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Bugün sizlere, önümüzdeki dönemde ismini daha fazla duyacağımız TLREF’den bahsedeyim.

Türk Lirası Gecelik Referans Faiz Oranı (#TLREF); finansal türev ürünlerde, borçlanma araçlarında ve çeşitli finansal sözleşmelerde dayanak varlık veya karşılaştırma ölçütü olarak kullanılır.
TL’nin kısa vadeli referans faiz oranı ihtiyacını karşılamaya yönelik olarak oluşturulmuştur. TLREF’in temel amacı; Türk bankalarının kredi, likidite veya diğer risklerin en az olduğu koşullar altında TL borç alma/verme faiz oranını ölçmektir.
TLREF hesaplamasında; Borsa İstanbul (#BIST) repo-ters repo pazarında saat 15:30’a kadar gerçekleşen, aynı gün başlangıç valörlü ve TL cinsi Devlet İç Borçlanma Senedi (#DİBS) teminatlı gecelik repo işlemleri kullanılır.

Faiz oranı saat 16’da #BIST internet sitesinde……
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I was asked about why there are differences in #TEDSPREAD values/plotting, so here’s what you should know. The acronym “TED” is derived from #TREASURIES minus #EURODOLLARS & expresses the difference between theoretically risk free yield & yield with embedded credit risk (cont)…
…classically TED spreads are plotted using same term cash #TREASURY bills against #LIBOR yields. Most often the terms used are 1M & 3M month tenors, though overnight tenors can also be used. Of course any risk free rate can be used such as #SOFR, as in my previous post (cont)…
If you’re wanting to trade #TED spreads using futures and/or you don’t have access to an #EIKON or Bloomberg terminal for cash plots you can construct/trade a viable version of them synthetically using 2Y #TREASURY & #EURODOLLAR futures which is very common (cont)… $ZT $ED $GE
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"The most important number in #finance", the London Interbank Offered Rate (#LIBOR), died a shameful death at the age of 52.

The interest rate benchmark underpinned more than $300 trillion in financial contracts before being marred in a scandal that lasted ~ a decade.

A short🧵 Image
2/ The scandal came into the limelight in 2008 but there is evidence that collusion between banks was going on since 2003.

🤥 “We know that we’re not posting, um, an honest” rate, a Barclays employee told a New York Fed official in April 2018.

How was it done?
3/ #Barclays was a key player.

Barclays would submit its #LIBOR estimate, claiming that it was lower than what other banks actually charged it.

A lower rate indicated a smaller risk of default & is considered a sign that a bank is in better shape than another bank. Image
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Adam Lanza‘s, the Newtown, CT school shooter, father is Peter Lanza. The senior Lanza is a Vice President and Tax Director at GE Financial.

He was set to testify in front of the American Senate about the #Libor scandal along w/ Dr. Robert Holmes

Nick Bostrom( #Epstein transhumanists crew), neuroscientist David Eagleman > James Holmes



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HSBC just announced it wants to literally render the planet Earth unfit for human habitation. Let's talk about its other crimes. Remember the #LIBOR scandal? HSBC was neck-deep in it, costing the world's public coffers *trillions* through fraud?… 1/ "A spoof of one of HSBC's three-panel airport ads. The
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
HSBC used laundered money from the world's most corrupt people to cash in on LIBOR rigging. Remember #SwissLeaks? They paid €300m to settle French money-laundering claims and escaped real consequences in the other countries implicated in the leak:… 3/
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I had a journalist actually tell me they had to "tread lightly" on the government because that is where they get all their stories from. Govts & #DOJ/#FBI/@UKSFO/@TheFCA master manipulators using leaks and quid-pro-quo's to 'mainstream' lies. #Libor a great example.
There will be more to this story to add as my case moves along. @business (Bloomberg) had my indictment and spoke about it while it was STILL SEALED. I was in #DOJ/#FBI custody, AWAITING indictment to be unsealed (so I could read it) while it was discussed on air. 100% illegal.
This #DOJ/#FBI leak in my #deutschebank #Libor case caused all senior executives to clam up tighter than a frogs ass. That allowed govt to target the junior #scapegoats with impunity because they could then suppress evidence/truth that came out AFTER trial…
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Hoje irei abordar um assunto um pouco mais técnico do que de costume. Falarei da extinção da taxa Libor. Estados, municípios e empresas com contratos de financiamento internacional têm se preocupado com o tema.
#Libor #Sofr
Segue o longo🧵
LIBOR é uma taxa de juros média diária calculada pelos principais bancos do mundo nas transações interbancárias. Desde a década de 80, ela tem servido como a principal referência mundial para operações de créditos realizadas no mercado internacional.
Por quase meio século, a Libor ajudou a balizar o crédito no mundo, além de mensurar custos de operações com derivativos, mercado futuro, swaps; servir de âncora para expectativas em relação aos juros internacionais e prêmios de liquidez e ser um indicador de saúde bancária.
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1) On AMM vs Orde book for tokenized risk protocols. During this “bear” trend, we are seeing several tokenized risk protocols such as @pendle_fi @element_fi @APWineFinance @SwivelFinance popping up in the market.
2) I believe these tokenized risk protocols could form the basis of the interest/yield rate market for #DeFi, and potentially create a #LIBOR market for DeFi.
3) There were a few proposals in the early DeFi days, such as DIPOR (LIBOR for Open Finance) @TheBlock__ and CIRI (Crypto Interest Rate Index) @MessariCrypto. However, there weren’t enough DeFi infrastructure protocols to facilitate the creation of the #DeFi benchmark rate.
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When we talk of IR #Interest #Rate #Risks we must understand the markets in which this product operates, and the fundamental pricing, trading, and hedging dynamics of this financial #derivative asset class.
Banks normally use IR Derivatives and Structured Products for on and/or off-balance-sheet ALM Asset Liability Management and Immunization, Bond Risk Hedging, NII Risk Hedging, Arbitrage Opportunity Exploration using the treasury based fixed income desks, Rate Speculation, etc.
Of course, we have other financial market participants such as Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, and several other specialized asset management firms, that have strategies and asset allocation models, which use IR derivative for both Macro and Micro-hedging.
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Kenya in June signed a secret Sh139.5B loan deal with a Belarusian and Canadian companies to build mobile clinics and upgrade hospitals in the counties amid fears of a sharp rise in coronavirus cases. - @BD_Africa
The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has disclosed the deal between @KeTreasury and Canadian firm Kallo Inc over the multi-billion shilling deal to upgrade Kenya’s health infrastructure to help contain Covid-19.
The deal was signed in June last year in the wake of rising coronavirus cases that forced the government to impose restrictions, including a daily night curfew, closure of schools and pubs as well as curb of movement in and out of four counties, including Nairobi.
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By the end of 2019, the #Eurozone Benchmark interest rates, i.e. the overnight #EONIA rate and the #EURIBOR family (with maturities from 1 week up to 12 months), will either be replaced or their calculation methodology will be radically reformed.
The benchmark rates calculation methodology is not compliant with the #EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR), applied from Jan. 1st, 2018, which emerged in the aftermath of the #LIBOR & #EURIBOR market manipulation scandals & the #2008_financial_crisis.… @BIS_org
On September 14th, 2018, the working group on euro risk-free rates (#WG_EuroRFR), set up by the @ECB, the @FSMA_info , @ESMAComms & the @EU_Commission, proposed the ECB’s #€STR as the replacement of #EONIA
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The #BBC's @Hoskea10 digs into #LOBOloan bank debt at Sheffield City Council (from 27mins)… #Sheffield had to pay a £12.3m "breakage loan" to the Royal Bank of Scotland #RBS to escape a £20m loan.
Clive Betts, Chair of @CommonsCLG and a Sheffield MP said: "that the bank #RBS actually gets a double benefit, once for fiddling the #LIBOR interest rate, a second time when their council #LOBOloan interest rates go up"… #localgov #fraud
#Newham resident @rachel_shares said: "this country has to stand up to the financial institutions that made hundreds of millions of pounds out of them over the last decade. Who has the most power in this situation, #Barclays and #RBS, or Newham Council?"…
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[1/10] Ieri mattina il quartier generale della #DeutscheBank a Francoforte è stato perquisito da 170 agenti nell'ambito di un'indagine, nata da una costola dei #PanamaPapers, su sospette operazioni di riciclaggio da parte della banca tedesca.
[2/10] Indagati in particolare due collaboratori, che avrebbero aiutato 900 clienti a creare conti offshore in paradisi fiscali in cambio di parcelle milionarie (solo per il 2016 ben 311 milioni).
[3/10] Ma gli scandali non sono una novità per #DeutscheBank: - già, nel dicembre del 2012, nella sede centrale di Francoforte, si era svolta una perquisizione in grande stile delle autorità tedesche, con impegnati 500 uomini tra poliziotti e ispettori delle tasse…
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Tria non potrebbe mai lavorare con @POTUS 😂😂😂
#TriaExit #Mef cosa?
Sta diventando stucchevole..tanto 1,6/2/2,5 la sostanza non arriva la contrazione economica seria come preambolo di travolge ...senza se e senza ma...

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