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MemberOwls [ An A.I Powered Membership site creator in 2 Minutes for dummies.]: What are the features of MemberOwls?…
#webdeveloper #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketingtips #digitalmarketer #Sales #Salesforce #marketingoptimization Image
How To Rank ANY webSite on the first page of Google Without Backlinks [Ranking Number 1 on Google Made Easy]…
#SEO #seorankjng #DigitalMarketing
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5 Golden Tips to get 5 star ratings on Freelancing

🔖 A must bookmark

#thread starts here 👇

#freelancing #freelancewriter #freelancewriting #freelancer #fiverr #fiverrgig #upwork #copywriting #graphicdesign #copywriter

When any client places an order or asks you about something about the project, first greet them, then reply politely with a satisfying answer.
Try to convince him that you're the one he needs this is exactly the kind of project you love to do.

While creating the offer, you must explain in brief why it charges that much with respect to how much work is needed and how much effort you’re going to put into it.
Don't negotiate to much as it will degrade your value.
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How to get your first client as a Freelancer.

Here are some tips which I followed to get my first client on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, etc.
- Optimize your gig so that it ranks in search. Do your keyword research. Look into the top 5 to 10 gigs on the niche you are making your gig in.

- To get some clients in the beginning, set your prices very low as compared to other freelancers in the same niche.
- It's good to have a portfolio but if you don't have one make sure you have some really good projects to show. In my case, I did not have any portfolio or projects to show still I was able to convince the clients ( will be sharing soon in another thread how I did that ).
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11 no-code tools that have helped me in my journey as a creator (any why you should use them) 🧵👇
#1 @copy_ai: an AI-driven copywriting tool that helps you generate quality content for:

• websites,
• landing pages,
• social media,
• and blog posts faster!

Try writing a blog post using it and you’ll be shocked by how powerful it is 🔥
@copy_ai #2 @PrimoStats is a searchable database of statistics.

Use it to find relevant statistics from reputable sources in seconds to enhance the credibility of your content 💪…
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I've been building a REMOTE DEV TEAM since 2015.

It took me from being a cash- and time-poor #freelancer to something I can call an #webdesign agency.

But the process is far from straightforward.

Here's everything I've learned about remote hiring 🧵👇

✅  Be very clear about what you’re looking for

This sounds obvious but the first time I did this I made the mistake of just shortlisting loads of candidates without being highly specific about what I was looking for.
And whatever else is on your list, add these items

1️⃣  Reliability. Obvs.

2️⃣  Communication skills.

Doesn’t matter how good someone is if they can’t communicate well enough with you, your team, and your clients, it ain’t gonna work.
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Freelancer burnout is no joke! It can cause you to lose clients and mar your reputation. Here are 8 tips for rising above freelancer burnout from freelancers who've been there, done that.
1. Learn to say no and let go of clients who sap your soul.

You can't take on every project that comes your way and holding on to clients who don't respect your work and boundaries erodes your mental health.
2. Develop personal discipline and healthy boundaries.

Structure your time so that you aren't overworking. There should be time in your schedule to enjoy life rather than work 24/7. Be disciplined about sticking to these time boundaries.

~ Sonia Ahmed
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If you are a Corps member getting your allawee around this time... Not to go broke in January go hard without a sidehustle 😄.

Online Sidehustles include
1. Freelancing

2. Real estate

3. Affiliate marketing (tested and trusted)

A Thread

#NYSC #sidehustle #MondayMotivation
4. Youtubing (if that's a word? 😅)

5. Quora (questioning and answering)

6. Tik-Tok ( another new word 😄)

7. Social media influencing

8. Cryptocurrency and airdrops

Personally I am open to mentoring you on affiliate marketing.

#sidehustle #free #Freelance #incomeboost
Check out this money making report by one of the front runners of internet income generation

And never go broke again.

#NYSC #sidehustle #freelancer #Nigerian #inspiration
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💡Freelancing Tip for Newbies⚡️

A short thread🧵

#freelance #CodeNewbies #freelancer
While three of the most popular platforms are:

1 - Fiverr
2 - Upwork
3 - Freelancer

But there is a problem with these platforms for new freelancers.

What's the problem?
Continue Reading...👇
☝️Those platforms are most popular & available for a long time.
Hence, there are a lot of people who have established themselves as freelancers on these platforms.

In this scenario, new freelancers might find it hard to get work on these platforms.

Here's the solution:👇
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Gone are the days when Freelancers had it easy and were swimming in a pool filled with moneyyy

Freelancing has gone mainstream and thousands of new freelancers are popping up each day.

To make decent money, you have to stand out or else...

Here are 7️⃣ tips which will help you stand out in the world of Freelance 🌎👇🧵
Be a part of a community 🏯

Everyone loves a good old community be it a subreddit or a Facebook group.

Find your potential customer community and provide valuable info to them for free to build trust.

Provide first, then sell

Something which you may find of use :
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As a #freelancer, you need to be good at the skill you provide, BUT you also need to be good at many other things including Negotiations!

Here are 10 negotiation techniques that can make you a better, more confident negotiator.

//////////////// THREAD ///////////////// Image
Before the thread, the number one rule of negotiation is:

Don't go to the negotiation table if you are not prepared to walk away.

Now that that's out of the way we can continue👇.
Might be a long one so grab a cup of coffee or something ☕️
Enter a negotiation without proper preparation and you’ve already lost. Make sure you are clear on what you really want out of the arrangement. Research the other side to better understand their needs, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Enlist help from experts
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As the gig economy is growing rapidly in Malaysia, how you could take advantage of it and become a successful freelancer?

I'll share 7 steps to becoming a successful freelancer in Malaysia.

Let's get started!

#freelancing #freelancer #gigeconomy #freelancemalaysia
Step 1: Determine whether freelancing is for you.

Freelancing has its pros and cons, but, in general, you must possess a specific mindset to be a freelancer. Being your own boss is a great thing if you're disciplined and reliable.
Step 2: Find the right freelance platform

Choosing the platform with the model that fits your needs and salary expectations is incredibly important for your success. Plenty of freelancing websites encourage the so-called "race to the bottom," which results in poor quality work.
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Als ob es nicht schon reichen würde, dass wir das Stop-and-Go der Feiertagswochen in #Corona-Zeiten einfach ganz normal wie jedes Jahr durchziehen, lassen wir jetzt die Kinder einfach nochmal ein paar Tage oder Wochen länger zuhause. Klar, wir #Eltern werden es sicher total...
... genießen. Mit dem dem Blick als #Freelancer kann ich da nur noch im Strahl kotzen. Während die Politik mit dem Thema Impfen für die Kleinen bereits die nächste Schwelle der Verachtung der individuellen Rechte kleiner Menschen anpeilt, lässt die Verwaltung uns bis kurz vor...
... den nächsten Ferien die #Carearbeit maximieren und die Kinder das soziale und normale Lernen vergessen. Dann kommt das #Aufholprogramm und dann ganz sicher, ganz ganz sicher ein super durchgemanagtes Schuljahr 21/22, wo alle Defizite von geimpften Minderjährigen...
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If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, the #PROAct comes down to risk management. We have decent control over the risks in our business. Work hard, price right, diversify your clients/industries/skills and you’ll stay busy. 1/11

#NoPROAct #FightForFreelancers
But there are also exogenous risks. #Freelance clients disappear for a variety of reasons, many of them beyond our control. 2/11
Over the course of 22 years, I’ve lost biz to budget cuts, bankruptcies, PMs or editors who retired or moved to different companies, and full-time people hired to do the work I was doing as a #freelancer. Stuff happens. 3/11
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i don't get stressed easily but this is causing me so much stress.😭 the PRO act threatens people like myself who want to be full-time freelancers. i chose this path because i wanted more freedom in my life. i don't want that taken away! #FightForFreelancers #noproact #freelancer
i really hope the PRO act either doesn't pass or is amended. i'm so upset and scared right now. i don't want to be an employee. i am trying to move away from that. i chose to be independent. #FightForFreelancers #noproact #freelancer #freelancers #proact…
here is more info about how the PRO act hurts freelancers like me. does anyone care about people who WANT to freelance? we chose this! why aren't more people talking about this?!… #FightForFreelancers #noproact #freelancer #freelancers #proact
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It's one thing to love your job as a #freelancer.

It's another to set your rates to bring you profit.

Here's how you can set your freelance rates without shooting yourself in the leg.
📍Check out other freelancers in your niche

Asking other freelancers in your niche will help you know how to set your rates. You can check the profiles of other freelancers on Upwork, Fiverr, etc.
📍Your Experience:

You can now set your rates based on the amount of experience you have and how fast you are in getting the job done.

If you don't have much experience, you can reduce your rates. It will help you attract more clients. You can increase your rates as you grow.
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Good morning! Thanks a lot for your invaluable input yesterday about important steps for translation & interpreting graduates and beginners on how to become a successful #freelancer. Learning from seasoned colleagues, for example as a member in an organization, is a key factor.
Today, let's focus on our professionalism. Establishing a network, attending #webinars #seminars #conferences, investing time in learning how to use a CAT tool etc. are only parts of the mosaic. In order to find and keep clients we need to act like pros.
We all expect our clients to perceive us as professional service-providers at eye level. We are neither amateurs nor hobby-translators looking for some quick cash. Honesty towards a client is important, e.g. if you're not enough qualified or a suggested deadline can't be met.
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The right time has arrived along with the launch of The National #AVGC Policy to conceptualize a dedicated #Animation #Freelancer Website that may house the complete spectrum of 4000 specialist artists in different categories that are required to
create a full fledged animation feature film.
It takes 4000 professionals to complete an animation movie. The freelancer websites at its current state is good to hire a small team that may work on a small animation gig. Although, 4000 specialists work in a
full feature animation film that are distributed in three categories namely pre-production, production and post production. A dedicated freelance animation platform would evolve as the foundation for the full fledged animation feature film ecosystem.
Demand will improve when
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Freelancer Platforms like #Fiverr, #Upwork & #Freelancer dot com must list specialization, exercise and #product from #ProductHunt to let the Clients directly pay for #subscription & streamline taxes on the freelance platform. Given an example, Specialization is Image
UX Research. Exercise is Card Sorting. Product is Optimal Sort. This will promote new products by Specialists & #Influencer. This will improve search by specialization, exercise and product. This will help the client with planning and cost management of the project. #startup
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Upwork floodu benden :)

Upwork, Freelance gibi platformlardan kazanç elde etmek hiç de zor değil aslında. Biz epey uzun böyle geçiniyoruz +8 yıl.

Upwork son bir iki yılda epey değişti.
İş başvurularındaki "Connects" özelliği ile
Bir ayda en fazla 80 "Connects" satın alabiliyorsunuz bu da ayda ortalama 12-20 işe başvurabilirsiniz demek. Ona göre ince eleyip sık dokumanız da fayda var.

İş ilanına başvururken şunlara dikkat edebilirsiniz.
1- Ödeme yönteminin onaylanmış olmasına.

2- İş ilanın saatlik olarak açılmış olmasına
Proje bazlı işlerde eğer işveren ödeme yapmaz ise
Ödemenizi alamazsınız. Saatlik işlerde eğer manuel olarak girmediyseniz paranızı alabiliyorsunuz (Upwork ödemeyi yapıyor)

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Ah, the life of a #Freelancer ... a thread:

A lot has happened since lockdown, so perhaps you'd be so generous as to let me spill the beans on everything I've been up to over a coffee:
I've been slowly updating and adding new content to my YouTube comedy channel. It would be great to get a few more subscribers on there to help unlock some of the features only available to the super popular.
I created children's YouTube show School's Out Comedy Club -…

Through this I've hosted a few local & international live streams for various children's groups - Cubs, Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Schools, etc...

Get in touch if you'd like to book one.
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اللهم اكفني بحلالك عن حرامك
واغنني بفضلك عمن سواك
من شاور الناس شاركهم عقولهم
ومن استبّدَ رأيه " هلك "
من صَدَق الناس شاركهم اموالهم
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There is no #Freelance website that list the hot selling #UserResearch categories. #Research #Consulting is a short term periodical engagement best for Freelancing & on #Contract #Jobs.
1. Generative & Evaluative Research.
2. Behavioral & Attitudinal Research.
3. Experimental Image
(Interventional) & Observational Studies.
4. Summative & Formative Evaluation.
5. Qualitative & Quantitative Research.

#freelancing #uxjobs #jobs #gigeconomy #productdesign #executive #coach #business #itindustry #hotjobs #UXResearch
Please check the tweet thread for a valuable feedback. @freelancer @Upwork @fiverr #freelance #freelancer
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I finally have a legit personal & professional news announcement, and it doubles as a #DecadeinReview #lookback: I am moving to Philadelphia in the new year to join @PhillyInquirer as a digital producer! 10.5 yrs ago, I had just finished an internship w their health desk. 1/?
@PhillyInquirer A lot has happened since then. My 1st FT #journalism job @bkreporter where I burned shoe rubber cultivating love/appreciation of #localnews in my home borough as a reporter/magazine EIC/digital editor for four years, then @bklyner, #freelancer life and, currently, @flipboard. 2/?
@PhillyInquirer @bkreporter @bklyner @Flipboard Leaving @flipboard as breaking news editor is bittersweet. 6 mos turned into 2 yrs thanks to valuable work & amazing colleagues who made a remote newsroom feel interactive & seamless. Shoutout @gabyaschwarz @SonaliKamboj @jeelsey @sfine88 @thekenyeung @miaq. 3/?
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Lean Usability Testing Hiring. Usability Testing Landscape is growing with newer and sophisticated tests included over time. One Specialist may not be equipped with the knowledge of all the types of Usability Tests. So Job Portals need to device a way
to separate Specialist by their vocational expertise. This approach will directly impact the relationship between Client and Service provider. It will streamline Investment and make the UX process Lean.
#LeanUsability #LeanUX #Lean #UX #Usability #UXJobs #UXHiring #Hiring
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