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🛑Did #NancyPelosi hold the Articles Of #Impeachment to time w the #CoronaVirusOutbreak?

🛑Q #3741 on 12/22/19 asks 3 times:

It looks like there were SEVERAL reasons why...

🛑Look at the parallel timelines in next tweets👇🏼
🛑#Impeachment Inquires:
Sept 2019 to Dec 2019

Oct 2019:
Congressional committees depose witnesses

Nov 2019:
Public witness hearings

Dec 3, 2019:
Vote 13-9 final report

Dec 4-13 2019:

Dec 16, 2019:
Committee releases lengthy impeachment report

🛑#NancyPelosi HOLDS ARTICLES of #impeachment frm Senate

Dec 31, 2019:
#coronavirus in #Wuhan #China announced by @WHO & @SecAzar

JAN 16, 2020:
#Pelosi FINALLY gives Articles of #impeachment to #Senate

Jan 30, 2020
#WHO declares international health emergency #Coronavirus
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Witnesses, witnesses!
👉Facts here:

House called 17. GOP called Volker & Morrison. Trump blocked any who could exonerate him & R's made no attempt to call them.

@SenAlexander: House managers proved their case 'with what they call a ‘mountain of overwhelming evidence.’

@SenAlexander The witnesses denied House GOP -- the whistleblower & Hunter Biden -- could NOT have exonerated Trump. There's no evidence Hunter or the whistleblower were in private meetings w Trump about Ukraine aid holds.

The Senate is run by Republicans. They don't want to allow Bolton 2/
@SenAlexander to testify.

Schiff/House should have done it, they say.
But Bolton REFUSED during House proceedings. It was only in early JAN that Bolton finally agreed to appear if subpoenaed.

Bolton, according to a leaked manuscript, would say Trump did it, and it would be firsthand.
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"This is a sham trial," says @SenSherrodBrown

"This will be the first time" in U.S. history a Senate impeachment trial, including of judges etc., has not had witnesses testify.

Cites new restrictions on media inside Capitol to even question senators.

@SenSherrodBrown Again, there were House hearings with witnesses who offered the evidence @SenAlexander says proved their case against Trump.

Yet in the Constitution, the House brings charges and the Senate holds a trial. So Brown is correct it will be the first time in the Senate.
@SenSherrodBrown @SenAlexander Brown closes with:

"What's to stop him (Trump) from doing something worse? .. He will engage in even more reckless foreign policy" and "be even more likely to try and steal the 2020 election."

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Register to vote and bring your voter registration to the polls on Election Day. /1
Watch the NEWS, not opinion journalism. Look for facts, bylines, and sources in the news you consume. /2
Verify EVERY fact you post or repost. /3
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After 17 years in the Senate, a single vote may define retiring Sen. @SenaAlexander's legacy.

W 1 more R needed to hear witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial, his good friend, Keel Hunt (Alexander was best man at his 1981 wedding), spoke with @NBCNews

Here's what Hunt said:
@SenaAlexander @NBCNews “If I had to guess right now … I wouldn’t be surprised if he says, ‘yeah let’s hear them. I think there’s a point when you think, how long can you keep a straight face,” Hunt said on Jan. 28.

The senator’s entire career has been about “looking for a middle ground,” said Hunt.
@SenaAlexander @NBCNews Even so, Hunt said he hasn't spoken w Alexander in weeks and has no idea how the senator will actually vote; he may be projecting what he thinks his friend *should* do.

Alexander, revered as a principled lawmaker and institutionalist, is caught between strong political winds.
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Sen. Portman, last known person outside
White House to speak w Trump before Ukraine aid was released, said "corruption" never came up in their Sept. 11 call.

“He only raised one issue, and that issue only, and that was about Europeans not doing enough," Portman said.
“He (Trump) never linked the aid to corruption in general or certainly not an investigation in particular.”

Portman said in Sept., 2019 Fox Interview…
On Trump's "burden sharing" claims:

Holmes, the Ukraine embassy official, testified he gave the WH the following in Aug. Since 2014: the U.S. provided a combined $3 billion while the Europeans have provided $12 billion.
“That information showed a different story,” he testified.
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NEW: Sen. Portman, involved in disputed Ukraine narrative, unlike any juror in Trump impeachment trial

1. rejected “corruption” as legit reason to withhold aid
2. voted against admitting documents likely to dispute (Europe burden sharing) narrative…
3. credited by POTUS with convincing him to release Ukraine aid on Sept. 11

4. chair of Senate Ukraine Caucus, former WH budget chief

5. Among last known to speak w Trump the night the aid was unfrozen.

Referring to that night: “The president was very clear with me. He only raised one issue and that issue only and that was about Europeans not doing enough. I don’t disagree with him on that,” Sept. 26 Fox News.
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👇👇Since we are discussing timelines, dipping in w this:

"European and US officials pressed Ukraine to sack Viktor Shokin, the country’s former prosecutor-general, months before Joe Biden."
FURTHER, in February 2016, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde threatened to withhold $40 billion unless Ukraine undertook “a substantial new effort” to fight corruption after the country’s economic minister and his team resigned to protest government corruption.
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President Trump STRENGTHENED U.S. support for Ukraine.

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow #WeAreTheNewsNow
WH Invitations…
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How much will this HOAX #Impeachment Trial cost US taxpayers... 🤔 let’s take a look at the cost of the Mueller Report — via Jay Sekulow on Saturday January 25, 2020 in case you’ve forgotten...

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #WeAreTheNewsNow
Key FACTS to keep in mind... 📋

#ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachmentHearings #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #WeAreTheNewsNow
Do you know ALL the FACTS the DEMOCRATS FAILED to MENTION to the AMERICAN PEOPLE during their testimony⁉️


Trump defense presents arguments in Senate impeachment trial Day 5

#Impeachment #RealityCheck #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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Oooh, Jason Crow just PULLED RANK. Let me explain how.
The Senate is supposed to SIT DOWN AND LISTEN. Reporters have noted that Senators have been taking *liberal* breaks. (We can't see on TV).
Crow just asked Roberts to WAKE UP and notice that, asking if they needed a break.
Crow didn't need or want a break, and neither did the Senate. Crow was trying to wake John Roberts up, and ask him to demand... well "DECORUM."
Remember Roberts allegedly cares about decorum? Well, then it's on ROBERTS to make Senators follow their rules.
If you want a movie analogy, that was as CLOSE as Crow could come to pulling a Daniel Kaffee, telling Colonel Jessup "sit down, I'm not done yet."
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Today is the first day of arguments (without witnesses or documents, in an historic Fascist First) in the Mostly Moot Impeachment Senate Trial of Donald John Trump. So I will start a new thread here. #ImpeachmentTrial
Since the Repubs have set the rules so that no actual deliberations will take place, I'll tend to go a bit meta in this thread, writing of the background and intentions as well as noting whatever comes down with the gavel. #ImpeachmentDay
The trial started with an absurd display of piety, as a minister intoned a prayer to his god, claiming that he was omniscient ("You know our thoughts before we think them") but then reminding it of its duty. I suppose the god is getting old and forgetful then #ImpeachmentTrial
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How many Senators do you think are hearing the full story of @realDonaldTrump's corruption for literally the first time from @RepAdamSchiff?

@realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff I mean, when he's done with this, I want @RepAdamSchiff to go teach at a journalism school.

What he's doing, that most media does not do, is LINKING UP the crazy, corrupt statements @realDonaldTrump makes every day with the LARGER story of corruption and illegality.
@realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff He's not playing Trump's greatest hits for "shock value." He's playing them for "probative value."

He says THIS [plays clip] because he's doing THAT [being corrupt].
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🔥BREAKING 😮 MBS sent a WhatsApp text w a picture/ file of a woman resembling the woman Bezos was having an affair with. Here’s the technical report.…
🔥Make no mistake, the Trump family has put our national security at risk‼️Who else has MBS compromised⁉️Jared Kushner, Ivanka and @realDonaldTrump🔥
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Do you know what the most heartbreaking aspect of Trump’s attempt to bribe a foreign country is?
The fact that he was bribing a newly elected president that ran on anticorruption promises in a country that is so very vulnerable.
A country that has had 14,000 of its people killed by the Russian war machine. A country that greatly depends on the US for aid in preventing Russia’s expansion and occupation of other European countries.
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Hey, how about a thread on Bible and other Jewish sources relevant to the Senate's #ImpeachmentHearings?

I hope @senatemajldr is listening.


Do not render an unfair decision: do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich; judge your kinsman fairly. Leviticus 19:15
@senatemajldr I charged your magistrates at that time as follows, "Hear out your fellows, and decide justly between any person and a fellow Israelite or a stranger. You shall not be partial in judgment: hear out low and high alike.

Deuteronomy 1.16-17
@senatemajldr Deuteronomy 16:18-20 is important, gonna give it a few tweets. Read carefully.

Judges and police officers shall you appoint in all your gates...and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment. Do not pervert judgment; do not show favor... +
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With as mind-numbingly ridiculous as the #ImpeachmentHearings have been for us, imaging being poor Justice Roberts.

A guy who normally listens to lawyers at the top of their game arguing before the SC now has to listen to...
Schifty & Nadless pander, trip over their own words & invent childish games on the fly.

For every person wanting to fill their ears w/ lead listening to those jokers screech, imagine how sad this must make him for what our Congress has become.

Front row seats to the circus.
I wonder if he’s keeping a running tally somewhere.
“Nope, that’s wrong.”
“That’s so unconstitutional you’re should be arrested just for saying it.”
“That’s so ignorant it hurts my head.”
“A 5-year old would no better than that.”
“No, Chuckie, no more games. It’s late.”
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Shifty, et al chose to evade the Courts and withdrew challenged subpoenas. #ImpeachmentHearings @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @jj_talking @DawsonSField @Knowita47918362 @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming
Further, the subpoenas issued by the House were #PseudoSubpoenas…
No one is below the law, even President Trump.
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What @AdamSchiff said about Kupperman seeking court opinion, it's terrifying and FALSE:
"lawsuit was improper and legally deficient..cannot be decided by any court.. not a valid legal mechanism to challenge or defy a duly authorized congressional subpoena" #ImpeachmentTrial
@AdamSchiff @SenatorCollins @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @SenAlexander @SenToomey @Sen_JoeManchin @SenCoryGardner Furthermore he issued the subpoena at 4pm on Friday demanding Kupperman appear Monday morning, leaving him the weekend to find his own counsel. #AbuseOfPower…
@AdamSchiff @SenatorCollins @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @SenAlexander @SenToomey @Sen_JoeManchin @SenCoryGardner Also @AdamSchiff is LYING AGAIN the court did not SIDE with him the judge clearly stated it was a delicate balance and a small group of national security advisors have some form of immunity. #ImpeachmentTrial
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The Senate convenes now to try the President of the United States for impeachable offenses, namely, bribery to subvert the elections, and obstruction. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump
The Republicans, under Mitch McConnell, will now try to set rules that will ram through a quick moot court without witnesses, in an historic first and a powerful gesture towards dictatorship #ImpeachedForLife
The rules would force the Democrats to present their case for twelve hours at a time and late into the midnight hours. Careful attention has been paid to make the procedure as visually boring as possible #ImpeachmentTrialRules #ImpeachedForLife
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The #ParnasDocs are disturbing. Understatement!

What we're seeing tonight about what can only be described as threats to Amb. Yovanovitch's safety as she served in Ukraine put her already shocking testimony at the #ImpeachmentHearings in a new and alarming light.🎥🔽
We shouldn't forget that Trump referenced Yovanovitch in intimidating terms on his so-called "perfect" call with Pres. Zelensky that was anything but perfect.

What did he mean when he said this career US diplomat was going to be going through some things? #thug #EndTheCoverUp
Again, Amb. Yovanovich's testimony hits me on a new level now that we have a glimpse into the dark moves + motives at the end of her tenure in Ukraine as an anti-corruption force in the way of Trump's corrupt plan to extort a political favor from Ukraine for him (and Putin.)
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(1/)Something has been on my mind since yesterday evening, so I’m going to ask if any of you have been thinking the same thing too.

I’ve noticed leadership in the Dems Party had to impeach
.@POTUS “because he’s a threat to national security.”
(2/)@SpeakerPelosi is still refuto send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

So is our .@POTUS a threat to our national security, or not?

It appears he isn’t that much of a threat, since .@SpeakerPelosi is holding onto them!
(3/)Now Iran is sabre rattling, doing what they do best, threatening to retaliate against the USA.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, ON
.@CNN, stated @POTUS “has been fed misinformation.”

I don’t believe that for a hot New York second!
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I finally have a legit personal & professional news announcement, and it doubles as a #DecadeinReview #lookback: I am moving to Philadelphia in the new year to join @PhillyInquirer as a digital producer! 10.5 yrs ago, I had just finished an internship w their health desk. 1/?
@PhillyInquirer A lot has happened since then. My 1st FT #journalism job @bkreporter where I burned shoe rubber cultivating love/appreciation of #localnews in my home borough as a reporter/magazine EIC/digital editor for four years, then @bklyner, #freelancer life and, currently, @flipboard. 2/?
@PhillyInquirer @bkreporter @bklyner @Flipboard Leaving @flipboard as breaking news editor is bittersweet. 6 mos turned into 2 yrs thanks to valuable work & amazing colleagues who made a remote newsroom feel interactive & seamless. Shoutout @gabyaschwarz @SonaliKamboj @jeelsey @sfine88 @thekenyeung @miaq. 3/?
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