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How do you spell Government Waste?


@kennethpolite of @TheJusticeDept side stepped questions from journalist inquiring as to the costs involved in the new Strike Force.

The @DEAHQ has documented that diversion of RX is rare. Only 1%…
are diverted.

Yes... that's where the Millions of taxpayer's dollars are going!

🧐How coincidental that this strike force targeting physicians & pharmacists was announced the day following the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that the defendant knowingly or intentionally acted in an unauthorized manner.

The ruling is explained here by @RonChapmanAtty

Would it surprise anyone to learn that @kennethpolite was involved in the #Ruan case?…
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Important 🧵 about the #CDC, #COVID, the #opioid crisis, & #pain:

This article does a great job of showing how the CDC is easily influenced by whatever political party is in charge and whoever is paying for the current narrative.

At this point, it should be clear to nearly all Americans that claims/guidelines/etc of the CDC are rarely crafted solely for public health.

The bull💩 claims about the opioid crisis is as politically/financially driven as any. It’s time for Congress to force the CDC to:

1) end current & expose previous private funding

2) have meaningful oversight

3) most importantly - WHEN (not if) scientific (or any other type of) fraud is discovered, any guidelines or actions based on the fraudulent or skewed data must be rapidly and publicly reversed.

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The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race, gender, sex and disability discrimination.

1st target #Pain management
2nd target Gender Affirming Care
3rd target #Abortion
What will they target next?

#StopCriminalizingPatientCenteredCare The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race
Misinformation & propaganda is being disseminated by the government and still floods the media. The #Gaslighting of America has been extremely effective.…
Individuals with incurable chronic illnesses, #RareDiseases #Disabilities that involve severe pain as a component are being deprived of appropriate medical treatment.
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There is NEVER a justification for violence towards medical professionals.

Perpetuating Fear & #Stigma is NOT beneficial

It's rare for individuals in #Pain to strike out in violence at medical professionals.

Does it happen? Yes.

Should it? NO!
The ONLY way to prevent future occurrences is to understand WHY it is happening & avoid Fear Mongering & casting aspersions on a population of patients who are experiencing Systemic #Discrimination.

Under & Untreated patients experiencing unremitting pain are more likely to Image
Three cases of people committing such an extreme act of violence is NOT a trend & is NOT reflective of the #PainPatient population as a whole.

There are an estimated 50 million people living with #ChronicPain.

These cases are anomalies, the Root Cause needs to be addressed
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Now for some Perspective & Rationality over Fear mongering Click Bait headlines

There are Millions Americans living with Chronic Pain who are living with untreated & under treated #Pain since @CDCInjury issued Guidelines for "PCPs" in 2016.

This type of action is an anomaly.
Of the millions of people who have faced systematic discrimination & under treatment, or no treatment, have lost the ability to function & their quality of life there have been 3 instances where they or a family member has committed an act of violence of this magnitude in

More commonly the individual will take their own life rather than lashing out at a medical professional. Image
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💈On the day the @ons report 26,000 CYP have symptoms for at least a year (⬆️ 3000 from last mth)
we received an email from @10DowningStreet in response to our visit on April 1st
It confirms the concerns of the children⬇️

"We feel ignored"


April 1st - 12 #children living with #LongCovid traveled
to #london to deliver their own letters documenting their #pain, loss of #sight, #mobility, organ damage, diagnosis of #PANS #MECFS #FND #POTS #MCAS and the detrimental impact it has had on their lives.

100+ page guide providing evidence-based information on #LongCovid in CYP from industry experts, research, and statistics from @GOVUK @ONS.
Did anyone read it?
We were assured @BorisJohnson would receive it.

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#MedicalBiases #CompromisedCare #DenialofRights
This ⬇️
many may not believe this. They may find it unbelievable. I don’t. I have watched my daughter deal with the exact same abuses bc she is prescribed #opioids, bc she also has complex #medical conditions & PTSD. 1
I never know when she has a medical crisis and needs the hospital IF she will need to interact w a personnel or professional whose #biases interfere with care. These incidences can be shaming, demeaning or they can put her life at risk. My daughter has had hypoglycemic crises 2/
at @SanfordHealth where the nurses refused to check her #bloodsugars because ‘it is anxiety’ or ‘she just ate’. Even when I intervened over phone & pleaded, nurses refused to point I had to reach out to #housesupervisor. While I’ve reached out multiple times to @SanfordHealth 3/
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Thread 🧵: Reflections of a Parent/Caregiver After Six Years Implementation of CDC Guidelines (warning long but I am very interested in feedback)

Since babies, my kids, have intimately known #pain. At one time their #pain was intermittent & #acute. Sadly, they now struggle 1/
#chronicpain & are young adults. Our kids 1st 13/16 years of life, our family had a #safetynet, their #pediatrician. He was highly intelligent, compassionate, he challenged the system & in the most authentic sense #partnered with families. #Pain was not a major concern when 2/
the kids were under his care. The nature of their disease often brought us to the ER & hospitalizations. The hospitalizations resulted due to inability to manage #pain, dehydration, & other issues caused by a flare in their #disease. My husband & I attempted to minimize the 3/
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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There’s nothing to fix

There is a traditional idea with pain and injury (they are completely different) that we are fixed by someone.

I disagree.

#thread #thepaincoach #chronicpain #pain
Despite the fact that the system of healthcare training is all about finding something to fix, a problem, and then fixing it.

Somewhere in there you may remember a person.

Let’s turn that on it’s head.
There is a person who is suffering. They decide that they need some help.

We don’t then fix them, although you might think you are because of the aforementioned training.
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I can🧵1/7

Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.

This is the start. The baseline.

#thepaincoach #chronicpain #pain

Think of something that you have stopped doing or is limited.

Next, clarify what you can do. What is realistic? Considering the circumstances.

Eg/ I want to go for a coffee with a friend.

If she picks me up and drops me home, I can go to a coffee shop for 1/2 an hour.

That’s the start.
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What is pacing, really?

A thread.

Pacing is a strategy that is often recommended to help people suffering persistent pain.

There are different ways of doing it.

Here is the way I do it with the people I see.

#thepaincoach #pain
The important principles:

* Plan your day
* Prioritise what matters
* Periodise your time like an athlete/peak performer


•Flexibility: there are always circumstances that need to be considered; how am I? What is my best choice now? What will I definitely be able to do within my window of tolerance?

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How do you manage painful moments?

What are your existing ways of coping? Reacting?

What do they do for you?

Which ones work and which don’t?

Cont… #thepaincoach #pain

The ones that work you can build upon—they are skills. And then add more choices.

For example, some people find that breathing awareness is a way to apply the brakes when pain and emotions are becoming overwhelming.

This is one way to self-soothe: bring calm and clarity to make the next best decision towards feeling better.

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The US Supreme Court Oral Argument in Ruan and Kahn: Speed Limits, Grammar Teachers, Vulnerable Patients, and more. #SCOTUS #MedTwitter #Opioids #Pain #OUD

A long🧵🧵🧵
1/ The issue in these cases is when a medical provider who prescribes controlled medications like opioids for pain or an opioid use disorder (but also meds for seizure disorder, depression, ADHD, etc.) can be held criminally liable for drug distribution.
2/ In simple terms, it comes down to when a doctor is acting as a drug dealer versus as a clinician. But the devil is in the details re: how the relevant statute (Controlled Substances Act) and regulation are interpreted.
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Pain is a lived experience that needs a person to live that experience.

A person is made on non-person.

Just as a car is made of non-car.

#thepaincoach #pain

👇 Image
A person emerges from many cells, atoms, molecules, processes that are not that person and don’t have person-ness.

A car has wheels, doors, engine bits, seats, none of which have the properties of a car. They are just those things.

Of course we are much more than a car because we have an aliveness and consciousness—something it is like to be you. A stream of contents that forms that experience.

It is always a whole. Not a part.

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How do I understand your story?

How do I understand your world?

How do I stay in the room with you?

And see what you need behind what you say?

Are questions I ask myself.

#thepaincoach #pain

How does my chatter go quiet? By being present. By using mindful breathing, and coming back to the present by breathing.

Then I can sit with the person, you, and be here to listen deeply.

And outside of this time, living mindfully and by being present as often as I can strengthens this very presence.

#thepaincoach #pain #mindful
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Can you tell the difference between what is happening right now rather than your interpretation of what is happening right now?

This is what happens when you practice contemplation.

#thepaincoach #pain

There are commonly differences between the actual experience and the story we tell ourselves.

This can cause problems. Particularly with persistent pain where people are often doing better than they think.

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We have beliefs about pain.

Most people have experienced pain (a rare few can’t) and have been told things about it.

The one thing the person knows is that it hurts and has a particular quality—the actual experience.

#thepaincoach #pain

Then there’s the story. What we tell ourselves: What has happened? What it means? What’s the cause? The future? All are highly convincing yet often wrong.

The misunderstanding of pain could be the most important reason why persistent pain has become a leading global health burden & why treatment outcomes are so poor.

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With chronic conditions such as persistent pain, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME and more recently Long Covid, people are still dismissed when their tests show nothing of note.

Cont… 👇 #LongCovid #MECFS #Fibromyalgia #pain #thepaincoach Image
The idea that a negative test (or tests) means that there is nothing wrong is ignoring the plain fact that there is something wrong.

The person has just explained how they are feeling. Have they been heard? Many haven’t and that is unacceptable. Even some doctors have not been believed by other doctors!

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You won’t find the cause of your pain on a scan or a x-ray.



#thepaincoach #pain Image
Firstly, you cannot see pain on a scan or in the person. There is nothing to see.

And just in case you are thinking brain patterns, you are seeing a brain pattern not pain. Those coloured pictures in studies are also created to show certain things that the authors want you to see, so read the method carefully…

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You want to grow as a therapist or clinician.

In particular, to help people who are suffering persistent pain, whatever their circumstances.

Different ages, backgrounds, circumstances, occupations.

Persistent pain affects people right across society.

Cont… 👇
How well equipped are you to help them?

Do you understand pain sufficiently well to be able to help the person understand all their experiences?

Do you have the skills and toolbox to help them navigate the way forward to shape a positive future?

Do you have self-awareness and an ability to be present as we must?

Do you know your own philosophy? Play to your strengths?

This is just some of the work we do together, cultivating your beginner’s mind and openness to learning so that you can grow and flourish.

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There are different types of session that we have.

But first of all, they are always focused on you.

#thepaincoach #pain

Cont… 👇
Initial session to meet, clarify what is happening for you in your world, and your picture of success.

Growth sessions are those when we look at practices, tools, exercises, strategies and importantly, how to best implement them in your world. To make a difference. To create the conditions for your growth and to shape a positive future.

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How do you communicate?

To others and yourself.

Is it the same or different?

Can you listen deeply, to see the needs of the other person, but also yourself?

Can you recognise the roots of suffering?


#thepaincoach #pain #communication #compassion

👇 Image
See the nature and cause of suffering, which allows you to help.

You use loving speech to people you care about.

Do you use the same language to yourself?

You can practice compassionate listening to another person and yourself.

To understand. To validate. To be present. To help the other person and you to suffer less.

Mindful practice enables this.

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Pain has appeared in philosophy from ancient times.

But now, philosophy is contributing enormously to contemporary thinking and understanding of pain.

In particular, enactivism and embodied cognition.

Cont. 👇

#thepaincoach #pain
Both are helping to question existing ideas. For example, enactivism takes us beyond the brain as an explanation for pain.

Pain is of course, not in the brain.

Enactivism sees a person with a lived experience (embodied) within a lived world (embedded), acting in particular ways (enacting) with emotions and an extended mind.

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