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#CallToAction Requesting @POTUS To Instruct AG Barr To Meet with Asst AG #CivilRights Division, Eric Drieband, & Open #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #CPS #FamilyCourt Nationwide For Denial of Rights To #American Citizens Resulting in Unlawful Separation of American Children...
“From their families and putting them at risk of harm in a dangerous #FosterCare system (per the @StateDept That has led to children being #Trafficked and in some cases has led to their deaths”
#WeThePeople Call For A #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #FamilyCourt #CPS System Nationwide▫️ Dedicated To #TheChildren & #NancySchaefer & #LindaCollinsSmith

“System can’t be trusted”
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#Throwback to @childrightsprof & @juliemlinton's interview on @cnn with @donlemoncnn last month, where the conditions & impacts of migrant child detention were discussed. (thread)
Children being "put on buses in the middle of the night and being driven across state lines, to locations that were hours and hours away from where their parents were, having siblings dropped off at other locations...being just terrified"
"this administration is breaking the black letter law. The TVPRA clearly requires that children be placed in the least restrictive environment possible, in the child's best interest, and there is no question that [these facilities] are not in the children's best interest..."
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Check out this press conference in TX and #calltoaction

We need to call on elected officials and demand that the government sanctioned abuse and neglect of migrant children is ended.

@childrightsprof reads a heartbreaking testimony of children who are kept in a crowded room, with exposed toilets & no privacy, where they don't get access to showers, where they sleep on cement floors, & only leave the room 2 times in the duration of their detention.
@childrightsprof There is no question that this is abuse and severe neglect.

We all have an obligation to pressure lawmakers to
➡️ investigated the abuse and neglect
➡️ take these children into protective custody
➡️ provided safe homes -children don't belong in jail like facilities
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1. Welcome to the 1st presentation of today’s #HCTwitterConf19 #NoPressure I'm @louoboyle & I'm asking WHY SHOULD I BOTHER? Provoking & reflecting on why #MakingConnections is increasingly crucial to all facets of our practices, thinking & futures within & beyond HE @HumCommons
@humcommons 2. #SetTheScene #WorkLife
To-do lists can seem to get ever longer & the timescales to complete even shorter. Mindful that #Wellbeing #SelfCare are always priority, why spend time engaging with communities like @HumCommons online?
@humcommons 2a. (further reading)
Doing More with Less? Work and Wellbeing in Academics…
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Datenschutz und Bürgerrechte sind wichtig! Das meinen nicht nur wir Piraten, das meinen alle progressiven Teile der Gesellschaft. Leider oft nicht heftig genug.
Deswegen braucht es auch parteipolitisch unabhängige Organisationen, die recherchieren, informieren, durch die Instanzen klagen und auch ggf. Bündnisse quer durch alle Lager schließen, um den politischen Druck zu erhöhen.
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DAILY JOURNAL @putinsclown
🗓️ Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Today's Edifying-Horrifying Discoveries Presented in a THREAD
CALLING📣 #TheResistance #Resistance. Retweet this graphic, copy and use with your own texts, tags and hashtags! Generate leads for the media and @FBI @TheJusticeDept. It may help make the criminals who have overrun our government think again! #BlowTheWhistle on #PublicCorruption
#CallToAction #ReleaseTheReport @TheLoyalO
The #MuellerReport has been delivered to AG Barr

Call your Member Of Congress now to demand the entire report & ALL underlying evidence be made public: 202-224-3121…
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😱A NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: The Mueller Investigation is a cover up scam, to sacrifice a few scapegoats to pacify the plebes, defuse a social explosion, to whitewash Trump and the GOP... using as a pretext for secrecy the DOJ rules, executive privilege, and top secret classification.
I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and I do not believe it... YET. But that is exactly what people will deduce if justice is denied, Trump & associates get immunity and impunity, or we get anything less than 100% fully & detailed transparency we can believe.
Without full disclosure, the longer it takes, the more obstacles in its way, the less credible it becomes. Anyone who can predict what a cover up of this magnitude will do to America, let me know! Trump is clearly guilty & absent being proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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There are two votes expected to happen tomorrow, 3/14:

1) Senate - Resolution Terminating Trump's Fake National Emergency

2) House - Mueller Transparency Resolution

Details for each CTA below.
The resolution to terminate Trump's #FakeNationalEmergency now heads to the Senate.

Every senator should be putting country over party and opposing this dangerous move to cede more power to Trump — and yours need to hear from you. Call now: 888-517-1661.
House Dems will vote on a resolution calling for the public release of the #Mueller report whenever the special counsel finishes his work.

Call your MOCs NOW & urge them to support the Mueller #Transparency Resolution when it goes to the House floor on Thursday, (202) 224-3121.
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Below Are The Many Ways To Help The #ERAyesAZ Efforts

We have until April to #RatifyTheERA in Az, good news is we have the votes, all we need is YOU!

This thread will go over how anybody can help this effort, from anywhere in the nation

#WomensHistoryMonth #38Miles #ERANow

There is a huge 3 day hike in Phx spanning #38Miles, in honor of Alice Paul & her band of suffragists who hiked for equality back in 1913

Women from all over the country will be attending

March 11-13, you can attend 1 day or all 3

Register below 👇🏼…

If you cannot attend the #38Miles march, you can sponsor someone!

With your donation of $1 per mile ($38), you will recieve a sash handmade by the volunteers at @erataskforceaz

Please remember to include your name & address in the PayPal notes at
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The FBI may be finished with its probe of #Kavanaugh by MONDAY MORNING!!!

That's tomorrow.

The White House & accomplices in the Senate, including Grassley & McConnell, want to pretend they've done a real probe.

We need calls now...…

We have a democracy, w/independent institutions, norms & importantly, checks/balances.

But this is the kind of sham probe that occurs in de facto 1-party autocracies (like Russia.)

Call & demand a real probe ASAP. Race against the clock.…
Graphics h/t @frontera_julie.
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URGENT #CallToAction: Given events at the #TreasonSummit, the near future (before Labor Day) will determine if Trump successfully destroys the #Mueller probe & escapes justice.

Time to get focused. Follow these 4 steps to be useful.

1. Call your 3 MoCs!…
2. Sign up for Wednesday night's candle-light vigils for the #RuleOfLaw, even if you have to change your plans or drive a distance.

Visit to sign up.
3. Sign up for When Trump crosses a red line by firing Rosenstein or significantly hampering Mueller's probe, we will take to the streets in non-violent peaceful protest.…
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Happy #FourthofJuly2018:

When we created The Loyal Opposition, we began with a non-partisan #CallToAction operation.

Our mission has changed as our country's slide towards autocracy accelerates unchecked by the GOP.

The biggest platform changes we've made:

1) We are now explicitly partisan. Democrats MUST win the #DemocracyReferendum in November.

2) Our focus has shifted to the Russian information war, election education, & ad hoc CTAs that support our mission.

Please read our revised mission statement for full details on our updated mandate.

We remain a grassroots funded organization and are grateful to our followers for the trust placed in us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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THREAD. There’s something we need to clear up. Our work with @indivisibleden has been some of the most rewarding work we’ve ever done, changing the way we see ourselves & the world around us. Want to get involved with grassroots organizing? Join us! 1/
But there is DIFFERENT Facebook group named Indivisible Denver, & their admin has taken a different track from us. This is an unfortunate situation. And confusing. 2/
So here are some easy markers to tell if you are dealing with US or NOT US. First, this is our public-facing page (not to be confused w/ a FB group):…. That’s US! 3/
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Members of Congress controlling the committees investigating Russian interference & #TrumpRussia collusion have selectively leaked information intended to damage the credibility of key witnesses.

We deserve to hear the full context.

#ReleaseTheTranscripts Call members of the House Intel, Senate Intel & Senate Judiciary Committees. Ask them to release the transcripts of Fusion GPS' testimony.
Call your Senator/Representative only if they sit on one of the relevant committees. (See lists below)

Telephone numbers can be found here:

View the full set of talking points on our website:… Talking points for calling your members of Congress about releasing the Fusion GPS transcripts.A list of members on the Senate Judiciary Committee.A list of members on the Senate Intelligence Committee.A list of members on the House Intelligence Committee.
The founders of #FusionGPS, which commissioned the #SteeleDossier, testified last year for 21 hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.…
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12/15 ☎️ #CallToAction:

The #GOPTaxScam is not a done deal. Leadership claims there's a deal, but they've lied before. (ACA repeal)

We were the difference then & we can be the difference again here.

Call all 3 of your members of Congress today. ☎️🚨

#LoyalO THREAD⬇️
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

Member of Congress📞#'s ➡️

Leave a ☎️voicemail ➡️

Write an 📧email ➡️!/
Republicans have agreed on a “reconciled” tax bill retaining many of the highly unpopular provisions of the versions passed earlier by the House and Senate.…
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11/29 ☎️ #CallToAction:

On Tuesday, Republicans cleared a hurdle w/their #GOPTaxScam bill by getting it onto the full Senate floor.

We now need 3 Republicans (just like w/#ACA) to kill it & they may vote as soon as TOMORROW. 🚨🚨🚨

Every 📞 & 📧 counts.

#LoyalO THREAD⬇️
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️


Leave a ☎️VM➡️

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The Senate Budget Committee voted on Tuesday to send the @GOP tax bill to the full floor and a vote could occur as early as Thursday.…
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11/27 ☎️ #CallToAction:

*45 & friends took off for TG ⛳️🦃 but they are set to return to push the #TrumpTaxScam.

Tell senators to stop this bill that'd devastate ACA, Medicare & Social Security, all so that a tiny sliver of wealthy allies make bank. 💰

#LoyalO THREAD⬇️
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️


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House Republicans have passed tax legislation and the Senate now is considering a bill which a bipartisan analysis projects would immediately raise taxes for almost 14 million middle income Americans.…
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10/30 ☎️ #CallToAction: Congress MUST pass bipartisan legislation to #ProtectMueller 🚨 ASAP 🚨

Rule of law in America may depend on it. ☎️📧
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

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#Mueller’s investigation is moving into a new phase with the first indictments expected as soon as Monday.…
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10/27 ☎️ #CallToAction: Puerto Rico continues to receive sub-par treatment from Washington. Call & demand a 1-year #JonesAct waiver to help.
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

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#PuertoRico’s infrastructure has been decimated, leaving many citizens without electricity, clean water and food.
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10/26 ☎️ #CallToAction: Alexander-Murray is the last hope for saving #ACA. It's bipartisan & a win for consumers. Let's get it to the floor.
What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

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*45 is following through on his threat to sabotage #ACA by withholding CSR subsidies & slashing enrollment outreach.…
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10/5 ☎️ #CallToAction: Russia's threat to our election systems is real. Please support S.1821 to create an independent commission.

What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

Leave a ☎️VM➡️
Write an 📧➡️!/
Sen. Intel Cmte. acknowledged Wed. that Russia🇷🇺 interfered in '16, including w/our election systems & it continues.…
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10/4 ☎️ #CallToAction: Puerto Rico needs aid but there are red-tape issues & cost problems. Congress must act! #PuertoRicoReliefNOW

What to say & how to say it: ⬇️

Leave a ☎️VM➡️
Write an 📧➡️!/
After a direct hit by #HurricaneMaria, the situation is #PuertoRico is apocalyptic. There is almost no power at all.…
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