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The Palestinian working class can’t be free until Israeli apartheid, occupation, and settler-colonialism end — which can’t happen without resistance of Palestinian workers and international workers in solidarity.

How workers have united in and behind Palestine this past year ⬇️
In May 2021, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian workers — in multiple different industries, and across Gaza, the West Bank, and ’48 — all went on general strike to protest Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, bombing of Gaza, and military and police violence.
Their strike led to hundreds of millions of dollars of losses for the Israeli economy, demonstrating Israel’s dependence on Palestinian labor and the liberatory potential of a unified Palestinian working class.
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#MayDay is International Workers Day in Hawai'i! In honor of May Day we are lifting up our Kanaka labor history as we are largely written out of the Hawai'i labor history literature.
Harry Lehua Kamoku was born in 1905 in Hilo. He was Hawaiian and Chinese and began working on ships and docks as a teen. He was disturbed by the working conditions of dockworkers and got involved in labor organizing.
In 1934, he and other Hawaiians were in San Francisco supporting the famed 1934 dock strike. There he met Harry Bridges who further mentored and supported his organizing work in Hawai'i.
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“8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest, 8 hours for what we will” was the slogan of the Haymarket Martyrs, who were killed after after going on strike on May 1, 1886. On #InternationalWorkersDay & everyday, we carry their strength with us in our ongoing fight for economic justice.
Work connects us all.

And right now, working people across the country are proving that we have the power to create change when we stand together & demand better from our broken economic system.
We cannot & will not slow down. Because when I read that slogan, I think of the countless workers who STILL work 12 hour shifts & die on the job every day.

I think of how we need a @OSHA_DOL & @MSHA_DOL that will properly hold employers accountable for worker injuries & death.
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On #InternationalWorkersDay , we look back to the tale of a young Indian mill worker who dared to stand up to the might of the Empire at the cost of his own life - a thread on Baba Genu Said (1/15)
It was December 12, 1930. The entire subcontinent was charged up by the Mahatma’s Dandi March, in defiance of the British salt laws. Calls for boycott of British goods became widespread (2/15)
In Bombay, the anger and discontent among workers in the mills and the docks, combined with the nationalistic fervor, became a major headache for the ruling class (3/15)
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At @PortlandDSA Labor event. #PassThePROAct event
Olivia Pace says they unionized child care workers right before #COVID19 lock down last year in Portland.
Union organizer talks about the intersection of labor and racial justice organizing
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Kanno Sugako (1881–1911), was a Japanese radical anarcho-feminist.

She was the first woman to be executed in modern Japan for political reasons, having led a plot to overthrow the government, which was endorsing the sale of girls to textile factories.
Later, when the judge asked Kanno if she wished to make a final statement, she stated her only regret was that the plot failed.

I learned about her from a book called "Flowers in Salt" by Sharon Sievers about the modern beginnings of feminism in Japan.
Japan wanted to modernize after seeing the threat of US technology in the late 1800s. The government was able to create a trade economy due to the literal enslavement of women and girls in textile factories which strengthened male ruling power via export industries.
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#InternationalWorkersDay honors the immigrant organizers unfairly convicted of conspiracy for participating in a wave of worker protests known as the Great Upheaval throughout the 1800s.

But #MayDay's history reaches back farther, and its demands are yet to be fully met.

1/13 Red and green graphic with a photo of a May Poll next to a p
Agricultural workers throughout Europe (pagan peasants) have celebrated #MayDay as a day too holy to work since at least the 4th century; which is when #Beltane, as some called it, was first mentioned in Irish literature.

2/13 Red, black, and green graphic reads: It was always a celebra
#MayDay was a time workers put away their tools & gathered flowers, danced, feasted, held ceremony, built fires, shared libations, and celebrated community.🌻💃🔥

Because workers weren't grinding away making profits for a boss, many May Day celebrations were criminalized.

3/13 Red, black, and green graphic reads: In 1550 an Act of Parli
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El 1 de mayo de 1886, en la ciudad de Chicago, inició una huelga de obreros que demandaba mejores condiciones laborales, destacando la exigencia de una jornada laboral de 8 horas. Descubre más sobre el origen del “Día del trabajo” en este hilo👇🏾

#UnDíaComoHoy Image
El 4 de mayo, en una manifestación pacífica en la plaza de Haymarket, una bomba estalló ocasionando un enfrentamiento que dejó 38 obreros muertos y la aprensión de los líderes del movimiento, cinco de los cuales fueron condenados a muerte.

Grabado de la revuelta de Haymarket Image
La masacre de obreros en la ciudad de Chicago y la condena a muerte de cinco de los dirigentes obreros anarquistas o “Los mártires de Chicago”, se convirtió en un referente internacional de la lucha obrera. Image
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REALLY, @JeffBezos. @amazon is one of the world's wealthiest companies and you make $2,489 per second, and you’re not able to provide your warehouse workers adequate health protections? REALLY?! #InternationalWorkersDay…
REALLY, @JeffBezos, @amazon employees are risking their lives to deliver us our groceries and our alcohol and our adult onesie pajamas, but you won’t listen to their basic concerns? REALLY?! #InternationalWorkersDay…
REALLY?! @JeffBezos, @amazon is one of the few companies whose profits are surging because of this pandemic and you’re ready to end your policy to give workers the option to take unlimited unpaid leave?! I mean, REALLY. #InternationalWorkersDay…
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✊🧵🚨SOLIDARITY THREAD ALERT🚨🧵✊Employers that pay low-wages have left too many Ohioans without enough financial cushion to survive a period of unemployment. We need policymakers to step up and prove we’re really #AllInThisTogether.
In honor of #InternationalWorkersDay & #MayDay -- and because Ohio's working people need action *now* -- we released our report on four essential policies to sustain Ohio workers. You can read it in full here:
1⃣: Policymakers must protect workers on the job with safety protocols and gear, careful reopening of businesses that follows health officials’ guidance, and oversight.

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#InternationalWorkersDay is especially meaningful this year. While we honour the historic work of the labour movement to bring us workers safety and rights, COVID-19 has shone a light on the gaps we still need to fight for.
Today and every day we will continue fighting for the safety and rights of all workers. We will be highlighting worker stories and ways to support throughout the day. #InternationalWorkersDay
Working in a grocery store, Emma has effectively become a front-line worker earning less than she would on CERB. "Since this crisis began, the unprecedented stress and anxiety about being so exposed to the public has taken a huge toll on my already-precarious mental health". Image
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Showing up at #InternationalWorkersDay like....

As many #MayDay rallies are cancelled this year, we take a look at past rallies of workers, their unions and their parties from around the world, demonstrating the importance and power of the working class. ImageImageImage
First tweet:
Lebanon, Cuba, Palestine

This tweet:
Pakistan and India ImageImage
Russia Image
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On this #InternationalWorkersDay, I give kudos to our nation's labour force in the public and private sectors contributing to the advancement of our socio-economic status. I salute your courage and diligence in service to our dear nation.
I pray all your contributions to her growth don't become vain. I however urge the federal government to treat the health, safety and welfare of all Nigerian workers with utmost priority.
It should also be ensured that all provisions of the Labour Act, which protect employees' rights, are adhered to. Happy workers' day. 💪🏾
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I want to take a moment to honor the workers I've gotten to know over the years I've practiced law. Today being #InternationalWorkersDay, we're reminded that workers are the majority, worldwide, and face a common struggle, worldwide.
It's too easy it is for our legal system to disadvantage workers - disproportionately immigrant. The protections aren't where they must be, and are where they shouldn't.

Not paid a living wage.
Victimized by labor brokers who earn their trust.
Victims of payroll fraud.
Unsafe working conditions.
Threats of immigration enforcement.
Workplace raids.
Barred from organizing.
Suffering under at-will "right to work."

I remember my clients who have been victimized in at least one of these ways, sometimes more.
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Today is #MayDay and #InternationalWorkersDay and #LabourDay and beyond recognizing the past victories of the labor movement in achieving milestones like the 8-hour day, we really need to talk about the future of the labor movement in a world increasingly automated by machines...
As automation continues, potentially eliminating 1/2 of all existing jobs by 2030, eroding security & buying power through the growth of part-time jobs, low-paid work, temp labor, gig labor and freelancing, unconditional basic income represents the ability to empower ALL workers.
The ability for everyone to say NO to any & all employers would have an undeniable effect on bargaining power. It'd mean greater profit sharing, higher wages, shorter days/weeks, improved working conditions, more flexibility, etc. UBI can even function as a universal strike fund.
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