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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC 730 senior politics corro Laura Tingle, 9fax (smh/Age) international editor Peter Hartcher and murdoch foreign editor Greg Sheridan. The interview is with deputy PM and defence minister Richard Marles.
opening spiel: defending Australia, helping the US, is China a threat. #Insiders
we will not get our first nuclear submarine for a decade? A few decades? Speers repeats “defend strike” sloganeering, repeats the job spruiking from the government. Coalition warmongering is “bipartisanship” while facts from Keating are Labor disunity. #Insiders
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#Trump ‘not far away from #truth’ on #Ukraine#Kremlin | Jan 27
- “Indeed, should the US President wish to put an end to this conflict, he could do it very quickly, using the opportunity to simply give instructions to the #Kiev regime,” #Peskov on Friday… Image
Google Hides The Main #Reason For America"s #Arming Of #Ukraine | Jan 28
- Google’s censorship policy removes links to #SouthFront for 2 years. #Twitter and #FB also began to delete links to SF articles long before any sanctions against SF were introduced Image
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Follow-up tweet to show how to exit at a better price

$STG +44% YDAY then -8% today

Supply 50% on #CEX & 50% on #DEX, analyze:
- #DEX Net Buy Value
- Net #CEX Outflow

to find the exit point $0.70…

#Insider trading leaked👇…

$STG climbed up to $0.71. The #CEX bearish #signal occurs at $0.70.

At $0,70, Candlestick tracked over $408K+ #CEX deposit.

After this #signal occurred, the price went up further to $0.71 and then dropped all the way down to $0.6138.


At the same price $0.70, $STG DEX Net Buy Value is positive.

$348K #DEX Net Buy vs $409K #CEX deposit

The followed-up Negative DEX Net Buy Value pull the $STG price down further

To conclude, $0.70 is an exit point

Live buy&sell power on #DEX 👇…
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✙ Alterego (Midshipman) ✙ у Твіттері: «Вже сьогодні на прикладі роботи об’єднаної команди від The #Insider, #Bellingcat та Der #Spiege група російських військових отримала по заслугах від ЄС.…%C2%BB / Твіттер
Вже сьогодні на прикладі роботи об’єднаної команди від The Insider, Bellingcat та Der Spiege група російських військових отримала по заслугах від ЄС.

4 min

View Original…
Сучасна війна — це не лише бойові дії на лінії бойового зіткнення або відбиття ракетних ударів російського агресора. Війна ведеться на всіх фронтах — від економічного, культурного до #кіберпростору.
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are TSP chief political corro Karen Middleton, ABC journo-at-large Fran Kelly, and Guardian Aust politics corro Sarah Martin. The interview is with Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor.
opening spiel is a rundown of jobs summit announcements, including “no quick fix on wages”. Speers highlights the skilled migration intake, TAFE places and working pensioners. #Insiders
we are then told “the tone” matters as much as concrete outcomes. Last week we were told that real outcomes matter more than talkfest announcements.
This type of coverage is about media asserting control over public perception. #Insiders
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🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️Uno sbarco anfibio ucraino è avvenuto in un villaggio turistico della regione di #Energodar per impedire all'#AIEA di visitare la centrale nucleare di #Zaporozhye.
Al lavoro l'aviazione russa
Alle 06:00 circa, ora di Mosca truppe ucraine sono sbarcate sulla costa del bacino di Kakhovka tre chilometri a NE della centrale di Zaporozhye con due gruppi di sabotaggio composti da un massimo di 60 persone su sette imbarcazioni e hanno tentato di impadronirsi della centrale
Mentre sono ripresi i bombardamenti su #Energodar città.
3 civili uccisi e 1 ferito è il bilancio secondo l'amministrazione militare-civile.
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☕️ Good morning on this the 210th day of 2022 and the 29th of July


For reading what I write, without readership those who commission things written won't be asking me to do the writing, so I am deeply appreciative of your reading the words I string together.❣️🙏
July was a 1/2 vacation and 1/2 work month with 8 articles published for @ClearanceJobs @CSOonline and @securityblvd

They follow ⤵️
U.S. and UK warn local governments, businesses of China’s influence operations – Security Boulevard – 07 July 2022…
#china #US #UK #influenceops #natsec
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good morning from unceded Darug lands🥶today on #Insiders are Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, Canberra Times columnist Professor Mark Kenny, and 9fax (AFR) politics editor Phil Coorey. The interview is with Arts and Workplace Minister Tony Burke.
opening spiel: the new parliament is about to sit. I shoulda said Burke is probably the interview as new Leader the House. Speers then lists a roll call of disasters. #Insiders
there will be plenty of focus on the new parliament, says Soeers, of his colleagues. He then equivocates cost of living with the plagues and climate catastrophes. #Insiders
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good morning happy Sunday☀️ today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, murdoch politics reporter Sarah Ison and 9fax columnist Jennifer Hewett. The interview is with an opposition party (LPA) leader, Peter Dutton.
opening spiel: no mass blackouts but panic crisis fears etc anyway. #Insiders
“suspend the energy market” is such a weird phrase to me. The market? Suspended? Is nobody buying or selling any energy? #Insiders
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So how do you *prevent* #insider threats?
Short answer is you don’t
Long answer is you spend a lot of money…and still don’t

But you CAN monitor, identify, and react to insiders and insider-like threats #lapsus$
I worked counterintelligence from 2003 to 2016 with US military and civilian agencies. In that time, I investigated, taught, and helped build insider threat programs. One big lesson learned: insider threats are usually caught from the outside. But how?
Because insider threat *always* has an external nexus. Whether it’s a foreign gov, LAPSUS$, or even a reporter looking for a scoop, there’s always an external actor…
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Rumors that #lapsus$ ransomware group breached #Microsoft via an Azure DevOps panel posted to the group’s Telegram then subsequently taken down. Here’s a thread on the group operations, and how they seem to use #insider threat for access
Lapsus$ has been on a tear, with recent breaches at Ubisoft and NVIDIA, where the group stole them posted data including code-signing certificates…
lapsus$ posts stolen data to their Telegram, where they also post surveys asking who they should attack next and even ads recruiting insiders from certain companies. Here’s a screenshot of that post from earlier this month
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian Aust executive zeditor Lenore Taylor, ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn and murdoch politics editor James Campbell. The interview is with shadow minister for government services and NDIS Bill Shorten.
opening spiel is irresponsible conflict journalism. NSW asks for Pfizer supplies, other states refuse. This is not the story, David. #Insiders
the montage is politicians saying get vaccinated spliced with - wait for it - Kyle starfish Sandilands singing get vaccinated. #Insiders
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Heute kam #Alumni-Brief der @uni_tue. Inhalt? Senat der Uni #Tübingen habe "Prozess der kritischen Auseinandersetzung" mit dem Namen der Uni in Gang gesetzt. Uni trägt bisher Namen ihres Gründers (1477): Graf Eberhard im Bart. Begründung: Dieser sei "nicht makellos" gewesen... ImageImage
Ich bin meiner Almer Mater #Tuebingen echt verbunden. Sie hat mir wunderbare Studienjahre beschert. Inspirierende Dozenten, stimulierenden Austausch, ausschweifende Parties, ein enorm internationales Flair, spannende Kastra-Arbeit (#Insider;). Aber diese Namensdiskussion jetzt?
Ausgerechnet in einer Zeit, in welcher Studenten seit 3 Semestern keinerlei Präsenzlehre hatten, Erstsemester um die vielleicht wichtigste (informelle) Studienzeit betrogen wurden, so eine Diskussion inkl. Einberufung einer speziellen Revisions-Kommission? Nun ja #Prioritäten
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Diesmal ohne „Querdenken Deeskalation 711“ Warnweste. #Gähn#heinsberg #s0304 #insider
Organisator der Proteste gegen die Corona-Schutzmaßnahmen in #Heinsberg, Tim M., befindet sich (ähnlich wie in #Kassel) auch bei #s0304 im Frontbereich des Umzuges. Diesmal fungiert der junge Mann mit der Nähe zu Rechtsextremen & „Reichsbürgern“ offenbar als Ordner. #stuttgart
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An insider was approached and did the right thing - reported the approach. What followed was a win for #insider threat programs everywhere and an example of why such programs are necessary.
#insiderthreat #russia #tesla #infosec… via @ClearanceJobs
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Spielen wie den #ÖVPLeak bzw. #ÖVPHack durch. Nehmen wir an die Angaben in diesem Kurier Artikel (Quelle Ende) sind zumindest teilweise valide. "Goldener Schlüssel" ist Nonsense. Wir reden von Username & Passwort eines Administrators wahrscheinlich Gernot #Blümel. [Thread]
Diese sollen laut Artikel von (!) kommen. Das heißt hier wurden die selben Zugangsdaten wie im Intranet verwendet. Das wirft Fragen auf. Es gab vor kurzem einen massiven #Datenleak. (Quelle Unten) Darunter auch Blümels Zugangsdaten dem diese Domain gehört.
Wer beweist uns also dass #Username & #Passwort (ich nehme schwer an von Blümel) durch einen #Hack besorgt wurden? Jemand kann auch durch den Passwortleak oder einen #Insider (Maulwurf) an diese Accountdaten gekommen sein. (Vormals war das nebenbei) 😉
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"HO PARLATO CON #RENZI IERI, PASSA" il #decreto sulle #popolari #banchepopolari La tessera #pd numero #DeBenedetti usa il suo ultimo burattino #Renzi per guadagni illeciti sulle #banche popolari #insider #trading #InsiderTrading #insiderRenzi
Ovviamente la tessera n1 del #pd #DeBenedetti ha spostato la residenza in #Svizzera e questo #scandalo #InsiderTrading, tale da far crollare un qualunque #governo al mondo, esca tardi, ad orologeria, quando ormai sono sciolte le camere...
Si capiscono sempre meglio i ritardi con cui il #pd e il #governo hanno istituito la #Commissione #banche che per #Gentilono e #Padoan era inutile 😂
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