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🚨Trump TOLD Breitbart👇🏽 #DHSterrorism #PoliceState🚫
"I can tell you I have the support of the police, support of the military, Bikers for Trump-I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point & then it would be very bad, very bad."
🚨 America stands w you❗
We MUST STOP Trump & #DHSPortlandORInvasion
They PLAN to take this illegal #terrorism of our citizens NATIONWIDE🚨


GOP LOSING-desperate ❗

🔊 Think of this, America:
What do wounded, hurt animals, trapped in a corner do❓🔊


#GOP are "wounded animals" complicit in #TrumpDeathToll140K &
Trump KNOWS SDNY owns him when he loses Nov. 3 election.
Barr TRYING to tear apart #SDNY cont..
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The [Rod Rosenstein] testimony today in Senate Judiciary Committee is opening up with a great recount by @LindseyGrahamSC and how the whole SC Mueller investigation got "off the rails" including @GenFlynn case.

Will [RR] tell all?

@SenFeinstein opening statement pushing Russian Influence narrative STILL. The guilty on the Left and DS will continue to push this narrative despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Their crimes are being exposed as they project them onto the Trump Administration.
And there she said it. #DiFi invoked the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. As if that has anything to do with today's [RR] testimony.
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So let's talk about #PoliceBrutality & #AbuseOfPower. Here's a story for ya. When my daughter was 4 yrs old we lived halftime in VA Beach & half time in Louisville, KY. We traversed I-64 between the two every few weeks. These tips were always trying for her (12 hour drives) 1/10
We would usually take the trip at night, so she could sleep. It was just me & her; I was 25 y/o single mom. One night while going down 1 of those VERY steep hills in WV that no one can ever not speed on because of the steep, I was pulled over. It was 4 am. The cop was black 2/10
He was a WV state trooper, weighed in at least 350 pounds. He asked me why I was pulled over & I stated I might have sped down a very steep hill we were still on (those hills are long in WV). He asked me to get out of my car and come to his. I was afraid to leave my daughter 3/10
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The role of a judge is to interpret law in cases presented by the prosecutor.

It is NOT the role of a judge to decide which cases should or should not be prosecuted.

That authority rests with the prosecutor.

Does this judge intend to be both the judge & the prosecutor?
2) IF this judge feels that there is any sign of impropriety with the DOJ in their handling of the Flynn case he should be filing complaints through the proper channels.

He does not however get to create his own courtroom drama for public consumption. #AbuseofPower
2) The SCOTUS precedents in this case are very clear:

Rule 48(a). "the D.C. Circuit stated, decisions to dismiss pending criminal charges fall within the prosecutorial discretion of the executive branch"

in other words the DOJ has sole discretion on prosecuting cases.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥⁦@SECNAV⁩ Modly had ZERO plans to rescue sailors from USS Theodore Roosevelt‼️ He and retired Navy Captain Jan Van Tol planned to use herd immunity to keep #coronavirus-afflicted carriers at sea. #CaptainCrozier knew the plans‼️…
Van Tol worried if the T Roosevelt and the R Reagan were unable to fight due to a quarantine, the Chinese military might seek to exploit the situation, particularly in the South China Sea😳#CaptainCrozier said in his letter that we weren’t “at war”🔥#FireModly @mccaffreyr3
@FrankFigliuzzi1 - @SECNAV was worried that #CaptainCrozier would tell everyone about the Navy’s plan to let #Covid_19 take over the ship and the reasoning was that the avg age of sailors is under 25 and most would probably survive 😳#HerdimmunityIsMurder
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💥BREAKING NEWS🔥Bolsanaro tests POSITIVE for #cororonavirus after spending time at Mar A Lago with @realDonaldTrump @VP @IvankaTrump @kimguilfoyle @donaldjtrumpjr and hundreds of people who have perpetrated the propaganda about #COVIDー19 and have not protected America🦠
🦠Brazil's authoritarian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who now has #coronavirus had joined @realDonaldTrump in calling the outbreak a "fantasy of the media” and a “hoax”🦠#COVIDー19 #FridayThoughts
🦠@realDonaldTrump and @VP will test positive for #coronavirus and stocks will plummet. No one will stay at his hotels because he rejects science and has made the pandemic 1,000x worse‼️#POTUSpandemic #AbuseOfPower
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🔥Erik Prince, Trump’s buddy and ⁦@BetsyDeVosED⁩ brother, recruits ex-spies to help infiltrate Liberal groups and execute sting operations on Democrats via Veritas. He needs to be INDICTED. #LockHimUp…
🔥Don’t think for one minute that Trump didn’t know about it. Both Project Veritas and Prince have ties to President Trump’s aides and family. The effort shows a vigorous campaign to undermine groups or individuals perceived to be in opposition to Trump😳
🔥This is another #AbuseOfPower by @realDonaldTrump‼️He and Erik Prince have been targeting those they believe are against Trump😳…
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3 yrs ago today, @realDonaldTrump admin (w/ @GenFlynn & #AmbHoekstra) secured my release from a Portuguese prison, hours before my extradition to prison in Italy for the #milanrendition debacle, for which I have been an outspoken critic.…
#Trump admin's subsequent efforts for full resolution in my case was abruptly stopped, by same #CIA leadership who years earlier justified a career-enhancing, no-intel-value rendition, that led to the prosecution of us #rankandfile officers in Italian courts.
Because of those efforts, I was optimistic that #Trump admin's position in favor of officers like myself, would reverse the Bush (GOP) & Obama (Dem) precedent of protecting the CIA leadership's #abuseofpower at the cost of rank & file officers.

It remains an unresolved issue.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥@realDonaldTrump laid out his plan to fuск with the Supreme Court right here: 1. I will sign papers for an EMERGENCY. 2. We will be sued in 9th COURT. 3. We will take it to the Supreme Court. 4. We will win. cc @AmandiOnAir @tribelaw @RepJeffries @keithboykin
💥BOOM💥One month before Trump projected the plan to use the power of declaring a national emergency in order to push his Abuse of Powers to his stacked SCOTUS, @ARTEM_KLYUSHIN broadcast Putin’s plan:
🔥🔥The president defended his national emergency by boasting that he’ll win at the Supreme Court because it’s full of HIS judges🔥🔥He said that he didn’t have to declare a National Emergency- he just wants to get it done faster😳…
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What @AdamSchiff said about Kupperman seeking court opinion, it's terrifying and FALSE:
"lawsuit was improper and legally deficient..cannot be decided by any court.. not a valid legal mechanism to challenge or defy a duly authorized congressional subpoena" #ImpeachmentTrial
@AdamSchiff @SenatorCollins @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @SenAlexander @SenToomey @Sen_JoeManchin @SenCoryGardner Furthermore he issued the subpoena at 4pm on Friday demanding Kupperman appear Monday morning, leaving him the weekend to find his own counsel. #AbuseOfPower…
@AdamSchiff @SenatorCollins @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @SenAlexander @SenToomey @Sen_JoeManchin @SenCoryGardner Also @AdamSchiff is LYING AGAIN the court did not SIDE with him the judge clearly stated it was a delicate balance and a small group of national security advisors have some form of immunity. #ImpeachmentTrial
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🔥Ken Starr describes the President and his wife: ... didn’t have “the character to become the leader of the free world, public distrust doomed presidency... smug, dismissive, brittle, aloof, liar, enabler... their legacy is contempt for justice🔥…
It fits @realDonaldTrump & @FLOTUS to a tea, but Ken Starr was describing the Clintons and his deep animosity & hypocrisy is exposed. In Starr’s book Contempt, he again describes @realDonaldTrump perfectly: “a deeply flawed president who believed he was above the law. @tribelaw
🔥🔥🔥Ken Starr’s own words in his book, Contempt, should be used against him and be read as the opening statement‼️ @RepAdamSchiff @SpeakerPelosi @tedlieu @tribelaw 🔥🔥🔥
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These decisions don't happen overnight. I wonder how long this has been in the works. /1

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower
Was it before the @elizabethjdias NY Times article dropped in June at the #SBC19 annual meeting, exposing the alleged mishandling of an abuse case at The Village Church? /2

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower

@elizabethjdias Was it before the SBC permitted @MattChandler74 to overtake the B21 luncheon, where he was given a platform to defend himself & his church? /3

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower

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While the country was distracted by the holidays, @PowerMinNigeria, Sale Mamman, said he'd suspended the MD of #Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Co, #NBET. This is an example of abuse that pervades power in Nigeria. This Minister has no such powers.…
#NBET, @nbetnigeria is an #SPV wholly owned by @NigeriaGov and incorporated since 2010. Its shares are subscribed by the Ministry of Finance Inc (MOFI) & by the Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE, which is the majority shareholder.…
#NBET, @nbetnigeria has a Board of Directors, chaired under its instruments by the @FinMinNigeria. At incorporation in 2010, it was @NOIweala. Currently, it is @ZShamsuna. Before her, it was @HMKemiAdeosun.…
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🧵 Live-thread. Impeachment of Donald John Trump. December 18, 2019. The House is voting now on a Republican motion to adjourn in protest of impeachment. Vote will take around fifteen minutes.

While we wait, for a frame of reference, let's recall that the impeachment trial in the Senate for William Jefferson Clinton began on December 19, 1998. The vote to acquit was announced on February 12, 1999.

While we are waiting, responding to the President's tweets here:

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1/ #PresidentTrump's letter (highlights below) to #SpeakerPelosi is written directly to the Enemies of the Constitution and Our Republic. [It's no wonder they identify as Democrats - a Form of Government the Founders unequivocally rejected.…] #KAG #QAnon
2/ HIGHLIGHTS of President Trump's Letter to the Ages. 1st Let's sneak peek the END (CAPS ADDED):
"One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to UNDERSTAND it, and LEARN from it, so that it can NEVER HAPPEN to another President again." #KAG
3/ Now to the beginning:
"The Articles of Impeachment introduced by the House Judiciary Committee are NOT RECOGNIZABLE under ANY standard of Constitutional theory, interpretation, or jurisprudence.…
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In other news: today is markup day for the articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump. Live tweet kicks off tonight at 7PM ET.
#AbuseOfPower #ObstructionOfCongress
A markup FYI is when a bill or resolution - in this case, this res 🔽 - is debated, amendments proposed/considered in a sort of legislative drafting tug of war. Because Dems have cmte majority, I dont anticipate many proposed GOP changes getting through.…
Tonight's hearing is a bit unusual in that it will be broken up over two days (It happens, just not often). Tonight's hearing starts at 7PM, so lawmakers will likely deliver speeches, get into a bit of debate and then save the meat of the "marking up" for the Thursday 9AM session
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Here's a THREAD of the Democratic Candidates for GOP Judiciary seats in 2020. Llnks for all.
Support them. Democracy is at stake.
If the House hadn't flipped in 2018, no impeachable offenses would have come to light.

Democratic Candidates for Congress
Alabama District 2 #AL2

Phyllis Harvey Hall

Nathan Mathis

Democratic Candidates for Congress
Arizona District 5 #AZ5
vs Andy Biggs

Joan Greene

Jon Ireland

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BREAKING - It is official: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Follow along with @KlasfeldReports for updates this morning.
Schiff says if Trump's obstr. of Congress was allowed to stand, it would "decimate" the integrity of oversight of exec branch.
For those who say, wait for courts to resolve, Schiff notes the 8mos it took for ruling on McGahn.
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"It is not a requirement that the President be a good person... It is a requirement that the President be a person who does not abuse his power." Barry Berke #ImpeachmentHearings
A: "The evidence is overwhelming that the President abused his power." Barry Berke #AbuseOfPower #ImpeachmentHearings
“Documents, actions, sworn testimony, uncontradicted contemporaneous records” support the case against the president, says @BarryBerke #ImpeachmentHearing
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1. Question posed by Norman Eisen, Democratic Counsel, House Judiciary Committee. "Can you say a little bit more about what the framers concerns were about corruption of elections and betrayal of the national interest involving foreign powers and how they come into play here?"
2. Professor Pamela S. Karlan answers "So the framers were very worried that elections could be corrupted, they could be corrupted in a variety of different ways and they spent alot of time trying to design an election system that wouldn't be subject to that kind of corruption.
3. And there are a number of different provisions in the Constitution that deal with the kinds of corruption they were worried about....
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Wow. @RashidaTlaib is under an ethics investigation for a few reasons but the most glaring is that she PAID HERSELF $45,000 from her campaign donations! She has refused to comply with investigation so far, why is that? #AbuseOfPower #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
That’s not how this works.
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Parnas’s account of personally discussing Ukraine with Trump more than 18 months ago suggests that he and Fruman had more personal interaction with @realDonaldTrump

— and potentially more influence over his views on that country — than the White House has acknowledged.
Those included encounters at a Florida fundraiser in 2016 and during a visit to Mar-a-Lago according to social media accounts and people who encountered them
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ISTANBUL — Behind Trump’s accommodating attitude toward Turkey is an unusual back channel:

a trio of sons-in-law who married into power and now play key roles in connecting Ankara with Washington.
Informal relationships between family members help explain the course of diplomacy between the White House and Turkey’s leader.
#KorruptKushner & his Turkish bros have developed an(other) informal line of communication between Trump and Turkey’s diktater Erdogan, who only weeks after his genocidal incursion into northern Syria is scheduled to visit the White House tomorrow.
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#TrumpExtortion #Extortion

US INTEL AGENCIES as well as the Senate, House & Mueller all concluded that Russia attacked & continues to attack the United States.

Trump is trying to exonerate Putin for 2016. It’s also the initial thing he wanted—Bidens came later.
From Vindman deposition
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