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How dare you...

How dare you steal my childhood, my future and the future of our children...

@ChildrensHD @Togetherdec
Join the fight back against the push for smart cities, against the push for 24/7 surveillance society, against open digital prisons for our children...

We are many; they are few...stand up TOGETHER @Togetherdec

#FreeOurStreets #SmartCities
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This is an extremely good article by @GeorgeMonbiot on the benefits of #LTNs. I'd just like to add something as a transport planner about an under-appreciated aspect of this. That of priorities. 1/n
To achieve meaningful change and tackle the climate crisis we need to do several things. Better public transport, reduced traffic and more cycling on main roads, the same in neighbourhoods, and discouraging car travel especially through pricing. 2/n
In an ideal world we would do it all. But even if we had the politics behind us and the funding, we must prioritise our resources as best we can to achieve our objectives. We literally cannot do it all at once, and you can't close every road in a city for construction 3/n
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Welcome to the 4th annual Healthy Streets Scorecard; THE big event on London borough calendars!

And we kick off today with an introduction from Alice Roberts @ClaptonAlice, @CPRELondon Head of Campaigns, #HSScorecard coalition coordinator & today's chair.

@ClaptonAlice @CPRELondon @Sustrans @RoadPeace @Wheels4Well @FutureTranspLon @_wearepossible @London_Cycling @LDN_LS @livingstreets @londoncouncils We're excited to present the #HSScorecard2022, tracking the progress of #London boroughs in delivering healthier & more sustainable mobility.
At today's event we'll explain results & new #HealthyStreets metrics on bus priority, diesel cars, & housing density weighting...
And we have 3 special guest speakers; @mayorofhackney, @sianberry & @AlexanderEhmann to discuss their own perspective on delivering #healthystreets.

We’ll be live tweeting, so follow the thread & use hashtag: #HSScorecard2022
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Good Morning Oxford! We’re busy setting up for our second #StreetVoice Citizens’ Jury session. We’ve got a packed day full of interesting speakers and important discussions. Stay tuned as we will be posting updates throughout the day! ImageImage
Our #StreetVoice Jurors have arrived and are being briefed on today's schedule. We will then be revisiting the vision and principles agreed from the first Jury session last week before moving on to the first block of witnesses for the Jury to hear.
Our first group of witnesses will be focused on the topics of #publichealth, #climatechange and #transport. The #StreetVoice Jurors will have the opportunity to ask questions of the in-person speakers in groups afterwards. Image
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Thank you for sharing this Khalid. I was interested to listen to your comments. Could you please clarify one or two of your statements?

1. "They absolutely help no-one, no-one at all" - what do you mean?

I regularly visit Kings Heath to shop and find it easier with the #LTNs.
2. "You are getting more carbon emissions from cars that are standing still" - What is the reference for this, please?
3. "People having to take two, three miles diversion to go across the other side of the street is absolutely absurd." - I assume you are referring to people driving.
Would you suggest they consider walking across the street?
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THREAD: Today, between 1200-2500 people marched against #LTNs in Ealing. In doing so, they inadvertently demonstrated why they are essential.

In London, 36% of car journeys could be walked in under 25 mins. Human-powered transport is very space-efficient.
If the same amount of people had used cars at the London average occupancy rate (1.3), it would have looked something like this (pics represent approx. 923 or 1,923 cars). With 1m in between each car, this number would stretch nearly 7km or 14km of road - some traffic jam!
Of course, none of this will change if these vehicles become electric. They will still take up the same amount of space. In fact, the trend for vehicles is that they are becoming bigger. We cannot be fatalistic and assume anything to stop car usage will cause congestion.
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#Oxford. This is your green Utopia. This is what you have been voting for, for years, from the City and County councils, for Lab/Con/LibDem/Green. This is what it means. This is the planet-saving future you demanded. Happy now? #LTNs
These are the faces of Oxford West and Oxford East.
You get what you vote for, I guess.

The same city produced Caroline Lucas, George Monbiot, and quite a few others.

There's something in the water, maybe.
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(1) I think "#LTNs" have become toxic.
I think all the nicely worded language:
"#ModalFilters" "#Liveablestreets" "#ActiveStreets" "#PeopleFriendlyStreets" have all become toxic..
They've all been made toxic by the zealot people who tried to impose THEIR unrealistic idealism.
(2) There are necessary surface changes that locals can identify very easily & many have been ignored by the council for years.
(3) Roll out and increase the number of electric charging points to encourage those, who need their cars, to make the change from traditional fuels to electric.

Support local communities and businesses to maintain community while encouraging healthier and more active lives.
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People Friendly Streets are coming to Highbury West. The yellow line below is part of the reason. Plans, timelines & info now published here: Just had a discussion with 65 local people about it on Zoom. Feedback welcome here:… #LTNs Image
Lots of related info in this recent thread and replies:
A further troubling graph here, highlighting one of the many reasons why the time for People Friendly Streets here in Islington has come: Image
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1⃣ People want LTNs and cycle lanes, and opposition has been inflated.

People overestimate other people’s opposition to walking and cycling infrastructure. Concerns about new infrastructure are quickly overcome when people see the benefits.
2⃣ LTNs & cycle lanes reduce congestion.

Studies have shown that installing LTNs results in some people driving fewer trips, combining multiple trips into one, travelling at a less congested time or switching to public transport, walking or cycling.
3⃣ #LTNs and cycle lanes are good for business.

Our #PedestrianPound research shows footfall increases 20-35% on streets where the pedestrian experience has been improved.

For well-designed projects, sales can increase by 30% when footfall is boosted.
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If you want to understand what the serous health impacts are, of diverting all daytime traffic from #LTNs to the main roads where pedestrians are concentrated, take 5 minutes read this excellent thread by @LittleNinjaUK
Now watch this short vid @mayorofhackney explains #LTNs deliberately divert all traffic to main roads where residents are walking to schools, work and shops. He wants to reduce overall traffic but only @TfL can restrict traffic on main roads. No joined up approach. Deadly.
@mayorofhackney @TfL @LittleNinjaUK thread was about NO2
Now PM2.5. Early deaths 2020 to date modelled by @CleanAirLondon
ENG 19,014
LDN 2,311
Badly planned & rushed #LTNs cause gridlock, idling vehicles & expose greater numbers of pedestrians to toxic vehicle emissions Image
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THREAD: Can’t wait for @IslingtonBC's People Friendly Streets programme to come to our ward this autumn. Highbury West will become a Low Traffic Neighbourhood. By preventing through-traffic cutting across the area, it'll make our streets cleaner, healthier and safer for everyone. Image
Our winning @IslingtonLabour 2018 manifesto said: ‘We see the need to close certain roads to through-traffic to prevent rat-running, make neighbourhoods more liveable and improve cycling routes. We will investigate doing this in consultation with local residents and businesses.’ Image
Our online consultation on People Friendly Streets, which began in May 2020, drew 24,610 unique visitors, making 5,693 comments, with 39,000 agreements to those comments. 12 months after the #LTN goes in under an Experimental Traffic Order, we'll ask residents for feedback on it. Image
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Nine facts about #ActiveTravel #LTNs #walking #cycling

Fact 1: 75% of people would like to see more money spent on cycling in their city.
The types of infrastructure people would find most useful are segregated on-road tracks (64%) and traffic- free cycling routes (60%).
Fact 2: Cycle lanes move more people than car lanes.
A three-metre wide lane can move 700 to 1,100 people per hour in cars, whereas for bicycles and walking this increases to 2000 to 6,500.
Fact 3: Walkers and cyclists spend more in shops.
Retailers overestimate how many of their customers travel by car by a factor of 100%.
Per square metre, cycle parking delivers five-times higher retail spend than the same area of car parking.
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The nine most common #ActiveTravel myths busted.
#LTNs #cycling #walking

Link to full report at the end of this thread.

Myth 1: There is no public support for investment in cycling infrastructure
Myth 2: Road space reallocation to bicycles will bring urban traffic to a grinding halt.
Myth 3: Removing car parking spaces will harm the local economy.
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Did you tidy the house?
I’ve tidied the living room & the bathroom.
What about the kitchen?
The kitchen is the dirtiest room in the house!
You’ve made the kitchen worse haven’t you...
Slightly, yes.
Do you even care about living in a tidy house?
What?! Why?!

The kitchen is the most important room to keep clean! If we’re going to get food poisoning, we’ll get it from the kitchen.
Look, when tidying the living room & bathroom there were a few dirty things that I put in the kitchen, where they belonged. But... 2/3
...I don’t think we can clean the kitchen unless we’re prepared to actually rethink laundry, recycling, pet food, compost, heirloom fine china, recipe books & the coffee machine.
So your solution is to make it worse?!
Cleaning the bathroom & living room is not a bad thing!

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Went to look at the Canonbury East LTN last night. Very neat camera gates: no problem for emergency services Image
The overall feeling was calm and quiet. I saw one vehicle doing a u-turn having entered without realising. No burning tyres, no pitchforks, no drama.
Islington is full of earlier partial LTNs. I don’t remember anyone protesting outside the town hall when this went in 15 years ago on Willow Bridge Road, for example Image
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@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 1/ When side roads are closed to create #LTNs, some traffic may evaporate i.e. motorists may choose to walk, cycle, use public transport, travel at different time or not travel at all. Experts say around 14% median #trafficevaporation but acknowledge the impact of #coronvirus.
@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 2/ The vast majority of the traffic will find alternative routes including on the boundary roads. This was shown in Waltham Forest LTN with an increase of 3%, 11% and 28% on the boundary roads. We'd likely see a rise on other surrounding roads but sadly they were not monitored.
@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 3/ Even if 14% of #LTN traffic 'evaporates', the remaining traffic has to go somewhere.

What we see is an increase in the main road traffic growth for Waltham Forest vs London index from Department for Transport data.
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A thread on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, social justice and
‘the poor people who live on the busy roads’.
I was one of those 'poor people'.
I hear a lot about this group suddenly, now we are discussing LTNs.

#socialjustice #AirPollution #LTNs
When I was a kid in the 70’s in Birmingham, we didn't have much. My first home was a high rise block on a council estate. Here I am aged 2 – I don’t know who’s house this was, because our house was pretty bare.
Here I am aged around 8, in the garden of our second home. Again it’s a council property but a house this time, not a flat.
Things were getting better - we were still broke, but we had a little more space.
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