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Story/Tread - 1/

Startups fail for all sorts of reasons and some are avoidable. This is a story about an amazing company I loved and went so hard for and failed because the founders were scared to ask for help

#vc #funding #startups #founders
2/ I'd like you to meet the amazing company of Javazen. They made a coffee and green tea blend that would give you the kick you needed without the crash.

#vc #funding #startups #founders
3/ When I met them they were a team of three from the University of Maryland and were crushing it. Their coffee was already being sold in Wholefood, Wegmans, and Trader Joe.

#vc #funding #startups #founders
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1/ #game #founders, ok, you have a pitch deck, solidify your narrative, have a list of game investors. Now what? Reaching out to 100+ investors immediately? Not in a rush! I like this phased approach, I call it the "batch processing approach" 👇
2/ the idea is simple, you create a batch of "investors", each batch includes 20+ investors. Every week you reach out to a new batch, looks like this

Week 1 - email batch 1 investors
Week 2 - meetings w/ batch 1 + email batch 2
Week 3 - meetings w/ batch 2 + email batch 3...
3/ a few things to note

- you probably need to find someone who can connect you to investors, and this might take time
- always start with angels, they can decide fairly quickly, might give you some advice and even intros
- save your "dream" investors for batch 3 or later
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1/15 Talking about decks yesterday I figured it was worth putting down what I look for in a deck

-Market Size
-Business Model
-3-5 Year Projections
-Go-to-Market Strategy

#vc #startup #funding #pitch
2/15 The Intro slide is just a simple slide with the company name or logo, the CEO's name, and some contact information

#vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch
3/15 The Problem slide is your chance to humanize the problem you are solving. I like a story using a real-world example to make the problem real and human and draw in the investors. remember the art of pitching is the art of storytelling.

#vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch
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1/8 Founders, I know you are all really focused on pitching and your pitch decks but please know it is 1/2 if not only 1/3 of the battle.

The next big stage you should be ready for is Due Diligence (DD). This where many investments go to die

#vc #founders #funding #startups
2/8 Due Diligence is when investors take the time to basically make sure everything you've told them in the pitch is real. As founders, you have to have some level of delusional confidence. DD is where we get to see how delusional it is

#vc #founders #funding #startups
3/8 During DD some investors look into more things than others. Many investors will have a list of documents and references they need from you. Many founders set up a data room which is a cloud folder with most of these documents ready to go

#vc #founders #funding #startups
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1/ Valuation venture investing myths #urban #legends a #thread for #desi #founders

If you are a #founder or #startup trying to raise a round, here are a few things you should know before you start.

I wish someone had sat me down and had this chat with me when I started.
2/ No one owes you a round.

First things first. I know we want to change the world, we are innovative, we are working on the bleeding edge, but...

No one owe us a round

An investment is a commercial transaction. It needs to make business sense. Without that, there is no deal
3/ Venture funding is not for everyone.

Fund managers need exits and liquidity events.

Investors need downside protection.

The right deals are bets on growth, scale, markets, risk, timing, teams. Often before everyone gets what is on offer. Getting the combo right is difficult
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Thread 1/

I asked the question 2 days ago "What is Venture Capital to you"

A majority of the responses were predictably about Venture Capitalist with quite a bit of negativity

But let's talk about what Venture Capital actually is.

#vc #startup #funding #founders

Venture Capital is an alternative asset class. Actually, it is the subset of the alternative asset class of Privet Equity

#vc #startup #funding #founders

An Asset- is something containing economic value and/or future benefit.

An Asset Class- is a grouping of investments that exhibit similar characteristics and are subject to the same laws and regulations

#vc #startup #funding #founders
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Let's talk about the #Founders for a second, shall we? Yeah, this is sparked by Ben Shapiro's outrage that 39% of Black people would classify them as villains.

Me? I don't. The American system is a true blessing, and I'll talk about why. But that's also easy for me to say 1/19
And it's not beyond the realm of possibility that, because it's so easy, I'm actually wrong. At the end of the day, this is *at best* a close call. And there's nothing wrong with recognizing that. And everything wrong with failing to.
Start with the First Amendment. It's easy to focus on freedom of speech, and how much better off we are, here in America, than the rest of the world with its far weaker protections. Yeah, that means more hate speech, here. But it means more freedom on defamation and gov't control
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(Long thread) 1/11

-A confession from a recovering entrepreneur

While running my first startup, I turned into a workaholic, bought into hustle culture, and developed anxiety from it making it hard to live a normal life. This is my story

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
2/11 While building my first startup I was determined to outwork everyone. that first one in last one out kind of a thing. @ABenton can tell you stories about how my team damn near lived in the office. We refused to be outworked

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
3/11 I'd, along with my team, worked 18+ hour days, slept little, and was proud of it. We were able to get a lot done with little cash and true hustle

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
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1/ The path to a million dollars in revenues for #desi #founders and #startups - a promised over due thread

2/ For most founders the journey takes 3 to 6 years.

The actual path varies but generally includes three key transit point before you hit the golden milestone.

Less $250k, Less than $500k, Less than $800k, 1M+
3/ I have yet to meet a team that did the $10k to $1M+ leap in less than 18 months in the real world.

I meet one that is planning to do it on paper or Excel in less than a year, once every month.
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my friend @lolitataub asked for a #founders #startup guide on #legalissues & @paulbz tweeted about how founders often overlook tax issues in early days. So, here's a thread of things I've published in (far reaches of) @WSJ @Forbes & via my #VentureCapital class @Columbia_Biz
2) Let's start with #StockOptions: #VestingOptions for #startups in @WSJ Accelerators (might have paywall) - esp for grants to advisors…
3) Vesting stock grants & #Section83b #83bElections for founders & others (with detailed math + tax law) #restrictedStock…
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1/ The financial modeling thread for #startups and #founders

I put together a series of lecture notes from my #financial #modeling #bootcamp at @TheNestiO in year end 2019

Here is the entire series of #articles in the form of a #thread reproduced on request

Read in sequence
2/ Modeling revenues for #startups and #founders.

Build models for founders not #investors. Use models to test run your businesses in #Excel.

Faster, cheaper and less painful than doing it in real life…
3/ Unit #economics for startups and founders

Why #LTV > X * CAC is the first relationship you need to learn before you scale.

Also if you can't make money on a single order, best of luck with the next 10,000…
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0/ Brand as a #ThirdSpace by Habib Ullah Khan

While my poor friend was teaching the class, I was taking notes.

Notes from the Brand as a Third Space lecture with @Huk06 today at @HabibUniversity

#startups #founders #branding #marketing #thirdspace
1/ The spaces in our lives

1st Space. Home. Where we live, eat, share and sleep.

2nd Space. Work. Where we go work and earn a living.

3rd Space. Coffee shops. Stadiums. Gaming Consoles. Gyms. Trails.

Places where we go to be ourselves or find ourselves.
2/ The difference between spaces

The first two spaces are associated with society's expectations - imposed stereotypes and societal models

The third space is associated with aspiration and dreams

The third space is about choice.
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1/ Last night I went looking for all the threads I had done on #founders #startups #productdev #uniteconomics and the mindset of a founder.

I thought it would be an easy filtered search.

It wasn't.

Apparently there is no simple way of doing this other than a manual search.
2/ I had to do this for my book project. Needed a ready reference to my ramblings.

I thought it could possibly a useful resource as well as, a neat introduction and a calling card.

"We have never met but here is what I think about stuff you have been thinking about."
3/ Without farther ado, here is the thread of threads.

In order of being the most useful and recommended.

Start with the three threads on #uniteconomics for #founders and #startups

Unit Economics – Part I
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0/ On creating monsters.

A thread on market sizing - part II.

Sometimes words have unintended consequences. On a thread on estimating #marketsize for #startups I picked up sizing fresh produce in Karachi.

Here are some more thoughts and qualifiers.
1/ One word. Don't.

Just because a large market exist doesn’t mean that you should try and tackle it. Even if it is USD18 billion in size.

Great ideas and markets need to pass a few tests before you spend a few years of your live trying to make them work.
2/ A second look on fresh produce in Karachi.

I am not a fan of the fresh produce market. Admittedly it looks attractive because of its size. It isn’t.

It is a terrible market. The big issues are operational complexity, credit and cold chain.
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0/ Estimating market sizes.

A thread for #desi #founders and #startups

How do you estimate #marketsize for your products and services? A list of things to do and ...
1/ Numbers maketh the man

Please don’t quote numbers you don’t own, haven’t derived or understand for your market size.

You are the founder, do the math yourself. Make sure they validate

With apologies to #Kingsmen + @colinfirth_kr numbers, not manners, maketh the man.
2/ Avoid lazy thinking.

It is a bad idea to quote a multi-lateral agency report for Asia for a problem that you are solving.

Don’t tell me that according to World Bank, IMF, IFC or ADB, the FinTech market in Asia will be worth 4 trillion USD in 2030.

Why you ask?
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With salary cuts being announced all around amid #covid19, many #founders are left wondering:
"Should I go ahead too?"
"Should I wait and get a better grip at the situation?"

Here is what we did...
Quick reminder: Every business is different, so what works for us may not work for you.

About us:
Nature of our work: Services. Design projects lasting 2 months.

On 24th March 2020:
- Team size: Me + 2 + 3 to join
- # of monthly projects: 2-3
- Sales cycle: 2-7 days
On 24th March we had enough work to keep ourselves busy for 2 months.

I was transparent with team. So I told them that we will wait and gauge the situation for a while.
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1/ Quick notes from

"How to sell million copies of your book" lecture at @HabibUniversity

No shortcuts.

Its a long lonely path and you won't end up with a million. You would be lucky to crack 5,000. Most books can't even reach 1,000.

#Authors #Writers #Founders #startups
2/ To save time and heart break. Here is a short summary.

If you crack it, it will take 20 years + a portfolio of books that are readable and of great quality. You will be broke, hungry and in pain for most of those 20 years.

And there is no guarantee that you will crack it
3/ Write about what you know and care about. Growing as an author requires you to read and write.

Consume and produce.

Don't just read about writing. Read everything. And practice the art by writing. Starting early helps.
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The #NewNormal I want to see from #COVID19 is more limits on government than the #Founders could have anticipated. We should limit #StateOfEmergencies to two weeks. We should require the President, governors and mayors to request two week extensions from a legislative body. ...
... It’s one thing to be confined in a SoE without having adequate information. Two weeks is more than enough time to get proper information to start discussing the seriousness of the situation. This allows for responsibility to be spread to more people and for a mechanism ...
... of open debate to occur. Today SofE’s are controlled by the dictates of the left and the corrupted media. We go along with it because we have very little choice. Putting a two-week limit on SofE’s removes the potential authoritarian component a SofE’s bring, it ...
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What Startup Business can you work on during #COVID19 ?#StartupIndia #TheStartupCA #Founders #Entrepreneurs #Incubation #Acceleration #startupclub #ikoverk

1. Personnel Protective Equipment Eg: Masks , Face Sheild and other equipments for #CoronaWarriors
@startupindia @DIPPGOI
2. Testing Equipment Eg: Cost-effective thermal scanning devices and rapid diagnostic kits

3. Critical- care equipment Eg portable oxygenators and hospital and home-based ventilators

#StartupIndia #TheStartupCA #Founders #Entrepreneurs #startupclub @startupindia @DIPPGOI
4. Large area sanitization and sterilization
Tunnels for sanitisation, electrostatic spray, coating using nanotechnology on surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile

#StartupIndia #TheStartupCA #Founders #Entrepreneurs #startupclub @startupindia @DIPPGOI
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It was great to speak to @JohannaCampion, Venture Partner at @ukaeroaccel, earlier this month and hear her insights as an investor, board member and mentor. We've pulled together our key takeaways for early-stage #founders here:
Q: How can #startups best work with #corporates?
A: Avoid any bad surprises by mapping the decision making/procurement/onboarding process for each client project to understand exactly how to get to a signed contract, how to go live and when payment will actually arrive
Q: From your most successful #investments, what does a good founding #team look like?
A: A good founding team has strong relevant skills for what they are planning to build and a clear understanding of any key skill gaps in the team and how they will plug them
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I hear Birds. And it’s 7:18 am on [ 🦊 ] I’m not Q << no Comms > outside LOL 😂 yaw BUTT HURT over [ AS ] << so What. #IAMQ TOO. WE FAM STILL. NO DIVISION JUST BIENG HONEST. ARE WE NOT ALL A LITTLE Q.uestionable ! Lol. #WhenDoBirdsSing
Does 7:18 am = Qdrop 781. Going through the military q op. program. I was like am I under something or can I justbfake news. I mean you do see all the crumbs holding into 🍞 being dished out back 2the mass 2bconsumed the way it is. We know some1 was singing like a canary
When I was watching the news and I heard the birds chirp I looked at the clock and I was like my eyes are wide open. 🦅 song >>?? Who knows. But the dominoes are falling in the map is lining up. 🚢 🚢 🚢 Titanic events are occurring
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#FOUNDERS #STARTUPS #PostCoronaMindset

1/I'm super impressed by all founders I've spoken to in the last week - every one of them recognizes things have changed & are proactively taking steps to not be in a position where they run out of money before June 2021
2/Even those who were planning to raise are now going back to their WorkSheets & doing zero-based planning and asking questions - is this a vitamin or an aspirin (want or need) - & if its a need, is there a smarter way to do this.
3/Thankfully, in almost all cases, well run companies figure out ways to do this with zero/minimal job cutting and cash infusion. Companies that are prudent with cash expenses & collections almost always come out stronger in such situations.
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1/n #Covid19 #WorkFromHomeNOW
We @primevp_in had a call with about 30 of our founders today - glad to say most companies are taking the problem seriously. @MyGate_com with an AirForce Officer at the helm naturally has thought through & already actioned amulti-step plan.
2/n They are going to share this plan - I will post it here by the weekend.

A couple of others @SunstoneEdu & @IncRecko have already moved to 100% #WFH.

Most of the other 25 companies have already started splitting their teams across office spaces & days of the week.
3/n What I've concluded is that we HAVE to ACT NOW!

Everything I've understood about exponential math and the medical capacity says that we have to slow down the growth of #Covid19 so we don't overburden the healthcare system. #SocialDistancing is pretty much the only tool now
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#Thread for #Entrepreneur

Dear entrepreneur always remeber these Roles:
You're product is not the first product ever made
You're business is not the first business ever created
You're not the best first CEO/Manager ever existed
#Onekatweets #Entrepreneurship #founders #Business
The role of your product
-Is to solve a customer problem ina very best different way that what exist in the market at a time and in a way that customer can understand best and easily use it next time .
-Is to help ease pain your customers have been experiencing about the problem.
The role of your business
-Is to always continue to innovate and bring new improved solutions to existing/new problems your target market is facing
-Is to create a very sustainable and profitable business to enable it to keep creating value to shareholders and community at large
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