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I am reading Ahmed El Shamsy’s recent book on the impact of #printing on modern discourses on #Islamic scholarship. Like his previous book, it is extremely readable and insightful. I will post some questions and intriguing passages from the chapters that interest me most./1
In the introduction, the author tells us that he will cover the 19th c. which saw the marginalisation of the classical Islamic work, the adoption of printing & rebirth of the classical heritage. Muslim reformers reasserted the classical tradition to undermine the postclassical./2
I think ch. 1 will be the most interesting for me: it names two key factors in the marginalisation of the classical works: "the dramatic decline of traditional libraries and the voracious appetites and deep pockets of European collectors of Arabic books."(p.6)/3
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1. Today marks the 362nd anniversary of the #BattleofSamogarh; one of the most decisive (and defining), land-battles fought in the #history of Asia. A seminal conflict of arms that decided the future course of the #Mughal succession, and thus the history of #India.

A #Thread.
2. The Battle of #Samogarh was fought between the Mughal Crown Prince Dara Shikoh - commanding the Imperial Army - against his brothers, #Aurangzeb and Murad, Governors of the Deccan and Gujarat (respectively), on the 29th of May 1658, (7th Ramzān 1068), 17 kms S.E. of Agra.
3. The Battle of #Samogarh followed closely on the crushing defeat wrought upon the Mughal Imperial forces commanded by Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur, by the rebel Princes Aurangzeb and Murad at #Dharmat in April 1658.

#History #Mughals
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The liberals always push the narrative #Mughals or #Moselm rulers were Secular
Here is the proof of the Sickularism

- Sultan Ghiyas ud din 100,000Hindu 
Rajputs of Mewat(1265)

- Allahudin Khilji ordered the massacre of 30,000 people of Chittor (Siege of Chittorgarh (1303)
-Mohumad Bin Tuglaq massacred
12,000 Hindu ascetics ( Massacre of Srirangam , 1323)

- Mass killings in Bengal by Firuz Shah Tughlaq , 180,000 Hindus massacred (1353)

- 500000 Hindus were massacred by Bahmani Sultanate ( Massacre of Vijayanagara( 1365-1367)
- Timur killed 100000 Hindus (Execution of slaves by Timurid forces,1398)

- Akbar Killed 48000 Hindus (Massacre of Garha, 1560)

- Siege of Chittorgarh  , Akbar massacred 30000 Hindus ( 1567- 68)

- Nadir Shah killed 300000 Hindus (1738-40)

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On #MahaRanaPratapJayanti let me share a small thread in Life and Times of #MaharanaPratap

#MaharanaPratap was born to Rana Udai Singh II on 09 May 1540 in Kumbalgarh fort and went on to become the 13th king of the Mewar State.

#Maharana was perhaps the only king of the #Mewar State who did not build or add to any of the existing palace.

#MaharanaPratap's entire life and energy was spent fighting the Mughals esp Akbar.

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From Historians to Invader loving citizens of India, everyone loves Akbar & the reason they give is, Akbar was a secular ruler.But the real Akbar was something different 👇
Let's begin the thread.
#Akbar: ruled b/w11 Feb. 1556–27 Oct. 1605.
He was the son of Humayun.. (1)
First, try to understand his character & the way he treated women.
Akbar’s lust for women was no different from others in his family. He didn’t even  spare the wife of his bodyguard Bairam Khan.After killing him, he  married his wife.He kept a huge harem of concubines.. (2)
..or temporary wives (allowed under Shi'a law), which makes his life less than morally ideal.Historical documents like AbulFazal’s Ain-I Akbari mention that there was a market near the Red Fort which was known as Mina Bazaar. On New Year, every woman of the state had to.. (3)
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within u @yusufpore ji. It was not fair play by you to crit @Tejasvi_Surya & not tag him.

Anyways I read whole thread praising #Mughals & this thread is a rebuttal to your claims, which u may respond, when tweet reads n/n & should u hv enuf substance.
2/n This is a rubbish claim. Baburnama has no record of it (point of agreement comes in the translator's note).

It is to be noted that he wasn't writing his diary during that period. Rajput chroniclers say otherwise than what GN Sharma claims.
3/n @yusufpore , in fact, Daulat Khan Lodi, the governor of the Punjab and the king's uncle, invited Babur, the ruler of Kabul, to invade India.

Source: "Muslim Civilization" in India by SM Ikram edited by Ainslie T. Embree, Chapter VI
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Only an insecure citizen will vilify a period of history, as rich and complex as #Mughal rule.

This demonstrates a vacuum of confidence and an inherent inadequacy in their own ability, to accept or understand the dynamics that created modern #India.

A #thread on the #Mughals:
1. The #Mughals, as they are erroneously called, were descended from Temur (aka Tamberlane, Tamerlane), in a direct patrilineal line and from Chengiz Khan in a direct matrilineal line.

They identified themselves with their Timurid heritage.
2. Babur, like all Mughals felt a legitimate claim on Hindustan after its conquest in 1398-99, by Temür, which effectively ended the already tottering Tughlaq Sultanate, following the fall of Delhi.
Not until 1451 and the rise of the Lodis (under Bahlul Khan), did Delhi recover.
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Scholar sets record straight about Mughals of India great #Mughals who despite being a tiny minority were Renaissance men and harbingers of positive change in the subcontinent

By @HasanShazia

#Mughals #History #India
مذکورہ محفل میں مجھے میرے مرشد قبلہ و کعبہ “شاہ حیات احمد “ @ShahHayatAhmad صاحب لیکر گئے تھے ۔ فاضل مصنف سے صرف یہ پوچھنا تھا کہ مغلوں نے جو اپنی تزک میں لکھا کیا وہ بھی انگریزوں کا پروپیگینڈہ تھا ؟ ملاحظہ فرمائیں “تزک بابری” کہ بابر نے پشتونوں کو کاٹ ڈالا تھا ۔ جاری ہے /۲
آگے بابر نے تزک بابری میں لکھا کہ جب “لودھیوں” کو شکست دی اور کئ ہزار مسلمان کلمہ گو آپس میں کٹ مرے تو یہی بابر فتح کے بعد نظام الدین اولیاء کے مزار پر طواف کرنے پہنچ گئے بطور شکرانہ ۔۔ جاری ہے / ۳
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