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Learning how to learn - How to learn faster and retain more.

As a software dev, you have to keep up with lots of information and in this post, I am going to share a few tips on how to learn faster and also how to retain the knowledge you built. Follow the 🧵
cc: @sseraphini
Beliefs - Your beliefs can play along with or against you. Believing you are capable of learning, having a positive mindset towards your studies, and not having a bad mental monologue when you are studying something will help you tremendously. #mindsetmatters
Recalling - One of the biggest errors when learning is thinking that reading is equal to studying. The more you read, the better reader you become. When it comes to using your knowledge you will need to recall to be able to use it.
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1. Build self-awareness

Self-awareness is very hard, why?
Because we're constantly on our minds, not in the present moment

You need to be present to be aware of your actions and thoughts.

An excellent way would be practicing mindfulness.
2. Use the killing ANTs technique.

ANTs are automatic negative thoughts.

And how to kill them?
Let's say, you have the thought: I am dumb... You take a deep breath, and think: NO! I am a learner!
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Mindset Moment 🧠

Sheesh, If you’ve been an active investor in the markets over the last 6 months, you don’t need ShadowInvestor™ to tell you what a hell of a ride it’s been.

Fears of rising rates and a slowing economy has completely flipped the switch on investor sentiment.
And that’s triggered a sell-off that’s seen the average tech stock fall by 37%.

We'll focus on tech for today but markets in general are looking heartbreaking & this could apply to you.

Pandemic favourites like Zoom & Peleton are down about ~80% and Australian tech about ~90%🤯
But despite the recent declines it’s easy to forget just how long this tech bull run has been going for.

Take e.g. ARKK, The famous tech ETF from @CathieDWood is down ~50% since this time last year.

But despite this, the ETF is still up ~40% from 2yrs ago (AKA pandemic).
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The biggest gift/ strength in this world is your mindset, life is what 10% happens to you and 90% how you take it.
Every NO is a NEW Opportunity and it depends on how you take it, Image
life is full of ups and downs but when you hit rock bottom there is no going down and all you can see is climb up as you have nothing to lose and that's what winners' mindset is all about. Your energy flows where your focus goes so focus on how to improve and what next,
take every circumstance as learning something new and with an optimistic mindset. ⁣
Credit - Karl
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#ALAIGBOGovernance #BIAFRAofTheMind
Today, on #PostcardsFromALAIGBO, - a thought-provoking piece by Prof. Obi Nwakanma, on the need for an IGBO Renaissance, titled:


1/ "There is no single proof or evidence today that the Igbo of this generation are capable of transforming any nation to which they lay claim. I have looked; I have studied the Igbo situation, and I have listened to my Igbo kinsmen, & I think something is fundamentally wrong..."
2/ "The Igbo are trapped in a deadening hate, self-pity and nostalgia. It is the kind of nostalgia that is both defeatist and deadly because it continues to romanticize the past while the future speeds away..." -Prof. Obi Nwakanma

#ALAIGBO2050 #MindsetReset #PostcardsFromALAIGBO
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Today, on #PostcardsFromALAIGBO, we shall share a remarkable speech by Dr. Michael Okpara, delivered at the Convocation at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on 17th December, 1962 [He was just 42 years old at the time]
"Dr. Okpara has adopted a statesmanlike attitude and religious zeal to what he considers to be the assignment of the present generation of his country —the economic emancipation of the people.

He sets out in a nutshell, the underlying principles of his economic policy..."
Dr. Okpara's Speech:


1/ "The clearest single fact which has emerged since our Independence on the first of October, 1960 is the disparity between our standard of living and that of the more advanced nations..."
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