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"Dunn-Martin-The-Other-Metis-A201701143_-Freedom Of Information Request- The Royal Commission on Aboriginal People 1984 All my relations the other Metis- for the Metis Circle Special Consultation- Government Policy of Metis Claims in 1876. #Metis #TheOtherMetis
Dunn-Martin-The-Other-Metis-A201701143_-Freedom Of Information Request- The Royal Commission on Aboriginal People 1984 All my relations the other Metis- for the Metis Circle Special Consultation
Métis Circle Special Consultation-Viola Robinson, asking if the Metis Nation Accord would be a vehicle that the Metis in the East could use/ Windspeaker-8-may-1994 Frank Palmater-Metis Circle wraps up hearings- #EasternMetis.
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The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - an individual could identify as an Indian, A Scot, A frenchmen or a #Metis / #Raceshifting?
MMF identity in 1978./ The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - A Non Native can be a member of MMF if married to a Metis. #Raceshifting #Metis
D. Bruce Sealey / Antoine S. Lussier
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The Other natives- the-les Metis- Winnipeg-MMF Press-1978 Metis- a glimpse of MMF - Antoine S. Lussier and D. Bruce Sealey.
The Other natives- the-les Metis- Winnipeg-MMF Press-1978 Metis- few metis had heard of or particpated in groups /Joe Amyotte Interview talking about how Malcolm Norris( Metis Nation of Saskatchewan)didn't want anything to do with Government money. #Metis Joe saying how once
people heard about the grants and education funding then they would identify as Metis and come forward. (joe amyotte interview.) / Metis Housing program MMF and Native Council of Nova Scotia/CMHC grants Metis and NonStatus - Micmac News1977 - 12. #Metis RRAP MMF/NCNS The Other natives- the-les Metis- Winnipeg-MMF Press-1978 Metis- housing Grant Approved - MicmacNews-1977-02 - CMHC Non Status and Metis Association of Nova Scotia.
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Metis social-political movement-by Lusty,Terry,-1973 publisher-Calgary-Metis Historical Society-Metis people were the product of two merging cultures/Apparently I know now why Jarvis didn't want to answer about Metis being in the UNSI bylaws. #Metis #MetisHistoricalSocietyAlberta 1975 Micmac News - constitution and bylaws UNSI - Metis in Nova Scotia
Alberta Metis Historical Society used some newspaper clippings of the day, you know as primary documentation ( Jeri the newspaper clipping collector, kinda has a nice ring to it 😊)
UNSI supports Metis and Non Status Land Claims - 1980 07. Micmac News/unsi president supports claims - 1980 06. Micmac News/9th General Assembly-Union of NS Indians-Halifax NS February-MicmacNews 1978-02-Metis in UNSI Bylaws./ History is there to stay. #Metis unsi - feb 1978 - 02
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The Other natives-the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History - Until 60's most Metis did not identify as Metis when graduating, they identified as French Canadians if they spoke French. #raceshifting ?? It fits Darryl's definition #MMF
The Other natives- the-les Metis-Publisher-Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press-1978 #Metis History- 1870's Metis was defined if you had European blood./MMF identity in 1978./Constitutional meeting not a complete failure-mnc defin..not approved by NCC March 1984 - New Breed. MMF definition 2017 Constitution.
The Other natives - the-les Metis- Publisher - Winnipeg-Manitoba Me´tis Federation Press- 1978 #Metis History - an individual could identify as an Indian, A Scot, A Frenchmen or a #Metis. (gasp) Darryl those people are raceshifters !!, better get on that !!/MMF definition 2017
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The Jesuits gave and then in 1699 stole the land of my ancestors to Trois-Rivières. Here's the contract, and its translation:…
A little over 50 years later, in 1756 Nicolas, who bore the French name "Montour", was born to a mother of the Illinois Nation, a grandmother Abenakise and a great-grandmother Algonquin.
Only one of his great grandfather was French.
Nicolas made his fortune in the fur trade out West. He came to Berthierville in 1784 where he had a son, baptized under the name Nicolas MITIF.
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Hey. These are primary evidences. Original baptism records of the baptisms of Métis children at the #Chicot. My ancestors. Cherry-pick through these:…
Many academics had already identified #Chicot as a name we #Métis called ourselves:
I'm not the one who invented the term Chicot: it's a river. Just like Red river, it's an Indigenous place name that carries knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation.
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1/16 @M8tis_seb @ihachey remettons les pendules à l’heure au sujet du raccourci intellectuel visant à associer fraude identitaire et l’auto-identification croissante des Métis au QC.

Des Autochtones autoproclamés plein les prisons… via @lp_lapresse
2/16 @M8tis_seb @ihachey on nous dit que le gvt ne demande qu’une « auto-identification ». Rappelons à ce sujet que les Métis furent historiquement les victimes de la création de l’indianité officielle par leur REJET de celle-ci dès 1850. Les Métis n'ont pas de STATUT depuis.
3/16 @M8tis_seb @ihachey on dit qu’aucun #Métis n’ont de « communauté » reconnue au QC ; oui, ceci après 200 ans de tentative d’éliminer l’identité métisse (au QC et ailleurs) sous toutes ces formes, y compris au Témiscamingue et Maniwaki entre 1890-1896.
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Here it is - the promised moccasin thread. This isn't intended to teach you how to make mocs. This is to demonstrate the steps and the amount of work in a pair of low moccasins - the countless hours, the skill involved, the callouses, the blood, and the presence of our ancestors.
If you think these pics will give you everything you need to make your own mocs, or some knock-off you think you can sell, all I can say is good luck. For former students or those who have the teachings, please refer to this thread for reminders of the many steps.
I am using the mocs I made for @Cree8Dawn as my demo. if you know her, please make her happy and ask to see them. 😉
The first real step is getting your vamps finished. This pic has already been posted but here it is again for this thread. #beading #métis
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Too often, we throw around the term “historic” too easily. But there are certain moments in time when you are in a certain place, with certain people talking about grand things. And the electricity is almost visible in the air and the conversation. 1/3 @MBMetis_MMF @MNC_tweets
I’m not saying for certain that this weekend’s joint cabinet summit of @MBMetis_MMF and MN-S will go down in history but I believe it might. Something new is happening and it just might be what our Nation needs. Only time will tell. 2/3 @MNC_tweets
The Regina Declaration of our two #Métis Governments just laid the foundation. 3/3 @MBMetis_MMF @MNC_tweets #ReginaDeclaration
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#Afrin Offensive about to oppose:
- Turkish Army (#TSK) & National Army (ex-#EuphratesShield, mainly #FSA)
- People/Women's Protection Units (#YPG/J) + allies & #Syria|n Democratic Forces (#SDF)
#Afrin Offensive: following weeks of #TSK reinforcements near border with #Syria but also in Syria itself (N. #Aleppo & N. #Idlib), #FSA-led National Army started also to mobilize. Multiple convoys moving.
#Pt. National Army (incl. #FSA 23rd Division) preparing for #Afrin Offensive (#AfrinOp) near border with #Turkey.
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#AbuDuhur Offensive: expected scenario by @NorsForStudies with 2 main fronts (Sinjar road & W. #Khanasser) to take Airbase & isolate NE. Hama pocket.
Troops movement suggest large-scale assault is imminent.
General mobilization declared. Op. room yet to be formed.
#AbuDuhur offensive: the first Tiger Forces-led assault opened a new front S.-SW. of #AbuDali, seizing several locations incl. ex-Air Defense base & Tell Aswad. Areas witness clashes tonight.
#Pt. #FSA Jaish Izza & Free Idlib Army announced the death of 4 of their fighters while repelling Regime attacks.
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