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A Unified Theory of Trump: Or, Why is the Trump Administration constitutionally incapable of securing America, competing with China, or saving the liberal world order? A thread:
Yesterday, the invitation of a US academic to speak in Denmark was abruptly rescinded hours before he was due to travel not by the Danes, but by the U.S. Ambassador. Why? Sloan, it seems, is insufficiently supportive of Donald Trump.

I posted a few thoughts in response to Sloan's tweet yesterday, but I want to footstomp my main point in a standalone thread, because I think it's fundamental to understanding so much of what we're faced with, domestically and globally. Bottom Line as follows:
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1. Question posed by Norman Eisen, Democratic Counsel, House Judiciary Committee. "Can you say a little bit more about what the framers concerns were about corruption of elections and betrayal of the national interest involving foreign powers and how they come into play here?"
2. Professor Pamela S. Karlan answers "So the framers were very worried that elections could be corrupted, they could be corrupted in a variety of different ways and they spent alot of time trying to design an election system that wouldn't be subject to that kind of corruption.
3. And there are a number of different provisions in the Constitution that deal with the kinds of corruption they were worried about....
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Accidentally read @NancyMacLean5's "Democracy In Chains" & @andrewmarantz's "Antisocial" consecutively w/out a palate cleanser during #impeachmenthearings & now can't stop thinking about our inevitable future hellscape of unchecked Austrian economics & fact-free public discourse
They're both very good books which you should read, but maybe just read some light fiction in between is all I'm saying
An awful throughline: the conservative activists responsible for undemocratically degrading & delegitimizing our government/media know exactly what they're doing--and that they can't win (or maintain power) otherwise. They're way more open about it than you might think
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After the events of Ukraine unfolded, the President claimed that the reason he requested an investigation into his political opponents and withheld desperately needed military aid for Ukraine was supposedly because he was worried about "corruption." #ImpeachmentHearing
However, contrary to the President’s statements, various witnesses—including Vice President Pence’s special advisor, Jennifer Williams—testified that the President’s request was political. #ImpeachmentHearings
Lt. Col. Vindman testified that he prepared talking points on anti-corruption reform for the Pres. Trump's call w/Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky.
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This is Pamela Karlan... The progressive professor the Dems invited to speak at the #ImpeachmentHearing

#TDS #NoBiasHaHa
She was on Obama's Supreme Court pick list and she worked under Loretta Lynch as the US Deputy Assistant AG For voting rights ... So she's not biased right?


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Excellent analogy by Prof. Karlan, citing the withholding of disaster relief.

Maybe Puerto Rico should have offered to investigate Hunter Biden. #ImpeachmentHearings #impeachment
Reminder, @RepDougCollins:
-Trump's unqualified daughter works in the White House
-Trump's unqualified son-in-law works in the WH
-Giuliani's unqualified son works in the WH
-Barr's son-in-law works in the WH
-Barr's daughter works at Treasury

But Hunter Biden.
Democratic counsel @NormEisen reads an excerpt from @JonathanTurley's recent WSJ piece, in which he said that #impeachment doesn't require a crime.
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Watching Andy Biggs try to filibuster Noah Feldman is kind of fun.
WiFi on my @Amtrak is not great but at least I have a backwards facing seat. #blessed
I’m being sarcastic, backwards facing seats are the worst
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Okay folks, let's get this party started. Welcome to your #ImpeachmentHearing thread! For your following/muting needs, I'll be tagging these with #ImpeachmentInquiry, #ImpeachmentHearing, and/or #ImpeachingHearings.
Unlike the previous #ImpeachmentHearings, this hearing won't include witnesses to #Trump n' Co's shenanigans. Instead, this hearing is about legal and constitutional theory. It's a panel of nerds, folks, and I am HERE FOR IT.
Oh god. Jim Jordan just sat down. Thor save us all. #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentHearings
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David Boies: Alan Dershowitz Claimed He Bullied ABC to Drop Epstein Story

David Boies, who represented Virginia Giuffre for many years (Pro-Bono)

Down the rabbit hole we go!…
Alan Dershowitz is an American lawyer and academic.

Alan Dershowitz is a scholar of United States constitutional law and criminal law, and a noted civil libertarian.

He may have just joined Trump's legal team on April 10th. (Qpost 1132)

Ironically @realDonaldTrump started tweeting about Alan Dershowitz December 4th 2017

Again on March 21 2018

& June 7th 2018

August 1st 2018 quoted Alan Dershowitz about Muller protecting Strzok Comey ...
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NEW: Articles of Impeachment shaping:

“You could wind up with 3 or 4 articles,” according to two individuals involved in the Judiciary Committee process:

--1 to 2 on Abuse of Power. Pushing a foreign govt to interfere in 2020 (a betrayal of the country and his oath)

And in ways that involve bribery/abuse of appropriations power and compromising U.S. national security.

--1 broad Contempt/Obstruction of Congress based on the admin stonewalling ALL congressional oversight, ordering officials not to comply with lawfully issued subpoenas.

--Finally, one related to the Mueller report and Obstruction of Justice. This would cite everything from the firing of Mueller to pressuring McGahn to lie. Basically, everything outlined in Volume II of the report.

*NOTE: This is all very much developing and under discussion.
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1. #QAnon dropped today on his new board confirming his new tripcode.


Q's new board header cites 18 US Code § 2385: "Advocating overthrow of Government" describing how press can criminally advocate for the overthrow of the United States government. #Spygate
2. Within 49 seconds,
~one minute of #QAnon's new board tripcode configuration drop 12:55:59 PM #3637
~one minute after that is timestamped the President's tweet time 12:56:48 PM and in
~two minutes following, #Q confirms the ∆[-1] min POTUS tweet 12:58:58 PM as IDENfctn
3. Those who follow #QAnon know how #Q has shown close coordination with @POTUS in the past, in very many instances, the ∆[-1] min coord of POTUS tweet to IDENTify the very time of #Q's new board trip conf, as an anon notes, & Q so confirms, w Q relaying to [#] other operators.
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An armada of spammy pornbots has been hijacking the #/CaveFire hashtag this morning. We found 65, all hypothetically tweeting via the Twitter website. (Twitter seems to be filtering some of the activity so we're not confident this is the entire botnet.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote These bots appear to link a variety of different porn sites, although we wouldn't be surprised if this is an obfuscation technique and all the links actually go to the same place (we're not clicking to find out.)
@ZellaQuixote The fire hashtag isn't the only trend these bots are hijacking; their most frequently used hashtags are a mix of porn hashtags, perennial trends like #TuesdayThoughts, and current events like #Sondland, #ImpeachmentHearings, and the aforementioned #/CaveFire.
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#QAlert 11/25/19 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Monday November 25, 2019. Enemy of the People. You are the news now. And more!

Let’s Go!!
#QAlert 11/25/19 Q3628

Enemy of the People.
You are the news now.
Facts matter.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA Congrats @Incarcerated_ET !!
#QAlert 11/25/19 Q3629

New board created [pending approval /CM/]

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Sorry to burst the "trust #Pelosi's brilliant long game" bubble, but this impeachment is an epic fail.

First, the #ImpeachmentHearings didn't move one GOP vote. In fact, not impeaching when Trump ADMITTED a quid pro quo gave Republicans time to close ranks.
Second, focusing so narrowly on #Ukraine effectively gives Trump and his accomplices a free pass for egregious abuses, including crimes against humanity on the border.

And now #McConnell can make a big show of acquittal...
#Impeachment should have taken place in January to send a message to the country and the world that we don't tolerate brazen abuse of power and incitement of white supremacist terror.

But #Pelosi and Dem leaders were busy playing 7-D chess, ignoring progressive activists...
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1/ It doesn't look good for Prince Andrew... the #comms are beyond ominous...

spoiler alert:
Car Crash…
2/ Yes, 'hoodwinked' means to deceive.

But also?

It's what's done to a criminal to PREPARE FOR EXECUTION.
3/ and the other pic released?

Andrew on this horse ride ...
All in black
On black horses
All 'hooded'

appears 'funeral-esque' to me
and denotes JUDGMENT , with the SCALES of the Black Horse of Rev 6
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#DevinNunes: follow the money. All the way to the Kremlin. Nunes’ Winery Moscow connections plus cocaine/underage sex workers party on a yacht, thread 👇🏼 #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #impeachment…
#Nunes only/main investment is in a Napa Valley winery that has the Kremlin-licensed Russian company, a major Russian hard liquor distributor, known for its long term official relationship with Putin's administration which receives loyalty from the Kremlin-branded product sales.
Alpha Omega Winery was embroiled in a scandal in 2016 when a former employee alleged in a lawsuit that 25 of the Napa Valley-based winery’s top investors were openly using what appeared to be cocaine and “drawing straws” for which sex worker to hire.…
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ICYMI: The House Intelligence Committee wrapped up a marathon week of #ImpeachmentHearings on Thursday. See what we covered on Day 4 and 5. (1/8)
The U.S. Army stepped up protection of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family after he testified to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. (2/8)…
During a dramatic testimony on Wednesday, Gordon Sondland gave up the president and pretty much everyone else. #ImpeachmentHearings (3/8)…
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Here's some background about #FionaHill naming #conspiracytheories against #Soros as the new "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" at the #ImpeachmentHearings. (1/16)
Right-wing regimes have long broken down the fabric of political protest by using the antisemitic notion of rich Jewish financiers as the “puppet masters” of social unrest. #ImpeachingHearing (2/16)
During the Russian Revolution, the Tsar’s secret police disseminated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fictional account of a meeting of rich Jews plotting to break down the society of their “host countries” and rule the world through the promotion of social upheaval. (3/16)
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(Note: If you're offended by someone refusing to cheerlead for #Pelosi and Dem leaders, I'd suggest you avoid this thread.)

Let's break it down. We've had weeks of #ImpeachmentHearings to "inquire" about what Trump FREELY admitted on October 3.

And these hearings came after months of Dem leaders refusing to #ImpeachTrump for:

Torturing migrant kids.

Violating the #EmolumentsClause.

Assaulting the First Amendment.

Obstructing justice with #Mueller.

Inciting #WhiteSupremacist terrorism.

Apparently #Pelosi's brilliant "long game" was to give Trump a pass on ALL his numerous egregious abuses of power, and to wait for a #whistleblower to magically appear.

And the ultimate offense was not kidnapping brown children, but coming for #Biden.
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It is patently false that Republicans on the intel committee have not been able to call witnesses to testify for the #ImpeachmentHearings. A thread with the facts:
1. Under the rules the House adopted in Oct, the ranking Republican member of the intel committee can request witnesses to be called to testify. Those requests are subject to approval by the Democratic chair, or to a vote of the full committee if the chair denies the request.
2. Because Democrats make up the majority of the committee, a vote of the full committee is unlikely to result in approval, leaving Republicans with no unilateral options...
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I have not been able to watch most of the impeachment hearings. Has anyone asked @DevinNunes about his taxpayer-funded escapades with indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas?
Rep. @ericswalwell reads portions of a @thedailybeast article on how indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas helped with @DevinNunes' foreign investigations.

(Thanks to all of you who flagged it for me!)
#ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings
#Schiff invokes Elijah Cummings (rest in power):

"This president thinks he is above the law, beyond accountability. And in my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes he is above the law ...

We are better than that."
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥HERE IT IS‼️@RepSwalwell mentions Kash Patel, @DevinNunes aid, who is on the National Security Council and worked with LevParnas, indicted @RudyGiuliani goon‼️‼️Holy Shit🔥it’s in the #ImpeachmentHearings record 😂
@devinnunes is Fцскеd‼️ He tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation‼️…
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1/ THREAD: #DavidHolmes is displaying one example of what is known as a Partial Emblematic Slip. In short, this is a subconscious/edge-of-consciousnesses behavior where he is giving the middle finger to Rep. #JimJordan during particularly aggressive questioning.

2/ It's called 'Partial' because it's a nonverbal which is not being held in its typical, elevated, very deliberate, hand-and-finger on full display — usually in front of and on a level with the user's chest, neck, or face.

#ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentInquiry #BodyLanguage
3/ Holmes's psyche camouflages his maneuver by maintaining his forefinger (index finger) only partially extended (mostly flexed).

#ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentInquiry #BodyLanguage
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