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NEW -- @USCCRgov has released a groundbreaking report revealing the depths of cruelty of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda, including the detention, #FamilySeparation, #ZeroTolerance, & #RemainInMexico.

#DontLookAway – read the full report:…
@USCCRgov The USCCR report found that the Trump Admin:
❌ Created a humanitarian crisis
❌ Separated families & traumatized children
❌ Discriminated against Latino migrants
❌ Inflicted inhumane, prison-like conditions
❌ Denied justice & legal rights

#DontLookAway #JusticeForOurChildren
@USCCRgov The Commission shares the accounts of migrants who suffered under the Trump Admin’s policies.

Upon arriving in the US, migrants were humiliated, shouted at, and held in horrific conditions.

They waited in ICE custody – cold, hungry, and without medical care or translators.
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Land inequality, human rights violations, genocide, broken foreign polices & foreign aid, climate change & extreme poverty are ALL causes of forced migration that affect Indigenous peoples the worst.

At the root of all this? Foreign intervention. At all levels.
And by foreign intervention we mainly mean the U.S.

Not just through foreign policies but economically as well AKA: transnational corporations.
We stand in solidarity with the Mayan Nation (& @MayanLeague) in demanding #JusticeForOurChildren
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Here are the facts directly from @OIGatHHS – Trump’s #FamilySeparation agenda traumatized children and caused lasting harm to their mental health.

#DontLookAway from what this administration is doing to innocent children.

Read the full report ⬇️…
@OIGatHHS .@HHSgov faced unique challenges in addressing the mental health needs of separated children, who suffered fear, abandonment, post-traumatic stress, & anxiety. Some cried uncontrollably from “acute grief.”

Of course they did – the Trump Admin tore these kids from their parents.
@OIGatHHS @HHSGov Stunningly, this report reveals that ORR staff did not know how to seek approval or consent to treat traumatized children with psychotropic medication. The lack of clarity on this process is unacceptable and disturbing.
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#InvestigateCPS 🔎🧐
#CaseOfNationalInterest 🇺🇸
#SaveOurChildren👶🏽 👦🏼👧🏾
#RuleOfLaw ⚖️

This thread will chronicle the Families being ripped apart by the destructive #CPS/#FamilyCourt system

See our faces and #JoinUs


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Today Yazmin Juarez, whose 19-month-old daughter, Mariee died shortly after they were released by ICE is testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and the subcommittees on Civil Rights & Civil Liberties at the "Kids in Cages" hearing.
The hearing will examine the impact of the Trump Admin's deterrence policies on the humanitarian crisis at the border, recent reports of dangerous conditions and medical neglect, and the lack of accountability for abuse and misconduct at detention facilities.
Although some Members of Congress witnessed the abuse migrants endure, during their visit to El Paso last week...

That doesn't even begin to cover it.

Congress needs to know what’s really happening inside these detention centers. We need to secure #JusticeForOurChildren
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We are sent to Congress to lead, to legislate and to carry the stories and struggles of those we serve. More on why, with a heavy heart but clear eyes, I voted no last night → | #MA7 #CloseTheCamps
We should not be criminalizing and vilifying migrant families, especially children and our most vulnerable. #DefundHate #CloseTheCamps…
As the #ATeam mobilizes in #Boston in the name of transit #equity & #affordability, I'm in #ElPaso with the @HispanicCaucus & @HouseDemocrats meeting w/ activists & advocates ahead of touring @CBP facilitates and fighting for the humanity of our immigrant neighbors.
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Indigenous peoples in the Americas have been under attack for more than 500 years.

Colonialism brought with it genocide. Today neoliberal policies & mega projects have destroyed their territories and way of life.

They’ve been fleeing attacks for hundreds of years.
And for the last year, they’ve been under more scrutiny than ever at our border.

5 of the 6 dead children have been Mayan.
Claudia Patricia Gómez González, shot in the head by CBP last year was Mayan.
These deaths are not isolated. They are a perpetuation of colonial rhetoric.

We will not stand by idly as these children are murdered by inhumane policies and practices rooted in hatred, fear, and racism. We will continue to demand #JusticeForOurChildren
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We attended immigration court in El Paso today.

16 immigrants attended the hearing (one 8 yr old).

15 didn’t have a lawyer.

4 are separated from family members, they were separated by our government.

(crucial because Trump wants you think they no longer separate families).
When you walk into the Federal Court Building in El Paso you see a statue of a woman balancing the scales of justice.

We didn't snap a photo but it looks like a smaller version of this.
This is a long thread but please read.

As we digest the news of the sixth dead child in CBP custody today, what we witnessed in El Paso offers a glimpse into how our immigration system is working for the most vulnerable people.

The system is working as designed.
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Ben Carson’s cluelessness about housing policy is funny but not new news.

@CNN 5 children have now died while in @CBP custody, this is a national emergency.

Why is this not at the top of the newshour?

Now there’s typos.

@CNN, get it together and report on children dying in US custody.

This is a national emergency and must be treated as such.

Thanks @CNN for finally reporting on this, and thank you @RepBarbaraLee for committing to do more.

Thousands of our children depend on you.

@CNN, Telemundo interviewed Carlos’s father. CBS interviewed his brother in New Jersey. Please keep reporting on this national emergency.
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.@CBP is responsible for a fifth child’s death while in their custody at the Southern border.

This is the fifth child who’s lost their life in recent months.

@CBP We’re in El Paso right now where we have met countless families who were dropped at the local bus station.

The children we spoke too are in critical need of medical attention.

The sounds echoing through the bus station are babies with deep, hacking coughs.
One mom we met from Guatemala has a 5 day old baby. We met her sitting on the floor at the bus station.

She arrived here 20 days ago, spent time in a detention center and delivered a baby shortly after being released.

She’s in desperate need of postpartum care.
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The boy is the second child to have died in CBP custody in the past week.

In December, @CBP boasted it had been a decade since a child died while in their custody, since then five children have died.

We demanded an investigation into CBP's mistreatment of migrant children NOW.
We’re in El Paso today & are horrified at the stories we’ve heard:

A Guatemalan mother & her 5 day old baby. Mom was sent out of hospital hours after giving birth. Needs after-birth care.

A Guatemalan father. His two year old child has eye infection. He hasn’t stopped crying.
A mother from Honduras. Her 6 month old baby with a deep throaty cough.

This is systematic.
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