relationship.
2. 🇨🇳🇬🇧 relationship is multifaceted. It compasses more than trade (goods or services). Drawing a conclusion on the basis of one aspect of that relationship only is one-sided and methodologically wrong.
3. In the past 20 years, from 1999 to 2020, #UK #exports to #China increased twenty times.

According to a recent report by China-Britain Business Council, British exports to China supported 90,000 to 115,000 full-time jobs. @cbbc
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Roll up, roll up, for yet another spectacular @UKandEU report. 🥳🥳🥳This time on Brexit and manufacturing. 🚗✈️💊THREAD… Image
First, thanks to all those involved @dgbailey and Ivan Rajic wrote it, @jillongovt edited and improved it, @NLehl managed the whole editorial process and @Aron_Cheung once again produced the striking charts.
#Manufacturing makes up around 10% of the #UK #economy and 9% of private sector employment.
It provides close to half of UK #exports and around 60% of private sector investment. Image
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The #COVID19 resurgence has curbed China's economic recovery. According to Zhang Bin and Zhu He, except for the containment measures and deteriorated market expectations, a major factor repressing China's recovery remains insufficient #demands, both domestic and external.
The external environment and changes in the balance sheets of various domestic sectors indicate that consumer #spending may slowly pick up, but #exports will continue to be strained;
business #investments are expected to stay sluggish, while infrastructure investments and real estate investments are beginning to improve. However, whether the improvements will be sustainable still depends on future policies.
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In a first, #Pakistan earns $6.2m through #cigarette #exports

By exporting cigarettes (finished product) for the first time, the country has earned at least $6.28 million in the past 11 months of this financial year (FY20). Image
However exports could not be accelerated as per expectations; gulf countries had placed import orders of cigarettes worth $50 million last year.
According to documents available with this scribe revenue of $6.28 million during July-May FY20 was country’s first-ever major earning from the export of value-added tobacco products.
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At the top of the hour- farmdoc webinar, April 28.

* @farmdocDaily Live | #COVID19 and Ag.

* @nickdpaulson and @JoeGlauber1 on #Agricultural #Trade.
Nick Paulson
Importance of Ag #Export Markets
Export Share of U.S. Production, 2017/18
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China’s #exports and #imports in the first quarter respectively went down by 11.4% and 0.7% year-on-year.…
After the second quarter, the growing epidemic worldwide is projected to further weigh on China’s exports and imports, which will bring a second wave of impact on its economy.
There have been studies predicting that the imports and exports of China in 2020 may witness a decline of 15% -20%, with a larger decline in trade in service.
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According to Zhang Tao, member of CF40 Academic Commitee, China will be the first to restore substantial production capacity after it succeeds in combating the pandemic.…
Taking into account that China is at the supply side of a large number of #globalsupplychains for medical and pharmaceutical resources, other economies could overcome the pandemic with the support from China.
It is worth noting that how powerful China's role will be and how soon China’s support will take effect is influenced by three factors.
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