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Credit Suisse 1/4: Last week we outlined our reasons for expecting a period of consolidation in #G10FX, having previously been mostly #USD bearish for around 3 months, keeping our key near-term forecasts unchanged (#EURUSD 1.18, #USDJPY 105, #AUDUSD 0.72).
Credit Suisse 2/4: We highlighted factors such as extreme short USD positioning, consensus greenback bearishness and a relative shift in new negative surprises on the Covid news front away from the US and towards other centres such as the EU and Australia.
Credit Suisse 3/4: The debate around US fiscal stimulus also seems to be (very slowly) moving in the right direction towards an acceptable deal, with Senate majority leader McConnell saying he’s ready to support a package despite seeing “some problems with certain parts of it”,
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JF's Sunday Morning Charts - just few charts today... (see full thread inside) Happy Father's Day to All!!

#SPX Weekly - so far the PRZ for Leg C has held... a break <$2934 is first sign C may be done and Leg D starting.. and confirms on a break < $2792.
#GC_F Daily - Gold finally made a move on Friday and may reach Supply on a break > $1760.. setting up a possible short. However, a break < $1727 likely sends it back down to Demand.
$DXY Daily - looking poised for higher. A break >$98 and it's off to the races..
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Sizlere bugün satış işleminde işler ters gittiğinizde başvurabileceğiniz bir çıkış planını canlı ve görsel olarak hazırlamaya çalıştım.

Günlük hedef 30 pips kazancına ulaşmak için nerede daha fazla risk almalıyız sorusuna cevap oldu.

Haydi başlayalım.

12633'den satışa başladım.

Fiyat yukarıya giderse,

12750 ve 12875'e emirler girdim.

İşlemlerin neredeyse tümü mobilde oldu ve gün içerisinde özel işlerim de olduğu için emirle ilerleme planı yaptım.

Fiyat beklediğim düşüşü yapmadı.

Yükseliş devam etti.

Diğer emir gerçekleşti.

Riskim 2 katına çıktı.

Şimdi planım 12633'den kurtulup, 12750'yi sürmek.

Günlük 30 pips hedefliyorum.

İşler yine beklediğim gibi gitmedi.

Fiyat diğer emire doğru yürümeye başladı.

Marjı ayarladık, henüz kontrolü kaybetmedik.

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1-) Yükseliş öneren QM formasyonu kalıbı.

Bizler 5 numarayı özgür bıraktığımız için asla 1 hizasına kadar inmesini beklemiyoruz.

Dönüşten spekülatörün maliyetinden katılıyoruz oyuna ve hedef belirlerken de ABCD formasyonuna geçiyoruz bir özel ölçü ile. Akşam bunu anlatıcam.
2-) Düşüş öneren QM formasyonu kalıbı...

Bu kalıptaki 5 numara, yükseliş önerene göre daha zorludur. Şayet 1 numarayı geçmiş ise, 1 hizası kesin stop ya da shorttur.

Düşüşe yine ABCD olarak bakar ve spesifik hesaplama yaparak hedef belirleriz.

Biraz da kurallarından bahsedelim
3-) Yükseliş öneren QM formasyonunda kurallar net olarak bellidir. Ismini Quasimodo adlı kambur bir zangoç dan alan formasyon kendisi de kambur bir obo ya da tobo görünümündedir.

Elmas formasyonu ile karıştırıldığı çok olur.
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Getting close to grand moment in markets. Crash of #EURUSD. First, look at major picture. EURUSD has been developing in WXY-pattern since 2008. Correctional yes! But we still lack final wave C of wave Y. This is min. as strong decline as strong as decline from Dec. '09 to Jul '10
Zooming in! Remembering, that sub-count of WXY-patterns are abc-patterns, we see clear pattern of 5 wave move since EUR-high in 2018. This is wave A. Then we have had correctional B since Oct. 2018 incl. triangle. Wave "e" peaked above - so now we should see CRASH in wave C!
Target 0.80-0.85 to be reached this year! #USD will strengthen a lot and fast! I will be speaking more of this on the live show on Sunday at #TheZebergReport
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So how important is RSI DIVERGENCE? Very!! Check charts for #SP500, #Oil, #EURUSD (all neg. divergence) and for #Volatility (pos. divergence) - and you tell me! 👍#HZupdates
Then take a look at this chart for #XAUUSD #Gold. Massive neg. divergence - even stronger the last 5 months as it rallies in massive RISING WEDGE. Tell me again, that Gold cannot crash!
May also add.... Gold sentiment at 91!
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#EURUSD Major forces about to be unleashed! When current correction (abcde) finalizes - which will happen soon - the coming crash will send shock waves through global economy. Fast decline to ~0.98 and later this year further decline to target 0.80-0.85. Take care! USD will soar!
#DXY Observe massive bullish momentum building in RSI. This is explosive! Very quick rally to ~110 is imminent - before pause and further rally towards 117 - and likely 122. Pain ahead! Take care!
And we got this pattern for US10 yr Yield. About to rally in correctional wave C - while inflation has been plummeting. Real rates about to rocket higher!
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#Gold No changes to my LT target: 800-890 USD! We have massive BEARISH PATTERN and divergence! Wedge may be done and hence crash imminent! However, we may(!) see a rather strong rally beginning of next week! Why? See next tweet!
The BEARISH pattern implies, that we must be looking for beginning of Decline. Short term, we may(!) have first 5 wave decline - yet we have not seen acceleration (w3). So, wave (2) may still be playing out - with pot. wave up to 1740s - generating all-good feeling!
This would align #Gold structure with #EURUSD structure. Hence, a ST rally before the crash sets in for both #Gold and #Euro. Strong #USD will crush Precious Metals and all other currencies. Take care!!
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Good morning! 😀Fed is all in (again!!) - and this time there is a great confidence among traders (again!!) that Fed can has stopped deflation and supplied enough liquidity to the system. But is that really the case? Stay tuned for my perspectives #HZupdates
Let me start an nontraditional way - with a zoom in. This is #SP500 1 hour chart. I look for corrections and main directional moves. This is a correctional move - and it may have finalized! So - the main wave will soon set in again. Now - lets zoom out #HZupdates
The zoom in was of wave 4. It is correctional in nature - and will hence be 100% (or way more) surpassed. Notice - it managed to retrace to 50% Fib. I think we are really close to the next strong decline. EW gives us ~1800 for bottom of wave A = the illiquid deflationary period
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#Deflation unfolding - but as in all moves - we will always see counter-moves or corrections. Last week was such a correction. We must not drop our guard! The economic situation is dire and we are not through the illiquid phase. Major developments ahead! Stay tuned for #HZupdates
It is all about #USD. Last week was a retracement in the new strong spike for #DXY = wave ii (blue). Within days, DXY will likely start strong rally higher - reaching min. 109 within weeks. End target will be reached later this year ~122 #HZupdates
The rally in #DXY is caused by extreme USD shortage. #EURUSD will feel the strength. In fact, it seems to me, that we are about to see a very strong decline in EURUSD within days/weeks to ~0.97-0.98 before a sideways bounce. LT-target remains the same: ~0.85 to be reached this yr
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#XAUUSD Weekly chart! Take care! Image
#EURUSD and #DXY turning after their corrections. Now - wait for #Gold. Wauw - if feel lucky I'm an EW'er. Then again - it prevents me from participating in the excitement of Fool's rallies....! 😉 Image
People needs to look at structures! Not levels or feelings. Structures of price actions! Identify correctional patterns. Rally in #XAUUSD #Gold since March 16th is 100% correctional. All corrections r ALWAYS retraced completely and more. Wave Cs bring people in on the wrong side! Image
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Dear all. #Deflation is here as forecasted. #Oil and #Commodities etc. are declining rapidly towards targets I have put up here in #HZupdates. We are still to see the major fall-outs. The situation is dire! CBs are fully committed to sacrifice the currencies to save the economy!
#Oil has reach the target of ~20 USD. But - I don't think we have seen the bottom yet! Why? Technical. I think we will see a triangle forming as wave iv - before Oil plunges towards its final target ~10 USD. Deflation not done despite massive CB and fiscal intervention! Image
#CRB has also reached the target area. Still, I expect further lows - following some sideways consolidation. Throw-over is to be expected for a Ending Diagonal. The significance of the bottom cannot be over-emphasized. This is a SECULAR BOTTOM - and the final low for inflation! Image
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Paese congelato da ieri
delta rispetto al Picco di Congestione del Traffico mattutino superiore al 50% sia a Milano che a Roma
Worst Case ad oggi
-32mld di PIL2020
Deficit/PIL =
-2.82% con +10mld deficit [+7mldUsc vs -3mldEnt]
-3,78% con Entrate ridotte di 12mld vs 2019
AD OGGI ImageImageImageImage
Ad oggi il maggior indebitamento in qualunque ipotesi con una contrazione così importante del PIL, porterebbe il rapporto debito/PIL italiano vicino al 140%...facendo scattare tutti gli alert di ristrutturazione del debito pubblico...sia Ex-Ante [#MES2] che EX-Post [MES attuale] Image
ma 30mld è solo quello che abbiamo perso fino a questo momento, allarghiamo l'orizzonte almeno fino al 03 aprile ipotesi a spanne su tutto il paese...
più tutto il tempo per tornare a regime Image
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Good morning! Let's have an update on markets as it has now become very clear, that we are to see the #Deflation unfolding, which I have mentioned here for a long time. Why hasn't it really hurt yet - and what to expect? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
I have shown my #Oil chart for a long time with Ending Diagonal. Since talks of oil >100USD - and during spikes in oil due to attacks in ME. All noise!! Structures drive price - and we are en route towards <20USD - perhaps as low as ~10USD for Oil. #Deflation unfolding!
I have shown #Deflation in #CRB chart. Broken lower trendline and now heading towards much lower levels to be reached this year! It will be a SECULAR BOTTOM - hence this is from where #STAGLFLATION will develop, as economy continues to plummet and prices begin to rise #HZupdates
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#Deflation phase has started. Stocks will plummet in 5 waves down to ~1800 in #SP500. Wave 2 and 4 will be corrections. We have break of 200SMA and trendline from early 2019. I think we see a backtest of these (yellow area?). But - in general trend is down - and fast!
#USD #DXY is about to set off on a major move higher. The current correction is a wave 2 (blue) and hence next wave will take us to min. 103 - but more likely 106-107 in an impulsive move. Do not stand in front of the USD train coming months!
#EURUSD kissing 50SMA and pot. also 200SMA "Goodbye" - before turning down hard. Next wave will take down to - and likely below bottom from early 2017 - only for a short consolidation before EUR crash continues. LT-target remains ~0.85
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...@bancaditalia CODADEPAJA
I prestiti TLTRO di #PopBari dal bilancio 2015..."anche a nome delle nuove controllate" chiesti ulteriori 516 milioni in 3 mesi...
Evento in stile
#ECB/@bancaditalia 's Ponzi Scheme... 👏👏
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What if euro will print something like this with higher low on D1 first, then fake higher highs with break so called trend line and last all of the sudden shit into the bed??
Even though it had not dip into d1 zone reverse from h4 levels but so far so good still on track looking to rejection this month. While all the purple zones are quarterly levels.
Fine now print LH on Daily around orange zone.
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Hey all! Attention if you are up for an update on my perspective on markets. Deflation and massive moves ahead! Stay tuned #HZupdates
Let's start with #CRB, which created a nice shooting star on weekly chart, and leaving gap open below. Wave "e" often overshoots trend-line only to turn hard the opposite direction. The likely coming decline in #CRB is deflationary #HZupdates
This week we had an #Oil crisis according to some analysts. It played out on Monday😄Like #CRB, #Oil is consolidating in a sideway-consolidation (wave B) before a strong move lower. Target in Ending Diagonal remains <20USD. This will be secular bottom. First #deflation #HZupdates
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Good morning! 😀Trust you are well! Some interesting developments in markets. I will provide my perspective here in #HZupdates
#Oil has strong influence on price development (inflation). Seems to be developing in Ending Diagonal. We may see wave (B) develop as a triangle - before next move down towards target <20 USD #HZupdates
Similar pattern in ##Commodity index #CRB. Consolidation below trendline. Next major move should send #CRB much lower. This is deflationary #HZupdates
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Weekly Trade Results Thread :
$Gbpusd Long Trades = 11.3R
$Eurusd Long Trade = 2.7R
$Usdcad Short Trade = 3.2R
$Usdchf short Trade = -1R
Total Reward = 16.2R
Few other trades as well but forgot to shared not added on this twitter journal record, try to share more trades from now.
Weekly 2 Trade Results :
$Eurusd Long = 4R
$Usdcad Short = B,E(close manually before SL hit)
$Eurusd Short = 2R (was trade without stop)
$Usdchf Long = 2R
$Usdjpy Long = 3R
$Gbpusd Short =2R
$Eurnzd Short = -1R

Total Reward = 12R
3rd Week Trade Results :
$Nzdusd: 4.2R
$Usdchf: -1R
$Eurusd: 5R(avg exit)
$Gbpusd: 10R(avg exit)
$Eurusd: 2R(avg exit)
$Eurusd: 7R
$Gbpusd: 9R(avg exit)
$Eurusd and $Usdchf : B.E
Total Reward: 37.2-1= 36.2R
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Good morning! 😀End of August --> Time to look at some Monthly charts. What does the latest Monthly candles suggest for the road ahead for global economy? Stay tuned for #HZupdates
Yesterday, I posted this chart for #EURUSD. This is very central, as it provides indication for direction of USD. Major topping pattern - backtest in early 2018 - now targeting <0.9. Notice August candle! Zoom-in chart 2. It seems to be very Bearish #HZupdates
Turning towards Monthly chart for #DXY, we got corresponding candle to what we observed in #EURUSD. Bullish which set #DXY on the path towards min. 111, pot. as high as 120. Trend line suggest we could get there by Q1/Q2 2020. USD strength will create global challenges #HZupdates
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#ECB is likely to crash EUR in attempt to stimulate EU-economy🤦‍♂️(incompetence in ECB is staggering!). Wait for waterfall moment in #EURUSD. Currently flirting with LT-trendline. Target 0.85-0.91 #HZupdates
Major drop in #EURUSD will send #USD #DXY soaring (following pot. ST weakness). LT-target for DXY is >111. This is likely to be the trigger for REAL Fed intervention, which will push economy out of Deflation #HZupdates
Rally in #USD will push #Gold (#XAUUSD) into major decline in final wave C, which will take yellow pet rock below 1000 USD. Imo no way that structure of rally since 2015 is new Bull market. It is ZigZag-correction topping ~1480 (here!) or ~1590 (-1600). Major Bull trap #HZupdates
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Good morning! 😁Deflationary phase is developing in economy. Stay tuned for my perspectives on coming developments in markets based on charts - technical and fundamental analysis #HZupdates thread coming up!
SP500 recovered some of the loses from early trading this week. Still, I think we have seen the top of the Expanding Diagonal, and we are currently in the Deflationary part of the crisis, where growth in economy is rolling over. Target ~2050 by Q1/Q2 2020 #HZupdates
#SP500 - will we see rally to 2950 for pot. top of wave 2 (black) before reversal and strong decline? That would close the gap in market from early Aug. #HZupdates
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Dear all 🙂Hope you enjoy the weekend! We are still in the Twilight Zone. Despite continued deteriorating economic fundamentals across the globe, US stock market continues to rally. But for how long...? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
Indicators and signals across the globe continue to suggest economic slowdown - which slowly but surely spreads to all geographical regions and industries. It is my firm belief, that US will not decouple and US #equities will realize this at some point #HZupdates
#WTI sends clear signal from major Ending Diagonal. We may rally further in wave (B) - but soon we will see a reversal, which will send #Oil towards its LT-target of <20USD #HZupdates
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