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On May 26th @StateBank_Pak released #Pakistan's disaggregated #trade statistics for April '21. We now have 10 months of the FY21. Some analysis in #thread below. 👇👇👇
#Pakistan #exports of #goods & #services grew by 6.2%., surpassing the US$25 billion mark. (2/n) Pakistan exports of goods and services, first 10 months of F
By #destination: substantial increases of shipments to #China and the #USA. Stability with #Afghanistan, and contractions in shipments to #UAE.

[#export growth to China and USA is confirmed by mirror data analysis] (3/n) Pakistan exports by destination, in million USD. (source SBP
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#Philippines #Manilla #BirdFlu #H5N6 #H5N8 #Import #BAN

The Philippines is now free of the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu virus, said the Department of Agriculture on Tuesday (19 January), citing a statement by the World Animal Health Organization (OIE).
The South-East Asian region, however, is one of the largest importers of meat, esspecialy for chicken, beef and other poultry products, but the report said that it is not dropping the guard against the disease.
A temporary ban on imports of domestic and wild birds and their products from France, South Korea, the Netherlands and Poland has been imposed by the Department of Agriculture, where another newer highly pathogenic strain, H5N8, had been found.
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#China #Bejing #Import #taax

China will initiate anti-dumping measures, the Ministry of Commerce said Friday, against imported ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) goods from the #UnitedStates (USA), the Republic of #Korea (ROK) and the #EuropeanUnion (EU).
Starting Sunday, duties will be collected for a five-year period at rates ranging from 12.5 percent to 222 percent, the ministry added. The EPDM is commonly used to make auto components, wires, cables and other industrial goods as feedstock.
Chinas justification: " China's domestic industry has suffered substantial damage due to the dumping of such products by the United States, the ROK and the EU, the ministry said in a final ruling based on an anti-dumping investigation launched in June last year."
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After live coronavirus was found on the outer packaging of imported cold chain food in three cities in two days, China is now requiring imported cold chain food to be thoroughly disinfected before going to market,
leading to increasing public concerns. In order to achieve closed-loop control and traceability for the entire process, imported cold chain foods will be thoroughly disinfected in order to reduce the risk of bringing in COVID-19 via imported cold-chain food,
China's State Council announced on Monday. The loading and transport carriers and the inner and outer packaging of the cold chain food are also related items that are also needed to be completely sterilized.
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🌄Good evening everyone!

Welcome to In Conversation with 𝐃𝐫 𝐑 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐦, Former Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India, Chairman AEC & Secretary @DAEIndia👥

🗣️Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatwithRChidambaram
👸👸This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille & @Jengovz on behalf of @spf_in

🌸🌸Opening the session with a warm welcome by @ChagunBasha @DSTCPRIISc @PrinSciAdvGoI
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1-We have been talking about #Mantras and their place in the #Vedic #Tradition.

Today, let’s dwell on the #Shakti Mantras – quite perhaps the most #esoteric and #Powerful entities in their own right. (1/19)

2-A word of caution here.

Shakti Mantras are like an Atomic Bomb

They are extremely powerful

..and should be practiced with due consideration, initiation and guidance by your #Guru and under your full #Intuition. (2/19)

@ijyotish @shashankupadhy_

3-Fundamentally, Shakti Mantras are extremely powerful, mono or single syllabled mantras.

In the higher Yogic practices they have a special usage. (3/19)

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I wish to draw your attention to three news items in this week.

1. There was a news indicating that #employment in rural areas has increased during last few days and the rate of increase is noticeable higher than that in urban areas.
Honorable Pradhan-Sevak ji, in his “#MankiBaat” gave examples of rural poor who despite scares resources set example of innovative and socially relevant work.
Honorable CM of Maharashtra mentioned in his address to the state that farmers in Maharashtra are not locked down but are working for sowing and nurturing the crops.

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(1/n)Thread on "The Call to Boycott Made in China Products".
Src: CNBC TV18

#India's Trade Deficit with #China:
FY17: Rs.3,43,853 cr
FY18: Rs.4,06,241 cr
FY19: Rs.3,74,790 cr
FY20: Rs.3,06,634 cr (Apr-Jan)

#investment #AtmaNirbharBharat #coronavirus #economy #GDP #stockmarket
(2/n) India - China trade Imbalance:

Imports: US$70,408 mn
Exports: US$16,783 mn
Deficit: US$53,625 mn

#China #India #BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina #BoycottMadeInChina #investors #import #export #CoronavirusIndia
(3/n)- India's imports from China:
Category : Share
Manufacturing: 95.94%
Chemicals: 19.53%
Engg & Transportation: 30.67%
Electronics: 31.63%
Ores & Minerals: 1.62%
Agri & related: 0.44%
Crude & petro prdts: 1.42%
Others: 1.58%

#BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina
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Die #BReg möchte grünen #Wasserstoff aus #Nordafrika (#Marokko) importieren.
Fragen, die sich dazu sicher viele stellen:
➡ Was sind die Gründe dafür?
➡ Ist das wirklich sinnvoll?

In diesem Thread wollte ich Antworten darauf geben.
Am Ende habe ich aber noch mehr Fragen!
Der Reihe nach: Für die Beantwortung der beiden Fragen ist das Dokument "Kosten der Produktion von grünem Wasserstoff" wichtig, erstellt vom wiss. Dienst des Bundestags.
Darin wird auch der Import von grünem Wasserstoff beleuchtet.…
Der #WissenschaftlicheDienst macht es sich beim Thema Import einfach und zitiert u. A. aus einer @greenpeace_de-Studie.
Ich habe für Euch die beiden wichtigen Sätze markiert.
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#RBI cut by 40bps each of these👇
#Repo rate to 4%
#ReverseRepo to 3.35%
#BankRate to 4.25%

Decision was reached after 5:1 vote,with #ChetanGhate,lone voice calling for 25 bps cut

#MPC meet was held ahead of schedule from 3rd-5th,June

#EMI #moratoroum extended by 3 more months
Moratorium extension till 31st August 2020,is both timely &reflective of @narendramodi govt's alacrity--Big relief to #MiddleClass

Measure to convert #moratorium interest payment into #TermLoan payable in FY21,is helpful

This will reduce #NPAs &stress on banks' balance sheets
#RBI's cut in #Repo will reduce cost of funds&extension of #moratorium will be supportive of financial stability;#Rates across #YieldCurve will move lower from current levels

Fall in #ReverseRepo rate will disincentivise banks from #hoarding #liquidity&coax them to lend

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The market value of @embraer has tumbled to a mere $1.1Bn . If the @PMOIndia works quickly to use the bonhomie between @narendramodi & @jairbolsonaro to acquire a 70% stake here now it could give #India a major leg into civilian airliner manufacturing fast…
The #Aircraft market could be down now but it will begin to pick up as herd immunity & vaccines kick in . Acquiring @Embraer could give #India a domestic manufacturer for the UDAN project . Also the KC390 would be a readymade MTA for the @IAF_MCC .
There are market predictions which indicate #India will need more than 1000 short range airliners to serve a growing Tier 2&3 city airports by 2035 . At an average price of $50Mn today that's nearly $50Bn if we import these jets.
Sir @narendramodi ,this is a golden opportunity.
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#RyanDawson: ".. Why is #Turkey so beholden to #Israel? I like you to see this. I has over half-a-million views.
..I explained this at the very beginning of the #SyrianWar

..Why is there conflict in #Syria, and why is there really a target on #Iran? If you stop thinking about>
it in terms of #US-#interest, the #puzzle is very easy. The US acts for only one state's interest, and that's #Israel.

#AIPAC purchased #Congress with a foreign government's financial backing.

Since we learn nothing in #school,
> and the #press is a joke [#Dawson is referring to the #USA, mind you. LG,I], I must go over some background-information about:#pipelines.

Pipelines are not just for transporting oil and gas, they are for political #leverage as well. Each country a #pipeline passes through
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Many thanks to @DFDSGroup for allowing our @newsfromfta delegation to take part in their #Brexit exercise on the Dover-Calais crossing @JohnLucyFTA @S_LD_
At check-in, we were asked whether we have proof of an EU #import #customs declaration, if we used a carnet & if we are carrying products subject to #sanitary or #phytosanitary requirements @newsfromfta #Brexit
Now in the drivers’ lounge - drivers will be able to check the status of their vehicle & whether they need to follow the green or orange lane upon arrival in FR on this screen @newsfromfta @newsfromftai
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